U.O.T.W. chapter 245 Loose in the Sewers

  • Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for odd mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.

    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    By mid afternoon they arrived at the stables outside Riften. Bjorlam, the carriage driver, unhitched Chestnut, his horse from the carriage then led her to the stable boy.

    "She needs feeding and resting. We’ll be leaving in a few hours”. Then once he was satisfied that the horse would be well looked after, he turned to Sotek. “Are you two sure about this?” 


    Aela smiled sadistically.

    "Oh yes”. Then without waiting for the other two, she set off towards the gate. 


    Sotek and Bjorlam both looked at each other then hurriedly walked along the stony path towards her. Within moments she was confronted by or rather confronting two guards at the gate. 

    “You’re not welcome here, be off with you”. The first guard called out to her as they both drew their swords.  


    Aela drew her bow then she instantly shot three arrows, one after the other into the gate before either of the two guards could react then she walked right up to them.

    “Now I know that the Jarl wouldn’t refuse the Companions access to Riften so you must be part of the thieves gang. Back off moron”. As she spoke she held her bow up with an arrow notched in it. 


    Bjorlam walked up to her then placed his hand on the arrow tip, forcing Aela to lower her bow.

    “They’re with me. I need to see my brother”. 


    “Fine but they aren’t going to like this one bit. That stays out here”. As he spoke, he pointed to Sotek.  


    Sotek stepped forwards.

    “What? Why? Last time I came here there were no problems”. 


    “Yea? Well the rules have changed. Pond life stays in the swamps”. He then turned back to the driver. “It’s simple, if you want in then that thing stays out here and you keep an eye on her”. 


    Aela turned angrily on the guards.

    "He’s coming inside whether you like it or bloody not”. 


    The guard walked up to Sotek then poked him in the chest.

    "No, this lizard is staying out here or you don’t get in”. The guard then lent against the gate with his arms folded. Sotek himself knew the guard wouldn’t back down unless there was bloodshed. 


    He walked up to Aela then spoke quietly.

    “Don’t worry, I’m used to it. You two go in, you know what to ask. Go careful though, ok?” Then he took the driver by the arm. “You watch over her, keep her safe. Ermm just try to keep her out of trouble”. 


    Bjorlam frowned then looked towards Aela.

    “How in all of Tamriel am I supposed to do that?” 


    Sotek just gave him a grin.

    “No bloody idea. I’ve never managed it either”. Aela turned to face him for a few seconds, she gave him a slight smile then Sotek waved her inside.   


    Aela heard the gate closing, she turned around and saw Sotek watching her as the double gates closed, cutting off the outside, and Sotek to Riften’s streets and the rancid stench that filled the air. “Raciest bastards”. 


    “Hey, at least we’re inside. Follow me”. Bjorlam let her to the market not that she needed leading. 


    She protested at being led like a child.

    “Have you any idea how often I’ve had to walk these streets? Especially hunting down thieves”. 


    A Nord in dark grey robes and a black hood stepped from the shadows.

    “Too many times for our liking but yet here you are again”. 


    Bjorlam held his palms up to the man.

    “We’re here for information, not for a fight”. 


    Aela snorted at the man.

    “Speak for yourself; he’s here for information... I’m happy to fight”. 


    Bjorlam turned and looked at her dropping his shoulders as he did so.

    “Sotek wasn’t joking was he? You're fully intent on getting into trouble”. 


    Aela laughed.

    “There’s no trouble from where I’m standing. Maybe a bit of target practice but nothing more”. 


    The man sneered at her.

    “Don’t count on it, your fast with your bow but not at this range. I’m faster”. 


    Aela stepped forwards beckoning the man to step towards her, and then she held her palms together as if she was praying.

    "Come on then, try it. Please? Look, I’m begging”. 


    The man took a step back, much to Bjorlam’s surprise.

