U.O.T.W. Chapter 258 Nowhere to Run



    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    It wasn’t until the next morning when Aela and Sotek headed back to Whiterun. Aela couldn’t help but feel there was still a slight rift between them despite how close they both were on the previous night.

    “Why didn’t you want to head to our spot? Is it because of me?”


     He gave her a slight squeeze and chuckled.

    “Our spot? Aela, we don’t have a spot, Red and Scarface does. Besides, it’s not a ‘spot’, it’s a den”.


    “Don’t be so clever, you know what I meant. Seriously though, why didn’t we go there?”


    Sotek fought the urge to look across towards the overhang in the distance.

    “Ermm… I wanted to make sure that we’re ok. I don’t want us fighting there, it’s not right, it’s not our home if you know what I mean”.


    “But we are ok?” She asked timidly.


    “Yess, we’re good. Come on you, race ya back to Whiterun”. Sotek started running but Aela soon caught up.


    She gave him a shove, sending him sprawling to the ground.

    “Careful, the grounds slippery”. Then with a laugh she raced ahead. A few seconds later she heard a pounding of paw prints. She stopped in her tracks and yelled over her shoulder. “You cheating bastard”. Scarface shot past her, shaking the ground as he went. “Oi! Come here, you overgrown fleabag”.


    Scarface turned around then casually walked over to her.

    “Any chance of a lift?” She asked, hoping he would agree to her request.


    He stood up and walked over to her with a blank expression on his face.

    “Down?” She lightly slapped the ground with her hand. Scarface dropped to all fours then lowered his shoulder. Gingerly, Aela climbed on his back. Within moments he turned around and once more they thundered across the plains.


    Soon enough they neared Whiterun. Scarface came to a stop then Aela dismounted, allowing Sotek to change back. When he did so, he stayed there for a few seconds as he stared at Jorrvaskr. Aela, who was still worried that there was a bit of a rift between them, gently held his hand. 

    “Hey, are you ok?”


    “Yes. Are you though? Have you thought about what you’re going to say to everyone?”


    She looked across Whiterun, studying its walls and buildings, as her mind wandered.

    “Yes, I’m going to tell them the truth, I’m a bitch”. Without another word, she walked past him then approached the gate. He was half expecting her to pause but she didn’t, she kept walking determinedly along the path. That was until she arrived at Jorrvaskr. She stood there with her hand on the door handle, frozen to the spot.


    Sotek lightly moved her hand away and nudged her aside with his shoulder.

    “Stand behind me, I’ll lead”. He gently moved her hand then opened the door and led her inside.


    Sotek sat down on their step, but Aela just stood there, her eyes were fixed on the Harbinger.

    “Ermm I... I need to say something”.


    Sotek looked up at her, he gave a loud sigh then took her hand gave it a tug.

    “Sit down”. She glanced down at him, now he was gently puling her down, she gave up and sat beside him.


    Kodlak knew what Aela wanted to say. Her timid persona spoke words, even if she didn’t. Letting the matter drop, Kodlak called over to them. “While you two were hunting the plains, we had a visitor”.


    “Really? Who?” Sotek enquired.


    A deep gruff Argonian voice sounded out from the far side of the hall.



    “Veezara? What are you doing here? I thought you were going to drop a message at the den?” Aela stated, it was clear she was surprised at his visit.


    “Hmm, hmm. It’s been compromised; so now have I”.


    Aela’s face screwed up.

    “Yes, I’ve got no idea who slept there but when I ever find out who, Hircine help them”.


    Farkas’s face went pale but fortunately for him Aela and Sotek were too busy dealing with the Argonian visitor who looked confused.

    “What? Slept there? Sotek?”


    Aela sharply looked at Sotek who was at this moment shuffling away from Aela’s reach.

    “Oh yess… Aela, I need to tell you something”.


    “What?” She asked as she folded her arms across her chest. The rhythmic sound of a tapping boot counted down the seconds. Farkas decided now was the opportune moment to disappear. He did so with gusto and almost ran to the stairwell, catching his brother’s eye.


