U.O.T.W. Chapter 240 When trouble comes Knocking


    Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.
    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.
    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Upon hearing the desperation in Legate Rikki’s voice, Kodlak got up then walked over to a chair near her.

    “Clear the hall please”.


    Ebony, Sabre and Sam all got up. Sabre grabbed some cakes as he headed down stairs while Ebony called out to Kul-et.

    “We got to go downstairs, come on Whelp”.


    Kul-et jumped up then quickly followed, but Rikke looked at the Harbinger with concern.

    “It might be for the better if it was just the three of us. I could use your advice. Sorry Aela”.


    Aela shot a look at her but then got up, everyone could tell she wasn’t happy but she went over and picked up fang then gave Sotek a smile. “Farkas, Vilkas with me”. Then without another word the three of them headed down stairs as well.


    Vilkas stopped in the corridor.

    “What the hell is going on?”


    Upstairs Rikke was just answering that very question.

    “The Stormcloaks and the Empire are under a flag of truce at this moment. As of yesterday, there has been no further escalation in the conflict until the dragon situation has been resolved. There’s been too many attacks”.


    Sotek gave her a friendly smile.

    “So that’s what’s up. You can’t play with any Stormcloak forts”.


    She turned to him, clearly shaken.

    “Not exactly; there’s been an assassination attempt on general Tullius, we have also heard of a plot to kill the emperor. General Tullius believes the Stormcloaks are using the truce to undermine the empire. Sotek we need them taken out; we need someone to infiltrate the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary and wipe them out”.


    “I agree but why are you here… no!! I had enough problems with just two of them. You’re on about the entire sanctuary. There must be around ten in there! Rikke I’m sorry, I can’t help and I’ll not get the others involved”.


    Rikke looked genuinely upset.

    “I knew that would be your answer. It’s not that I think you’re a coward or anything, but I know you’re not daft; it’s a suicide mission. Can I ask something else from you?”


    “If I can help”.


    “We have a contact in the sanctuary. Can you intercept the assassination attempt on the emperor? You’re an outsider, you may succeed where we may fail. However, you will be alone”.


    Sotek shook his head adamantly.

    “I don’t want to get involved”.


    Kodlak gave Rikke a smile of reassurance.

    “And yet can you stand idly by?”


    Sotek sighed heavily.

    “No, but I’ll not have anyone else involved. This is on my head… as it were”.


    Rikke gave a sigh of relieve.

    “Oh, thank the eights! There’s an agent; a member of the Dark Brotherhood. Veezara, he will meet with you in the graveyard in Falkreath tomorrow night. You must go alone. He’ll say, ‘It’s a long night’. Your response is ‘The darkest hours are always the longest’”.


    Sotek clearly wasn’t impressed.

    “Oh wow, serious cloak and dagger stuff”.


    As Rikke talked, her voice was barely a whisper but the frustration and anger was overpowering.

    “Hey, this is serious. Have you any idea what they would do to him if they found out he was helping us?”


    Kodlak held his hand up quieting her down.

    “We understand. How many assassins have they sent out to kill the emperor?”


    As she rested her elbows on the table she buried her face in her hands then she looked at the harbinger and Sotek between the gaps in her fingers.

    “We don’t know. What we know is at this moment there are three Shadowscales in Skyrim. We had someone tracking them but he lost them”.


    Sotek cast a look at the Harbinger then snapped at her.

    “Well that was bloody careless, don’t you think? This Veezara character, why is he helping us?”


    “We managed to free his sister and get her across the border. We have reason to believe that the Shadowscale’s are after her”.


    “So, she’s in hiding? This Argonian?”


    Rikke looked a bit stunned.

    “What makes you say that?”


    “Veezara is an Argonian name. She is in hiding? Yess?”


    Rikke looked at him guiltily.

    “She doesn’t know they are after her. I don’t even know if she is aware the Empire helped her across. It gets worse. I don’t know where she is! Dam Talos! I don’t know who she is”.


    “So, there’s a female Argonian, completely oblivious to being pursued by three Shadowscale’s, and you don’t even know who she is? Terrific”.


    Downstairs there was a knock on Farkas’s door. He opened it to find Ebony standing there waiting for him.

    “Ermm, hi can I have a word?”


    “Sure, come in”. He beckoned her inside as he sat by the table and pulled out another chair.


    Ebony stepped inside then closed his door only then did she sit down. “Thanks for earlier. I’m sorry, I couldn’t move. The fear, it griped me like a vice”.


    “That’s not the first time you froze though, is it?” He replied bluntly.


    “No. I’m sorry”. Before she knew it, she started crying. Farkas looked on unsure as to what to do.


    “Look, I can’t help with this. You need to speak to someone”. Then he got up and approached the door. He opened it and looked outside. Aela was heading down the hall towards Soteks room. She turned to face him as she felt a presence watching her. Farkas closed the door then turned back to Ebony. She looked up at him then got up and walked over to the door and went to leave. Farkas held her by the arm as she went past then pulled her close.

