UOTW Chapter 241 In the Dead of Night

  • Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.
    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.
    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Aela woke up before Sotek did. She was going to start getting dressed but then she looked over to Sotek and walked towards him softy. She sat on top, facing him with her knees rested on the bed either side of his torso. Semi consciously she stared at him and at the same time she picked up her dagger that sat on the side table. Sotek used it earlier that night to cut up an apple. Aela wiped the blade with a corner of the furs they used for bedding then started rolling it around in her hands. 


    Sotek woke up to see a half-naked Aela looking down at him. His eyes were torn between her breasts and the dagger in her hand.

    “I have never seen anyone who could be so bloody sexy and yet be so god damn threatening at the same time”.


    “What? Oh sorry, I was just thinking about us. It’s going to feel weird being with you but not cuddling up at night”.


    “Yes, but we can’t afford to relax and that’s what I do when I’m around you. I feel safe, secure, even when there’s obvious dangers.  I can’t afford that emotion”.


    She cast a smile at him.

    “You’re sweet you know that”.


    “And you’re still sitting on top of me holding that dagger. You are making me nervous”.


    She laughed at him.

    “I thought you said you feel safe around me?”


    Sotek gave a loud chuckle.

    “Ok, fair enough. I feel safe from the world when you’re with me. You as in yourself are scary. Especially when you got your crazy eyes”.


    She glared at him as she rested the tip of the dagger on his chest.

    “What crazy eyes?”


    “The ones you’re looking at me with, right now”.


    “Oh, these crazy eyes. Yess… good”. She stated smiling. “Come on you! Up, we’ve got to start getting ready”.


    Half hour later Aela and Sotek were in the hall having breakfast when Rikke came up the stairway. Aela looked over to her.

    “Oh wow; you look rough”.


    “Oh no, I’m fine. Just a bit of a tough time sleeping what with the howling and the banging”. As she looked at Aela she cast her a grin.


    Aela looked at Sotek somewhat surprised.

    “Ermm, ok the howling was me but what banging? Our beds don’t move their stone blocks”.


    Sotek looked back to Rikke, shrugging his shoulders.


    Ebony cast a scared look at Farkas. He sat there with his eyes wide trying to turn away from Ebony but he couldn’t, until the Harbinger spoke.


    “Are you two going to be able to control your emotions?”


    Both Ebony and Farkas jumped then looked at him with total shock. Farkas almost screamed out.



    Kodlak turned to him then shook his head.

    “Aela, Sotek?”


    Farkas gave a quiet sigh of relief then he looked at Ebony. She was also relieved but she had to fight a sudden attack of the giggles as she tried to hold her emotions in check.


    Aela cast her a funny glance then looked down at the rug by the fire pit.

    “To be honest, I don’t know”. She turned to Sotek. “Get up”.




    “Get up, on your feet. Move!”


    He got up then Aela stood right in front of him.

    “Do that thing you do when you rub my back”.


    He looked at her confused.

    “What? Here?”


    “Yes, here! Go on”.


    Sotek placed his hands on the lower part of her back then slowly moved his hands up her spine, but Aela snapped at him.

    “No, that’s not how you do it. Come on, do it properly”.


    He looked around the hall suspiciously.

    “Ermm why? What’s this about?”


    Aela gave a groan then punched him in the chest.

    “The Harbingers worried, so I want to make sure we’ll be ok. Now shut the fuck up and do it”


    He rested his hands on her backside then gave her a slight squeeze, gradually he ran his clawed fingertips along her spine, lightly scratching the skin. When he was half way up her back, she shuddered.

    “Awwoo wow”.


    The she-wolf turned around and thudded her head in his chest. Looking up she gave him a smile. “I love you”.


    He looked down at her wondering what the entire point was.

    “I love you too”.


    She smiled softly.

    “I know”. The next second she glared at him and slapped him hard across the face. The noise of the slap echoed around the hall and even the Harbinger flinched as she did it.


    “Owww”. Sotek stood there stunned as Aela turned to the Harbinger.


    She stood there for a few seconds watching him then she had a massive grin on her face.

    “You know what? This is going to be easier than I thought”.


    Sotek sat down on the step while everyone else grimaced.