    Sotek never noticed Farkas vacate the hall, he was too busy fearing his own life as he prepared to answer Aela.

    “The reason we never went there last night… it’s been burned down, to the ground”.


    “You fucking what! That was our home! Red’s home! Why? Who? Why didn’t you tell me? Sotek you bastard why the hell didn’t you tell me?” Instantly she lashed out slapping him across the face, within a second she realised what she had done. “Oh, damn it to Oblivion… I’m sorry Sotek, sorry…”


    Sotek rubbed his cheek and hissed back at her.

    “I’ll allow you that one, don’t concern yourself with it. I’ll fix it. Aela I swear to you, I will fix it. Veezara, I am sorry you had to come here. We’ve put you in a bad position. Why are you here?”


    Veezara’s piercing eyes cut through the atmosphere and fixed on Sotek.

    “Hmm? Yess… The emperor, he’s coming in two days’ time”.


    Sotek shook his head.

    “I’m not ready, damn it... Where’s Farkas?”


    Vilkas called over.

    “He’s downstairs”. Once he answered, he began comparing Sotek’s looks to Veezara’s. Sotek’s scales were a darker green and he had more bone spikes while Veezara seemed to be a fraction taller and sleeker. He fathomed Sotek was the stronger of the two but he would wager Veezara was more dextrous and faster. The way the Argonian kept saying ‘Hmm’ and ‘Hmm, hmm’ made Vilkas think he was a bit slow compared to Sotek’s mind which constantly ran in overdrive. There were nights when the work was all but done when Sotek would sit on his step and rest his head in his hands as his mind turned while everyone else, even the Harbinger let go of the day’s troubles and relaxed.




    Sotek headed straight down the stairway and started calling out for the Companion before he even reached the door to the Undercroft corridor. “Farkas?” As he got to Farkas’s door, he heard Farkas shuffling about. A minute later, Farkas opened the door, but he seemed somewhat out of breath. “Farkas, I need a favour from you. Can you... ermm…” Sotek stopped talking and his voice trailed away while he stared at Farkas. Moments later he turned away. “Oh. nothing”.


    As he headed off down the corridor, he passed Ebony who was coming the opposite direction. Her face seemed flushed and she averted his gaze. As they closed in, a scent hit him right across the face. It was so familiar and yet it played with his mind, then it struck him like a thunderbolt. He slowly turned back and stood there working things out, piecing the bits of information together as he watched ebony enter her room.


    Sotek walked back to his own room and collected the gauntlet he found at Red’s and Scarface’s overhang. Gripping it tightly in his hand, his tail thudded down then he made his way back to Farkas’s rom. He lightly tapped on the door with a claw and offered the gauntlet to Farkas when he opened his door.

    “I found this in the yard, is it yours?”


    Farkas’s eyes opened wide as he took it.

    “Yes, thanks. I wondered where that got to. Thanks”.


    Sotek slightly nodded at him then headed along the corridor. Farkas looked at him oddly then shut the door again. Sotek hid around the corner and watched as Ebony sneaked along the corridor and entered Farkas’s room.


    Ten seconds later there was a heavy knock at Farkas’s door. He partially opened it just to have Scarface push it open with an almighty bang, nearly ripping it off its hinges. Ebony screamed as the black werewolf pushed Farkas out of his way as if he was a moth. The gigantic beast forced himself into Farkas’s room. A second later he snarled out loud and angrily, then he howled out with the intent of causing as much fear as he could. Ebony screamed a third time, even Farkas moved to the far side of the room.


    Seconds later Vilkas, the Harbinger and Aela came running down to see Scarface standing there towering over Farkas. Farkas’s eyes were wide in fear as he glanced back at the other’s. He desperately started pleading for help.

    “Help me! Aela, what the hell’s wrong with him!”


    Aela shouted at Scarface as she pulled his arm.

    “Hey, back off! Over here, move!”


    Sotek transformed back, then spoke loudly, completely ignoring Aela and their Harbinger.

    “Everyone upstairs. This is a private matter”.