    “You’ll get yours soon enough. Brynjolf is in the market, he’s waiting for you both. Aela... Aela the Cuntress... I’ll be seeing you later”. 


    She stepped up to him and stared right in his face.

    “Take a good look. This face is the last thing you see”. Bjorlam grabbed her arm then dragged her off towards the market. 


    “You’re a bloody nightmare! We have no backup or anything. I’m a bloody carriage driver, that’s it! Shut up or I’m out of here”. Aela pulled her arm away from him but then she saw his face she instantly knew he was worried. 


    She gave a sigh, then turned to face the gate once more.

    “Damn I wish he was here”. 

    “Yea? So do I, now quiet. Brother, how’s business? You’re looking well”. As he spoke he held his arms up and greeted his brother. 


    “And you’re falling in with bad company. Is business for you really that bad? I told you; you get rich merchants and lead them to us. You’ll get a percentage of the profit, nice and easy. Maybe now you’ll agree”. As he spoke his voice rang with obvious contempt for Aela. 


    Aela glared at him.

    “Why are your guards stopping Argonians from entering?” 


    He just gave a slight laugh.

    “Oh their not stopping Argonians; just him. He’s not welcome here. Mind you, neither are you. But we’ll tolerate you... for now”. 


    Aela started tapping her foot.

    “So I’m waiting. Why the hell can’t he enter?” 


    “Because you want him to”. 


    “What? That’s it?” Aela stared at him trying to work out if he meant it. 


    “That’s reason enough. Now what the hell do you want?” 


    “Information about an assassin. His payment was an amulet”. 


    Brynjolf grabbed her arm, then whispered as if he was afraid.

    "Shut your fucking mouth! By oblivion, you crazy fucking bitch; do you want everyone to hear for oblivions sake? Follow me”. He led them to the local inn ‘The Bee and Barb. From there he took them to a table in the far corner. “Right now we’ll talk”. He whispered. 


    Aela stood there watching him before speaking loudly, causing him to cringe.

    “About this amulet! Who can tell me about it?” Her voice bellowed and the Huntress’s whole attitude as she talked seemed to gather everyone’s attention. Every word seemed to make his eyes twitch; something which amused her like a wolf playing with its prey.


    Brynjolf covered his face with his hands in disbelief. 

    “Right, have it your way. The Ratway. Make your way through to the Ragged Flagon. If you get there alive, speak to Delvin Mallory. He’s the one you want to see... not that a smart mouthed bitch like you will make it”. 


    Aela started walking off towards the door.

    “Bjorlam, I’ll meet you at the stables”. 


    Brynjolf gave her a slight grin.

    “Don’t you bet on it. There’s plenty down there that wants payback on you girl. Why do you think they stopped him coming in? They're after you”. 


    Aela walked back to the table and leaned across it right in his face.

    "They are welcome to try". Then she headed out. 


    He turned to his brother and grinned.

    “I’ll give her this much, she’s got guts”. 


    Bjorlam sat there worried.

    “Their friends of mine”. 


    “Get yourself new ones”. Then he pulled out a map on an old piece of parchment. “Now, down to our business”. 


    Aela set off along the various wooden walkways and staircases. The air was constantly damp from the waterway which was surrounded with timber structures and platforms. The higher quality shops, or rather those who could afford the protection, were situated nearer the market where they had solid stone beneath them. Here, it was wooden stilts and beams of wood separating the shops and buildings; or rather structures for buildings seemed much too extravagant in name to refer to them as such. Having been there before, Aela wasted no time in locating the entrance of the rat way. With a turn of the handle, she drew her bow then stealthily entered into the gloom.


    She made her way down a narrow stairway then followed the brick walled tunnel system. In reality it was part of a sewer system but when the waterway collapsed part of the wall, the system became pointless. Just up ahead a bandit came around the corner then started to run towards her. She drew her bow, but just before she fired she smelt a putrid stench. Aela quickly side stepped as a blade clanged into the wall missing her completely. She found herself confronted by two men. Both regarded as ‘Ratmen’ by the Thieves Guild. They were naught more than common men; unskilled yet desperate, desperate enough to be used as little more than thugs. Aela snarled to herself. She knew straight away that both her routes were cut off. 