    “What the hell was that for?”


    She unsympathetically started to explain.

    “Oh, I wanted to see if I can refuse your advances. Now I know I can as long as I slap you hard so I’m good to go”.


    He sat there holding the side of his face, already the cheek started turning red, shaking his head at her. 

    "I don't believe you. You’re a sadistic bitch of a hound!” 


    She laughed at him.

    “Hey, it’s your rules. If you can’t keep them then don’t make them”.


    Farkas laughed.

    “I told you before, ten gold. That’s all”. He then looked at Ebony who looked down at the table. She held herself in check, but he saw she wasn’t happy. Farkas stopped almost as soon as he started laughing.


    After a few minutes Sotek stared across the room. Aela looked at him and saw his distant stare.

    “Hey, you ok?”


    “What? Oh yes, I’m good”.


    She cast a wink at Rikke, then spoke to him again.

    “Are you? Or are you being a wuss?”


    He looked at her then started smiling.

    “You got the devil in you today. What in oblivion is up with you?”


    “I had a good night, so what’s up?”


    “This is different, different to our usual jaunts out across the plains… 

    Grab your pack, Ebony, Farkas can you clear those two tables please. Sam, Sabre, Dragonbone arrows and two potion bags please”.


    Aela looked at him oddly.

    “I hit you too hard, didn’t I? I must stop doing that”.


    He shook his head at her.

    “We, oh sweet daughter of Hircine are going to check all our gear properly. Let’s not leave anything to chance. Now grab your pack and empty it on the table. Ermm first off, check it in the infirmary for anything you don’t want anyone else to see”.


    Aela smiled.

    “I like that, it has a nice ring to it. I wonder if I can get my name changed ‘Aela the huntress, sweet daughter of Hircine?”


    Farkas laughed.

    “More like Aela the rampaging werewolf, daemon spawn of Hircine”


    Suddenly he was struck in the chest by an apple that splattered on impact covering him and Ebony. She looked at Aela who threw her a glare then she slapped Farkas.


    “Hey, what you hit me for?”


    Ebony pointed to Aela.

    “It was either her or you, and she scares me”.


    Aela laughed at them both then she turned to Sotek and shook her head. “No, I’m good I’m not a sneaky reptile like you”.


    Sotek stared at her.

    “Sneaky reptile? Tut, really? That’s rich coming from a daemon spawn”.


    Aela shot towards him a few steps making him flinch.



    They both emptied their bags across the tables. Aela’s pack had various bottles of poisons, some arrow tips in and a few gems. She also had one piece of parchment neatly rolled into a tube. She opened it then showed Sotek. Here’s that picture you drew for me. See? I kept it”.


    Sotek’s bag however was a completely different story. There were vials of potions, letters of all sorts, old tatty books, parchments, gems, a few iron ores and a silver dagger. Bits of dragon bone and scales that broke off joined near countless bits and pieces, as well as Lockpicks. Aela cringed when an old apple fell out and splattered on the floor.

    “Oh, that’s rank! You’re an animal”.


    Sotek cast her a look.

    “Well that’s what they keep telling me but at least I’m not a sneaky reptile any more”.


    She shoved him out the way then repacked his bag. The first thing she picked up was a medium sized sack. Inside there were numerous gems of all types and descriptions. As Aela looked inside her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

    “What the hell are you doing with all these? There’s got to be about thirty here”. She lifted out three white gems. They each sparkled like small stars in her hand. “These are diamonds, flawless diamonds! What in Oblivion are you doing with this lot?”


    “Ermm, yea. I’ve been saving them. They’re for someone who took care of something for me; something very precious. Worth more than that bag of gems you hold”. Sotek gave a smile as he took the three gems from Aela and placed the sack back in his pack.


    Aela stared at him for a few moments then turned her attention to the pile of items he left on the table.

    “Look at the papers? They’re in a right state, you moron. Right, take these letters and such. Go through them”.


    He started going through the pile separating out the ones he wanted to keep to the ones for throwing away until he stopped when he came across an unopened one.

    “Oh wow! I forgot about this”.


    He showed it to Aela. She looked at it initially interested but then the colour drained from her cheeks.

