U.O.T.W. Chapter 231 Spin Doctor

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    As always, should you see an error or something you feel is off then by all means let me know.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine


    Chapter 231 Spin doctor


    Leaving Jorrvaskr behind them, Farkas and Ebony headed off towards Rorikstead. As they left the gate they headed south which surprised Ebony as she expected yet another trip across the plains.

    “I thought we were going straight there?” 


    Farkas looked across the grassy tundra and grunted. The Stags and deer were grazing on the grass and in the distance he watched a few mammoths wander around slowly.

    “We are, but we’ll go the road way. Aela likes cutting across the plains as she gets to go hunting. Then of course Sotek just encourages her, but nope we’re hitting the road”. 


    They stayed true to the worn cobbled road which took them west past the southern guard tower. Time slowly slipped past with every step while the stone bride in the distance slowly drew closer. Ebony was still in high spirits when they eventually crossed it. She peered over the edge and watched a leaf float past, taken by the streams current. She became immersed with a group of mudcrabs below the bridge and she watched them scuttle about in the mud.


    Initially Farkas didn’t notice he was now alone and he carried on along the bridge before joining the pathway on the opposite side of the stream. As he trudged along the trail, he pointed out to the Whelp a farm which lay in the distant horizon, informing Ebony of its significant to their route.

    “That’s where we’re heading; Rorikstead”. When he got no reply he turned around to face her but by now she was several hundred yards behind him. The Companion headed back to where she was and called out in a gruff manner. “Hey daydreamer! What ya looking at”. 


    “Mudcrabs. Aww look… they got a young one with them”. As she spoke she pointed to the crabs which she diligently studied moments before. 


    “Oh yea”. Farkas said with a false sense of interest.


    “Oh yea?” She laughed. “Is that it? All you can say is ‘Oh yea’? You’re so blind sometimes”. She then gazed back at the mudcrabs and sighed in awe at the  wonders of nature.   


    “No I’m not; I just don’t concern myself with such matters, that’s all”. He stated with a shrug of his shoulders as he headed off down the road.


    Ebony watched the crabs for a minute more then quickly turned and followed him, slowly catching him up.


    Soon afterwards Ebony received her first proper taste of wildlife. Her lesson took the form of three wolves who had been tracking them for at least ten minutes before the pack started closing in. The pack hung back and waited until Farkas led Ebony through a small rocky canyon. Only when the two Companions were restricted by the canyon walls where they couldn’t fight alongside each other, did the three wolves close in. One charged from the front, causing Ebony to give out a shriek as both her and Farkas found themselves under attack.


    Farkas turned his back to it and moved behind Ebony, much to her disgust. She drew her sword then called out to him in desperation.

    “What? Where you going?” Then she had little choice but to engage the wolf as it closed in on her. 


    When the beast finally charged forwards, the Whelp brought her sword down on its head, causing it to cry out in pain. Giving it little chance to recover, she bashed it with her shield knocking it to the side. There was nothing it could do as blood had covered its eyes from the initial wound which left it blinded. Ebony followed through from her shield attack; in one swift motion she plunged her sword into its side mortally wounding the animal. She walked up to it then hacked at its neck killing it, ending its pitiful death cries.

    “Thanks for your help, Farkas”. She said smugly as she wiped her blade with an old rag.


    “You looked like you didn’t need help”. He replied bluntly.


    As she turned around she saw Farkas standing there with his sword to his side. By his feet were the other two dead wolves.


    “Ahh, so that’s why you moved back. Oops sorry”. She gave him a slight smile, not totally knowing how he would react.


    “Sorry? No, that doesn’t cut it with me. I don’t go off leaving others to fight thank you, so you can skin them. Get on with it”.


    Ebony gave a slight huff then she set to work. Soon after she started, Farkas pulled a dead wolf onto its side then started skinning it as well. As they carried out their tasks, Farkas added a few words of the wise. “Wolves usually attack in packs and they attack from behind if they get a chance. So, if one goes for you in front?”


