U.O.T.W. Chapter 236 Girlfriends

  •  Author’s note: The chapter has not been edited except for mistakes and errors therefore the content may change at a later date although the plot will remain the same. The content you read now is as I written it in 2014-2015. I hope this fact doesn’t lessen your enjoyment.
    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.
    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine



    As soon as Aela entered the hall everyone fell quiet. The Huntress rolled back her shoulders, glanced at Sotek, who gave her a quick smile, then went over to Ebony while Sotek moved to the steps and sat down.


    Everyone could tell Aela was just going through the motions but she said it anyway.

    “Ebony, I owe you an apology. I went over the top, I’m sorry”.


    “It’s my fault as well. I shouldn’t have poked you. I’m sorry too”.


    “Whatever! But just so you know, you do that to me again and I’ll break your fucking fingers; ok?” Without another word she walked right up to Kul-et. “I’m sorry I was so anti with you when we first met. It’s not easy being in a place where half the population doesn’t like you and the other half near hate you. I should know better; I’m sorry. Oh, and thank you for standing up for Ebony. It’s good to know you Whelps will look after each other”.


    “Ermm thank you, yes. There is no need to apologize”.


    Aela sighed then she gave Kul-et a half smile.

    “Yes there was, I was wrong. There is one more thing I need to say”.


    Kul-et spoke quietly as she looked down to the table, breaking eye contact with Aela.

    “Yes, about me pointing my bow at you?”


    “Oh that? Haha… no. That just gives me a reason to shoot your ass. Speaking of asses… you’re in my fucking chair”.


    Kul-et looked at her for a few seconds then got up and moved a few chairs across. All the while Aela just stood there watching her. Once she sat back down, Aela simply headed off to Sotek. She gave him a slight kick in the side.

    “And you, ya bastard. Don’t think I forgot you paralyzed me”. Then she sat between his legs, leaning on him. She grabbed his tail and pulled it over her legs then wrapped herself up in his arms as if they were a shield; not that she felt she needed one. 


    She stared at the Harbinger as he shook his head at her.

    “What? I apologized to them both didn’t I?”


    “Yes, but next time, try to apologize without the added threats”. 


    Aela stared at Kul-et and Ebony then just shrugged her shoulders.



    Kul-et looked over to Sotek and slightly raised her hand

    “Can I ask a question?”


    Sotek gave a slight laugh.

    “That is a question. Ask who? Me or Aela?”




    “Yes you can. I wouldn’t go asking Aela anything tonight though”.


    “Was your first day like this?”


    Sotek gave a broad smile.

    “Oh no, you had a run in with Aela. I managed to piss off all of them. Let’s see… Aela spent hours screaming at me. Vilkas ended up throwing his sword to the ground in disgust, and Farkas, refused to fight me after putting me on my ass one too many times. Even Eorlund the blacksmith wasn’t impressed”.


    Vilkas laughed.

    “He was hopeless. He couldn’t even wear a sword let alone use one”.


    Aela joined in laughing.

    “When we first saw him, we were fighting a giant. He came out from nowhere and set fire to the crops”.


    Kul-et’s eyes went wide.

    “No! Surely not!”


    “Yep, since then he bur...” Sotek then covered Aela’s mouth trying to stop her from talking. She bit his fingers making him holler out. “As I was saying; since then he set fire to the crops at least three other times. They won’t let him near the Farms at all now”.


    Kul-et started laughing along with the others.

    “I thought we weren’t allowed to use magic? Or are you the reason why we can’t?”


    “Oh very funny”. Sotek sneered. “No, we don’t use magic when we train. Outside however, you’re free to use what you like”.


    Farkas laughed.

    “As long as you’re not Sotek and it’s not destruction magic”.


    “Ahh, ermm who will be my trainer?” Kul-et asked.


    The Harbinger controlled his laughing from what Farkas had said.

    “That would be… Sotek and Aela. She trains in Archery”.


    Sotek looked up at the Harbinger with a start.

    “What? Pull back the wolf… why am I training her?”


    Aela gave him an elbow in his side.

    “Because you use axes; moron”.


    “No I don’t”. He stated adamantly.


    “What? Since when?” Aela blustered.


