U.O.T.W. Chapter 246 Best Friend's Secrets


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    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Just a few hours after Sotek and Aela left for Riften, the remaining Companions and the Whelps all gathered in the hall for breakfast. While they were all eating the Harbinger made a request.

    “I need someone, preferably two of you to gather supplies. We need some venison. We’re almost out I’m afraid”. 


    Vilkas shot Kul-et an accusing look.

    “That was your job yesterday. Why didn’t you do it?” 


    Kul-et immediately went on the defensive.

    “But I did! Ebony and I went out; we collected six of them. Harbinger we did it, honest”. 


    Farkas looked at them both.

    “Well if you did then they would be there. Now I’m not calling you both liars, just you Kul-et”. Then he gave Ebony a discreet smile. 


    Kul-et got up to her feet.

    “With all due respect, Farkas, we did. I don’t know why they aren’t there but they were, honest”. 


    Vilkas laughed loudly, his voice was very sarcastic.

    “Well next time make sure you kill them properly. That way they won’t recover and run off in the night”. 


    Farkas burst out laughing.

    “Yea, we were lucky Aela and Sotek wasn’t up. Those two would have had a field day chasing the deer around the hall”. 


    Vilkas had a broad grin on his face.

    “I bet they would have started fighting each other over the last kill. I can imagine the argument. ‘That’s mine I’m stronger.  Oh yea? It’s mine else I’ll bite ya bloody balls off’. 


    The Harbinger looked at him shaking his head.

    “Vilkas, really?” 


    Kul-et and Ebony couldn’t help but laugh, Ebony wiped a tear from her face then joined in.

    “I can imagine Scarface standing there, protecting his balls from Red who would be going mental trying to rip them off”. 


    Kodlak shook his head a second time.

    “Well I’m glad you all find it so funny, because it was actually Red and Scarface that ate them, they consumed five to be precise. So, as it’s today’s joke, Farkas, Vilkas you can both take a Whelp each. Take Ebony and Kul-et as they find it so amusing. Two of you hit the plains and the other two the valley past Riverwood. Be back by morning. Oh, that reminds me. Sotek’s after some furs so make sure you skin them as well, and one or two wolves if you can”. 


    Kul-et shot a look at the Harbinger, she sounded a bit annoyed.

    “Wh-what? Those thieving bastards! All day we spent collecting them and they wipe out seven day’s worth in what, an hour?”


    Kodlak gave her a smile.

    “About five minutes actually, in all”. 


    Ebony pointed across the hall to the other Whelps.

    “What about them, Sam and Sabre”. 


    Kodlak started laughing.

    “Oh, they weren’t eaten just the five deer. There’s no jobs at the moment so you two are free today as trainings out, but ermm, yes. You could scout out along the road towards Ivarstead, up to Valtheim towers. They were cleared a few months ago but there’s plenty of bandits around. If you come across a superior force head back and we’ll arrange for a larger group”. 


    Farkas cursed loudly.

    “What! They get bandits and we hunt bloody deer? Damn it Sotek, you bloody git”. 


    Ebony glared at the two Whelps.

    “This isn’t fair… hunting again!” Then she slumped in her chair. 


    The Harbinger laughed at them all.

    “Sotek and Aela don’t mind hunting at all. They never complain”. 


    Vilkas just sneered.

    “They wouldn’t, would they? They just go running about on all fours tearing at anything that moved”. Then he imitated them imagining the conversation. ‘Aela, I need you and Sotek to go out and chase down some deer for our supplies. I know you don’t like hunting but it needs to be done’. ‘But Harbinger no, Red’s only just had her claws done yesterday. She’ll get her fur all bloodied and matted. You know Scarface don’t eat meat any more, he’s a vegetarian now. Can’t we go and hunt down some carrots instead?’”


    Farkas rolled up. As he laughed so much he nearly fell out of his chair. He reached out and grabbed Ebony as he nearly fell but instead, he pulled her off her chair.

    “You stupid bloody moron, what’s so bloody funny?” She shouted at him, as she got back to her chair, laughing as she did so. 


    He pointed at Vilkas, then carried on the imagined conversation.

    “No, Aela, you and Sotek can’t go hunting carrots. You know he’s not allowed near the farms”. 


    At that point, even the Harbinger started laughing.

    “Alright… that’s enough. Finish your meal then get on with your tasks”. 


    Sam and Sabre took their time getting ready, while the other Companions prepared their packs then the four of them set off out towards the stables. Vilkas picked up a few straws then held them out. “Right the two shortest straws go together”. 


    Farkas took one look at them then smirked.

