u.O.T.W. Chapter 239 Pole Position

  • Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.
    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.
    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Once they had finished their meal, Aela started fidgeting. She found herself getting more and more restless. Finally, she had enough; she turned to Sotek, pulling his arm as she spoke.

    “You want to come out the back and do some training? Nothing serious... just nice, casual, and no one getting hurt?”


    Sotek picked up his flask then downed the rest of his drink before giving Aela a nod. She got up then slowly made her way to the yard but just as she started walking past Sotek’s spear, she wrenched it off the weapon rack then ran for the door.  


    Sotek called out to her in alarm.

    “Oi! Bring that back”. But she ignored him and ran outside.


    Kodlak smirked as he called over to him.

    “Don’t let her hurt anyone, especially herself”.


    Sotek gave a sigh.

    “I’m more worried about me”.


    Kul-et chuckled.

    “Well I’m ok because I’m helping Tilma so go knock yourself out”.


    He rolled his eyes at her shaking his head.

    “That’s not nice”.


    She threw her hands on her hips as she stood resting her weight on one leg, sticking her hip out as she did so, trying to give Sotek as much attitude as she could.

    “What in Oblivion do you expect after what you did to me?”


    He just shrugged then smiled to himself.

    “Fair enough”. Then he headed outside where Aela was waiting. She was in the middle of the courtyard wildly swinging the spear in front of her as she practiced a few swings with it.


    Farkas and Ebony were also in the yard practicing their blocking although they didn’t seem to be pushing themselves either. They just went through some basic light blows as they discussed the earlier event with each other. Farkas watched Aela practice with the spear and shouted out mockingly while he and Ebony laughed.

    “For the love of the nines girl put the bloody pole down! It’s nearly twice the size of you! You’ll hurt yourself. Grief; it’s like when you were little and you picked up that broom handle”.


    Ebony couldn’t help herself. She had to ask about it.

    “What happened?”


    “She held it over her like Vilkas does with his sword but she couldn’t hold it and cracked herself in the head”.


    Aela glared at them both but then suddenly shot a look at Sotek. He came right up to her and held on to her hand wrapping both of their fingers around the shaft. His eyes fixed on the spear tip as he dug the end into the ground, as he did so he let out a low deep growl. Suddenly Sotek chuckled to himself the he softly held the side of Aela’s head as he pulled her ear closer to his lips.

    “Play along with me”.


    Aela nodded discreetly as Sotek spoke loudly.

    “That’s the grip you want. Yes, you got it. Well done, you’re ready”.


    Farkas scoffed at them.

    “Ready? She can just about lift it above her head let alone use it”.


    Sotek threw him a mockingly glare.

    “Ok; you and Ebony against her, right now”.


    Aela looked horrified.

    “What? I can’t; not with this?”


    He just dismissed her protests as he stood to the side.

    “Of course you can, you’re ready”.


    Farkas grinned wickedly.

    “Come on Ebony. We’re gonna have some fun”.


    She shook her head.

    “I’m not sure about this”.


    He just smiled at her.

    “Trust me. You do trust me, don’t you?” She nodded but she was far from being happy.


    Aela wasn’t happy either. She only swung it around three times but when she looked at Sotek, he just gave her a wink.

    “Ready? Begin!!” He shouted. 


    Ebony charged at Aela from the left as Farkas charged from the right. All the Huntress could do was back off as she swung it awkwardly at them. Sotek walked over, stopping the sparing match.

    “No, no, no! Aela! You’re doing it wrong. Pass it to me and let me show you!”


    He took the spear from her and told her to stand to the side, all the while Ebony and Farkas stood there, waiting.

    “Right... Aela watch; when your being attacked... you use it like this”. 


    The next second he swung it in two giant circles just above head height, then slammed the spear down just in front of Ebony. She backed off, screaming as she ran.

    “Not again!”


    Farkas looked at her then realized he had been duped as Sotek slammed the spear into his arm and wrapped it around him several times before ripping his sword out of his hand. Farkas turned to run as well but Sotek threw the spear lengthways at him tripping him up sending him sprawling to the ground.

    “You bastard!! You cheating bastard!” He climbed up to his feet then picked up his sword. “Where’s your spear now you bloody cheating lizard?”


