U.O.T.W. Chapter 230 What the Heart Wants

  • Chapter 230 What the Heart Wants 


    The sun had barely risen above the horizon when the tranquil morning at Jorrvaskr was broken by a fist banging on a Whelp's door. This particular fist belonged to Farkas, as well as his gruff voice which could be heard along the Undercroft corridor as he tried to vainly rouse Ebony from her slumber.  

    “Hey, Ebony! Wake up will you? Aww damn it all. Why are women always such heavy sleepers?” Farkas cursed loudly, hoping it might have some effect.  


    Instead of waking up the Whelp, he had in actual fact managed to wake someone else. He was soon to find certain she-wolves were better left alone and undisturbed. Aela groaned as she listened to his complaints then she turned around in her bed and landed on her stomach rather heavily. She grabbed her pillow and yanked it in an attempt to free it from under Sotek's head. It never budged so she grabbed a bone spike from the top of Sotek's scalp and wrenched his head up. The Huntress was totally oblivious to how rough she was and even if she was aware, she didn't care one little bit.  


    Now she had freed her pillow, she let go of Sotek's head, letting it freefall onto the straw mattress. His eyes snapped open from the surprise and he complained quite openly to the rough treatment he had received.  

    "What did I do to deserve that?"  


    Aela blanked him and threw herself onto her side with her back to him. She shuffled backwards pushing against him with her backside in a hostile takeover to claim more bed for herself. She could still hear Farkas in the corridor so she once again huffed bitterly and turned on her front before covering her head with the pillow. She laid there for a few seconds then shouted out as loud as she could.  

    "Farkas!! Shut up! I hope Hircine hunts you down! You're a pain in the ass!”  


    That was enough to fully awake Sotek who now laid there on his back gazing straight up at the ceiling. Aela could hear the difference in his breathing and she lifted her pillow and screwed her face up as she growled in contempt.   



    “Nothing". He cautiously replied. He knew she could be a handful when her temper was up and today was no exception. She was raging like an inferno. He smiled at her, only adding yet more oil on the fire. "Morning. How are you?”  


    Aela eyed him coldly then huffed before covering her head yet again with the pillow.   

    “Hmmph”. She could still hear Farkas outside in the corridor which was too much for her to handle. Yelling as loudly as she could, Aela called out once more to the Companion in the hope of scaring him off.  “Farkas, piss off. Don't make me come out there!”  


    By this time Kodlak was awake as well. His sleep was rudely interrupted by both Aela and Farkas and he wasn't prepared to listen to it any more. Throwing his door open, Kodlak yelled down the corridor, hoping to bring an end to the disruption.   

    “Aela, watch your language! Farkas, whatever is the matter?”   


    Farkas pointed to Ebony’s door and kicked it in frustration.  

    “I can’t wake Ebony up and Aela’s screaming”.  


    “Why you insolent pig!!” Aela shouted. She had enough of arguing from her bed so she got up, throwing the furs off her and Sotek, leaving them to drape over the bed onto the floor. Now the matter was more personal. She felt the need to confront Farkas directly despite feeling groggy from not being ready to wake up. Still caught up in a sleepy daze, she staggered across her room and opened the door.   


    “Aela, wait!” Sotek called out to her but she wasn’t in the mood to listen after being disturbed.   


    She grabbed the door handle then burst out of her room shouting back at Farkas.  

    “You woke me up moron so don’t go blaming me!!”  


    The Harbinger glanced along the short corridor to where Aela was and he cried out as he instantly turned away from her.  

    “I’m too old for this. Aela!! Go back in your room and shut your bloody door!”  


    For Aela it was bad enough having to deal with 'the moron' Farkas but now she was getting verbal abuse from the Harbinger as well. Such a situation pushed her beyond the little restraint she had. Pointing to herself she almost screamed back at Kodlak, giving him a taste of her attitude to being rudely awoken.   

    "Typical; you got the nerve to say to me about language?”  


    Farkas had started chuckling which only served to infuriate Aela even more. She was now leaning on one leg with her hands on her hips. At that moment Vilkas exited his room and gawped at the Huntress. He scratched his head and glanced at the Harbinger who was covering his eyes. Farkas was now facing his brother with a wide silly grin on his face leaving the task of informing Aela of her situation to Vilkas.  

    "Aela? What the hell are you doing?”  


    She was now getting wound up with the three of them and she was rapidly losing her temper. The Huntress yelled back as she pointed an accusing finger at Farkas.   

    “What? How dare you! It was him; he woke me up! Why do I always get the blame around here? You bunch of sexist pigs”.   