    “Right then, Ebony you’re with me. Dibs on the plains; you two have the valley”. Then without even waiting for confirmation, he headed off shoving Ebony forwards. 


    Vilkas looked at them both then sighed.

    “Aww damn it, well it looks like we got Riverwood. Farkas! We’ll meet at the lake in the evening, the usual spot”. 


    Farkas just raised his hand but he never turned around; he just kept walking off across the plains with Ebony trailing behind. Kul-et looked at Vilkas, she could see he wasn’t overly happy.

    “Did you prefer to go with Ebony?” 


    Vilkas looked around to her in surprise.

    “What? No, but I would have liked the plains”. Then he gave her a smile and a light slap on the back. “Let’s go lizard, I’ll race ya”. Then they set off towards Riverwood. As they made their way up the hillside into the valley he turned back to Kul-et. “Do you and Sotek actually mind being called lizard? Because it is taking the Micky a bit”. 


    Kul-et smiled as she thought back.

    “I asked Sotek that. He said that with the Companions it’s all in jest and not to be taken to heart, but I must admit sometimes it’s hard. He said when I find the tail pulling gets too much that I should call you ermm…  ‘Peppercorn’?” 


    Vilkas stopped dead in his tracks.

    “That bastard don’t forget anything does he?” Then he started laughing. “One day I’ll tell you what happened”. Then he looked ahead along the path and whispered to her. “Hey, here we go. Get your bow out”. Kul-et did what she was told then the pair of them took careful aim. 


    Vilkas whispered as he prepared to fire.

    “On my mark, wait for it, fire”. As one the two arrows flew, striking their target. The deer who up to now was happily grazing on a tuft of grass, was violently thrown to the ground as its legs sprawled out from underneath. “Yes, we got it”. Vilkas cried out happily. “Trouble is, by now the others will have killed three to our one”.  


    Kul-et just shrugged her shoulders as she went about her task of skinning it.

    “That’s how it goes. Is that why you prefer the plains?” 


    “Yes, a lot more game out there. We’ll be lucky to find anything now until we pass Riverwood”. As he spoke he kicked a stone which bounced along the path then found its way to the river.  


    Kul-et watched the ripples spread out until the flow of the river disrupted them, then her eyes cast a gaze to the far bank.

    “Spiders, there on the far side”. As she spoke she pointed to the two spiders that slowly moved across the ground between some trees. 


    “Oh, we might have some fun after all”. Vilkas grinned as he made his way to the river then started wading through it. As he started to swim across, Kul-et dived in then swam as fast as she could. Vilkas was just over half way by the time Kul-et swam past him. He reached out and grabbed her tail, forcing her to pull him along. 


    As they reached the bank she turned on him, pointing an accusing finger at him as she spoke.

    “That’s cheating”. 


    Vilkas just laughed then tossed her a single gold coin.

    “Thanks for the lift”. He grinned as he focused on the two spiders that were now coming towards them both. Drawing his sword, he charged at the nearest one, bringing his sword in an upward arc as he engaged the spider. 


    Kul-et launched two fire balls at the furthest one but the fireballs did minor damage.

    “Double cast them, like Sotek does. And don’t speak the spell, it takes longer”. 


    Kul-et changed tactics, she used her flame spout with one hand while she hacked at it with one of her axes in the other hand. Vilkas soon defeated his spider and then helped Kul-et finish off her target. Once they finished, Kul-et sat on a rock resting her head in her palms. Vilkas stood over the two bodies then gave her a scornful look.

    “You made that hard work. Why didn’t you double cast the fire balls?” 


    Kul-et held her eyes tightly closed for a few seconds as she turned to face him.

    “Because I can’t. I can’t double cast any spells and I can’t silently cast them either. Even my healing spells aren’t any match for his”. 


    Vilkas smiled at her, but he felt a little disappointed.

    “It seems the college has let you down somewhat”. 


    Kul-et looked at him funnily as she tried to grasp what he was saying, then it dawned on her.

    “Oh, the magic college? Not exactly. I can’t join them, they don’t like Argonians and my magic’s not up to par so they won’t let me in”. 


    He just nodded thoughtfully as he watched her.

    “Come on, we’re well behind the others”. He coaxed Kul-et into moving then the pair of them started running along the path towards the valley.


    The two of them crossed the stone bridge then entered Riverwood. Kul-et looked around at the different buildings as they passed them.

    “There’s not a great deal here is there?” 


    Vilkas shook his head.

    “Naa, but there’s an inn and a trader here, or rather there was. They packed up now and moved on overnight. One day the shop is open, the next it’s locked up and empty. I heard it had something to do with Sotek when he first arrived here”. From there, they carried on through the village then the pair of them entered the valley. 