    Sotek cast his telekinesis spell on the spear. It lifted up and flew towards him then he calmly took it from the air.

    “What, this spear you mean?” The next second he spun it around him in several arcs then thudded the blunt end into the ground, holding it defiantly.


    Farkas turned around and huffed as he went off, shouting out to Ebony as he went.

    “You bloody coward”.


    Aela walked over to Sotek laughing.

    “That showed him”.


    “Yes, but now you try. Here take it”. With a big smirk strewn across his face and his tail flapping around happily, he handed her the spear then helped her go through some basic moves as she shadowed him while he used a second spear. 


    Half an hour later Ebony and Farkas re-entered the yard. Farkas, who still had a bit of a grudge, called out to them both.

    “Oi! Lizard, you stay down that end”.


    Sotek gave Aela a wink.

    “Oh defiantly. It smells of Nord down that end”.


    Ebony joined in, mockingly.

    “And what is that supposed to mean”.


    Sotek laughed as he answered.

    “Oh, it’s just our minds are getting foggy. It’s hard now days to differentiate a Nord’s scent with that of a deer. They taste about the same as well. I don’t want Red and Scarface running around chasing you; that’s all”.


    Farkas just grumbled at them, but the biggest problem was Aela. She started laughing as she was sweeping the spear over her head in a big circle. Due to her lack of concentration, it slipped from her grip and launched across the yard towards the other Companions.


    Aela shouted out as loud and as quickly as she could.



    The two Companions looked on in shock as it shot towards them. Ebony screamed but stood petrified to the spot. Farkas grabbed her pulling her down to the ground as Sotek cast his telekinesis spell on the spear. His eyes opened wide as the magical energies from his outstretched hand missed their target as misty vapour wrapped themselves around a target dummies head. The spear in full flight, hit the rock with a loud clang just above the Whelp as Farkas gripped hold of Ebony, protecting her from the missile.



    She gingerly climbed back up to her feet but she was clearly shaking. Farkas however was more angry than anything else.

    "You stupid bloody bitch! What the hell? You're more lethal with that than what he is”.


    Aela walked over to them sheepishly.

    "I’m sorry, that was an accident. Can I have my spear back please?”


    “No you bloody can’t”. Farkas snapped.


    At that point, the Harbinger came out after hearing Ebony scream.

    “What in all of Skyrim is going on?”


    Aela immediately changed her posture. She stood there threateningly and defiant while all the apologetic tone in her voice disappeared instantly.

    "We were training then he came over and grabbed the spear because I was enjoying myself. What the hell is wrong with you Farkas? Can’t we have some fun while we train?”


    Farkas just looked at her dumbfounded while Ebony got defensive.

    "That’s a god damn lie; she threw it at us”.


    Kodlak looked straight at Sotek.

    "Did she throw it at them?”


    Sotek stepped up behind Aela and held her hips.

    "No, she didn’t”.


    By that time Farkas regained his composure he stood next to Ebony and backed her up.

    "She bloody did! It just missed us”.


    Kodlak looked at Aela then beckoned her over with his finger.

    "Come here”.


    She walked over to him, knowing full well she was busted. As she headed towards him, she held her hands behind her back.

    “Well? What happened?”


    She explained the series of events to him all the while he kept his gaze on Sotek. Once she had finished he called out to the Argonian.

    "You said she didn’t throw it at them! You lied”.


    Sotek looked at the Harbingers feet. He stood there for several seconds then answered the charge.

    “No I didn’t! You asked if she threw it at them. She didn’t, she lost her grip. That’s not actually a throw. If you asked did she send it towards them then I would have answered yes, but to be fair, you should have asked me what actually happened. Instead however, you asked did she throw it, which she didn’t”.


    He shook his head disapprovingly at Sotek.

    "You and your bloody mind games”. Kodlak sat down on a chair. “I have duties to perform and see to but no; I’ve got to sit out here and supervise kinder garden playtime. Fine, it’s a nice day anyway”. He sat there quietly watching them all train. In particular, he watched Aela with the spear as Sotek showed her some moves.


    After ten minutes, Kul-et came out with a flask for the Harbinger. He took it gratefully then turned to Sotek.