    “Her! It is her! They said she was here. Remember us bitch? We served five fucking years because of you”. 


    Aela stopped and relaxed, she let the moment play out as Sotek had taught her. She could almost hear him talking to her.

    ‘They will attack soon. Bide your time, see how they act. Are they desperate? Angry? Hungry even? Form your attack, get ready’.


    A flash of recognition struck her like a kick in the backside.

    “Oh, I remember you two. You were trying to steal weapons from the guard tower. You murdering bastards killed a guard while he slept. Five years? If I had my way you should have hung”. 


    “I would be quiet if I was you”. As the ‘Ratman’ spoke, a third person turned the corner.  


    This one was an imperial woman. She wore a tattered dress, discoloured and worn around the helm. In her hand she held a dagger which she waved around menacingly.

    “Hey baby; who’s the whore?” 


    “She’s the bitch that had me locked up”. 


    “Ahh, so what do we do with you. You cost us five years so I guess we take five fingers. Let’s see you fire your bow after that shall we?” She stated threateningly. 


    Aela looked at the three of them and smiled.

    “Three to one, yes that’s an even fight”. The next second she changed. As she did so the woman screamed and tried to flee but Red pounced on her first and tore her back apart as she fell face down onto the stone floor. Her eyes were wide open but there was no trace of life in them, just a hollow stare.


    Within moments the other two closed in. One man screamed out to the dead girl, his eyes awash with grief.

    “Beth!” He tried to thrust his sword in Aela’s side but she sideswiped him with her claws, cutting deeply into his leg and throwing him back into a wall. The other man yelled out from fear and ran down the tunnel trying to desperately get away. Before pursuing the survivor, Red fed on the two bodies. As she fed on the man, he screamed from sheer terror as she ripped into his flesh. Then she turned back to the tunnel and ran hard, hunting the system of tunnels for her prey. 


    Once Sotek watched Aela and Bjorlam enter Riften, he set off towards the stables, but once there he quickly headed around and followed the large wall that surrounded the city. It led him to the water’s edge of a vast lake which flowed inside, forming Riften’s waterway system. Sotek dived in to the lake then swam down past the large gate that divided the waterway to the lake. There he found an old grill blocking a large hole through the wall. It was well under the waterline, which Sotek was relieved to find because now he would be able to access the city without giving away his position. His plan pivoted on entering undetected. All this came down to one point, he needed to bypass the grill.


    Using his spear, he managed to prise off a few bars until there was a big enough gap. Sotek managed to squeeze through and swim into the city several feet below the water’s surface. Now all he had to do was stay out of site and find Aela and Bjorlam. 


    Using the wooden walkways and stairwell for cover, Sotek started swimming along the waterway that ran through the heart of Riften. From his vantage point, he spotted a round doorway on the lower section of the stilted catwalk. He slowed up then quietly and effortlessly swam to the side and just stuck his head above water. There in front of him, just above the doorway was a sign. ‘The Ratway’. He knew this was what he was looking for as he remembered an earlier conversation with Bjorlam. ‘If we get split up for whatever reason, head to the Ratway. There’s a door on the lower level. I’ll meet you there’.


    Sotek had a good look around to see if the area was clear and once he was satisfied there was no one watching, he broke the surface then climbed up on to the platform and approached the door. The handle turned effortlessly then the door opened and he headed inside. 


    From the very moment he opened the door he could smell the blood that hanged in the air. He knew straight away that it was fresh blood, probably from minutes before, but there was someone else he could smell. Her scent was unmistakable, to him at least. He whispered quietly to himself as his eyes pierced through the dark gloom of the tunnel. “Red. Why are you here?” Moments later he changed his form. Scarface stood up then slightly lifted his nose up as he sniffed at the air, then as stealthily as he could, he headed along the tunnel, following Red’s trail.  