    “Since the Harbinger said I’m training Kul-et”.


    “You’re an idiot”. Aela laughed.


    “You don’t have to train me if you don’t want to”.


    “Don’t be daft”. Aela said as she smiled at her. “He don’t like training in the yard. We had ermm, certain problems with him. It took us months to get him to train with us. It’s getting late and I’m thirsty… aww stuff it!! Ebony, fetch a bag and fill it with bottles of mead”. Then Aela jumped up to her feet and went over to the table. She picked up a tray and handed it to Kul-et. “Hold it then! Grief, follow me”. She went around the table completely blanking everyone who was watching her as she filled the tray up with fruits, meat and rolls then she called Ebony as she headed down stairs with Fang, Ebony and Kul-et following behind. 


    Tilma shook her head at Aela as she went off then the maid turned to Sotek.

    “You see? That’s why you need to sort it out, because you can sort it”.


    About an hour later, Sotek headed downstairs. Farkas walked past him grumbling with every step as he headed off to the Whelps area with several furs in his arms.

    “You!! Sort them out”.


    Sotek looked a bit befuddled as Farkas went off but then after several paces he heard Aela laughing loudly. He approached her door to find a note pined to it. There was no doubt it was there for his benefit.



    Vilkas called out to him.

    “Can you please get them to keep it down?”


    “Why me?”


    “Because you’re the one that sorts it. That’s why”.


    Sotek muttered under his breath then he knocked the door. He could hear Aela and the other two girls laughing and he distinctively heard Aela prompting Kul-et.

    “That’s Sotek. Kul-et, this is your initiation. You got to repeat what I say”.


    “No! I can’t say that!” The next second there was a scream as Aela shoved Kul-et to the door. The Argonian girl opened it to see Sotek standing there. “Yes? Can we help you?”


    “I need to get my shirt”.


    Aela looked across the room. Sotek’s shirt was on the table. She burst out laughing then prompted Kul-et even more.


    Kul-et grinned as she turned back to Sotek.

    “Are you a girl?”


    He gave a sigh he could hear Aela telling her what to say; word for word. “No”.


    “Then go away”. Kul-et said, smiling.


    Aela shouted at her.

    “Oi; that’s not what I said! You have to say it word for word”.


    Kul-et and Ebony both roared with laughter.

    “I can’t say that!!


    “Oh you must! Go on”.


    Kul-et looked at Sotek once more but her face was covered in a massive drunken grin.

    “Are you a girl?”


    “No, I’m not”.


    “Then fuck off!” Kul-et grinned. 


    Instantly Aela burst out laughing. She called out to Kul-et.

    “The door! Now the door!” The next second Aela’s door slammed shut, inches away from Sotek’s face. Sotek gave a sigh then headed off to his room.


     Vilkas saw him walk away from Aela’s room so he called out in the hope of Sotek calming the girls down.

    “Did you have a word?”


    “Yes I did”.


    “Good man! And what did they say?”


    “They told me to fuck off”.


    “Oh crap! I’m joining Farkas; it’s quieter down that end”.


    Sotek lay on his bed. He kept the door open so as he laid there he could hear the girls talking. Ebony laughed as she asked them a question. “Here’s one for you both. When was your first time, and with who?”


    Aela smiled.

    “I’ll go first; mine’s easy. It was with Sotek. We were on the plains. You know when he destroyed that target dummy? That night we went out on the plains to sort out our issues”.


    Ebony roared out laughing.

    “So you fucked him? Sotek I got an issue with you, get your kit off”.


    Aela laughed at her.

    “No, it wasn’t like that at all thank you. It was… it was amazing to be honest. It was very special. We really bonded, you know?”


    Kul-et laughed.

    “You can’t have sex without bonding…”


    “Oi you bloody lizard! No, that’s not what I meant! Afterwards though, my head was well messed up. I kept thinking it was wrong. I honestly thought we’d never be accepted”.


    “So what happened?”


    “My heart won over my head thank Hircine. Now, what about you two?”


    Ebony gave a smile.

    “My first was a lad from my town. We were sixteen and wildly in love”.


    Aela laughed.

    “Sixteen and wildly in love?”


