UOTW Chapter 242 Rat Pack

  • Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.
    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.
    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    It was early morning by the time Kodlak awoke. Over the last few years he found it harder to break from his slumber. As he grew older, the strain of his age took a stronger grip each year that past. Fang was yet again asleep by his door. over the course of the night he moved the cub several times to a fur on the floor in the corner but Fang always ended up by the door, waiting for his mistress to return.


    As Kodlak got up Fang awoke, he ran around in a circle yapping and scratching at the door.

    “All right young un, alright”. He opened the door and Fang ran out. He tried to turn the corner at full speed but he slipped and crashed into the table, sending the jug on it flying off. He yelped from the pain but quickly recovered then he set off once more to Aela’s room he burst inside yapping loudly then stopped dead as he saw the room empty. Realizing his mistress wasn’t there, he laid down, resting his head on his paws and whined.


    Tilma walked down the hall and looked at the jug smashed on the floor. “That bloody rat again! Where is it?” She demanded. Kodlak just pointed to Aela’s room. She stepped inside fully prepared to have a go at it, but she saw it pining for Aela. “Oh, to hell with it. It’s just a jug; the poor tyke”. She threw it a biscuit which it chased as the biscuit rolled across the room.


    Kodlak stood next to her.

    “I’ll get someone to take him outside for a while but they will have to put him on a lead”.


    “Not Kul-et; she said she’ll help me today. I have the beds to change”.


    “She helps out a lot, don’t she?” The Harbinger stated.


    “Yes, but she doesn’t seem to go out much. You ought to fix that”.


    Kodlak picked up Fang then headed upstairs. He sat fang on his fur and fed him some veal while he sat at the table.

    “Kul-et, tomorrow I need you and Farkas to head out and gather some supplies. We need six furs and some venison. Don’t hit one area though, Sotek don’t like it. So, what you will have to do is take three from the plains then head towards Riverwood and see what you can get from there”.


    “Yes Harbinger, but why not just from the plains? He hunts those grounds, doesn’t he?”


    “Yes, but he tries to keep a balance so the population of deer and wolves keeps to a certain level. Now, I need a volunteer”.


    Everyone looked at each other. They all knew the general rule, don’t volunteer. Kodlak gave a sigh, that was another thing Sotek always done, he caused disruption but he always volunteered.


    Kodlak looked around the hall at them all.

    “Ok, I need a volunteer, Ebony? Thank you very much. Get some leather straps. You’re taking Fang for a walk”.


    Ebony looked horrified.

    “What? That’s a Whelp’s job! You know? The newest one? Kul-et”.


    “Kul-et is helping Tilma today so no, it’s your job”.


    “But he hates me! He bites and scratches, and he hates the lead. Farkas? Friend, pall, buddy? Won’t you do it?”


    “Oh no, he hates me more than you”.


    Vilkas and the others laughed as Ebony sat there cursing her rotten luck. She eyed up Fang who was totally ignorant to the situation Ebony was in. Half hour later she tried to tie a collar around Fang but he scratched bit and wriggled as Ebony got more and more frustrated.

    “Oh, for crying out loud. Harbinger? Help”. The next second she screamed as he bit her finger making it bleed. “Oh, this bloody animal. Damn him, and that bloody lizard for bringing it here”.


    Kodlak entered the hall and saw Ebony’s hand dripping with blood.

    “Oh dear, come here”. He took Fang then sat him on his lap as he struggled to put a collar on the animal. Eventually he managed to do the collar up. “There that should hold him, but go careful he doesn’t like wearing it”.


    Ebony burst out with sarcasm.

    “Oh really? I wouldn’t have guessed. I thought he loved wearing collars and going for bloody walks! look at my hand, damn it”.


    Kodlak gave her a smile then pointed to the cupboard.

    “Well at least that lizard you referred to has made some potions. I suggest you take one”.


    “Yes, sorry, that was disrespectful. Sorry for having a go at you as well. It’s just… Fang he’s a bit of a menace”.


    The Harbinger smiled once more as he went to stroke Fang but Fang turned his head and went to bite him on the finger. He just moved his hand away in time.