    Soon enough he came across the two bodies that Red had already feasted on. Scarface tore at the remains, picking enough meat from the corpses to state his hunger even if it was for just for a few minutes at the most. Without wasting any more time, he headed along the tunnel once more. He entered what appeared to be a large room but he was brought to a halt as the passageway abruptly ended at the edge of a drop.


    The floor was several feet below him and opposite where he stood was another platform leaving fifteen foot of space between him and his intended route. Spanning the gap was a rickety bridge which seemed to be no more than half rotten timber with planks placed across it. He tested its weight and the moment he stuck a paw on it, the timbers creaked and heaved. Sotek transformed back to limit the amount of stress and gingerly walked across. Each timber seemed to bend as it took his body weight but thankfully he crossed it without mishap. Once he crossed the bridge, he all too willingly changed back into Scarface, allowing him to take the lead. In front of him was a third corpse, again ripped open from where Red had fed; except his back was torn into, instead of his chest. 


    He found himself at a crossroads but Red’s scent trailed from the route in front so Scarface totally ignored the other two passageways leading out into the network of tunnels and passages. He headed off along the corridor to a junction. Again her scent beckoned him, almost like it was wrapping around his paw, pulling him towards her. As he turned another corner he saw Red in a large room. There in front of her were two bandits; each with a sword and shield. Behind her though were two other ‘Ratmen’. Each of them held a great sword and all four bandits were poised to strike. Red growled at them as she prepared to attack.  


    Scarface gave out a deafening howl, causing the two bandits behind Red to turn in fear. They looked along the passage way then one of them screamed in pure terror as a massive black form with bright green eyes charged at full speed out of the shadows. Scarface grabbed the two bandits by their heads then slammed them both down into the stone floor. He lifted them up a few feet then smashed their skulls into the floor again, then a third time. Their shattered skulls crumpled from the sheer weight, crushing them completely.  Within seconds the four bandits who had numbers on their side were down to two, and now it was them who were trapped with nowhere to run. 


    Red launched at the pair of them, swiping at the two ‘Ratman’ as fast as she could as she desperately tried to claim her kills before Scarface could close in and steal them away from her. Scarface had no such intentions though. He stopped short and was content to watch Red fend off the two attackers. The first one fell within a few blows, but the last one managed to fight her off.


    He thrust the tip of his sword into her. The tip of the blade tore at her side as it penetrated fur and muscle, causing her to howl out in pain and fury. She dropped to all fours then charged straight at him, ignoring his sword completely. He struck a second time, but his arm didn’t have the power. She bit into his shoulder, pressing down with her powerful jaw. Even Scarface heard the bones breaking and within moments she tore at the man’s chest with her claws all the while she thrashed her head side to side, eventually tearing off his arm along with half the shoulder. Blood freely poured out from the wounds and spilled out on the stoned floor. With a growl, Red bit into his chest once more then fed off the corpse.


    Scarface fed off the two bandits he had killed, but then dragged the third over to Red then he moved back, lowering his head submissively. Red howled out then savagely ripped the body to absolute pieces as she fed once again, scattering flesh armor and blood all across the room as she did so. Once she had finished, she got up on her hind legs then approached Scarface. He stood right up, but even so he lowered his head bowing to her dominance. She stood right in front of him then rested a paw on his waist her other paw gently gripped his shoulder and rested her head in his chest. Scarface lowered his chin on the top of her head, lightly pinning her head against him as his paws held her waist firmly. She lifted up her head and met his eyes with hers but then Red bit him in the chest, to the point where her fangs punctured his flesh.  


    Scarface gave a low, light growl from the love bite but Red didn’t stop or let go. She held his fur in her teeth for several seconds then released him as she growled back, but her growl sounded more like a snigger.  