    “I don’t know what to say to help”.


    She started crying even more. Her voice was barely a whisper.

    “Hold me, please hold me”. He pulled her close as she collapsed in his arms.


    Sotek upstairs sat quietly. Silently planning the next few minutes in his head.

    “I’ll have to tell Aela I’m going off again. She won’t like being in the dark though. I’m not sure I like it either”.


    Rikke cast him a weak smile.

    “General Tullius is aware of the problems the empire is causing you. We wouldn’t ask unless we thought there was any other way”.


    He sat there watching her then suddenly he made a decision.

    “Yess, there is another way. I’ll intercept the assassin but I’ll do it my way”. He went over to the stairway and went down to the corridor, then yelled out forcefully. “Aela!! Get your ass upstairs”. Without waiting for a reply, he headed back upstairs and stood by a chair he had only just pulled out.


    Aela came up the stairs. As she entered the hall she cast a wondering look at all three of them.

    “What’s going on?”


    Sotek simply pointed to the char.

    “Sit down. I need you to be quiet and open your ears. I’ll only say this the once. It’s a simple question, yes or no. There’s an assassination attempt, on the emperor would you believe. At some point in the very near future, I will attempt to try and prevent it. Now, I need someone to back me up. I want you. However, you must understand something, as do I”.


    She was getting worried.

    “What attempt on the emperor?”


    He just ignored her question but gave her one for herself.

    “I need someone to help me; someone I can trust. But, I will not go with my friend Aela. I will not go with my mate Aela. If you come with me, then we leave as shield brother and sister. That’s it, until we complete our objectives. Do you understand?”


    “No, not entirely”.


    “I don’t need you as a distraction. Sex, companionship, they are excess baggage I can’t afford to take. They are way too many distractions. Once we leave, if you decide to come with me, then you will only be my shield sister. Nothing else until our objectives are complete”.


    She nodded.

    “I understand. Ok, I’m in”.


    Rikke stood up.

    “I don’t! The general said you're to go alone. And what objectives? You only have one”.


    Sotek gave a slight smile, that only served to make Rikke more worried. “I need help. It’s not for the general but for the emperor. We rest up tonight and leave early. Aela, get your head down”.


    Aela gave him a sneaky smile.

    “You did say I’m your shield sister once we leave… and not your mate, didn’t you?”


    Sotek looked at her face wearily.

    “Yess, that’s right”.


    “Well then, I’m going down stairs and saying goodbye to my mate properly. I’ll see you lot later. Oh Sotek, you had better say your goodbyes as well”. Then she got up and seductively walked to the stairway. Sotek couldn’t help but notice every step she took her hip stuck out.


    Sotek looked at the Harbinger then at Rikke.

    “I ermm, I got to go”. Then he followed her behind like a dog on heat.


    A half hour later Rikke was shown a bunk she could use. As she laid there, she suddenly heard an almighty howl like a half girl, half beast crying out. She jumped off her bed and grabbed her sword on reflex. She opened her door and went out in the corridor to see Ebony run hurriedly down the corridor, clutching her boots. The moment she saw Rikke she screamed “Argggg! Oh crap, you scared me”. Her face turned bright red.


    “What? What the hell was that noise?”


    “What noise?” Then they both heard the howl again. Ebony went red in the face a second time. “Oh ‘that’ noise? That’s Aela and Sotek, their ermm… come on, follow me”. Ebony led her to her own room then sat on the bed and passed Rikke a bottle of mead. “You get used to that. At least I’m hoping I will”.


    At that point Farkas walked down the corridor, and banged on Aela’s door.

    “Pack it in damn you”.


    Aela completely out of breath tried to call out.

    “Sorry, I, I’m sorry oh Hircine no, not agar… awoooo.  She then relaxed her legs that were wrapped around Sotek and slapped him gently in the face. “You bastard. You did that deliberately”.


    Farkas shook his head then went to Ebony’s room.

    “Hey, I heard a scream. Are you ok”.


    She smiled at him, nearly forgetting Rikke was there.

    “Yea, I’m fine. Great in fact. Thanks for being there earlier”.


    He cast a quick look at Ebony, then at Rikke. Unsure as to how Ebony would react to him, he backed away.

    “Ermm sure, anytime”.


    Ebony smiled at him wickedly.



    Farkas cast a quick look at her, then his eyes locked onto hers.

    “Ermm yea, sure”. As he returned to his room he laid there thinking. ‘Oh crap! Kodlak’s going to kill me’.


    Later that night, Ebony laid in her bed totally restless. She got up then sneaked along the corridor then she stood outside Farkas’s room. Her hand found its way to the handle then she tried to open the door. It opened easily so she crept inside where Farkas was sleeping. “Farkas wake up. Wake up”.


    He stirred then opened his eyes.

    “Ebony? What are you doing here?”


    “I’m sorry, I need to talk”.


    Farkas sat up then motioned her to sit on the bed.

    “No, I need to. I’m sorry I took advantage of you, you were vulnerable. I’m sorry”.