    A second later Sotek's shirt slammed into the side of her head. She grabbed it from the floor and turned to shout at Sotek who sat there on the bed grinning at her. The next second there’s a loud scream as Aela ran inside her room, slamming her door behind her.  


    Sotek couldn’t help it, he laughed uncontrollably while pure horror smothered Aela’s face. She stared blankly at the doorway while the morning's unconceivable events plagued her.  

    “You let me go out there topless? You bloody bastard!!”  


    “No, that’s not fair I tried to stop you remember”. He said as he held his hands up defensively as a means of surrendering.


    She went over to him prodding him in the chest.

    “They were all out there. Farkas, Vilkas, even the bloody Harbinger, damn it”. The next second she collapsed on the bed laughing. “Hircine why me”.  


    “Because if we went out there topless no one would care”.  


    She sat there for a few seconds then started laughing.

    “Yea, no one would, would they”.  


    In the corridor, the Harbinger looked a bit confused as he saw a figure approach from the stairway. Feeling the need for confirmation, he once again asked Farkas what he was doing.   

    “Who are you trying to wake up?”  


    Farkas pointed at the Whelp’s door for emphasis.

    “Ebony, I’m trying to wake up Ebony”.  


    “Ermm hello”. Ebony said, making Farkas jump. He span around to see her standing behind him.  


    “What the hell are you doing there” Farkas stuttered.  


    Ebony herself looked somewhat embarrassed.

    “Ermm I was having breakfast. The Harbinger said I had an early start in the morning. What’s up?”  


    Aela grabbed the shirt then put it on, moments later she burst out of her room and started shouting.

    “You stupid bastard” You made me come out here, cause she wouldn’t wake up and she was upstairs all along? Oh you ice brain, you bloody moron”. Seconds later everyone shut their eyes and flinched as Aela’s door banged where she slammed it shut.    


    The Huntress picked up Fang then she lay back on the bed and sat the cub on her chest. Her breathing was heavy but even so after ten minutes or so she gradually fell back asleep. Sotek couldn’t; he was wide awake so he got up but as he went to leave the room, Fang started whining at him. Having decided Aela needed a few more hours sleep, Sotek picked up the cub then carried him upstairs.  


    By now Ebony was in the hall listening to Farkas as he outlined their plan to Kodlak.  

    “We’ll get to Rorikstead by this afternoon, maybe the evening. We’ll sleep in the Inn then tomorrow morning we’ll hit the mine. With some luck we’ll be back tomorrow night”.  


    Ebony nodded in agreement.

    “Ok, I’m packed for a few days anyway”. Then she sat down and finished her breakfast off while Farkas just sat there watching her as she ate.  


    Sotek was sat on the step feeding Fang a few scraps while he was eating an apple when Farkas along with the Whelp Ebony passed him. She waved everyone goodbye and set off with a smile behind the brute as they made their way to the gate. 


    That same afternoon Aela was having problems. For her it started just before midday. Initially it went well as she started walking Fang around the elder tree, letting him get used to the other people and the surrounding area. She walked fang down the steps to the wind district then she went around the tree and back up the steps. All the while Fang followed her. Sotek, who was close by in case Aela had encountered any difficulties, sat on the wall watching her as she walked Fang around.  


    Aela sat on the bench and studied Fang as he trotted past the tree. He took several paces until he realized she wasn’t there anymore and he started yapping as he franticly ran back trying to find her. After a few seconds he saw her on the bench. Whining to himself, he laid down in the grass and fixed his eyes upon her lest she disappear again.


    Aela smiled down at him and she threw him a small piece of venison which he initially gave chased to. He pounced at it then, after clawing and growling at it, he sat there chewing on the meat.

    “By the Nine, it is a wolf”. Aela jumped up as the Jarl walked down the big steps leading to Dragonsreach.  


    “Ermm hi. Excuse me. Hello Jarl. Yes, he is”. She said looking down on the floor, averting his gaze. 


    “What, may I ask, possessed you to give her that?” He stated as he looked over to Sotek.  


    Sotek jumped off the wall then walked over to him. His whole demeanor reeked of a wolf like confidence unlike the rarely seen deer which seemed to inhabit his mate’s body.

    “His mother was killed by poachers so it was a case of bring him here”.  


    “You should have killed it". Proventus stated as he stepped around the Jarl.  


    Aela clenched her teeth and growl. The Jarl took one look at the Huntress and instinctively stepped away from her. The anxious, skittish deer that moments ago haunted Aela was gone. In its stead the typical rampaging wolf took control.   


    Sotek laughed at the Jarls reaction then he waved his finger at his mate, bringing her under control.

    “Aela, heel. Bad girl! What sort of example is that for Fang?”  


    Without waiting for a response, he walked over to the Jarl as he did so he pointed his finger to Aela.