    Scarface’s eyes fixed on the door in front of them as he growled a second time, but this time his growl was deep, loud and very threatening. Red turned and faced the door then dropped to all fours just as the door opened. Both Scarface and Red charged as one ripping into the two Ratmen that entered the room. Within seconds the screams lingering screams which seemed to hover in the air was all that remained of the prey that had so unwittingly approached them.  


    Red stepped over the two corpses then slowly followed the tunnel around a bend to find it come to a sudden stop by a rickety door which was shut in front of her. Meanwhile, Scarface was feeding off the last two bandits they had killed. Once he satisfied his hunger he once again followed Reds scent. He headed around the bend to see Red waiting for him. Lock picking was one skill denied to werewolves for they weren’t able to grip keys, let alone turn them. Scarface had his own method of opening doors. He forcefully shoved the pads of his front paws into the door, then pushed as hard as he could. The old lock gave way under the strain along with the hinges and the door fell backwards, slamming into the stone laid walkway.


    At the end of the new passageway was another door but there were so many gaps in it that it barely resembled a gate. The passage way beyond opened out into a large circular chamber filled with stagnant water. Circumventing the ‘pond’ was a walkway; or rather walkways as it seemed to be constructed in sections and haphazardly joined together.


    Various wooden platforms were erected at the far end where he could see a multitude of people gathered at what looked like a bar.  


    Scarface turned around and headed back to the two bodies. He tore at their arms and legs until they were both little more than bloodied rags. When he was satisfied in the wrought carnage, Sotek changed back. He walked up to Red and held a hand against her face, holding her.

    “Hey, I’m sorry but I need the ring. We got to show them we mean business. I need you to let Aela go. It’s time for you to let her go”. 


    After a low howl, Aela changed back. Her face was the same as his, absolutely smothered in blood from the gorging. She ran her bloodied fingers through her hair as she moved it away from her face then she pulled the ring off and handed it over.

    “It’s nice to know that Scarface still sees Red as the Alpha”. 


    Sotek took the ring then he started to pull his pack off. Finding he had his hands full he placed the ring in his pocket then tried once again to take off his pack, inside it he found what he was looking for, a large pouch of gold.

    “Here you take this, its a thousand gold so look after it. And yes Scarface see’s Red as an Alpha you know that. He also sees himself as an Alpha though so don’t let Red get too pushy or there’ll be trouble”. 


    Aela laughed quietly.

    “You want to bet? She’ll beat the crap out of him and you bloody know it”. 


    Sotek just sighed then he changed a second time. Scarface dragged the two corpses that were torn to pieces and then he walked up to the old door. With a horrendous smash, he kicked the door sending it flying into the chamber in pieces. 


    Scarface boldly entered the circular chamber. He walked straight towards the group who just stopped and stared at the unwelcome yet formidable intruder. Moments later they drew their bows and weapons to fight. Scarface grunted and threw the two bodies at the feet of the closest members of the guild then just stared at them for several seconds. Throughout all this time, Aela stood at the exit and covered him with her bow which was drawn and ready to fire. Sotek changed then called out to Aela for the bag of gold, she threw it across at him and he caught it easily then he walked out to the group.


    One member stepped forwards and glanced at the bodies with little interest. He tutted at Sotek and spoke.

    “You owe me for a door. I can’t care less about these pathetic fools. How did you get in anyhow?” 


    Sotek leaned into him; all the while his eyes were fixed on the Thieves Guild leader.

    “I bribed the guards five hundred septims. Loyalty it seems, has a price. I don’t like being messed about and I don’t like doors being kept shut to me, especially those belonging to cities. If it happens again it won’t be a door I kick down, it’ll be the city gate. Now I’ve come here to talk to Delvin Mallory and he damn well better want to talk to me”. 


