U.O.T.W. Chapter 235 Best of Enemies

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    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine

    Best of Enemies



    By half eight that evening the streets of Whiterun started to empty. The market itself had closed about half hour earlier and even the shops were locked up for the night. The inn though was a hive of activity, contrasting the near 'ghost town' streets as all the patrons descended upon it, convening in small groups to discus, much to Sotek’s, Farkas’s and Vilkas’s embarrassment, the events earlier that morning.


    Sotek winced once more as he heard various comments from behind him.


    “You can laugh Aela. I’m counting; so far I owe you thirty four backside slaps”. He said with a grin.


    “Like hell you do”. She laughed. “You do that and that’s the last time you touch me… ever”.


    Farkas grumbled at him.

    “Are you telling me we can’t get her back because you won’t get a bloody screw?”


    “Oi”. She shouted as she slapped his arm. “Why are you so crude?”


    Sotek laughed as he watched Aela’s face screw up as she told Farkas off.

    “No, that’s not it at all. Can we at the very least try to forget it tonight? Aela more drinks please”.


    She stared at Sotek, giving her full attitude, raising her voice angrily as she snapped at him.

    “Why in all of Tamriel me? I bought them all night”.


    Laughing Sotek readily agreed.

    “Yes you have but then the Harbinger did give you the gold for them”.


    “Oh yea, I forgot about that. Sorry”. Then she got up, but as she did so her head span slightly. Vilkas noticed and promptly gave out a snigger.


    “Here we go; spin dizzy huntress. Hey, you held your drinks better last night! How come?”


    “Ermm four meads coming right up”. She stammered, and then she quickly headed to the bar.


    About that time a stranger entered Whiterun. She stood just inside the main gate for several seconds as she took in the layout of the town.


    A guard watched her cautiously, she had two one hand axes as weapons and she wore leather armor that had clearly seen its fair share of battles.

    “What’s your business here?” The guard asked as he stepped out from the shadows.


    “I wish to join the Companions. They are a warrior’s guild, are they not?”


    “A warrior’s guild? No, but they are warriors. It’s up there, in the Wind District, the middle level. You want the building with a boat as a roof. Kodlak is the one you should see, he’s their Harbinger”.


    She nodded slightly then thanked him as she headed along the path. After a few minutes she found Jorrvaskr. She headed up the steps slowly as she examined the building then once she reached the doors she pushed them and entered inside.


    Sam, Saber and Ebony all froze as they stared at the female Argonian who stood at the doorway watching them.

    “Harbinger!!” Saber called out. He felt a bit concerned due to the earlier visits from the two Argonian assassins.


    Kodlak entered the hall to see her standing there. She turned to him then started walking over towards him.

    “I’m looking for the ermm Harbinger? Kodlak?”


    As she came over to him, he studied her, watching the way she moved, her eyes, even her aura.

    “I’m the Harbinger. How can I be of assistance?”


    She looked him right in the eyes as she spoke softly.

    “I want to join the Companions”.


    He paused as he studied her.

    “I see. Well we have the room no doubt, but... there is certain strength in you… yes, Saber, take Miss?”


    “Sorry, my names Kul-et Bright Tail, but you can call me Kul-et”.


    Ebony came over to her and offered her hand in friendship.

    “I’m Ebony and I’m sorry to tell you this but you’re not Kul-et, you’re a Whelp. It’s the initial rank of sorts; everyone will call you Whelp. Come out to the back; let’s see what you can do”. Then Ebony grabbed her hand and led her off to the training area and started showing her around the yard. “This is where we train. The four Companions train us. I’m Ebony, this is Saber and that’s Sam. These are our nicknames; we were Whelps until a few weeks ago, now we’re sort of in the middle so if you want help just ask”.


    Kodlak called out to her.

    “Ebony, Saber’s waiting”. As he called across to her he shook his head.


    “Opps sorry, I’m in the way”. She quickly ran to the steps then sat down and watched her new found friend.


    Kodlak called out to the two active participants of the sparing match.

    “This is just a friendly bout to see what you can do. Don’t go spilling blood please; we have had enough of that in the past thank you. Oh and don’t take any jibs personally, Begin”.


    Saber cursed at her.

    “You’re pathetic, lizard….. Go back to the swamp where you came from, there’s a slimy rock missing you”. Then he lunged forwards swinging his sword at her. She countered with an axe, and then returned the attack as she swung her second axe at him. He blocked then quickly thrust his sword at her. She sidestepped then cast a flame at him, causing Saber back out of the way, stopping the fight. “What by Talos are you doing? No magic! Harbinger?”