    She gave him a smile and nodded.

    “Watch out for the two behind, gottcha”.




    She stopped for a second then looked straight at him.

    “I’m sorry about last night; we were egging you on. Sorry about that”.


    “Aww you don’t have to worry, that was just some fun. Me and my brother do it all the time to Aela”.


    “Yes. Why is that?” Ebony asked. She had a brother but he left for the legion some years before when she was barely twelve. As such the older sibling rivalry was a mystery to her.


    “She’s like our sister, you know? She bites easily and she’s not a great thinker. She reacts rather than sits back and works things out”.


    “Like Sotek does?”


    “Yea; now he’s a tricky one, hard to catch”.


    “Yes but you all beat him in the training sessions. I’ve only seen him fend you three off once or twice. Even Aela beats him with her dagger, and he doesn’t just let her win either”.


    Farkas gave a slight laugh.

    “Yes he usually ends up on his arse. Come on we’ll talk about it later when we get to the Inn”.


    Once they finished skinning the three wolves, they both headed off along the road. By late afternoon Rorikstead was in sight and soon enough they arrived at Frostfruit Inn. Farkas sent Ebony over to the table as he ordered two meals and tried to book two rooms.  


    Mralki, the Innkeeper, apologized for the lack of facilities he could offer.

    “We’ve only got the one room but it’s a double one”.


    “Oh , well if that’s all you have”. Farkas grumbled.  


    Ebony heard him moaning so she called over to him.

     “What’s up?”


    “Oh nothing”. He stated as he eyed up one of the maids. Then he headed over to the table sulking. “There’s only one room. Two beds but one room”.


    “Oh… ok that’s fine”. She couldn’t quite work out what the problem was after all they all would sleep in a group if they were outside so two beds made little difference. At least that was until she noticed Farkas watching one of the maids.


    “Ahh so that’s the problem”. Ebony was smirking as she said it.


    “What is?” He asked, not entirely sure what was going on.


    “You wanted a night with a maid”. As she stated it she shook her head at him.


    “What? No, well yes to be honest but it don’t matter”. Farkas broke eye contact then he looked away. He couldn’t help but feel a bit intimidated.


    Ebony smiled then sat silent for a few seconds while she pondered on something.

    “Well I am going to sit by the fire and have a few quiet drinks for the next few hours. I presume you’re off to the room? I’ll see you later”.


    “What? No, that’s fine, don’t worry about it”.


    “I said I’m having a few quiet drinks! That means now you sod off”.


    Farkas watched Ebony’s face for a few seconds then he turned his attention to the maid. A minute later he left the table then went over to her and soon enough they both headed off to the room. Ebony sat there watching them disappear and when she finally heard Farkas shut the door, she gave out a loud sigh and gazed into the fire. As she sat there it suddenly dawned on her that she didn’t feel right but she couldn’t quite put her finger on why.


    It was near midnight when Farkas came out of the double room. By this time Ebony was asleep, slumped over a chair by the fire. Farkas picked the Whelp up then gently carried her to the other bed. After he laid Ebony on it he covered her over with a fur like he had seen Sotek do with Aela but unlike Sotek, he never even took Ebony’s boots off. All he done was throw a fur over her. Moments later she mumbled something then turned around, content in her deep slumber.


    Farkas lay in his bed but he couldn’t sleep. Throughout most of the night he found himself in contentment as he watched over the Whelp.


    Ebony awoke the next morning in a state of confusion and surprise as she found herself in the room; in bed. Her head span from the drinking the night before where she started on the mead, just as she would do in Jorrvaskr but for some reason she ended up on the shorts and they were extracting their revenge.

    “Urgg my head! How did I end up here?”


    “You certainly drank a fair few last night”. Farkas said, avoiding her question. “Get some grub down ya then we’ll be on our way”.


    “Oh food! Yuck, I can’t eat”. She shook her head at him and held a hand over her mouth. The thought of food started making her stomach feel queasy.


    Farkas couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for her.