    “Oh I would happily talk to you; after all you’re a werewolf. You both are and we can’t exactly compete with that, but it would seem that you are now an empty threat. You see Sotek, yes we know who you are, you’ve changed and so you can’t change again today. We have archers who are just as good as Aela; that piece of trash you’re soo heavily relying on at this moment”. 


    Sotek gave a broad grin.

    “I’m not relying on Aela; I’m relying on your fear and ignorance”. Moments after, he changed again. Scarface stepped forwards quickly and snatched a guild member and promptly threw him against the far wall with all his strength. The man’s head smacked against it with a sickening crunch then fell to the floor.


    Scarface stepped forwards once more and changed back to Sotek. He grinned wickedly as he said.

    “Sorry, I didn’t hear you correctly. What was it that you called Aela? Would you like to repeat that? No? I thought not. Now, there’s an Argonian with a bag of gold or a really bad attitude armed with claws and fangs. It’s your call which one you deal with but one of them you should be really afraid of”.


    He threw the bag of gold at Delvin’s feet then glanced back to Aela and gave her a wink. After drawing a few deep breaths, Sotek turned back to Delvin.

    “Well? I’m waiting”. 


    One of the other members of the guild ran over to the body which Scarface had thrown. He knelt down then felt the neck, despite the fact that the head was imploded from the collision.

    “He’s dead; that bastard killed him”. 


    Sotek glanced over to him, as calm as usual.

    “He’s lucky we didn’t feed off him. I’m still waiting and the seconds are counting by”. 


     Delvin picked up the bag of gold then walked up to Sotek.

    “Well, you can keep your gold and I’ll tell you what you want to know”. Then he thrust the bag into Sotek’s stomach, but he tensed up so the bag hitting him had little effect. “But you owe us! You both owe us”.  


    Aela laughed at him.

    “We owe you nothing but a quick death”. 


    One of the guild members shouted out to her.

    “It’s you that will have a quick death, bitch. A dagger ear to ear”. 


    Sotek shouted out at the pair of them, calling the squabble to a halt.

    “Enough! Delvin, tell me about the amulet. Once all this is done, we’ll sort out this ‘debt’ but I’m not promising anything”. 


    Delvin nodded.

    “Fair enough; come with me”. He led Sotek to a round table then motioned Aela to join them. 


    “Oh, I’m happy here thank you”. She sneered. 


    Delvin pulled out a piece of parchment then set about drawing the amulet.

    “It’s a high councillor’s amulet, given by the Emperor himself. So... the one setting off these chains of events is very high up. He probably wants the throne for himself. I suspect Ulfric will help in that matter, a partnership if you like. As to the assassin’s identity, I’ve got no Idea, nor do we know the target. Now get the hell out. Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch... after all, you owe us”. 


    Sotek got up then folded up the parchment and placed it carefully in his pack.

    “Ok, but I give you no promises. There are lines we won’t cross”. 


    Delvin looked over his shoulder and laughed.

    “Your sense of morality is highly suspect. You both feed off your kills, murder at whim, but you feel your one of the saints? Thou art holier than others?  Saint’s dressed in wolf’s clothing”.  


    Sotek laughed at him.

    “We may be on the side of the saints, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s what we are”. Then he pointed to Aela. “Most dogs are harmless but sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie”. Sotek then turned and started walking away. He glanced over to the one that threatened Aela and then he turned and called back to Delvin. “Then again, a few dogs you shouldn’t even check to see if their sleeping. You just stay the hell away”. 


    He walked up to Aela then held her in his arm as he led her off.

    “There’s nothing else to learn here. Let’s check the drop box then head off to Solitude. We only have a few days left and we’ve wasted enough time”.


    They made their way through the tunnel system back to Riften then exited the main gate. The two guards looked on in disbelief as Sotek walked outside. 


    “What the? How did you get in?”