    “See? Why can’t you be like this instead of causing disruption?”


    Sotek turned to the Harbinger and Kul-et.

    “Since when do I cause disruption? Seriously, when?” Then he hissed loudly at Kul-et. She stared at him, somewhat startled by his response, then she shook her head as she went back inside.


    After a few hours, Kodlak entered the hall while the Companions carried on with their training. Aela could now spin it around her head and swipe out to her front a few times without losing her footing or grip. Something Sotek was sure to point out.

    “You’re getting good with that. You are holding your stance as well”.


    “I’m getting used to it but I’ll never be as good as you. Howl come your so good with them”.


    Sotek gave her a smile.

    "Howl or how? Ha ha... when I was younger I couldn’t afford any weapons so I cut a long thin branch and used that. Gradually I improved until I could use them better than swords”.


    She stopped then walked over to him and handed him the weapon.

    "So why didn’t you make one earlier? It took you months...”


    “I didn’t think about them until I read a book a few days ago. You know that chest we found in the store room when we turned it into the infirmary? It contained a book about a hunter that used a spear. That got me thinking; so here we are”.


    “Well I’m glad you never had it when you arrived here. Don’t neglect your axe and shield; you proved to everyone your versatility is a strength. Don’t go neglecting your other weapons”.


    “I won’t, that’s a promise. But why are you glad I didn’t use a spear when I first arrived? I would have held my own then”.


    At that point Kodlak came outside.

    "Kul-et has done some baking. She wants you all to try some”.


    Aela gave him a smile then hugged him tightly.

    "Because I am”.


    She turned and cast a smile at the Harbinger then walked in the hall behind Ebony and Farkas. Sotek stood there for several seconds trying to work out what she had meant. Kodlak walked over to him smiling.

    “You look confused. A rare moment I must say”.


    “Yes, I am. Aela said something and I don’t know why”.




    “Yes, I heard. Well to be honest it’s quite simple. Your problem is you're looking for the answer too hard. Cast your mind back to when you first started here”.


    “Ouch! Do I have to? That was painful... Those few weeks had some dark days”. Sotek couldn’t help but screw his face up at the thought of his first few days in Jorrvaskr.


    “And if you had a spear then? What would have happened?”


    “I would have held my own against all of them. They would not think I was useless then”.


    “And then what would have happened with your trial?”


    “My first would not have been so rough! Are you trying to tell me that I nearly... practically killed Aela because I never had a spear?”


    Kodlak shook his head.

    "Wait! Don’t be so hasty, you're smarter than that. Think it through”.


    Sotek shut his eyes as he played through the months since he arrived at Whiterun.

    "How could I be so blind. Aela does not want me to change because of the one she fell in love with. If I had my spear at the start then the Argonian she knows as Sotek, she would have never met”.


    He held the spear in his hand as he ran his eyes along the length of it. His eyes finally fixed on the tip.

    "It iss funny how two people’ss fate is dependent on a single weapon. If he had turned up with a sspear and not a ssword, we would not be together. It iss a sscary thought”.


    “Some wars are started by the simplest of things. Why would lovers be any different. Remember who you are. You are still that Argonian who turned up here. Stubborn, defiant, and bloody clueless at times, despite your intelligence. You wouldn’t quit, you always tried your best and done what you believed was right. Don’t you ever lose that; spear or no spear. And you never, never, even now, show off. Just remember who you are”.


    Sotek gave him a frown then he cast his eyes at high Hrothgar high up in the mountains.

    “I can’t forget who I am. I’m Dragonborn”.




    “You’re Sotek, Companion, mate to Aela and a werewolf. That’s who you are. This dragonborn you seem to hate so much? He is just another weapon. You can use it or leave it, but you’re not Dragonborn if you don’t want to be”.


    At that point Vilkas stuck his head through the door, he had a mouth full of cake as he spoke.

     “Hey harbinger? You really ought to try these; their great”.


    The Harbinger held Soteks arm then led him inside, but just before they entered he stopped.

    “You don’t have to prove anything to any of us. Especially Aela, remember that”. Then they went inside. 


    Aela sat at the far end and kicked a chair out for Sotek to sit on. As he approached, he cast his telekinesis spell on a cake on her plate. She sat and watched hopelessly as it flew towards him.

