UOTW Chapter 238 The Master Cometh

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    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine

    Chapter 238 The Master Cometh


    Sotek closed his eyes. He slightly lifted his head up, smelling the air and his heart beat steadily as his mind shifted through the various scents around him. He could almost see Aela standing in front of him several feet away. She was fast; he knew he needed time to close the gap between them. Slowly his right hand dug into the dusty stoned ground as his left hand flexed its grip on the spear. Focusing on Aela once more his eyes flicked open then he shot forwards breaking into a run.


    As he lifted himself up from the ground, he threw a hand full of dirt and dust straight at Aela. She covered her face instinctively, dropping her arrow which gave Sotek the valuable few seconds he needed.

    “You bastard; my eyes”. She hollered angrily.


    The next second Aela fell forwards as the spear swept her legs away. As she toppled, Sotek swung the spear around in a large circle, slamming the shaft into her back. The blow sent her face down into the ground just to receive a third blow as Sotek caught her between the shoulder blades. In a daze she laid there, groaning in the dirt as the others started closing in.


    Having broken out of the circle, Sotek then turned his attention to Ebony, the closest and the most skittish of the Whelps. She swung her sword at him with little skill as she was still suffering from the shock of his intense attack upon Aela. He blocked the sword all too easily with the spear and with blinding speed he wrapped it around her sword-arm, circling it around her wrist several times before forcing her backwards, making her drop the weapon. She got hit hard in the stomach by the end of the blunt tip of the spear, three times in all, in the space of a second. All she could do was roll in a ball as she tried to catch her breath, whimpering as she laid there.


    The spear shot though Sotek’s hands as he grabbed the end but not before the blunt tip once again made contact as it slammed into Sam’s face, breaking his nose. He collapsed to his knees and cupped his hands under his chin and watched in horror as his hands filled with blood. With a scream he lurched forwards and fell sprawled out on the bloodied floor as Sotek’s spear whacked into his back, putting him on the ground as he bent over from the pain.


    Farkas, Vilkas, Kul-et and Saber charged towards the Argonian; all of them with their swords poised to strike. Sotek dug the tip into the ground then launched himself backwards several feet out of their strike range in a massive leap. He swung the spear around above his head three times keeping the four opponents back then he slammed it into the ground once again as they faced him.


    Bizarrely, Sotek called out to the Argonian girl.

    “Kull-et, step to your right a few feet”.


    Kul-et did so, all the while she watched him nervously. He span the spear around his head again then suddenly launched it towards her. She had no time to react and all the Harbinger could do was to hold his breath as it flew past her and embedded itself into the chest of a dummy target.


    Sotek cast his bound swords then engaged the closest of the four Companions as they resumed their charge into him. Vilkas and Sotek hammered into each other like two wolves, both smashing their swords at each other. Once the initial energy of the clash was dispersed, Sotek dismissed one blade while he traded blows with Vilkas’s own sword. Suddenly a fire ball leapt out from Kul-et and slammed into Sotek’s back. Knowing he was too exposed, he punched Vilkas in the face then shoulder charged him catching him off guard just enough to unbalance him. A swift kick at the back of his knee finished the job.


    Sotek cast a fire ball at Farkas catching him in the chest but he just shook it off. It did its job though as it forced him to back away giving Sotek the precious time to recast his swords and engage Saber. They both struck at each other for several seconds in a flurry of blows until a fireball burst into Sotek once again. He stamped on Saber’s foot then struck hard with the tip of his elbow into his opponent’s chest, winding him. Sotek twisted around Saber and lifted a sword up under Saber’s chin, holding him as a shield.


    By this time Aela had recovered and grabbed Ebony’s arm.

    “But we’re out”. She cried.


    Aela glared at her.

    “Like hell we are!” Then she pulled Ebony once more into the combat.