    “Oh that’s my secret. Delvin wants a word; it might have something to do with me saying you both took a bribe of two hundred gold? I ermm, I never dropped you in it have I?” He sniggered as they set off towards the carriage, leaving the two guards looking at each other worriedly. 


    As they got near the carriage Aela gave Sotek a playful shove which caused him to stop.

    “You messed up. You told Delvin you paid them five hundred septims. Yet you told them you said to Delvin it was two hundred. I never expected you to make a mistake like that”.


    Sotek evilly grinned as he peered behind himself at the two guards.

    “It wasn’t a mistake. They will say to him that they weren’t paid two hundred. Delvin will remember I said five hundred. He will ‘insist’ on having the five hundred and as they stated a different figure, he will think they are cheating him and that I really paid them to let me in. There will be two dead guards in Riften within twelve hours”.


    Aela smirked as she looked behind herself. For some reason anger seemed to seep into her heart. She gave Sotek a shove then turned away from him. She moved to the water’s edge and began watching the dragonflies hovering over the lake.

    “Who the hell does Scarface think he is? How does he kill so bloody quickly? I know he’s bigger and stronger than Red is, but you better warn him… If Red falls behind too much then the only thing left for her to bite will be his ass”. Her lip screwed up as she stared back at him.


    Moments later she climbed on the carriage and sat back. She ignored everyone and gazed out along the lake, watching anything which would take her eyes away from Sotek as she tried to hide the big smirk on her face. 


    Sotek watched her for a few seconds then chuckled at her.

    “If she did then she had better be prepared to finish what she started”.  


    Aela’s eyes opened wide in surprise then she shook her head at him. “Don’t concern yourself with that… She always finishes her meals”. The next second Aela snapped her jaws shut a few times as she smiled. 


    Sotek gulped loudly then tactfully changed the subject by calling out to Bjorlam.

    “We need to get to the plains then it’s off to Solitude”. 


    “Yes sir! No worries. I hope things went smoothly in there”. As he talked he expressed genuine concern. 


    “Yes, it went well. As well as can be expected, anyway”. Upon answering, Sotek graced Aela with a quick smile. 


    Aela looked over at him. She wanted to smile but something held her back. She kept thinking of how quickly Scarface killed the two men while Red had to fight her opponents. She gave him a weak smile which she knew to be grudged.


    Sotek returned her gesture a second time then he held his hand out to her. She sat there watching it for a few seconds. 

    “Am I supposed to shake it or bite?” 


    Cursing herself for the strange feeling which seemed to cloud her and darken her mood, Aela got up and sat at the end of the bench which Sotek was sitting on. He pulled Aela closer so she could lean into him. Aela closed her eyes and just laid there quietly, all the while she never said a single word. Inside the tendrils of resentment started to grow. Unaware of how far her feelings would take her, Aela wrapped her arms around the tip of Sotek’s tail as the pair of them lay out along the bench and rested.




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    Ebonslayer   ·  August 18
    “[Racist] bastards”.
    “Oh [they're] not stopping Argonians; just him."
    “[They're] friends of mine”.
    "Now all he had to do was stay out of [sight] and find Aela and Bjorlam."
    "Once he satisfied his hunger he once agai...  more
    • Sotek
      “[Racist] bastards”.
      “Oh [they're] not stopping Argonians; just him."
      “[They're] friends of mine”.
      "Now all he had to do was stay out of [sight] and find Aela and Bjorlam."
      "Once he...  more
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  • The Lorc of Flowers
    The Lorc of Flowers   ·  July 24
    Well, what a carnage. And did they do all that just for like three sentences Delvin said about the amulet? Guess werewolves don't need many reasons to kill. 
    • Sotek
      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      Well, what a carnage. And did they do all that just for like three sentences Delvin said about the amulet? Guess werewolves don't need many reasons to kill. 
        ·  July 24
      Well there's a history between the Companions and the Thieves guild. I've plans for this faction and the Thieves Guild in Cyrodiil.