    “That’s my fault; I should have explained. Kul-et, you can only use your skill, you armor and weapons, no magic”.


    “My apologies. Saber, I didn’t know, shall we start over?” She stated. Saber looked at her face; he decided to start again as she genuinely seemed sorry.


    “Right! No magic, you start”.


    She swung her axe at him which he countered, and then he bought his sword up towards her leg. She hit it with her axe forcing his arm in a large circle as she bought it way above their heads. The next second she struck with her other axe, hitting Saber in the chest with the side of it.


    “Oh well done”. Ebony cheered.


    Saber stood back from her then extended his hand to the victor.

    “You beat me; maybe tomorrow you would let me try again?”


    “I look forwards to it”. She beamed then she went over to the Harbinger. “I’m sorry about the spell. It was reflex”.


    “You fight well”.


    “Yes; I have had much experience from Black Marsh but I still have lots to learn. Who are the Companions they spoke of?”


    “Ahh, Aela the Huntress, Farkas, Vilkas, and Sotek. They are at the inn, the Bannered Mare. Why don’t you go and introduce yourself?”


    “I’ll take her”. Ebony called out excitedly. “Come on, follow me”. She literally snatched Kul-et’s pack and dumped it on the table, but before she could lead her down the stairway to the Bannered Mare, the Harbinger called out to her.


    “Ebony, thank you for being so willing to help but it might be best if you let her introduce herself”.


    “Yes, sorry Harbinger”. She quickly pulled the Whelp Kul-et aside. “Be wary of Aela, she’s the best archer but she is very temperamental. She’s angry, bitchy, stroppy, but she backs it up as well. Don’t underestimate her”.


    “Is she high in the Companions?”


    “Oh yes, very much so. She’s like a daughter to Kodlak but he doesn’t show favoritism. Even so, go careful. The others are nice… ish. Sotek’s the friendliest. You‘ll get on well with him. Then again, the more you get on with him, the harder you will get on with Aela so it might be best if you don’t get on with him but you’ll figure it out”.


    “Why won’t she like it if I’m friendly with this Sotek?”


    “He’s an Argonian, her boyfriend. Sorry, he hates being called that. He's her mate?”


    “Ahh. Aela isn’t an Argonian name, though”.


    “No it’s not, she’s a Nord”.


    “Right, what sorry?” She looked at Ebony once more trying to grasp everything she had been told.


    Kodlak tapped Ebony on the shoulder and sent her off then he turned his attention to Kul-et.

    “Make your way to the inn and introduce yourself. Things will be clearer tomorrow”.


    “Ok Kodla, ermm Harbinger?”

    He just smiled at her softly.

    “Yes, Harbinger”.


    Kul-et smiled back then headed off towards the inn. Once she walked inside she approached the innkeeper, Hulda.


    “Good lord, a stranger in town. Hello dear, do take a seat”.


    “I’m ermm I’m looking for the Companions? Aela, Farkus?”


    “Oh that’s Farkas, and Aela, yes their over there dear, by the fire”. She pointed to the benches where the four Companions were sitting.


    She walked over to them slowly as if trying not to interrupt them. Sotek was resting against a beam while his legs were either side of the bench he was sitting on. Aela lay on the bench, her head rested against his chest with his tail wrapped over her legs while his arms held her tightly. Farkas and Vilkas were both sitting up. Each of them had a drink in one hand while they held on to two large sweet rolls.


    Vilkas was the first to spot her approach them.

    “I spy with my little eye something beginning with F.A.”.


    Aela burst out laughing.

    “F- All”.


    Sotek and Farkas joined in laughing while Vilkas smirked.

    “Not exactly. I’m guessing Sotek has a visitor”.


    Sotek stopped laughing then looked at him seriously.

    “I do?”


    “Yep. Female Argonian. Aka, lizard”. Then he pointed behind them. Sotek and Aela turned around to see her standing there watching them.


    “Yes, can we help you?” Aela asked. She smiled but there was a definite hostility to her voice. They all could sense it.


    “I’ve been asked by the Harbinger to introduce myself. I’m Kul-et bright tail”. Nervously she held her hand out to Aela, who sat up staring at her.


    “I beg your pardon?” Farkas spluttered.



    “The Harbinger sent me to introduce myself. I’m a ermm the newest Whelp?”