    Meanwhile Ebony and Farkas were a good hour or so past the guard tower. Between them they had already claimed three kills. Ebony looked across to a group of deer, grazing on the horizon.

    “Bet you I get the next kill”. 


    Farkas rested his hand on her bow, drawing the arrow away from its perspective target.

    “No, not today. We got our quota. Sotek don’t like us over doing the kills, remember?” 


    “True, but will a few more hurt?” 


    “Honestly, probably yes, cause Aela don’t like it either and she’s far more likely to have a go at us for it, so no. We’re done unless that is there’s a few wolves around”. 


    Ebony’s stomach rumbled slightly which made her realise just how hungry she was.

    “All this running around has given me an appetite. Where can we make up a fire?”


    Farkas looked around, then he realised where they were.

    “Not far from here is Red’s and Scarface’s den, for the want of a better word. They got a nice spot really. Let’s head to there. We can’t tell them we been there, It’s Reds home, she won’t like it”. 


    Ebony wasn’t overly sure about his proposal but she went along with it anyway. Within an hour they arrived at the overhang. Farkas started gathering up firewood while Ebony prepared the meat for cooking. Once they ate, Ebony had a slight nose around the campsite.

    “They chose a good spot here, what with the natural shelter and there’s even a stream with fish nearby. Trust them to bag this spot. Hey look! That’s where they sleep. Where the hell did they get straw from out here?” Ebony pointed to the overhang, underneath was a large pile of dry straw obviously placed there by them.


    She walked past him seductively, her movements were deliberate and slow, but she could feel his eyes on her as she approached the straw pile. She unrolled her bedroll, then laid down and watched Farkas. “I’m feeling a bit cold”. 


    Farkas chuckled quietly.

     “Well come over here where the fire is”. 


    “I’d much prefer if a certain someone came over here and warmed me up”. She had a wicked grin on her face as she watched him sitting there, his eyes were fixed on her and she knew it. 


    “That’s Red’s bed? You know Aela? Imagine Aela with teeth and claws. Aren’t you scared?” 


    “I dare you, I dare you to come here and make love to me… in their bed. I dare you”. As she whispered to him, she started undoing the straps to her armor. 


    Farkas sat there as his eyes were glued to her form as her armor fell to the side. Then without thinking he started un strapping his own armor as he walked towards her, dropping his armor on the ground as he approached her. Unbeknown to him, one of his gauntlets rolled as he dropped it. It finally came to a stop but only once it disappeared from his view in the undergrowth.

    “This is a very bad idea, we shouldn’t be doing this”. That was the last he managed to protest as she reached for his hands then gently pulled him down on top of her. 


    She wrapped her legs and arms around him then whispered lovingly in his ear.

    “Farkas, shut up”. Then they both kissed. They made love amongst the straw in Red’s and Scarface’s bed, in the middle of the afternoon out there on the plains without a single care. 


    After an hour or so Farkas laid there asleep with Ebony in his arms. She though was awake, her mind worked overtime, trying to picture the conversation with them and the Harbinger should he ever find out about them. She hoped no one would object considering that Sotek and Aela were together, but she also knew she was jumping the gun. They were nothing serious, just friends with benefits. At least that’s how she thought he saw her but inside she knew she was falling for him. She looked at him with a completely different set of eyes. Suddenly she jumped, waking up Farkas as a deer ran close by, rustling in the undergrowth. They both sat bolt upright as they watched the deer run away from them across the plains towards the open ground. Ebony looked gingerly at Farkas, then burst out laughing. “That bastard scared me to death”. 


    Farkas grinned then he got to his feet.

    “It could have been worse, it could have been a wolf”. 


    Ebony laughed once more as she watched him get dressed.

    “It could have been a lot worse, what if it was a red wolf”. 


    Farkas’s jaw dropped.

    “Don’t even go there. You’re quite sadistic really, aren’t you? Shouldn’t you get dressed?” 


    She gave him a smile.

    “Not until the shows over”. A minute later she gave him a frown as he finished getting his chest plate on, then he sat down and started watching her. 


    “Now it’s your turn”. He stated grinning broadly. 


    Ebony looked horrified.

    “What? What sort of gentleman are you? Turn around”. 


    “Nope come on, get a move on”. He goaded her on as he laid there watching. 


    Soon enough she was dressed but her face was all red from the embarrassment.

    “Damn you! Come on we’ll be late”. 


    As they headed across the plains, Ebony walked up to him then held his hand.