    Saber was thrown forwards into Farkas who swung a punch at Sotek. His fist struck Saber in the jaw, knocking him to the ground with a single blow. Farkas’s eyes opened wide in shock as realism to what he just done clouded his mind.


    Sotek took the distraction as an opportunity to break away. He conjured his bow then fired twice, hitting Vilkas in the leg. The Nord collapsed to the ground and shouted out in an agonizing cry as he held a shaft which was protruding from his thigh.

    “Ahhhggg!! You fucker”.


    Sotek just managed to block Farkas’s oncoming attack with his bow but then he turned to see Aela aiming at him own leg. If he was to win he had a second to act. He dismissed his bow then shoved Farkas in the chest, causing him to stumble then Sotek lunged at Ebony, grabbing her by the arms so he could use her as a shield. She screamed out as she saw Aela pointing her bow at her.


    Using all his strength, Sotek shoved her in the back as he ran forwards, pushing the hapless Ebony along with him, forcing her to run. She screamed a second time when she was launched towards Aela. There was nothing she could do to stop herself, the pair of them collided into each other and fell to the floor in a mangled heap of limbs. Aela scrambled to her feet but Ebony had enough and started to run. Sotek cast his paralysis spell at her as she did so. She only just managed to get a few feet when the green magical orb slammed into her back, dropping her to the floor a third time.


    Sotek double cast his fireball but instead of launching it, he held it in check, holding back the swirling ball of fire and containing it in his hands. Farkas, Sabre, Kul-et, and Aela all separated so they could attack from different directions but Sotek didn’t wait around. He launched it straight at Farkas, who practically disappeared in flames. As he screamed out, Sotek ran at him and swung his leg out, swiping Farkas’s feet from under him. The Nord fell down on his back, and groaned in pain when Sotek stamped down hard on his stomach, effectively putting Farkas out of the fight.


    A loud howl called out from behind the Argonian. He swung around as he summoned his bow, catching Red in the face with the tip of it. The unexpected blow stunned her for no more than a second, but it was just enough time for Sotek to launch himself at Saber. He brought down his bow upon Saber’s wrist, knocking the dagger out of the Dunmer’s hand. As quick as a flash Sotek stuck the hoop of the bow over Saber’s head then he spun around, dragging his victim with him. Saber flew forwards and sprawled out in front of Red as she charged towards her prey.


    Saber screamed as he looked up to see Red’s claws as they swiped past his eyes from where Red had only just managed to miss him. A second later he screamed again as an arrow tore into his leg.


    Red growled at Kul-et, making her stand down as she and she alone wanted to face Sotek. He stood a few feet in front of her and growled, warning her to back away. They both confronted each other and neither side was willing to withdraw. Sotek hissed at her defiantly then he cast his spell, breaking the stalemate. Red braced for something to happen but initially nothing did. All the while Sotek stood there grinning at her. Four seconds had past then he somewhat unexpectedly pointed behind her.


    Red cautiously turned around. She growled when she saw the flaming familiar run down the ramp from the Skyforge and close in upon her at speed. The ethereal wolf ran straight at her from the other end of the yard and leapt up at her throat. It exploded in a fiery death as her claws cut into the flaming spectral wolf, coating Red in flames from the blast. She stumbled sideways and whined as the force of the explosion almost took her off her hind paws.


    Sotek took the initiative and punched her in the chest with his left fist. The blow did nothing except draw her attention to his hand. As he went to punch her again she grabbed hold of it, holding his hand in her tightening front paw. Sotek immediately threw a punch with his right hand and that too fell foul to Red’s vice like grip. She towered above him, holding both his hands in her front paws, giving her what seemed like an easy victory.


    If she had such a victory, it wasn’t hers for long. By using her strength and support, he was able to flip himself over in a backward somersault. As his feet came up, he kicked out, catching Red full in the jaw. She howled out in a daze and let him go, dropping him.