    Aela yelled at him.

    “Like hell it is! Sotek, you can’t just go around threatening people as Scarface! What the hell’s got into you lately? Yesterday it was me! Yes, I deserved to be put down but not by him! You need to stop it; do you hear me?”


    He just glared at Farkas.

    “You! Tell them it’s private. Get rid of them!”


    Farkas looked at the Harbinger and pleaded clemency.

    “I’ve got no idea what the hell is going on”.


    Sotek shoved him in his room then followed him inside before slamming the door shut. He lent against it and whispered. Although he spoke softly the anger was unmistakable.

    You have five seconds to get rid of them. Then you, ebony and he are going to talk”.


    “What? No we’re not, you’ve got to get a grip”.


    You two have been screwing each other! He can smell it, Scarface can smell it”.


    So what if we have? No one had a problem when you two did! Well ok we had a slight problem with it, but”.


    Fine Farkas, you win. He will discuss it upstairs. Oh, get ready to run, when Aela finds out it was you two who screwed each other in Red’s home”.


    “What?” If Farkas had any plan, chance or inclining to get around the confrontation, he knew at that moment he had lost it. He lowered his head shamefacedly and slightly nodded.


    He can smell it, on the pair of you! The same scent, you bloody bastards! Get rid of them or Red finds out”.


    Farkas sheepishly opened the door and addressed everyone, irrespective as to who they were.

    “Ermm, sorry everyone. I’ve ermm damaged something and I really need to sort this out. Can you all please go back upstairs please? Ebony, I could do with your help on this. You better come inside”.


    Ebony, who was still shaking stared at the door.

    “Who’s in there, Sotek or Scarface?”  Farkas never answered, he just took her arm then pulled her inside then he shut the door. As soon as she saw Sotek’s face she guessed he knew about the two of them, “Sotek, let us explain”.


    “No, I don’t care! You two wanting to see each other has nothing to do with me”.


    “Then what’s the problem?” Ebony asked.


    “What’s the problem? The problem is where you two want to see each other. That was Red’s home! We had to fight for that! It wasn’t just a rock we decided to take. Werewolves are hunted down for howling out loud. We had to fight for Whiterun, we saved the Jarl for that overhang. You were there, in that battle! It was only Red and Scarface who turned it around. Greenspring Hollow? It’s not some damned piece of rocky overhang, it’s red’s and Scarface’s home. Aela knows someone’s been there, and if that wasn’t bad enough now the imperial bastards we have been fighting for have burned it to the ground”.


    Farkas sat on a chair, his face was wracked with guilt.

    “I’m sorry, we got carried away”.


    “Saying sorry doesn’t cut it, not there! However, the fact that it has been destroyed leaves you two with a unique opportunity. Listen well… I want it set up the same way as it was. Screens covering the east approach so they blot out the first morning’s rays, the ground under the overhang levelled out and flat. Rocks laid out around the campfire, the fish rack by the stream. Fresh straw piled up, two bed rolls set out. Chairs by the fire, cooking rack set out. You used it, the empire burned it down, so you’re fixing it up. You have three days”.


    Farkas stood up and headed to the door.

    “We’ll sort it out. Are… are you going to tell Aela?”


    “Oh no, she’s temperamental enough”. Sotek stated as he stared at the doorway.


    Ebony meekly asked a question.

    “Won’t the soldiers burn it down again?”


    Sotek glared at her.

    “Not by the time I’m through with them”. With that he headed back upstairs. “Veezara, the emperors coming to Skyrim by a boat?”


    “Hmm, hmm. The Katariah, it’s making Harbour at Solitude in two days”.


    Aela walked over to Sotek and tapped his arm with the back of her hand.

    “Stuff the emperor, what the hell was that about?”


    “A private matter”. Sotek replied. He tried to dismiss Aela’s need to talk about the incident in the Undercroft; besides he had the emperor to think about.


