U.O.T.W. Chapter 251 Close to Home


    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine



    Kodlak, the Harbinger, looked up from the table he was sitting at in the corner. The surprise on his face when Heimskr stuck his head around the door was obvious.

    “Heimskr? What manner of fate brought you to our door?” Kodlak saw he was a bit flustered; he got up and offered Heimskr a chair. “Come over to the fire and take a seat. Farkas, a drink for our guest”. 


    Kodlak sat quietly while Heimskr sat down and gratefully took the flask. He took a few sips then spoke.

    “I emm, I had a rock thrown at me. It was addressed to you”. 


    Farkas and Vilkas both looked at him oddly then smirked at each other. The Harbinger looked completely dumbfounded.

    “Someone threw a rock at you? And it was addressed to me?” 


    Heimskr looked over to him with confusion riddled across his face.

    “What? Oh yes, here!” he pulled out the note and passed it over to the Harbinger. 


    Kodlak examined it carefully and nodded thoughtfully.

    “Its Sotek’s writing! Well, scribbles”. 


    “Sotek? So why throw it at me?” Heimskr didn’t seem impressed one little bit. 


    Kodlak fought back the urge to smirk while Farkas and Vilkas tried to run outside, as they creased up with laughter.

    “Oh I’m sure there was no malice involved. Farkas, Vilkas, control yourselves”. He then proceeded to read the note. As he read it his face drained. “Oh Sotek, what have you done this time”. 


    Vilkas instantly saw the concern on the Harbingers face, it was unmistakeable.

    “Harbinger, what’s happened? Are they ok?” 


    “Ermm, I’m not sure. Some of the note doesn’t make any sense”. The Harbinger passed the note over to Vilkas who then proceeded to read it out loud. 



    “What in all of? Harbinger does that mean he’s going to nearly kill her again? Or is she out to kill him? Or are they out to kill each other?” Farkas asked, blurting it out across the hall.


    Vilkas gave Farkas a shove.

    “Shut up you idiot. Harbinger what does this mean?” 


    Kodlak looked at the two of them.

    “Honestly, I have no idea”. 


    Feeling none the wiser, Heimskr got up from his chair and proceeded to leave.

    “Well you seem to have your hands full. I do hope they are ok but I must be going”. 


    Kodlak suddenly turned to him, only now remembering he was there.

    “Yes, yes of course. Thank you for bringing me this”. 


    The moment Heimskr left the hall, Kodlak gave out his orders.

    “Farkas, Vilkas, gather everyone up and bring them to the hall. Maybe someone can tell us what this means”. 




    “Yes Farkas, everyone. The Whelps, Tilma, Eorlund, everyone; without question”. 


    Farkas headed outside while Vilkas went downstairs. Within a few minutes they all gathered in the hall, wondering what was going on. 


    The Harbinger held up his hands and quietened everyone down.

    “Attention everyone, can you all take a seat please”. Within moments they all sat down at the table while the Harbinger explained why they were summoned. 


    “It would seem that Sotek and Aela are in a bit of bother. How much I don’t yet know but knowing those two rouges, it’s a lot. I have however, received this”. The next second there was a loud thumping on the door. 


    “Harbinger! Harbinger!! Kodlak!!” Farkas opened the door to see Legate Rikke fall inside on the floor by his feet. She picked herself up and addressed the Harbinger franticly. “Sotek, Aela! They tried to kill the bride but they didn’t. At least I hope they didn’t; no, they didn’t, she survived, but they didn’t try to... I hope! Oh by the eights I got no Idea what’s gone on. There’s a manhunt for them. You’ve got to find them before I do! No, the Legion does. I took them to the ramparts; I showed them the way up, then they... They tried to kill the bride Vittoria Vici! But they wouldn’t, would they? Oh screw it, I need a drink”. She paced over to the table and snatched a flask of mead from Vilkas who just sat there staring at her. She guzzled it down then tried to catch her breath. 


    Vilkas smiled at her.

    “Oh wow, I’m impressed”. 


    Her heart pumping furiously and the fact that she hadn’t eaten both combined to her head swirling from the strong mead. She had a lapse in focus and replied to Vilkas, forgetting the circumstance she was in.

    “Yes, we’ll have a drinking contest one day”. 


    “You’ll regret it; I’ll put you on your back”. 


    “You’d like to... in your dreams”. She sneered jokingly. 


    Kodlak walked over to her and gave her a chair.

    “Sit down and shut up. Steady your mind girl”. 


    She sat down and placed her head in her hands as she calmed herself down. Several seconds later she looked up and realised everyone was there staring at her intently.  


    “Ok. Are you ready?”  Kodlak asked, eager to get to the crux of the matter.


    “Yes Harbinger. Sorry, it’s been a long ride”. 


    “Start from the beginning. Explain everything and for the nines, take your time”. 


    “Yes, sorry. The other day I showed them a way to get to the ramparts in Solitude. They were supposed to keep an eye out for an Argonian assassin while I searched inside the dining hall. The next thing I know is that Sotek has been reported to have pushed a statue down at the bride and Aela was shooting at the guards”. 


    Farkas grumbled.

    “What? They get all the fun”. 


    Kodlak glared at him, instantly shutting him up. He huffed then sat there quietly. “Where are they now? Have they been arrested?” Kodlak asked. 


    Rikke shook her head.