    She fell to the side but she wasn’t prepared to give up so easily. Red shook her head vigorously as she found her footing by planting all four paws firmly on the ground. As if the whole sparring match between them was planned, Sotek summoned his bow then leapt up on Red’s back. She growled at him and paced around, preparing to shake him off by bucking him off her back. To counter such a move, Sotek slid his bow underneath her maw to her throat and pulled back on both ends of the weapon, forcing Red’s head up.


    All Red could do was gasp for air as Sotek begun strangling her with the Bow. Kul-et charged forwards, but Sotek stopped her dead in her tracks with an evil hiss.

    “One more sstep and I’ll kill her. Hssss”. Kul-et froze, not even realizing it was an obvious bluff.


    He pulled the bow back even more as Red started losing her fight. Having no other choice, Red changed back into Aela. Upon her transformation, Sotek relaxed his grip, allowing her to draw breath. He kneeled next to her, all the while lightly holding her back.

    “Hey, breathe. Don’t get up”.


    Aela turned around towards him. As she slowly caught her breath back, he lent over her then kissed the top of her head.

    “You’re out”. Then he stood up and faced off with Kul-et.


    Kul-et stepped back several feet then cast her bound bow spell and pointed an arrow straight at Sotek. He lifted his bow and pointed back at her, forcing yet another stalemate. During the face off, the priestess healed the other Companions, clearing up their injuries, while the others helped Aela to her feet and sat her in a chair. Kul-et looked at Sotek in the eyes and smiled.

    “So you really can fight; however you’ve over reached yourself. I know the spell you’re using! In a few seconds your spell will collapse then I will have you….. Give up”.


    Sotek lowered his bow and walked slowly towards her but all the while he held the bow in his hand.

    “I’m sorry but I don’t quit. I didn’t quit when Aela shot me in the arm some months ago and I’m certainly not quitting because of a foolish bloody lizard happens to think she has me when she has nothing”.


    Kul-et stepped up to him; her arrow pointed straight as his face.

    “I have you cold, give it up”. The next second her bow dematerialized, leaving nothing in her tightened fists. She looked down at Sotek’s hand which still gripped his bow. “But how? I cast mine after you! How?”


    The next second Sotek slammed his bow across her face, knocking her back in a half turn and she toppled to the ground. He pinned her neck down with his foot, holding her in a tight grip. She looked up in terror as she saw Sotek’s bow pointing straight down at her.

    “Mercy! Mercy!”


    Her cry for clemency was answered by three arrows which slammed into the dirt inches from her face. Sotek sneered, hissing at her.

    “You’re dead Lizzard… You’re dead, hissss”.


    Sotek stepped back then dismissed his bow. He then turned to face his next opponent. His spiky eyebrows rose when he realized there was no one left. He had won.


    Sotek turned to all the others on the sidelines and called out to them.

    “Is everyone ok?”


    Vilkas shouted at him.

    “You bastard, you shot me in the leg”.


    He helped Kul-et up as he responded.

    “Yess… sorry about that. Aela, are you ok?”


    Aela sat there rubbing her neck. She could still feel the bow there against her throat.

    “I’m ok, just a bit shaky”.


    “How’s Red?”


    “Her prides hurt more than anything else but I guess we’re all feeling that right now”.


    Kul-et sat down on a chair as the Harbinger gave her a strong drink to sooth her nerves.

    “How did you do that? Your bow; how?”


    “Like I said, I practice with everything, even conjuration. My bound weapons and familiars last twice as long as yours. Don’t presume that because someone cast a weapon before you that it won’t outlast yours. Oh Kul-et… one more thing”. Sotek double cast his largest fireball spell then held it in his hands. Kul-et could see the pure unbridled energy swarm inside it. All she could do was to look on in awe.


    After a good few seconds, Sotek launched it into the far wall. It struck the wall with a horrific explosion covering the entire wall section; even the Harbinger took a step back from the heat generated from the blast. Sotek looked back at Kul-et and smiled.