    “No, he’s a bloody menace, and he has her temperament as well. If he has Soteks mind set then we’re doomed”.


    She tied the lead to the collar then started walking Fang to the door. Fang didn’t want to go with her so he was dragged across the floor as he fought with the lead and collar, shaking it aggressively and pulling on Ebony’s arm.

    “What are we going to do when he’s bigger?”


    Kodlak laughed.

    “That’s easy. We’ll open the door and throw him outside. Then, we can happily deny any knowledge of it”.


    “Your joking?”


    “Yes, unfortunately”. He smiled.


    Ebony frowned.

    “Oh damn, I’d love to see that. Especially when a guard grabs Aela and drags her off to the market by her ear to see what carnage he caused”.


    Kodlak laughed.

    “Yes, but can you see a guard grabbing her by the ear?”


    “Only in my dreams”. She laughed, then she headed outside with Fang who was still protesting about the collar. As she started heading down the steps, Fang, who was too busy chewing his lead, failed to notice. He fell down a few steps and as he landed, he hollered out, crying in a high pitch making Ebony jump. she quickly picked him up from the steps as he snarled at them, growling.


    She walked down to the Gildergreen tree then placed him on the ground once more. He sniffed about then started snarling again as a butterfly flew slowly past and landed on a flower. He snarled and barked, pulling on the lead then leapt at it, yanking on Ebony’s arm. She tried to pull him back but she was too late he pounced a second time and grabbed the flower head then started chewing on the insect. Ebony turned pale as she was transfixed by the scene.

    “Oh, that’s rank”. She stated as she held her mouth with her free hand. Pulling Fang away, she headed off towards the market.


    Fang who was becoming more accustomed to steps, especially the steps leading to the meat stand, started to eagerly pull as Ebony walked down the first few steps. Fang pulled franticly then suddenly tugged, pulling Ebony forwards. Her foot slipped as she tried to hold him back. She tried to keep her balance but Fang was having none of it, he pulled a third time successfully pulling her over. She fell down the steps into the back of a guard, sweeping his legs from under him. He fell straight on top of her, pining her down to the ground as Fang broke loose and started running across the market.

    “You fucker!” She shouted as she tried to get up, but the guard grabbed her as she tried to chase Fang.


    “Hold it you. Ebony? It is Ebony, isn’t it? Well Whelp, what do you have to say for yourself?”


    Ebony looked across and saw Fang trying to get into the Bannered Mare inn.

    “Fang! It was Fang. Look there”. As she pointed to the inn door a patron opened it, instantly Fang ran inside, disappearing from view.


    The Guard held her arm tightly then looked to see where she was pointing.

    “Where? I don’t see anything”.


    Ebony could have cried at that point. She desperately tried to convince the guard.

    “He just ran inside! Look, Aela’s wolf Fang, he’s gone inside the inn”.


    “Well I haven’t seen him”.


    “No, you were too busy falling on me you idiot. Look, he’s gone inside”.


    The Guard gave her a bit of a shake.

    “Are you Aela?”


    “What? No, why?”


    He forced her hands behind her back then started strapping them together.

    “Disturbing the peace and assault! You’re under arrest”.


    “What!! Why? Because I’m not Aela?”


    “Yes. She scares us so we won’t arrest her, but we’re not scared of you”.


    The next second before he could march her a single step, there was a high pitch scream coming from the inn followed by an almighty crash. Ebony looked over towards it.

    “Oh help! Fang”.


    The Guard looked at the inn then back to Ebony.

    “You’re coming with me” Then he dragged her to the inn.


    Opening the door, they saw two tables upturned and the maid screaming as she stood on a table pointing to the cellar.

    “Skeever! There’s a skeever in the cellar”.


    Ebony groaned out loud, but the guard pushed her on a seat.

    “Stay there you”. Then he headed down stairs, drawing his sword as he went. Ebony sat there terrified as she heard the guard hacking at something.


    Moments later he came upstairs with Fang laying in his arms. Fang was covered in blood and as soon as Ebony saw him, her heart sank.