    “My letter? I gave that to you, when….. Oh Sotek, you never read it! Why the hell not?” Sotek and the Harbinger couldn’t help but notice she looked a bit upset. “Why didn’t you read it?”


    “Well, you said when I enter into Markarth but I never did. I was met outside it. I gave my word so I didn’t open it. Then what with you and the Silverhands I forgot about it. Do you want me to read it now?”


    Aela looked at the letter, she felt a single tear fill her eyes as she remembered that day.

    “Yes… no… wait! No, don’t, but then…. Oh damn you Sotek! Why didn’t you read it earlier? Before you… we… oh damn you! Read it; but tell me you have no regrets”.


    He walked up to her and gave her a hug.

    “I have no regrets at all; here it’s yours”. Then he handed her the letter.


    “You’re a liar! You got at least one regret! Out there, remember?” As she angrily shouted at him, she pointed to the yard.


    Sotek held her tight and calmly spoke to her.

    “I regret that the least. Look”. He pulled out the small piece of armor and showed her it. “That’s one of the few things that keeps me in check. Without you or this I would be lost in my own self. You keep me in check, this keeps me in check. If that bloody day never happened then all the Daedra in Oblivion wouldn’t know what I could have become. So, no my She-wolf, I have no regret”.


    She held him tight then spoke softly.

    “Open it”.


    Both Sotek and Aela sat down at the table and Sotek started opening the envelope but Aela lost her nerve and turned away. She sat there with her eyes fixed on the Harbinger. He gave her a reassuring smile but it did little to comfort her.


    Sotek pulled out the piece of parchment then unfolded the hastily written letter. He sat down at the table and glanced once more at Aela then he started to read it.


    Once he finished he cast a smile at her, but she still had her back to him. Kodlak asked him quietly if he was ok. He looked over to him then nodded. Aela turned around and faced him. He could see she was nervous, so he gently pulled her head to him and gave her a kiss, he then whispered in her ear.

    “It changes nothing”.


    He was about to get up when he noticed another piece of parchment in the envelope. He slowly pulled out the second piece of paper and opened it up. Aela sat there with a confused look on her face.

    “What’s that?”


    Sotek had a peculiar look on his face as he held it in his hand.

    “You don’t know?”


    She just shook her head at him. He could see she had no idea what it was. As soon as he unfolded it he screwed it up and threw it at the fire pit shouting out.

    “You bastards!!” Aela and the Harbinger both jumped from his sudden outburst. He got up angrily and made his way to the training yard, throwing open the doors. Just as he was about to leave he stopped. Holding both doors open, he slightly turned then spoke. His voice was angry, but he controlled his emotions as best he could.

    “I did everything, every… bloody… thing! I listened, I read the signs, I watched and waited, but!! Oh, you bloody bastards!!” Then he headed outside. He sat on the step looking out across the mountains in the distance, trying to get his thoughts together.


    Farkas picked up the first piece of parchment, not realizing Sotek had two. He read it then passed it across to the Harbinger with an explanation.

    “Oh crap. He should have read it, here”. The Harbinger took it and started reading while Farkas carried on explaining to the other Companions. “Basically, Aela gave him a choice. She would still have been with him if he didn’t accept the beast blood from her. He wouldn’t be a werewolf but they still could have been together”.


    Aela sat there stunned but as Farkas spoke she snapped out of it, casting her eyes over to the fire pit she walked over to it. The second piece of parchment missed the pit itself and sat screwed up under a chair.

    “Ermm Harbinger, here, he threw this”. The Harbinger walked over to her. She handed over the ball of parchment to him. He opened the ball of parchment and stared at the page. On it was a black hand and just two words written in blood.



    His face drained as he held the piece of parchment. He addressed the entire hall as he spoke.

    “Where did this come from?” 


    “What the hell is that?” Aela asked as she peered over his shoulder as best as she could to see what he was holding.


    The Harbinger turned to her, as he held the parchment towards her.

    “Don’t you know? It was in your letter to Sotek!”


    “No, I don’t, I haven’t seen it before”. She shook her head at him, she was upset and confused.


    At that moment Sotek came back inside. He walked angrily into the hall.