    Farkas took much delight in the discomfort in Aela’s face so he happily set about playing on it.

    “Come, take a seat and join us for a drink”.


    “No, I got a better idea. Don’t join us for a drink”. Aela stated bluntly.


    “Oh don’t be like that”. Farkas got up then extended his hand to her. “I’m Farkas, this here’s my brother Vilkas, the red headed hostile is Aela; which leaves, Sotek”.


    “Hello, Egg Brother”.


    Aela snapped as she turned to Sotek, threateningly.

    “Egg Brother?”


    Sotek gave a sigh.

    “It’s a term Argonians use as a greeting of sorts. You would better understand it as ermm ‘Of the same race? Or a true Nord, if you like”.


    She poked him in the chest hard.

    “No. I don’t like it at all”.


    Kul-et kept looking at Sotek as if she was waiting for something. Aela quickly became agitated but before Kul-et could say anything Aela snapped.

    “What the hell are you staring at us for?”


    She quickly turned away from him. She spoke quietly trying not to offend him.

    “I was expecting you to tell me your name, sorry”.


    “Ermm, hello? You thick skinned moron, he’s called Sotek”. Aela stated. Her voice dripped of hostility and sarcasm.


    “Yes sorry, I ermm” Then Kul-et turned around and headed for the door. Farkas got up then went over to her.


    “Hey, wait a minute. Don’t take it personally with her, she’s not usually ermm”.




    “Yes, but the last time two Argonians came to town there were ermm, complications”.


    “She’s bias of Argonians? But isn’t she going out with an Argonian? This Sotek?”


    “Bias of Argonians? Aela? By Talos no… she’s bias of everyone”.


    Kul-et wiped a single tear from her face then she headed outside and made her way to Jorrvaskr.


    Sotek watched her leave while Aela watched Sotek. He never took his eyes off Kul-et, and Aela never took her eyes off him either.


    Farkas returned to the others but he stood over Aela and Sotek.

    “You rude bitch! She was only trying to be friendly. What the hell got into you? What have you got against her?”


    Sotek sighed.

    “He’s right you know”. Then he saw the look on Aela‘s face. Sotek gulped loudly then picked up his drink. “Oh hell, I don’t bloody know”. Picking up his flask, he quickly finished it. “We’d better get back”.


    Vilkas laughed.

    “Hey Sotek, you know what I find most amusing?”




    “She carried two axes; just like you”.


    Both Aela and Sotek stared at him, and then Aela went right up to Sotek and put her arms around him. All he could hear was a low leveled growl.


    Kul-et arrived back at Jorrvaskr and Ebony came straight over to her. “How did it go?”


    She looked over towards the Harbinger as she answered timidly. Over the next few seconds she lost her nerve.

    “She’s… Sorry, this is a mistake”. Then she promptly turned around and left.


    Kodlak looked up in surprise as he watched her shut the door behind her. Ebony stood there stunned for a few seconds then she turned to Kodlak.



    Kodlak gazed over to Ebony and the door then sullenly he shook his head.

    “I take it she’s met Aela. Go get her”.


    Ebony threw open the door then ran down the path. She could see the Whelp head of towards the gate.

    “Wait, hold up!!”


    Kul-et turned around and watched Ebony come towards her.

    “I’m sorry, this is a mistake”.


    She smiled at her softly.

    “Only if you walk away. Aela is ermm… I presume it is Aela. She’s anti with everyone. Let’s go to the inn. We can talk a bit then you can decide what you want to do”.


    “I can’t go back in there”. She started watching the inn behind Ebony. Just then Aela and the others started coming outside.


    Aela looked across at Ebony and the Argonian.

    “Looks like your egg sister is leaving. Oh well, come on”.


    Ebony called out to her angrily.

    “Who the hell do you think you are? You bloody bitch!” Then she made a beeline for Aela.


    Aela stood there giving Ebony her typical attitude. Inside she found Ebony’s sudden dose of courage amusing.

    “I beg your pardon? What the fuck?”


    Ebony momentarily forgot herself and poked Aela in the chest, hard. The next second Aela kicked her leg from under her. As she went down, Aela punched her in the stomach, winding her. Almost one second later Ebony was lying on the ground with Aela’s boot resting on her throat, pinning her to the ground as the Huntress stood over her.


    Kul-et dropped her pack then headed over to her. Before any of the others could do anything she called out to Aela.

    “Let her go”.


    “I beg your pardon?”


    “I said let her go”.