    “Stay. Behave and I’ll find you a nice bone to gnaw on”. Straight after he spoke to Proventus, pulling him down a peg. “And you can sit your ass down as well”. The Jarl to his credit told his aid to stay behind as the discord between him and Aela was well known. Jarl Balgruuf wanted to talk with Sotek and he didn’t need the distraction of squabbles. Leaving the others behind them, both Sotek and the Jarl walked off towards the market.  


    Aela glared at Sotek for a few seconds then turned her attention to the Jarl's aid who was tapping his fingers on the bench. She refrained on speaking as she couldn’t trust herself so she used her fallback and growled at him instead. 


    Jarl Balgruuf watched her and the cub with a mixture of interest and unease. He knew it fell upon Sotek as it was, by his own admittance his doing so it was with him who the Jarl decided to speak to.

    “I have some concerns about this. You know that already”.


    “So does the harbinger”. Spoke the Argonian reassuringly. “But Aela is training it. He already follows her and stays when she tells him to. He even comes to her when she calls his name”. Sotek stopped at the bottom of the steps in the market. He even had his own doubts but Irileth’s words haunted him. They only had a few days to prove Fangs worth. Sotek decided there and then the market would be Fang’s reckoning. “Now he hasn’t been down here before so bear that in mind”.


    Sotek took a deep breath then shouted out.

    “Aela! Here girl, come on”.  


    “I’m going to kill you, ya bastard!” She shouted down as she eyed him with daggers.  


    “Tell Fang to stay there then come down here”. Sotek then whispered to himself but knowingly so the Jarl could hear him. “Please stay Fang”.  


    They both heard Aela give Fang the command; ‘Fang Stay’ then Aela somewhat nervously came down the steps. Sotek patted her on the head and promptly received a punch in the stomach for his goading. “Oww, steady”. 


    “Aww shut up you wuus”. Aela snapped. She then turned to the Jarl and spoke hesitatingly to him. “Fang hasn’t been down here yet, I’m not sure he’s ready”.  


    “Good, call him down”.  The Jarl stated, waving his hand at her, ordering her to continue with the ‘exercise’.  


    Aela’s eyes went wide as she gulped. She nervously looked around the market stalls then at Sotek. In desperation she lifted her hands up, hoping for him to intervene but instead he motioned for her to continue. With a sense of dryness in her throat, she rasped out her command.

    “Here Fang, here boy”.  


    For a few seconds there was silence then just as Aela was going to call him again he started Yapping then he ran down the steps towards his mistress. Once he got to the bottom he stood next to her but mere moments later he started sniffing around the meat store. He disappeared around the side then bit at the store holder’s ankle, moving him out of the cub’s way.  

    “What in oblivion? What is it? By Azura it’s a wolf cub”. Then his face turned to horror as Fang bit into a piece of meat from underneath his stall. Fang stood there shaking at it, trying to rip a piece off.  


    “No!! Fang drop it, drop it! Oh cripes”. Aela almost screamed as she grabbed him then she struggled to get him to let go of the leg of lamb.  


    Sotek thought quickly and before the Jarl could say anything, he jumped in with his usual wit.

      “See, did you see that? Before she had the cub she would have yelled and swore; even possibly hit someone but she didn’t do any of that. The cub works”. 


    With that comment the Jarl laughed despite the ranting stall keeper.

    “Ok, ok. This is fair I think. Aela can keep the wolf but any damages what so ever Sotek, you have to pay for. By all accounts she keeps this ‘Scarface’ in line, so now you can keep her and Fang in line as well. While we’re at it, you owe him for the goods. Pay up man, there’s a queue forming”. 


    Sotek blankly stared at the Jarl then turned to Fang and Aela before growling at the pair of them. Aela laughed his displeasure at the situation off and joyfully ripped into him.

    “Now, now, set an example daddy wolf. You be a good boy and I’ll get you a nice juicy bone”. 


    As Sotek pulled out his bag of gold, the meat seller glanced at the Jarl to see if he was serious then he looked back to Sotek as a chance to make more gold tainted his soul.

    “Ermm  that particular piece was twenty gold”.  


    Sotek stared at him with complete disbelief. Countering Anoriath’s price increase, he started arguing back.

    “No it bloody wasn’t”.  


    “It is now”. Anoriath stated as he smiled at the Jarl.  


    Having no other choice, Sotek handed over the twenty gold septims, muttering as he did so.

    “Where’s a bloody guard when you want one”.  


    Aela picked up Fang then she looked over the meat stall, examining its wares. She deviously smiled at the stall holder as she asked about some more meat.

    “How much are those two pieces?”  