    “You did well you know. You could drink Aela under the table. I’ll tell you what, let’s just get going. Some fresh air would do you good. We’ll skip breakfast”.


    She closed her eyes as she fought to regain control of her stomach. “Thanks, I’ll be outside; I need air”. Then she hurried to the door and threw it open. Once she got outside, she ran to the side of the road and bent over. She wasn’t sick but she felt like she would be.


    He came out behind her and gave her a word of wisdom based upon his own experiences.

    “Let it go; you’ll feel better”.


    “I can’t”. She moaned as she held her waist.


    Farkas walked up to her and held her by the arm.

    “Look, I’ve an idea. It’s harsh but it will help, and its quick”.


    “Anything, do it!” She pleaded.


    Farkas grabbed her by the shoulder then span her around fast three times in quick succession. As he did so she screamed. When he finally stopped spinning her, he turned her away from him. Ebony doubled over then threw up by the side of the road. As she did so he held on to her. She clung to an old rickety wooden fence for several seconds while her head stopped spinning.


    Once she settled a bit, she stood up slowly.

    “What the hell was that about?”


    “It helped you to be sick didn’t it? How are you feeling?”


    “Awful, but my stomach feels better”.


    “See? It works. Come on, let’s go. We’ll be there in a hour or so”.


    As she started walking off she staggered slightly, but she soon found her footing. One question burned in her head.

    “Who the hell taught you that?”


    “Oh that trick? Vilkas… we used to do it to each there before we got back to Jorrvaskr so the Harbinger wouldn’t think we were too bad. We tried it once on Aela… she threw up all over the place then we had to carry her so you’re doing great”.


    Ebony laughed slightly.

    “Thanks, I think”.


    They turned off the road and followed an old pathway which passed through a small rocky canyon as it trailed up and over a hill. Once they started heading down the other side they could see the mine and the surrounding buildings of the mining colony near the bottom. As soon as Ebony could she sat down on one of the benches while Farkas sniggered slightly as he watched her, then he headed to the mine where a miner started to approach him.


    Perth, who was the owner, called out to him desperately.

    “Companion?? You’re a Companion from Whiterun! Please tell me you’re here to clear out the mine?”


    Farkas looked down at the man. He was wearing old grubby miner clothes, a similar style to Sotek’s white shirt. One thing Farkas couldn’t understand was why miners wore white shirts.

    “Maybe; what’s the problem?”


    “The problem? The problem? Draugr… they’re in the mine. We opened a new section but soon afterwards there was a collapse. Now they are everywhere. The place is infested; we can’t mine anything. Please tell me your here to help?”


    Farkas gave him a big grin and called out to the Whelp.

    “Ebony, we’re up”.


    With the back of his hand, Farkas pushed the man to the side then he headed inside the mine with Ebony following from behind.


    A few hours earlier, in the hall of Jorrvaskr, Vilkas set out to find Sotek. His search brought him to the Huntress’s bedroom door so he lightly tapped on it.


    Upon hearing the knock, Aela cursed out loud.

    “Oh by the Nine! Now what” she opened her door to see Vilkas standing there. She looked at him for a few seconds as he just stood there staring back. “What?”


    “Ermm is Sotek there? I need a word”.


    “Gahh!!! About what?”


    Timidly Vilkas tried to look over her shoulder. He felt relieved when he saw him sitting on the bed.

    “Emm, Sotek?”


    “Come in Vilkas, she’s having a bad morning”.


    “No, I was having a good morning until a moron started tapping on my bloody door”.


    Sotek got up then headed to the corridor where he and Vilkas could talk. Once he left the room, he shut her door behind him lest the Huntress was disturbed any more than necessary.

    “What’s up?”


    “We have a bit of a strange one. The Harbinger wants us to check out the old path leading up towards High Hrothgar. There’s an old cave near there and he wants it checked out”.


    Aela heard every word due to her vastly improved hearing. She threw her door open and yelled.

    “What? Today? You're joking? Harbinger, does it have to be today?”