    “We are just a bit of fun, aren’t we? Nothing serious, just some fun”. 


    Farkas gave her a reassuring smile.

    “Yep just some fun, nothing else”. 


    Ebony reached up and gave him a kiss, all the while she had a big grin on her face.

    “Come on, times getting on”. She let Farkas take the lead but as she trailed off behind him, she wiped a single tear from her face as she battled with her emotions. By dusk they reached the Lake Kul-et and Vilkas were already there, sitting by the fire. 


    “Well, well, if it isn’t the intrepid hunters of the plains. What kept you two?” Vilkas grumbled as he started cooking some venison for the group. 


    “I have you know brother we have been busy with our kills. So, do tell, oh great hunters of the valley, how many have you killed today?” His words cut into Vilkas’s pride like a hot knife through butter. 


    “One, but we killed two spiders as well”. He smiled as he watched Farkas’s face shudder. 


    Ebony sat opposite Kul-et then just shook her head at the pair of them.

    “Oi Farkas, Vilkas stop your arguing and go and get some more firewood. Be gone the pair of you”. 


    Farkas stopped then just stared at her.

    You can’t tell us what to do”. 


    She gave a wicked smile.

    “No, but I can tell the Harbinger you two were fighting, hop it”. 


    Farkas imitated her voice taking the mickey out of her.

    “I’ll tell the Harbinger you were fighting. You bloody squealer! Let’s go Vilkas, it won’t take us long”. then the two of them broke away from camp and started gathering up wood. 


    She starred at Farkas for a few seconds as a smile crept across her face, then she looked over to Kul-et, her face went slightly red as she did so.

    “Ermm yes anyway. Boys, grief. Are Argonians as bad as these two?” 


    Kul-et laughed.

    “Oh worse, if you can believe it. Spear throwing, fighting, even swimming is a competition. Oh, then there’s the blue speckled frog”. Ebony got up then made her way to Kul-et. She sat next to her, her eyes wide as she listened to Kul-et tell her all about it. “In my tribe, there’s a custom where if two or even more males wants to pick a female then she can challenge them with the blue speckled frog. You see it’s very small but extremely agile and fast”. 


    Ebony frowned slightly.

    “And they have to kill it? The poor bloody thing”. 


    Kul-et shook her head.

    “Oh no it’s sacred. They have to catch it, not kill it. They gather in an arena with nothing but a loin cloth on and they run around and try to catch it using their hands. The chase can go on for days, but sooner or later one male succeeds in capturing the frog”. 


    At this point Ebony didn’t look overly happy.

    “Then he takes the girl as his partner? Not very fair on her, is it? It’s almost like an arranged marriage”. 


    Kul-et laughed.

    “Not bloody likely! No, that just earns him the right to ask her. Ultimately it would be her decision and Argonians don’t necessarily choose one partner for life. Like me, I’ve had a few partners since my naming day”. 


    “But that’s not the way Sotek acts. He said a few times that Aela is the only one for him”. 


    “Yes, I heard that a few times but he’s not a typical Argonian. All Argonians for example have two names, yet no one, not even Aela has any idea what his second name is, or even if he has one”. 


    Ebony stared at the fire.

    “I asked him once! I’m damned if I’m asking him again”. 


    “Yes, he is over protective of that. I got no idea why though. But speaking of partners, you seem happy, you had a slight glow about you when you arrived at the camp”. 


    Ebony turned away and pretended to poke the fire.

    “What are you on about?” 


    Kul-et just laughed.

    “Ahh, so I did see something. Yu know what I mean. I thought we didn’t have any secrets”. 


    Ebony turned and looked at her right in the eyes, her mind raced as she tried to work out whether Kul-et was aware of what was going on.

    “We don’t, do we?” 


    Ku-el acted a bit disappointed with her.

    “Fair enough, you had your chance. Now, where is Farkas?”


    As she spoke she started getting up but Ebony grabbed her arm.

    “Don’t you bloody dare!” 


    “Oh, so there ‘is’ something. Do tell”. 


    Ebony turned away from her, her face changed to a bright red in an instant.

    “I… I can’t, we both swore we wouldn’t tell anyone. Oh, hell I got to tell someone, it’s driving me crazy. Promise you won’t say anything? To any one? Not even Sotek”. 


    Kul-et rested her hand on her chest.

    “I swear with my life not to tell anyone”. 


    Ebony looked around to see if the others were on their way back then she starred at the fire. The flames seemed to dance slowly as the red-hot cinders gently rose on the heat stream, thrown up in the air like tiny firefly’s.