    “Oh yea!” She nodded. “For about a week”.


    “Kul-et, your turn”. Aela stated as best as she could considering the amount she had drunk. 


    “Well, we were twelve”.


    Aela looked horrified.

    “Twelve? You were just kids”.


    “Oh no, Argonians are considered adult from ten. We grow much faster than soft skins. In your years we would have been around sixteen? Seventeen?”


    Ebony gave a laugh.

    “Hey, Aela’s the virgin of the group”.


    “I’m no virgin thank you”.


    “No, but you were the oldest when you did it”.


    Aela turned bright red.

    “Time for a different conversation”.


    “Oh no”. Ebony said smiling. She was enjoying the fact that Aela felt vulnerable.


    “Well it’s either we change the subject or I start breaking fingers. It’s your choice”.


    Kul-et laughed as she watched Ebony’s face drop.

    “Change of subject. This will let Aela off the hook. What was your strangest encounter?”


    Ebony turned red at the thought of it.

    “I’ll go first then you both have to forget I said it. Promise… now”.


    Aela held her hand up.

    “Nothing gets repeated… nothing. What’s said in here, stays in here”.


    Ebony took a long swig from her bottle then she began.

    “Well, when I was younger there was one knight I met. He wore solid steel armor. We started talking and became friends over the course of the evening and we drank way too much. Well you know how it goes; well not you Aela but anyway”.


    “Oi cheeky cow!” Aela shouted as she shoved her.


    “Well, there we were in the inn. Then next thing we know we’re both upstairs. I’m ashamed to say I was at the time desperate. I didn’t even light the lamp let alone wait for him to take his armor off. So there we were…”


    Kul-et gave Aela a bit of a puzzled look.

    “What’s so strange about that?”


    “Oh nothing until the morning. That’s when I found out he was a bloody Orc”.


    Aela’s face cringed.

    “Eww. Didn’t you know by his face?”


    Ebony rolled around laughing.

    “No, I didn’t let him take his helmet off”.


    Kul-et shook her head at her.

    “What about his voice?”


    She just shrugged her shoulders.

    “I was too drunk to care or too drunk to notice. He did leave behind a bag of gold when he went off. I took it thank you very much. Kul-et, it’s your turn”.


    “Oh, very well but you both keep it to yourselves. Some years ago, a friend made a bet with me to see who could kiss the most boys in one night. Now, there was this one egg brother who we both liked and we both ended up sleeping with him. Well not sleeping if you get what I mean”.


    Aela smiled.

    “Oh no. Awkward”.


    “Oh no, not really, we bedded him at the same time”.


    Aela’s mouth dropped open.

    “Oh by Talos! So you’re a hussy and Ebony’s a whore”.


    Ebony laughed.

    “Yea but your inexperienced so there”.


    Aela sat silent for a few moments.

    “Well… ermm, ok. Kul-et, I’m going to tell you something but you mustn’t freak out ok? Promise you won’t”.


    Ebony looked at Aela hard.

    “Are you sure this is wise?”


    “Well, I know your secrets so I guess so. Besides, it’s not really a secret now, is it? Just promise you won’t freak out”.


    Kul-et watched her face. She could see Aela was serious.

    “Ok, I promise”.


    “I’m a werewolf”.


    “Bullshit!” Kul-et laughed.


    “Oh but I am. Don’t freak out”. Then Aela changed. Within moments Red stood there, standing over her. 


    “Oh by the Nines!” She took a few steps back but Ebony held her arm.


    “It’s ok. She won’t bite you or anything”.


    Kul-et stood up, holding on to Ebony for emotional support.

    “Your color’s amazing! Wow, can I feel your fur? Can she understand me?”


    Ebony laughed.

    “Oh yes. There you go, she’s lowering her face”.


    Kul-et reached out and felt the fur on Red’s cheek, gently stroking it. “She’s so soft”.


    “She’s called Red. Sotek’s a werewolf as well. He’s called Scarface, but he’s massive”.


    Red changed back, and then Aela stretched her arms out.

    “There you go, that’s Red”.


    Kul-et sat back down staring at her.

    “I wouldn’t have guessed. Well that may be impressive but it’s not the same as our experiences so… sorry Aela, you lose”.