    “It’s not from Aela, obviously she knows nothing about it. It’s from the Dark Brotherhood! They know I killed two of their assassins here, in this very bloody hall. They have been watching from the word go. I was so goddamn careful, hiding the bodies, removing all the evidence, everything”.


    He turned to Rikke and grabbed her tightly.

    “I swear here and now if this is a trap I’ll turn on you all. The general, the emperor, hell I’ll make Ulfric look like a school ground bully. Tell me right now; is this a goddamn trap?”


    “The threats genuine, that’s all I know”. Rikke looked half terrified, but she tried to keep her nerve.


    Sotek took Aela and held her tight, resting her head in his chest.

    “And you? You up for this?”


    “I thought you were angry with me”. 


    “Why would he be angry with you?” Ebony called out. “You didn’t do this”.


    Sotek gave a slight laugh as he held her tight.

    “She thought, I was angry because she tried to give me a choice, and she thought I read her letter”. He let Aela go and went up to Rikke. “How and who do I report my progress to?”


    “You report to General Tullius directly in Solitude”.


    He grunted with disdain.

    “Not any more. The Harbinger will report to you, you can stay at the guard tower and send riders to General Tullius. If he doesn’t like it then tough. He reports to the Harbinger, that’s it. As of now he doesn’t trust the general, and he don’t trust you, but you will have an opportunity to earn my trust. He advises you heavily you take it when it comes”.


    Aela stood next to him and held his arm, he held her tight once more, then spoke softly to her.

    “Sorry. He has got to get his affairs in order. This is unacceptable. He’ll try harder”.


    She cast a smile at him as she held him.

    “We’re a right pair aren’t we”.


    He just nodded.

    “Yess. Let’s go, it’s time he started straitening this mess out”.


    As they headed to the door Rikke called out to him.

    “You’re supposed to meet him tonight”.


    “And who arranged that?”.


    “The general did”.


    Sotek sneered at her.

    “That’s what he thought”.


    As they walked past the stables, Aela looked at the horses.

    “Aren’t we riding?”


    “Not today”.


    She didn’t look impressed.

    “Falkreath? We’re going to walk to Falkreath?”


    “Well we can run or you can ride. It’s up to you”.


    She stopped and stared at him. He cast a smile and dropped to all fours as he transformed. Scarface slowly stalked the ground as he walked up to her. Aela smiled then slid on his back and held on tight then she dug her feet into his side and he shot off across the plains towards Falkreath as fast as he could go.


    After a few hours, they arrived at the outskirts of Falkreath. There they watched the graveyard as the evening sun set in. Aela whispered to Sotek once he changed back.

    “Someone’s out there but I can’t see him”.


    “No, me neither but I can smell him. He’s Argonian and he’s close by”.


    As they watched the grave yard they saw a shadowy figure slink into the tree line and follow the edge of the trees to the graveyard wall. He moved back into the shadows and sat there waiting as he watched from his observation point. Aela quietly changed form. Red stood there, as quiet as she could, watching. Sotek strained to see but Red had the use of her night eye, she could see now almost as clear as if it was daytime. By the wall she could see the figure, Sotek was right, there in a dark brotherhood outfit, sat patiently waiting was an Argonian assassin.


    After several seconds, she changed back.

    “He’s defiantly dark brotherhood, I’ll be surprised if he didn’t know we are here”.


    Sotek looked across the grave yard once more then he decided to make his move.

    “Cover me”. He leant over to her and gave her a quick kiss.


    Aela smiled at him then flicked him on the nose.

    “That’s a no, no”. Sotek huffed then made his way down towards the assassin who was still watching out across the graveyard.


    As he approached he heard a voice whisper in the wind.

    “It’s a long night”.


    He immediately cast his paralysis spell on the Argonian. Within a few seconds he bound the assassin up then lifted him up and carried him away from the graveyard. Aela went nuts as she saw him carrying the Argonian. “What the hell? This isn’t the plan! You bloody moron, what the hell are you thinking?”


    Sotek dumped the Argonian by a tree then looked Aela right in the eyes, “I’m not thinking. I’ve been out manoeuvred so now I’m reacting until I can establish more control. There’s too much going on, way too many players. So for now, we react”. By now the spell wore off, but Sotek had already gagged the Argonian and tied him up against the tree.  