    “I don’t care! Don’t think you can throw me off the scent with ‘a private matter’. You can’t go around losing your temper like that. Yes, I’m a fucking bitch for it, but Sotek… six months ago you nearly killed me, out there. I didn’t think anyone would have to remind you about that. You can’t lose your temper, you just can’t. You lose control and people die, don’t you see that?”


    Sotek growled, he didn’t mean to, it just happened. It was loud, deep and heavy. Aela instinctively stepped backwards. For a second Sotek saw fear in her eyes, he knew immediately that she was right.

    “Aela, I’m sorry, and I’m sorry for yesterday. You’re right, I need to pull in the reins”.


    Farkas, along with Ebony came up the stairway and broke the conversation.  

    “Harbinger, I’ve got some errands to run. Can I borrow the Whelps? Vilkas, can you give me a hand as well?”


    Kodlak turned to Sotek, he knew Sotek had priority.

    “Sotek, what do you need?”


    “Aela, Scarface, and a free hand to do what I must”.


    Aela slapped him gently across the face.

    “Yes well! You keep threatening people, and you won’t have anything”.


    “And you swore not to hit me remember!” Sotek hissed back in response.


    “That was a slap so it doesn’t count”. Aela said smugly.


    Sotek laughed.

    “Yes it does! Look, everyone, Veezara included, raise your hands if a slap counts as hitting someone!”


    Upon his prompting, they all raised their hands; Vilkas, Farkas, even Veezara and the Harbinger. Aela looked at them all and snarled.

    “You mangy dogs! Recount”.


    Sotek Shook his head at her and huffed.

     “Very well. Lower your hands. Now if you think that a slap is a hit then raise your hands again”.


    Aela stepped forwards and rested her foot on a chair. The very next second she drew her dagger and threw it at the door. The tip embedded itself into the woodwork. Sotek looked towards the door then at everyone else. Every hand was instantly pulled down, even Veezara’s and the Harbingers.


    Sotek stared at Veezara and gasped.

    “You’re an assassin for howling out loud! You’re supposed to catch daggers thrown like that”.


    He laughed back with a wide sickly grin.

    “Hmm, hmm. But not in the back. You’re on your own. Can anyone blame me? Hmm?”


    Aela grinned at him.

    “And before you say it Sotek, everyone expects me to threaten them. After all I’m the number one bitch of Whiterun”.


    The Harbinger smiled at Sotek.

    “She has a point. If she doesn’t threaten people then rumours start up about her being ill”.


    Sotek groaned in defeat, but then he smiled.

    “Very well”. He headed to the main door then called out to Aela. “Aela? Aela? Here girl; there’s a good girl! Who’s a good little doggie? Harbinger does she need a collar when I take her out for walkies?”


    Aela growled then snatched a bone from the table and threw it at him. To her utmost disgust, he managed to dodge it.


    Vilkas creased up laughing.

    “We got a collar for Howler, but no one’s got the bottle to try to put it on her yet. But I wouldn’t get too smug, we got one for you as well”.


    Sotek glared at him.

    “Harbinger can I bite him?”


    “Oh no! Sorry, no”.


    Aela grinned across to Vilkas wickedly.

    “Don’t worry Sotek. When we get back you can sleep in my room. I’ll be your witness. ‘Why yes Harbinger he stayed with me all night long’. Ha-ha”.


    Sotek grinned at Vilkas making him more nervous, but then he turned to Aela.

    “Are you ready?”


    “Yes, but what’s the plan?”


    “The plan? I’m going to see a man about two dogs”.


    The Harbinger called over to him.

    “Emm Dogs? What dogs?”


    “Scarface and Red”.


    He looked at Aela as she returned his glance, he could tell she was none the wiser.

    “Sotek, what man would that be?”


    Sotek looked at the Harbinger right in the eyes.

    “The Emperor, who else?”




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  • Ebonslayer
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    “Careful, the [ground's] slippery”. 

    "The [Emperor], he’s coming in two days’ time”. 

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      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      The insolence! Shagging at someone's else place. How could they?! :D
      And Emperor's on his way. Looking forward to that.
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      I hope I get the emperor scene right. It's going to be a challenge getting his persona across.