    “You stupid bastard! You killed him? Oh, Kodlak save us… Aela’s gonna have our fucking heads! You moron! I’m dead, I’m really gonna die”.


    After cutting her bonds with a knife, the Guard held out Fang to her. She was shaking as she reached out for him, but he just laid still. His fur was torn and blood dripped from his body. As she started picking him up he turned around and bit her hand making her drop him. She screamed as he hit the floor and went running back to the cellar. Ebony dived at him but missed as he ran down the stairs.


    Ebony slid across the wet floor and collided with a table which instantly overturned on top of her with a crash. Someone lifted the table up to see her laying on her back in a puddle of mead and ale. The four patrons who were at the table were all standing over her, each one covered in their respective drinks. they all grabbed an arm and leg then dragged her to the door and within a few seconds she was thrown out into the street, screaming as she went.


    As she laid there in shock, a second guard walked past her.

    “You can’t stay there or you’ll get arrested. Go on move you drunkard! You stink of drink. What sort of example is that for a companion? I’ll have to tell the Harbinger you know. Go on, get out of it”.


    Ebony sat up and stared at him.

    “You’re kidding me? Oh no… where’s that fucking dog?”


    “Are you calling me a dog? Right, come here”. He grabbed her and forced her to her feet as she started screaming. At that point, the first guard came back out; he shook his head at her as he walked over to her and the struggling guard. “Oi, you! Come with me”. He held the cub as he escorted her to Jorrvaskr then he banged on the door as they waited for a response.


    Kodlak opened the door to find Ebony in a right state, stinking of drink. She was covered in all sorts of muck and dust. Fang was smothered in drink and blood as well. The guard sent Ebony inside then he and the Harbinger talked for a few minutes. Afterwards, the Harbinger came back inside the hall. Ebony sat in a chair looking thoroughly miserable. “It wasn’t my fault! Really, none of it was”.


    “Yes, I know”.


    Ebony tried but she started getting upset.

    “You’re mocking me, please don’t”.


    “Oh no, I’m not. Apparently when the guard went to the cellar, Fang was fighting a skeever. Three got in through a hole in the cellar. The guard and Fang killed them, but Fang received a few bites for his bravery. The guard said you fell into him, then you knocked over a table trying to get hold of Fang?”


    “Yes! He’s a bloody menace! So… I’m not in trouble then?”


    Kodlak laughed.

    “No, you’re not. Get your hand seen to. There’s plenty of potions, then run yourself a bath”. Then he sat Fang on the table, and looked at his wounds. “As for you, you’re having a bath as well”. Fang looked at him then tapped him on the nose with his paw.


    The Harbinger got a large metal tub then filled it with water and placed Fang in it. He splashed about, chasing the ripples as Kodlak washed off the dried blood. The two wounds he had were only minor so Kodlak left them to heal from their own accord. Afterwards, he dried Fang off then he sat him on the fur in the hall with a piece of pork.

    A brief time afterwards, Ebony entered the hall, wearing a clean set of clothes. She sat on a chair drying off her hair.

    “How come that thing gets a treat?”


    “Well, it would seem the inn has decided to pay him for the three skeever he killed. Three hundred gold in all”.


    Ebony sat there staring at it.

    “That ‘thing’ gets three hundred gold? You’re kidding me”.


    “Oh no, I’m quite serious. However, he doesn’t get the full amount, not exactly. One hundred went back to the inn for damages and compensation. One hundred is for the fines from the guards and the other hundred? Here, catch”. He threw her a bag of gold, inside was a hundred gold septims. “That’s for your troubles”.


    “Oh wow! Thanks”. She tucked the bag in her pocket gratefully. “So he gets pig?”


    “Oh no, Aela owes me that but ermm… you let me tell her, ok?”


    “Gladly. Is everyone afraid of her?”


    The Harbinger raised his eyebrows as he looked at her.

    “Aren’t you?”


    “Me? no, I’m terrified of her, not afraid”. With that the Harbinger laughed, as she picked up a flask smiling.




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