    He sat there watching the Argonian then he pulled off the gag, the Argonian couldn’t do anything except wait for Soteks next move.

    “I was expecting to meet someone. That someone is you. However, I am going to make something very clear, I’m not working with the general. It’s this simple, you help me foil the plot to kill the emperor or you…”


    “Or what, you kill him? Ha, go ahead. He’s been caught so his life’s forfeit anyway”. He sneered.


    Aela shook her head.

    “Are all you Argonians this defiant?”.  


    Sotek laughed.

    “Pretty much. No, you won’t die. Your name is Veezara is it not?”


    Veezara sat there silent, as Sotek and Aela watched him. Sotek got up then cut the bonds freeing him.

    “Help or get lost! Either way I don’t care”. He signalled to Aela then started heading away from Falkreath, leaving Veezara there sitting on the ground. 


    Aela followed Sotek, but she was totally confused.

    “Ermm what are we doing?”


    “Hopefully earning his trust”. He whispered as they slowly walked off. They headed northwards towards the lake then Sotek started making a camp fire.


    Aela set out the two bed rolls then sat there gazing at the fire. She cast a look at Sotek who seemed oblivious to the whole event.

     “So now what do we do?”


    “Simple we eat”. He went over to the lake then dived in. Aela watched the surface of the lake, the ripples soon spread out then they were gone. She sat there waiting, listening to the sounds of the night.


    Soon after Sotek broke the surface of the lake once more. He had three fish in his hands, Aela went to skewer them but Sotek took the sticks off her.

    “No thank you. I’ll cook them”.  


    Initially Aela glared at him but then she started laughing.

    “Yes, maybe you should. What are we going to do? Do you have a plan?”


    Sotek smiled.

    “All in goodtime. Do we have a spare bed roll?”


    “Emm yes, but why?”


    “I’m expecting company”. Then he shouted out. “The fish is nearly cooked, come warm yourself by the fire. Argonians don’t like the cold”.


    Aela jumped as a voice spoke from downwind of them.

    “And yet it doesn’t seem to bother you”. Veezara stepped out from the shadows with his bow by his side. 


    Sotek pointed to a log.

    “Take a seat and let’s start again. I’m Sotek, this is Aela, and you’re going to help us stop the assassination of the emperor”.


    “You have the password do you not?”


    Sotek nodded.

    “Yes, but I’m damned if I’m going to use it. For all I know it’s a kill order”.


    Aela looked at the pair of them.

    “What? What’s a kill order?”


    “Basically, you’re given a code word and when you use it they know to kill you. We’re possibly heading into a trap; remember that”.


    Veezara sat down then took a fish from the fire.

    “Then we have a problem, because without it he doesn’t trust you”.


    Sotek laughed, while Aela sat back and let them get on with it.

    She had enough trouble keeping up as it was. Sotek however, was actually enjoying the games they were playing.

    “If you didn’t trust me then you’re a fool, which you’re not. So, you trust me, or at least you’re willing to trust me”.


    “And what makes you so sure”.


    “You’re eating my fish. You don’t know if it’s poisoned, but you’re willing to go with your gut”.


    “True, but how does he know you can be trusted?”


    “That’s easy, we sleep tonight and sort this whole mess out in the morning”.


    “And how will that prove you can be trusted?”


    “Simple; you get first watch. Wake me up when both moons are starting to lower. Aela get some sleep”. Then Sotek passed him three furs. Sotek laid down with a single fur, leaving Aela with three furs as well. Within a few minutes Sotek was asleep.


    Aela sat there watching the fire.

    “You bring me out here, tie up an assassin, let him go then ask him to join you at a campfire, then within ten minutes you sleep?” She turned to Veezara. “Can you believe him? Really?”


    “He makes a good argument”. Veezara stated as he watched Sotek sleeping.


    Aela sat there talking to Veezara throughout the night, but both she and he sat there opposite each other, both their bows sat inches away from their hands. Hours later Aela called out to Sotek.

    “Oi wake up, it’s your shift”.