    “I ermm, we’ve slept together. Oh, sweet rolls!! Promise you won’t tell”. 


    “What? You and Farkas? No way, I mean… oh wow”. 


    “You promised; you remember that”. 


    “What? Yes, yes of course… but wow. How did it happen? Was it just the once?” 


    Ebony turned red as she tried to explain.

    “We’ve slept together about six times now, but it’s just a bit of fun”. 


    Kul-et shook her head.

    “Your eyes aren’t saying that! You’re falling for him”. 


    She gulped loudly, then she looked at Kul-et’s eyes.

    “I know, damn it, I know! What the hell should I do? He’s not interested in a relationship, but damn it to oblivion”. 


    “Oh wow, you and Farkas”. Then she started laughing. 


    Ebony glared at her.

    “What’s so funny?” 


    “Well, if you did become a couple, there would be you and Farkas, Aela and Sotek. That would leave Tilma and the Harbinger”. As she said it she laughed even more. 


    Ebony’s face cringed.

    “But their old!” A second later she laughed loudly as she held her sides. “Hey that also leaves you and Vilkas”. 


    Kul-et’s eyes went wide.

    “What? Oh, Hist no, he’s got no tail”. 


    Ebony laughed once more.

    “A tail? Hmm, ok we’ll find you a Khajiit”. 


    Kul-et threw a bone at Ebony who ducked just in time. At that moment, the others returned to camp with some more firewood. Farkas grunted at the pair of them.

    “And you take the micky out of us? You’re animals, throwing bones and the like about”. 


    Vilkas couldn’t help but chuckle as Farkas ripped into the pair of them, then however he turned his attention to Kul-et.

    “You’re with me”. 


    Without thinking she screamed out.



    “Pardon?” Vilkas asked as everyone stopped dead and watched her horrified face. Ebony burst out laughing; so much that she fell backwards off the log she was sitting on. Her feet dangled in the air as she found herself stuck. 


    “Get me up, help meee!” She screamed in fits of laughter. 


    Farkas walked over to her grinning as he did so then he grabbed her arm and pulled her up. She stood there gazing in his eyes for a split second then stepped away.

    “Thanks, ermm thank you”. 


    Vilkas looked at Kul-et oddly.

    “What, you don’t want first watch?” 


    Kul-et turned back to Vilkas, even she was grinning wildly.

    “Sorry yes, first watch… that’s fine. What took you both so long?” 


    Farkas smugly threw down three wolf pelts.

    “We had some fun”. 


    Kul-et smiled at him.

    “Yes, you did, didn’t you?” At that time, he was walking over to the other side of the campfire. Ebony glared at her but she gave Ebony a wink then sat there silent. 


    Ebony called out to Vilkas.

    “What’s the plan?”.


    “Simple, in the morning we head straight back to Whiterun and see what Sabre and Sam have come across”. 


    After a satisfying meal and a good few hours of talking and drinking, gradually the camp fell silent. Soon enough all that could be heard was various people snoring while the other two watched over them. Kul-et looked across the lake towards the plains where a single howl could be heard miles away in the distance.


    The howl of a wolf, a werewolf.





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    "There’s no jobs at the moment so you two are free today as [training's] out,"
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      The Lorc of Flowers
      Hmmm.... I've dropped the four to three just to keep the status quo of kills. I think that sounds more feasible and likely. as to the weight issue. i never understood Skyrim weight dynamics. 
      Any more hunting would be for wolves or predators. Again t...  more
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      Don't think about Skyrim's gameplay weight stuff. What you do in game is basicaly chopping one piece of venison from the deer. But when you want whole deer you have to carry it somehow. You can carry it on your shoulders to a place where you will skin it ...  more
      • Sotek
        The Lorc of Flowers
        The Lorc of Flowers
        The Lorc of Flowers
        Don't think about Skyrim's gameplay weight stuff. What you do in game is basicaly chopping one piece of venison from the deer. But when you want whole deer you have to carry it somehow. You can carry it on your shoulders to a place where you will skin it ...  more
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          The Lorc of Flowers
          You know, I might use that when it comes to them and hunting. I remember writing about Sotek struggling to move an Ice Wolf for Aela when it was Omega's funeral. 
          When I give this chapter a proper edit session I'll have a look at it. There's loads of...  more
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          Yes, exactly. Those man-pulled carts are ideal for hauling the dead deers back to Whiterun.
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    Ok, I gotta ask. Farkas and Ebony killed four deers, Vilkas and the lizard two. And then swam across the river. How exactly do they carry those deers? Considering deer´s weight is roughly 50kg, how do you swim with that additional weight, plus armor? And ...  more