    “Don’t you ever throw a fireball at me again”.


    Now the match was over, Kodlak walked over to Sotek. He stood just in front of him then took his gauntlets off. In the next second he smacked Sotek across the face hard with them, forcing his head to the side. Sotek turned back to face the Harbinger who looked straight back at him angrily.

    “Don’t you ever, ever… stand here and face them like you did this morning when they first fought you. If you ever stand here and face them, even Aela, and go easy with them, I will tan your hide. You don’t do them favors and you don’t do yourself any favors. You stand here and you bloody fight, like you did just now”.


    Aela stood up as angry as her usual self.

    “Hey, go easy”.


    Kodlak shouted back at her.

    “There’s been too much of ‘go easy’, thank you”.


    Sotek felt his face with his hand; he felt his blood in his fingertips, and then looked at it.

    “Aela, he’s right”. Then Sotek cast his grand healing spell once more, his wounds cleared up including his face almost instantly.


    “Everyone inside. Aela, Kul-et, Ebony, help Tilma set out the table; we could all do with some food. It’s been a long morning”. Then Kodlak sat down at the table. As he did so he motioned Sotek to join him. “How do you feel?”


    Sotek sat on the chair and rested his elbows on his knees.

    “I’m ok. You’re right, I could push harder during training. Yess, especially with Aela. But no more, you have my word. I won’t use anything except skill, armor and the weapons… but I will push harder”.


    Kodlak nodded.

    “I know you will. How is the ghost? Is it still there casting it’s shadow over the yard?”


    Sotek gave a chuckle.

    “What ghost?”


    The Harbinger gave him a smile.

    “And how do you really feel?”


    “Right now? My hearts pounding! My senses feel their on a razor’s edge. Even Scarface is screaming out for blood! Everything seems so clear… I feel alive”.


    Kodlak spoke softly but with an air of understanding and caution in his tone.

    “Careful; you’re Dragonborn. He wants the blood, the power, the dominance. You have to let him out sometimes but don’t let him run wild. There’s no turning back from that. Sotek, I’ve seen great warriors get drunk on the battle; once it’s over then they are lost. This fight is done, it’s finished now you got to walk away”. Kodlak got up then started heading inside. “Come, eat, get some rest, you bloody earned it lad. Speak to the other Companions lest there be any bad blood between you”.


    Sotek got up then walked over to the dummy and pulled out his spear. He span it a few times over his head then in one fluid motion he rested it in his hand by his side as he followed Kodlak into the hall. He made his way across the hall and rested his spear against the wall then sat down next to Aela.


    Farkas watched him enter.

    “Kul-et, why didn’t you warn us about him and  bloody spears?”


    Kul-et’s jaw dropped.

    “I did”.


    Farkas shook his head.

    “No! You said ‘don’t face male Argonians who are holding spears’. You never said anything about us getting our collective arses handed to us on a plate”.


    Sotek couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Who’s up for some training later?”


    Aela punched him in the arm.

    “You strangled me you bastard and you done the same to Red”. She then turned around an examined the spear. “What’s its name”.


    Sotek gave her a smile.

    “It will be called Soul Storm”.


    “It’s not enchanted yet. What you gonna put on it?”


    Kul-et looked up surprised.

    “You put on it? You can enchant”.


    Aela turned to her.

    “Yeps, and he made his and my Dragonscale armor, oh and our bow’s his axes, my dagger”.


    “Really? I thought the college enchanted all your gear. They have two enchants?”


    Sotek nodded.

    “Yes, but Soul Storms going to have something special. It’s going to have Burning Soultrap and an elemental storm enchant; Fire, Frost and Lightning”.


    Aela looked at him with some degree of shock.

    “All the elements?”


    “If I can find the right enchant then yes! Once the rebellions finished I’m going to start my search for it”.


    The next second he got a poke in the chest from Aela.

    “Not without me you’re not”.




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