    Sotek stirred from a deep sleep then slowly sat up, he grabbed some more wood and built the fire up.

    “Ok, there we go. Now you both sleep”.


    Aela looked over to Veezara.

    “And what makes you think he will sleep?”


    Sotek laughed as he sat next to Aela.

    “I had him tied up. If I wanted him dead, he would be by now. So yes, he will sleep”.  Sotek wrapped his fur around Aela then pulled her close to him. “So what have you learned from our guest?”


    She shook her head at him.

    “What makes you think I learned anything? And how the hell did you sleep so well, with him sitting there?”


    “Simple; as of right now he’s lying there listening to us. Now I knew that you wouldn’t sleep, you would sit up and watch him, so as I trust you, I knew I could sleep. Furthermore, you won’t sit there watching him, you would talk. So there you go. What have we learned?”


    Aela slapped him across the face.

    “You used me? You bloody bastard”.


    “Oww damn it”. At that moment Veezara laughed. He then turned over and closed his eyes.


    Sotek pointed to him.

    “Now he’ll go to sleep”.


    Aela looked at him, then sighed.

    “You and your bloody games. His sister… he wouldn’t tell me her name but the three Shadowscales are watching over her. They’re not after her, not to kill at any rate. He’s deep in the Dark Brotherhood and wants out. They broke away from the five tenants; this has greatly displeased the Shadowscales. They are looking to have the guild removed permanently. Everything’s a mess and we’re slap bang in the middle”.


    Sotek sat there for a few minutes, then he gathered some stones and laid out the situation.

    “The emperor, is the target. The Dark Brotherhood are after him. Ulfric has probably sent them. They are also watching me. The Shadowscales are helping Veezara here probably to take out the Brotherhood. In return they are either helping him, or holding his sister hostage, and you and me are in the middle. Then there’s the general as well? Yess, I can work on that. This is good, get some sleep”.


    “What the hell is good about any of this?”


    “Everything but it will take time. Now, rest up”. He gave her a slight shove, making her lay down. as she did so she entered a very disturbed sleep, Veezara however slept almost as deeply as Sotek had done.




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  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  August 18
    The general, the [Emperor], hell I’ll make Ulfric look like a school ground bully.
    “The [threat's] genuine, that’s all I know”.
    “He’s [definitely] dark brotherhood, I’ll be surprised if he didn’t know we are here”.
    " you help me...  more
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    The Lorc of Flowers   ·  July 23
    Very interesting. Sotek is definitely quite confident with Dark Brotherhood and Veezara.
    Oh and btw, there´s one thing I wanted to mention, but as I was speed reading and such... 
    “You used me? You bloody bastar d”. 
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    • Sotek
      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      Very interesting. Sotek is definitely quite confident with Dark Brotherhood and Veezara.
      Oh and btw, there´s one thing I wanted to mention, but as I was speed reading and such... 
      “You used me? You bloody bastar d”. 
       The period shou...  more
        ·  July 23
      This is one of those silly UK writing moments.
      In the Uk we have the periods as the final mark of the sentence. As such this falls outside speech marks whereas punctuation are inside. If we have punctuation containing the period then no period is ne...  more
      • The Lorc of Flowers
        The Lorc of Flowers
        This is one of those silly UK writing moments.
        In the Uk we have the periods as the final mark of the sentence. As such this falls outside speech marks whereas punctuation are inside. If we have punctuation containing the period then no period is needed a...  more
          ·  July 23
        And here I though yanks were crazy... :D Alright, I´ll try to keep that in mind. It´s just irritating, after reading so many books that have the universal style and then these perious outside commas literally hammering my eyes... xD
        • Sotek
          The Lorc of Flowers
          The Lorc of Flowers
          The Lorc of Flowers
          And here I though yanks were crazy... :D Alright, I´ll try to keep that in mind. It´s just irritating, after reading so many books that have the universal style and then these perious outside commas literally hammering my eyes... xD
            ·  July 23
          On another note. There is an issue I want to address when I hit this chapter with a heavy edit session. It's Sotek and Veezara. 
          Sotek gets the drop on him too easily. I'm thinking Sotek sneaks up on Veezara but he hears him. In desperation Sot...  more