    “Not necessarily. You see, my strangest experience was with Red”.


    Ebony shouted.

    “No way! You and Scarface?”


    “No, Red and Scarface. There’s no way I’m letting him get near me”.


    Kul-et looked slightly confused.

    “So your werewolf form is called… Red? Not Aela?”


    “Yep, you got it”.


    “And she’s been with Scarface? Doesn’t his claw hurt? When they dig in?”


    Aela shook her head.

    “No, she can take it. Oh Hircine! I never said that”.


    Kul-et then broke into laughter.

    “Oh what a group we make! I’m a hussy, she’s a whore, and you’re an animal”.


    Suddenly there was a massive bang on Aela’s door, making them all jump. Sotek called out to them.

    “And your all screwed once again because now it’s seven in the morning. Training time, everyone up”.


    Aela shouted back.

    “Not today there’s not. And while we’re at it, you’re not a girl so fuck off”. She opened her door but he had gone off. “You two wait here, I’ll be back”. She then went off upstairs but the hall was empty. As she entered the yard she screamed as Sotek grabbed her. “Let me go you moron”.


    Sotek held her tightly.

    “No, not until I have a kiss”.


    “It’s still night time you idiot, get inside then I’ll kiss you”.


    He then dragged her into the hall but even then he wouldn’t let go until she gave him a long kiss. Sotek lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around him.


    Ten minutes later both Ebony and Kul-et were wondering where Aela had gone to. Ebony took the lead.

    “Come on, I bet she’s been collared by the Harbinger”. Then they headed up to the hall but once they got near the top of the stairwell, they heard Aela trying desperately to suppress her groans. Ebony peeked across the hall and saw Aela lying on her back on the table with Sotek standing between her legs. “Oh sweet rolls and sugar treats!! Ermm, come on, back we go”.


    Kul-et gave a slight laugh as she listened to Aela.

    “That’s a howl! What in oblivion?”


    “Yep, she’s a howler! Real howls at that”. Then they both retreated to Aela’s room and carried on drinking. 


    Fifteen minutes later Aela reappeared looking red in the cheeks and her hair was more of a mess than usual.

    “Hi, ermm.. sorry about that. Here, more drinks”.


    Ebony smiled at Kul-et.

    “What was the holdup?”


    “Oh you know. Something needed my attention”.


    Ebony and Kul-et both burst out laughing. Kul-et shook her head at Aela. “Yea right. We heard you;  you ‘are’ an animal. Awoooo”.


    Aela turned bright red.

    “Oh Hircine! No, shut up you hussy”.


    Ebony joined in.

    “Yea, hussy”.


    Kul-et stuck her tongue out.



    Aela stretched out, yawning.

    “Oh wow; I’m so bloody tired”.


    Ebony laughed.

    “Yea, I wonder why”.


    Ten minutes later the room fell silent. Sotek quietly opened her door to find the three of them all on Aela’s bed. He systematically removed all their boots then threw a few furs over them. Aela half opened her eyes and whispered in a half tired, half drunken voice “Hi Sote…k”. 


    He leant over and kissed her forehead.

    “Get some sleep”.


    “Tell me you love me”.


    “I love you; now sleep”. He gave her a smile but as he went towards the door a second voice rang out. 


    Ebony sniggered.

    “Aren’t you going to tuck us in?”


    “No I’m not. Go to sleep”.


    Aela nudged Kul-et, and winked at her, daring her to speak. Kul-et chuckled then stuck her head up.

    “Don’t we get a good night kiss?”


    Sotek laughed and shook his head.

    “Aela, stop encouraging them”. Then he exited the room, closing the door behind him.




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  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  August 18
    “Oh by the [Nine]!” She took a few steps back but Ebony held her arm.

    And then Aela's going to be yelling her ass off at them tomorrow, I just know it.
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    this chapter was great bro. I feel like you really gave the Gals more character.
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      Shy Knight of the Shovel
      Shy Knight of the Shovel
      this chapter was great bro. I feel like you really gave the Gals more character.
        ·  July 7
      I'm really pleased to hear you say that Shy as it's a whole different environment for them. No Companions, no Whelps, just girl bonding and letting their hair down...