    “No, it was my fault, I led you on, I’ve compromised you here, I’m really sorry, I won’t tell anyone”.


    “That’s a relief, but it is my fault”.


    Ebony sat there for a few seconds, thinking. Then she cast a smile.

    “Yes, it is, it’s your fault. You took advantage of me! So, here’s what I propose”. She pulled his covers off him and looked down. He just laid there in his loincloth. Ebony’s eyebrows lifted as she feasted her eyes on his body, then she sat on top of him. “Now I’m taking advantage then we can’t tell anyone because we would both be in the wrong”. Then she leaned forwards and started kissing him.


    Farkas tried to stop but he simply couldn’t.

    “Damn, no wonder Sotek couldn’t resist kissing Aela. You girls are a hand full”.


    Ebony laughed but then she stopped suddenly.

    “Someone will hear us! No, I can’t do this I’m sorry”. Then she got off him dejectedly.


    Farkas held her by the waist.

    “Hey, are you ok?”


    “No, damn it. I want you but they can’t know”.


    Farkas looked across his room then an idea flashed in his mind.

    “Stay here”. He picked up a half-eaten cake then crept out to the corridor and approached Aela’s room. Ebony peered outside his room and watched him, totally confused as to his intentions. He carefully stuck some cake just under her door then crept back to his room smiling to Ebony as he went.


    “What are you doing?”


    “Ah watch. Soteks not the only crafty one”. Moments later Fang although asleep started sniffing more and more until he woke up with the smell of honey cake filling his nostrils. He tracked down the rogue cake to find it under the door so he started scratching the door and whimpering as he tried desperately to get to it.


    Sotek awoke to see him at the door clawing at it.

    “Hey, you wake up! Fang wants out”


    Aela got up and went to the door moaning bitterly.

    “You stupid bloody thing! Why now damn you”. She opened the door to find fang tear into the cake. “You moron, you dropped cake here. That’s what he was after”.


    Sotek sat up and looked at her.

    “I didn’t bring any cake down here”.


    Aela stepped out of her room and had a look around.

    “Well some moron did. Then she took fang back inside and shut her door.


    Ebony thumped Farkas.

    “You bloody pervert, she’s naked”.


    Farkas looked back at her.

    “I didn’t know that did I? Now wait a minute”.


    Ebony looked at him in shock.

    “My god, I’ve screwed a pervert. She’s like your sister damn it”.


    Farkas sat her down.

    “You wait a minute. Have some trust”.


    “Well, that’s a master plan, isn’t it? All you done is woke them up, now even if we were going to have sex we defiantly can’t now, can we? And I can’t leave your bloody room”.


    “I don’t want you to leave. I want you”.


    “How can we because you woke them up”.


    Aela laid next to Sotek and put his arm around her.

    “Are we really just going be Companions? Nothing else until we finish this job?”


    “It’s not a job, it’s a massive risk but I think I can work it. But we have to stop the assassination at the right time as well”.


    “What’s the right time?”


    “When the assassin is just about to kill the emperor. Don’t ask me to explain, just trust me and the fact that I always try to put you first, ok?”


    She turned around and laid on top of him then looked deep in his eyes.

    “I trust you, you know that. However, as we won’t be doing any sort of emotional bonding, we should make the most of the night”.


    Sotek gave her a big grin.

    “Haven’t you had enough?”


    She whispered to him in her husky voice.

    “He hasn’t, I can feel him digging into me. And now he’s getting harder”.


    Farkas and Ebony were lying next to each other in each other’s arms, when suddenly they heard a slight howl coming from Aela’s room. Farkas gave out a slight chuckle.

    “Here we go, we got half hour roughly”.


    Gradually over the next five minutes Aela got louder. Ebony laughed as she moved on top of Farkas.

    “No one will hear a thing, you crafty git”. Then she leant over and started kissing Farkas again.


    Vilkas lifted his pillow and covered his head while Rikke turned around as her eyes shot open. She laid there listening to Aela.

    “Oh, by the eights! Not again”. She muttered to herself.




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    Good to know I haven't lost my 6th sense for typos. Good luck with these. ;)
    “Not exactly; there’s been an assassination attempt on [General] Tullius, we have also heard of a plot to kill the [Emperor]. General Tullius believes the Stormcloaks ...  more
    • Ebonslayer
      Good to know I haven't lost my 6th sense for typos. Good luck with these. ;)
      “Not exactly; there’s been an assassination attempt on [General] Tullius, we have also heard of a plot to kill the [Emperor]. General Tullius believes the Stormcloaks are us...  more
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        There's too many typos to fit on a single comment. Bad Sotek!

        “Ah watch. [Sotek's] not the only crafty one”.
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      The Lorc of Flowers
      The Lorc of Flowers
      Alright, this is the last chapter I have downloaded to my e-book. From now on I´m reading here on TV, so I´ll by Liking and commenting on every chapter. :)
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      Oh there will be a few ripples in the water though...
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