    Kodlak called back from his study.

    “No, not if you both have plans. Tomorrow would be fine”.


    Aela instantly broke into a smile, and punched Vilkas in the chest.

    “Yes! Vilkas, you both can go play on the mountain tomorrow”. She then prodded Sotek in the back. “It’s archery training for you. By all accounts you’re getting sloppy. Gear up and grab your bow”.


    Sotek winced at the prospect.

    “Oh Hircine… stabs and whippings; oh goody”.


    “Move it, ya bloody lizard”. Aela snapped, half joking.


    Sotek hissed back at her.

    “Nord….. Sss”.


    Aela laughed as she opened her door again.

    “Nord? That’s not an insult”.


    Sotek smiled then headed off to his room.

    “It is to an Argonian”.


    The Huntress laughed for a few seconds and then she threw him a glare as it dawned on her as to what he said.

    “Hey, come here”. As she chased him to his room, he ran inside then held the door shut. “Open the door you coward”.


    “Like hell I will”. He stated as he held the door shut while Aela kicked it.


    She turned to Vilkas and tried to brink his strength into play.

    “Oi! Break it down”.


    He quickly started walking away.

    “No, I’m not getting involved”.


    She then looked across the corridor to Kodlak and called out to him.

    “Harbinger, tell Sotek to open his door”.


    “Leave me out of it”.


    Aela charged at the door but bounced straight off it and crashed into the floor. She held her arm as she pleaded with Vilkas.

    “Vilkas, help me… please? Harbinger, tell Vilkas to break down Sotek’s door”.


    Kodlak stuck his head around his door and shook it at Aela. She glared back at him then huffed.


    Vilkas gave out a sigh and nodded.

    “Ok, once! Just to try to get him to come out, ok?”


    Sotek gave himself a smile as he listened to the conversation and he rested his hand on the handle. Vilkas stood back a few paces then started running at it. Just before he charged into it, Sotek opened his door to see Vilkas run past him. His face was full of shock and Aela looked on horrified as he crashed into a table then fell on the floor.


    Sotek stepped outside and grabbed Aela who stood there stunned. He threw her into the room then shut the door on her.

    “I’m not letting you out until it’s tidied up”.


    “Open this bloody door or so help me! I’ll put your skin on the bloody wall! You…. Ahhhggr!!” Aela screamed at him through the door.


    Kodlak came over to Sotek, gently nudged him aside then opened the door. At that point he held out Fang, who whined for his mistress. As Aela stepped outside, she instantly calmed down the moment she saw him.

    “Oh hi Fang! Are you hungry?” She gently took him off the Harbinger and headed off upstairs.


    Sotek gave Vilkas a hand and pulled him up off the floor.

    “Why do you let her get you involved?” Sotek laughed.


    “How in oblivion should I know?” He shot Aela a look as she went off, then he headed back to his room to sulk.


    After an hour or so, Aela and Sotek were in the yard and as Aela said earlier, they were practicing archery.

    “Right you bloody idiot! We’ll try again… five arrows into the target”.


    Sotek took aim then over the course of a few minutes he let fly five arrows. Two hit near the mark but three were too low. Aela walked over to him, shaking her head.

    “What the hell is up with you? You shoot better than this”.


    Kodlak sat in the hall for over half an hour listening to Aela scream and shout. He looked over to Fang who had curled up in a ball near the fire pit on a small fur which Sotek placed there for him the night before.


    Vilkas smiled at himself as he heard Aela shout one more time.

    “She’s in high spirits this morning. The poor sods getting the works today”.


    The Harbinger agreed.

    “Yes she’s certainly giving him what for”. He finally decided he had heard enough so he got up then entered the yard. Kodlak quietly walked over to Aela as she sat on the step watching Sotek fire off another ten arrows of which only five did she find acceptable. She acknowledged the Harbingers presence with scowl and spoke quietly with him.

    “Sotek’s shooting is way off. He used to do better; how the hell can someone get worse?”