    “Oi, you thieving mongrel! That was mine”. She took two from his plate and stared at him defiantly giving her typical attitude with the shaking of her head. “What?”


    Farkas and Vilkas cheered at Kul-et as they took another mouthful of cake. Even Aela agreed that she done an excellent job of baking them.

    “These are great! Where did you learn to cook?” She asked as she watched Fang in the corner devour a cake specially made for him.


    Kul-et quickly glanced over to Aela as she placed another tray of cakes on the table.

    “I ermm… I used to help my mother in the kitchen. Being the oldest of four, and the only female, it was expected of me. Once I was old enough I turned to hunting after my naming ceremony”.


    Aela noticed her tail snaked behind her as she spoke but the Huntress thought little of it.


    Kul-et sat down then ate one of the cakes. As she finished it she looked around the hall.

    “Don’t any of you cook here?”


    Sotek gave a chuckle.

    “My tastes are simple. I like my meat a bit ermm…. a bit ermm”.


    Farkas gave a smirk.

    “We like our meat cooked and not running across the plains”.


    Kul-et looked a bit confused until Aela smiled at her, then she realized they were on about his werewolf form.

    “What about you Aela? Don’t you cook at all”.


    The Harbinger coughed on some mead he was drinking at the time. Once he stopped coughing and spluttering he, answered.

    “We don’t let her in the kitchen. She’s got a lifetime ban. Once she tried to cook everyone a meal, the kitchen got ruined”.


    Kul-et looked down at the table unsure if he was joking or not.

    “You could always just work on one particular thing you know”.


    This time Sotek laughed.

    “Oh, she does”.


    Her eyes lit up as Aela looked at Sotek a bit confused.

     “What is it you cook?”


    He cast Aela a sneaky smile.

    “She ermm brews…”


    Kul-et cast a strange look at Aela trying to work out what Sotek meant.

    “Soups? Surely not”.


    “Soup?” Sotek laughed. “Not exactly. She brews poisons, potent ones at that”.


    Kul-et raised her eyebrows clearly impressed.

    “Alchemy? Oh wow, I couldn’t get past the basics with that. Are you self-taught?”


    Aela cast a smile at Sotek.

    “No, I had a good teacher. He showed me the basics then helped me with the advanced mixes”.


    “Oh? Who was that?”


    Sotek answered before Aela could.

    “Arcadia. She’s an excellent teacher if you wish to progress your skills”.


    At that point Ebony called out to her.

    “What’s a naming ceremony?”


    “It’s a time when an Argonian turns to adulthood. That’s when their given their names”.


    Vilkas looked over to Sotek. He sank in his chair when even Aela and the Harbinger started looking at him. Ebony, who was completely oblivious to Sotek’s discomfort, simply carried on asking Kul-et questions.

    “Names? You get more than one name on your ceremony day?”


    “Oh yes, you get your main name, mines Kul-et, then you get your character name. It’s based on a certain characteristic. Say, someone who is bashfu, could be called ‘Hides his eyes’”.


    Aela turned once again to Kul-et.

    “So how did you get Bright Tail?”


    She started going red in the cheeks.

    “Well, I was practicing my fire spells and I set light to my tail. Look! It’s still got the scars”. She held the tip of her tail up. Everyone could see the scarring in the last few inches of it.


    Ebony called out to Sotek.

    “What’s your name then?”


    “It’s called the Tamriellic name, it’s usually two to five words long”. Kul-et explained as she took another cake from the table.


    Sotek looked hard at Ebony.

    “He Who Kills Rather Than Answers Whelp’s Daft Questions”.


    The whole hall fell silent as Sotek and Kul-et sat there staring at each other. Kul-et felt nervous, not sure what to say or how to respond. After several seconds, there was a large knock at the door. Sotek shot out of his chair and answered it.


    Upon opening the door, he saw Rikke standing there. She didn’t look overly happy. Sotek however was ecstatic.

    “Oh, thank the Nines! Come in grab a chair; Kul-et made some cakes, help yourself to some and fill a flask. Rest up”.


    She made her way to a chair but just sat there holding the flask. After a few seconds, she spoke.

    “We have a problem… we need to talk”.




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