    “No, they escaped. Aela’s hurt though. At a guess, I’d say she broke her ankle by her screams and the way she clung on to Scarface. They jumped into the sea. Harbinger, I’m sorry they never surfaced. General Tullius had the whole area searched. Troops swarmed across the harbour”. 


    Kodlak started laughing.

    “You’re worrying over nothing, he’ll sort her out. Thank the nines they got away”. 


    “How can you be so sure? She can’t breathe underwater! He can but Aela can’t”. 


    Vilkas got up and poured her another drink, meanwhile the Harbinger continued.

    “I don’t know how he managed it but they got away, that I’m sure of. You said it yourself; there was no sign of them. If Aela had been killed by drowning or by any other means, do any of you really expect Sotek to go off quietly? Scarface would go on a rampage! Was he seen?” 


    “Not a sign since they hit the water”. 


    The Harbinger smiled.

    “Then they got away! He’s the best we have at restoration, he’ll sort her out. However, that still leaves two questions. What in oblivion happened and where in all of Skyrim are they?” 


    Vilkas called out to him.

    “Harbinger, the note?” 


    “Ahh yes, the note. Can anyone, anyone, tell me what this means, or if you have any ideas as to what it’s referring to?” With that he read out the note to them. All the whelps looked confused and Rikke had no idea either.  


    “I’ve got a thought, but I’m probably wrong”. 


    Kodlak looked across to Farkas.

    “Well, what is it?”


    “It said where he first had a taste of Aela’s wolf. Is that where they first kissed? On the plains near where we killed that dragon was where they first did ermm, you know, did it?” 


    The Harbinger raised his eyebrows.

    “Did it? Oh my, no. The outcrop is well known as Red’s and Scarface’s home, they won’t go there”. 


    Rikke looked guilty as she called out to the Harbinger.

    “Legion troops have already been there, I’m sorry.... They burned it out, there’s nothing there but ash”. 


    Vilkas cringed.

    “Oh you bloody fool; she’s going to kill you for that! The nine’s knows what Scarface will do to you”. 


    Rikke yelled back at him, her voice shook with anger.

    “I didn’t do it”. 


    Vilkas shouted back.

    “You’re legion! They won’t care if you did or not!” 


    Kodlak regained order before the argument got out of hand.

    “Enough! This isn’t helping. Farkas I thank you for your input but no they won’t go there”. 


    The next second the Jarl opened the doors and stepped inside.

    “Harbinger! What by all of Tamriel have Sotek and Aela done this time?” 




    “The guards have just received a kill order for Aela and Sotek! They’re public enemy’s Number two and three. The only one above them is Ufric! They’re to be killed on sight. On bloody sight! No trial, no nothing; just two heads on poles outside Solitude! What the hell is going on?”


    Kodlak’s face drained, but before he could answer, Rikke called over to the Jarl.

    “It’s complicated, but we’re doing everything we can. The truth is I don’t know what happened. But I will fix this, Harbinger we got to fix it, we must”. 


    Kodlak gathered his thoughts then responded.

    “Jarl Balgruuf we are trying to sort it out, please...”  


    The Jarl nodded, and then he shouted at Legate Rikke.

    “My guards will report any sightings, but if they get an opportunity they will attempt an arrest. If they do, I’ll have them bought here. Fix it and fix it quickly!” With that he turned and headed back to Dragonsreach. 


    Initially Rikke felt overwhelmed with the events but Vilkas gave her a fresh flask of mead.

    “Down it, it will help”. 


    After consuming it all she sat there quietly for a few seconds, the strong drink rushed to her head but it did help. Rikke calmed down a bit then something occurred to her.

    “What in oblivion is Lapsa Luna? I never heard of it”. 


    Farkas replied.

    “It’s an ancient custom, it means fallen moon”. 


    She then asked for the note to be read out again.

    “Go to somewhere before Lapsa Luna happens again. Go to somewhere before Lapsa...”


    Tilma the maid called out excitedly.

     “I have it! Go to wherever it is, before the next Lapsa Luna. Before the next fallen moon. Kodlak, you have to go somewhere before dawn tomorrow”. 


    Kodlak nodded.

    “Yes that makes sense but where do I have to go? Where did Sotek get his first taste of Aela’s wolf?”


    Ebony called out.

    “Harbinger, didn’t Red bite Sotek downstairs in the corridor? Maybe that had something to do with it. You know where she turned on him”. 


    Vilkas literally jumped to his feet.



    “Ermm, the corridor where Red bit him. Isn’t that where he first got a taste of Red’s temper?” 


    Vilkas shouted out.

    “Yes! That’s it, it’s got to be. She turned him. Harbinger, Aela turned Sotek”.  


    The Harbinger smiled slowly as if a cloud moved off over the horizon and let the sun shine down at the end of a downpour.

    “Companions, Rikke rest up, I know where we have to go. We’ll head there tonight under cover of darkness. Tilma, can you prepare some food for them? I expect they will be hungry. Farkas, gather up some supplies. If what Rikke has said is the case then they will need them. As for now, we rest”. Without a further word he dismissed the hall. Rikke was shown where she could rest up for a few hours, as the whelps headed outside. 


    Kodlak sat alone in his study. He slowly ran his fingers through his hair as he prayed that he could help the girl who was the closest thing he had to a daughter and her mate. There were no answers to his prayers; they were met with darkness and silence.




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    "Oh by the [Eight] I got no [idea] what’s gone on". Idea was capitalized for some reason.

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