    Aela glared at Sotek as he stepped towards her.

    “You back off”. Then she fixed her eyes onto Kul-et. “Make me”.


    Kul-et cast a bound bow spell then within few seconds she was aiming straight for Aela, but to her surprise Aela had pulled out her bow and was aiming straight back at her.


    Sotek stepped between them.

    “Aela, that’s enough, drop it”.


    “You tell her to drop it”.


    “I’m telling you!” He looked back to Kul-et who showed no signs of backing down either. “Fine have it your way”. He then stood to the side. Within a few seconds Sotek cast his paralysis spell on Aela. It took effect immediately, sending her falling to the floor as if she was frozen. Within a second he cast the same spell on Kul-et. She too fell to the ground. “Farkas, Vilkas, carry Aela inside. Tell the Harbinger, oh hell tell him nothing”. Then he grabbed Ebony and pulled her off the ground. “Well done, you stupid bloody idiot. Get inside now”.


    Ebony shook herself off then stepped towards Kul-et.

    “What about Kul-et? She was leaving. Aela scared her off, didn’t she?”


    He looked back at the Argonian lying frozen on the floor.

    “Come on, you grab her pack. By Hircine I’m going to get crap for this”. Sotek picked her up while Ebony took her pack then they started heading back to Jorrvaskr.


    As he approached Jorrvaskr the spell started wearing off. Sotek leaned her against the wall until she got her footing then he unceremoniously threw her inside Jorrvaskr where Aela was sat on a chair with Farkas and Vilkas either side of her.


    He walked to the middle of the hall then practically shouted across the hall to Kodlak.

    “These two bloody idiots were having a face off in the middle of the god damn town”.


    “She fucking started it”. Aela screamed back at him.


    Sotek slammed his hand down on the table, hard.

    “No, you did! You started it, well I god damn finished it. Just shut the hell up”.


    Aela sat there fuming at him, but she saw Kodlak’s face as he watched her. Wisely she sat silent biting her tongue.


    Farkas suddenly burst out laughing.

    “Well at least no one ended up in the temple”. With that Ebony and Vilkas started laughing as well.


    Kul-et stood there unsure as to what to do until Kodlak called out to her. “Sit down. Have you eaten?”


    “Ermm no. Not since yesterday”.


    Ebony walked over to the table and picked out a few bits of food then placed the plate in front of Kul-et.

    “Thanks for sticking up for me but you shouldn’t have”.


    “Why not? You stood up for me”.


    “Yea, but don’t worry, that will be fixed”. Aela sneered as she stared at Ebony.


    Sotek grabbed her arm then pulled her away from the table.

    “You’re drunk, tired and ratty. Get yourself to bed, move”.


    Aela slapped him across the face, hard.

    “Don’t you dare stick up for her, you bastard”.


    Fang came running up to her but she turned to him and shouted.

    “You can fuck off too!!” The next second she realized what she had done as Fang hid under the table from her. She picked him up then whispered to him. “I’m sorry; I’m just a bit upset. Come on you, come with me”. Then she headed downstairs. As she started going down the steps she paused, and looked back at Sotek. The moment she realized she shouted at Fang she lost the hostility. Once again she realized too late that she had gone too far. Meekly she spoke to Sotek as she fought back some tears. “Will you be coming to bed?”


    Sotek looked over to her and snapped out a reply.



    “Will… you be coming to bed? Later?”


    He controlled his temper, but he still sounded harsh as he answered her.

    “No, not tonight”.


    Aela stared for a few seconds down at the door then she headed down stairs.


    Within a minute Tilma came upstairs yelling with every step.

    “Sotek? What have you done to the poor girl? She’s down there crying her eyes... oh hello; I was told we have a new member. Welcome to the companions dear. Anyway, Sotek! What have you done this time? Well?”


    He slumped in his chair and banged his head on the table twice. Then he covered his head up.

    “I don’t believe this! What have I done?”




    “I haven’t done anything. This is her mess, she did it”. As he tried to explain he couldn’t help but raise his voice.


    “Don’t you yell at me” Tilma shouted as she pointed her finger at him.


    “I’m not yelling, but I didn’t cause this. None… none of this is my doing”.


    “Oh! Well tough! You need to fix it so get your worthless tail down there and fix it”.


    He shook his head at her then grabbed a flask of water.

    “I’m not talking to you anymore! This is ridiculous”.


    She threw him a look then she turned to Kodlak.

    “And why are you sitting there doing nothing?