    “Things on his mind perhaps?”


    “He’s bothered about losing the ring! The way he talks about it is like he’s let me down but this is deeper than that”.


    “He’s trying too much Aela, You know that. There are too many spells and too many weapons. He needs to specialize”. He sat there thoughtful for a minute then he smiled and nudged Aela. “You have to help; you’re my eyes and ears. Don’t worry, we’ll straighten him out”. He then called over to him the Companion in question. “Sotek, have you got a minute?”


    “Yes Harbinger”. He lowered his bow as he walked over to the Harbinger then he sat on the step where the other two were sitting.


    “I’ve been talking to Aela and she’s not overly happy with your archery. Has she got a point or is she just expecting too much?”


    Sotek put his arm around her then gave her a hug.

    “She’s right. This business with the ring, it’s playing on my mind but no, that’s not it. My marksmanship has been off for weeks now”.


    “Personally I think your working on too many skills; axes, shield, destruction, marksman, the other magic schools as well? Something’s got to fall behind. For the next forty eight hours, only use your bow unless you really have to use your other abilities”.


    Sotek got up then held his bow in his hand, weighing it. He looked down at Aela who gave him a weak smile as she watched him. Sotek gave a slight nod to them both.

    “Ok, bow only; for the next forty eight hours”.


    Vilkas was in the hall. He had only just finished eating so now he started putting on his boots. He reached down to grab the first one but got a shock as instead of the boot he grabbed Fang who was sniffing around him.

    “What the! Oh look, it’s the rat. Go on, shoo, scram!” He lightly stamped his foot on the floor trying to scare the cub away but Fang just growled at him.


    He put on the first boot as Fang sat there watching him then he growled at the cub. Fang wasn’t so easily intimidated so he growled back. The next second though he pounced on Vilkas’s boot then started slowly to drag his boot across the hall floor. Vilkas ran at it, causing the animal to yelp as it ran into the infirmary for cover, just where Tilma was clearing up. Vilkas grabbed his boot then half shouted at it.

    “Run ya bloody thing”.


    Tilma watched it run into the room then she stuck her head around the door slightly. Vilkas sat back down where he was originally sitting so, as it was clear, she went to her pocket and pulled out a small biscuit which she placed there at breakfast.

    With a hushed whisper, she called out to the cub.

    “Fang, here you go”. As she bent down to offer it to him, he came running up to her then gently took it from her hand. She heard Vilkas start to climb the steps though so she grabbed her broom and shouted. “You bloody pest! Go on, get out of here. Aela? Where in oblivion is that girl?”


    The Harbinger, Sotek and Aela all heard Tilma shout out. Aela sat there for a second and threw a glaring stare at the door.

    “Now what have I done?”


    Sotek smiled at her as he knew she hadn’t caused any trouble that particular morning.

    “You haven’t done anything, but….. Tell me Aela, where’s Fang?”


    Aela’s face turned white as she jumped up then scampered inside. “Fang? Here boy”. He ran across the floor as fast as he could but his paws slipped and he slid into her foot. “Aww come here, bless you”. She said as she picked him up.


    “Bless him? He’s a menace”. Vilkas called out to her. He put his boot on just to find it covered in drool where Fang had been chewing on it. “Urgg that’s disgusting! Aela, you owe me a boot”.


    She just laughed and waved him aside.

    “Actually, no I don’t. Sotek? Have you got a minute?”


    He entered the hall to find Vilkas standing there with a soaked boot staring at Fang. Aela turned to him and pointed at it.

    “You owe Vilkas a boot, sorry”. Then she held Fang as she headed outside to the yard.


    Sotek stared at Vilkas then gave out a sigh as he took the boot.

    “Give me ten minutes and I’ll clean it up”.




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    By late afternoon Rorikstead was in sight and soon enough they arrived at [Frostfruit] Inn.

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    “Oh yea?” She laughed. “Is that it? All you can say is ‘Oh yea’? You’re so blind to the world around you”.

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