    “Best venison, caught early this morning; ten gold each. Would you like them?”  


    “Oh no, I was just asking”. She deliberately lowered Fang down to the point where he was just out of reach. His maw snapped at the air as he tried to bite the succulent flesh but before he could bite them Aela pulled him back.

    “Fang no, that’s naughty. Sorry Sotek he bit those two pieces as well”. Then she turned to the stall holder before Sotek could stop her. “Can you wrap them up please? Thanks” before anyone could say anything to her, she picked up the two joints of meat then started walking off. “Sotek pay him. You heard what the Jarl said; else it’s prison for you”. She gave him a sultry smile then headed back to Jorrvaskr. 


    Sotek shook his head at her then held both his hands up to the Jarl like they were in handcuffs.

    “Please, just a few days”.  


    Jarl Balgruuf simply laughed then walked off, leaving him to his fate.  


    Sotek sighed heavily then produced twenty gold but as he handed it over to Anoriath, the man shook his head.

    “Sorry that’s thirty gold”.  


    “No it wasn’t”. Sotek stated defiantly. “You said two pieces at ten gold each”.  


    “They are fifteen gold”. The man replied bluntly. 


    Sotek cursed as he tried to argue with him.

    “You told her ten”.  


    “Yes”. Anoriath agreed. “But it went up after that”.  


    Sotek huffed then gave the man the thirty gold pieces, cursing every coin he handed over. Then he headed back to Jorrvaskr, following Aela and Fang inside the hall.  


    Aela handed the two pieces of venison to Tilma and asked her something in the way of a favour. She nodded then went off and disappeared downstairs. Now that her business was concluded, Aela sat on the step next to a dejected looking Sotek.

    “Are you angry with me?” 


    Sotek playfully growled then gave her a smile.

    “No, the Jarl thought it was funny. I think we won him over but time will tell”.  


    An hour later Aela pulled Sotek up then dragged him out the front door. “Come on let’s give Fang a five minute walk”.  


    After they walked him around for the five minutes or so, Vilkas opened the door and called out to them.

    “Hey Aela”. She looked over to him and nodded then she picked up Fang and headed back.  


    “Looks like we’re wanted”. She stated, summoning Sotek to her side. Instead of entering Jorrvaskr though, she went around the back. Sotek followed but he couldn’t help wonder what she was doing.


    As they headed around to the training yard, Vilkas took Fang from her and carried him off but Fang wasn’t happy and tried to bite him on the hand.

    “Oi stop it you bloody thing” Vilkas cursed.  


    Aela couldn’t help but laugh as she watched him struggle. When they got around the back, one of the small tables had a cloth over it and three lighted candles were lit. Two plates were set out with the meat they bought from the market; each piece was cooked and plated out with hot potatoes and carrots. Two flasks of wine were set out with the bottle in a bucket of ice and snow. 

    “I arranged it to say thank you for putting up with me and for pushing everyone to accept Fang. I really appreciate that, thank you”. Then she gave him a kiss as they sat down.  


    Once they finished their meal, they both laid back on the wooden floor. Aela cuddled up to him as they watched the evening sky. Sotek gave Aela a kiss then held her tight.

    “Thanks, you didn’t have to do that”.  


    “Oh I didn’t, Tilma cooked it, but I needed to do something. I’m not the easiest one to contend with”. Gradually one by one they saw the stars come out. Every time a new star would appear one of them would point to it.  


    That night when they were in bed, Aela gently caressed Sotek’s hands for a few seconds then she pulled him on top of her as she started kissing him. After a minute or so of them both cuddling, Sotek suddenly broke off a long kiss then groaned.   


    “What’s up?” Aela asked. She couldn’t mistake the gruff hiss from Sotek. “Are you ok? I thought you wanted me”.  


    He glanced down at her sternly then holding himself up with one arm, he reached over and pulled up his tail. Fang was biting the tip of it; hanging on for dear life by his fangs. Aela instantly burst out laughing to the point where she had to roll over and hold her sides from the pain in her stomach.   


    Sotek pulled Fang off the placed him on the floor. Straight away Fang growled but Sotek growled back louder and with a lot more ferocity causing Fang to whine.   


    “Aww your scaring him you bully. Get off”. Aela stated as she shoved him out of the way. The Huntress picked up Fang and laid him down on her chest. The cub whined at Sotek who turned to face him. He rubbed Fangs head then the whining turned into yapping as he played with Sotek’s fingers.  


    Aela gave a sigh and resigned herself to the fact that their passion was now on hold.

    “Maybe tomorrow night; yes tomorrow night. I‘m all yours; I’ll make it special for you”. Then she moved Fang to her side and cuddled around him while Sotek cuddled around her. 




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