    “What can I do?”


    “You can get him to sort her out”.


    Kul-et stuck her hand up.

    “It’s my fault; I’ll go see her”.


    Sotek jumped up to his feet.

    “Oh no thank you! Last time someone nearly got killed. I’ll see to Aela”.


    Kul-et looked surprised.



    “Ermm Aela. She ended up at the temple for five days; someone lost their temper and nearly, well, practically killed her”.


    “By the Hist… Who was that?”


    “Me”. Then Sotek headed off down stairs leaving Kul-et wondering what exactly happened.


    Sotek went straight to Aela’s room. He slowly opened her door to find her lying on her bed with her back to the door. He frowned slightly when he saw she never even took her boots off. She half turned at him then turned back facing the wall. It was obvious she had been crying, her voice was broken from the tears.



    Sotek spoke softly but his voice still had the firmness to it.

    “I left something in your room. I need to get it”.


    “Is it important?”


    “Yes, I’m afraid so”.


    “Hurry up and get it”.


    He went over to her bed then gently put his arms around her. The next moment he picked her up in his arms then he started heading back out to the corridor.

    “What are you doing?”


    “Like I said; I left something important in your room. You said I could get it”.


    She gave a slight smile as she tucked herself into his chest.

    “I didn’t mean me”.


    “No, but I did”. He walked down the corridor to his room then laid her on his bed. He stretched out alongside her and held her in his arms.


    Aela laid there for a few moments then she straddled him as she sat on his lap.

    “I’m sorry. I keep losing my bloody temper. I was out of order”.


    Sotek sat upwards, holding her back so she wouldn’t fall off him as he sat up. He then kissed her a few times just below her neck as she wrapped her arms around his head. He rested there, holding her. After a few moments he moved his head up off her chest then looked at her eyes.

    “Kul-et needs help. She’s in a country where half the population is hostile. She has no money and no food. Even her armor’s poor. I’ve been there, she’s alone”.


    “I know, I just felt threatened by her. She’s your race, she’s”.


    “She’s what?”


    “Pretty! She’s stubborn, like you… she’s like you”.


    “So what?”


    “Oh I don’t know. I felt threatened, inadequate”.


    “To what? You kick ass! You out shoot anyone, and you’re the fastest thing on four legs I’ve ever bloody seen”.



    “Scarface is the fastest. Don’t you want to be with someone normal? Someone like you?”


    Sotek sat back and looked closely at her.

    “Do you want me to go off with someone else?”


    “No, it’s just….. Look at me; I’m not your normal girl am I? Don’t you want to be in a normal relationship? Sit at the inn with a girl having a meal together?”


    “Ermm, you think I’ll be interested in her?”


    “Why wouldn’t you? She’s a young Argonian, she’s pretty”.


    “Do I want a normal relationship with a normal girl?” Sotek tried not to but he couldn’t help it he burst out laughing. “Someone normal? I’m an Argonian werewolf, with the soul of a dragon, apparently… even the werewolf’s a bloody mutant. And I can’t choose between an axe or magic or anything else for that matter”.


    He reached over to her then pulled her close.

    “If there is one thing I can take away with me from Skyrim, it would be you. This stops now. You remember that morning when Farkas turned up?”


    “Yes you bastard! You ignored me”.


    Sotek laughed as he remembered watching the dragon then of Aela’s face when he threw her on the ground.

    “Yes, but I meant what I said. For all of oblivion Aela, I’ve fought against Daedra to be with you, for Scarface to be with Red. I’m yours and your mine. That’s it, end of”.


    “I didn’t think about her being alone. It’s daft but I forget you’re alone as well; there’s so few Argonians around Skyrim. I’m sorry, you’re right, are they all upstairs?”


    “Yess, everyone’s in the hall”.


    “Come on, let’s put this right. There’s been enough problems in the past”. Then Aela got up and headed to the door.


    Sotek gave her a smile then held her hand as she led them both upstairs but before they got to the top he held her back and whispered in her ear. “As long as I got you, I’m never alone”.


    “Even when we’re apart?”


    “Especially when we’re apart”. He pulled her close and gave her a kiss, then slapped her on the back side. “Come on you, let’s sort this out”.


    Aela smiled then called out to Fang.

    “Fang, here boy”. Fang ran out from her room yapping as he followed them up the stairs.





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    “Sorry, my [name's] Kul-et Bright Tail, but you can call me Kul-et”.

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      aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww, cute. great chapter, keep it up
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