U.O.T.W. Chapter 181 Heart of Ice


    Sotek and the Whelp stepped outside to see Aela come storming towards them both. She shoved Sotek hard in the chest sending him into the doors with a loud crash.

    “Its times like this that I can really hate you, you bloody moron”.


    She then turned on the Whelp, displaying her typical hostile attitude as she shouted at her.



    “N-n-nothing”. The Whelp murmured back to Aela then she practically ran towards the main gate where she waited for them to catch up.


    Aela watched the Whelp head down the pathway with hateful eyes. She turned to Sotek and almost shouted at him as she tried to apologize. Her anger and frustration was too much for her to handle and she miserably failed to offer any suitable expression of guilt over her actions.

    “I’m bloody sorry but god damn it Sotek; you know what I’m like so don’t go asking for an apology! I’m sorry; there I said it and you got one, now shut the fuck up”.


    He reached out and pulled her close to him then he proceeded to stroke her hair with his clawed fingers.


    She looked up pitifully then thudded her head into his chest.

    “Hold me; I need a hug”.


    Sotek smiled at her. He held her tight against him and gently rocked the she-wolf side to side.

    “You need a kill. That’s what you need. A good hunt and burn off some of this pent up energy. I’ll fix it; you just leave it to me”.


    Aela rested the side of her face against him so she could fiercely scowl at the doors of Jorrvaskr.

    “That bastard knew what we were planning. I hate this. I’m... argh. I’m so bloody emotional. Look at me! I’m crying damn it all! I’m a bloody mess”.


    Sotek softly chuckled and wiped a tear from her face. He tiled her head back and pecked her on the forehead.

    “You’re not crying, you’re frustrated. You’ve all that trapped unspent energy inside you. I can feel it; you’re shaking with raw power. Breathe; take deep breaths, come on”.


    Aela closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, thereby regaining control once more. She seemed more level headed but Sotek knew it was only a thin layer of will preventing her from going into meltdown.

    “Aela, if you could have one thing. Just one thing above all else, what would it be?”


    “That’s easy”. Aela replied. She spoke calmly but her eyes were tightly shut.

    “Us two having complete freedom to go hunting as Red and Scarface out on the plains at will. Hell I wouldn’t care if it was just deer and wolves we were allowed to hunt. Red can live without the taste of human flesh; if that meant we never have to hide who we are”.


    Sotek sighed as he pictured the two werewolves hunting side by side. He wanted to run just as much as Aela did but he would have to wait. The mere presence of the Whelp complicated things.

    “That’s a nice thought but it just isn’t possible”.


    “I know”. Aela said as she flicked her eyes open. She turned around and gazed longingly through the city of Whiterun and pictured an impossible scene. “What if one day we could though? Just for the one day. We step out of Jorrvaskr and change. Right here! Red and Scarface run down the street, through the market and out of the gate. Can you imagine that? One day she will. One day Red will stand on the battlements and howl at the moons”.


    Aela pulled herself away and scowled at herself for being silly. She knew they could never reveal who they really were.

    “Aela you’re a stupid mare. Get over yourself”.


    He gave the she-wolf a reassuring hug then led her along the pathway to where the Whelp was patiently waiting for them.

    “Come on dreamer; let’s get going”.


    Once they got to the gate, Aela was a bit more relaxed than when she first left Jorrvaskr. She called out to the whelp and beckoned her to approach them.

    “Hey, over here. We’ll get the carriage. Come along, hurry up! Sotek; you’re paying!”


    Before he could protest, Aela pushed open the gate and strolled outside, leaving him and the Whelp to catch up.


    Sotek guessed Aela had vaulted over the wall to the left of the gate and dropped down by the battlement archway because she was already on the wagon when they crossed the small bridge.


    They climbed up on the carriage to find Aela laid out on one of the long seats. She looked up seemingly disinterested in their presence and she smugly smiled at them. Bjorlam greeted them warmly in the hope that they spoke more that what Aela had.

    “Hello there! So where are we headed?”


    “She never told you?” Sotek asked. He jestingly tutted then sat by her so she could shuffle towards him and rest her head on his lap. Now that Aela seemed more content, he called out to Bjorlam, informing him of their destination.

    “Dawnstar please”.


    “Dawnstar? I dread to think what needs your attention at this time of night in that place. Very well Dawnstar it is”. With a cheerful cry, he tugged the reins of his horse ‘Chestnut’ and steered the wagon along the main trail.

    Hoping Bjorlam could give them a bit of information, Sotek relayed their planned route to see what the carriage driver had to say.

    “We’re heading to Dawnstar then making our way to Wayward Pass. From there we’re heading south. Not sure from that point to be honest”.


    Getting Bjorlam to talk was easy. All you needed to do was shut up. He would quickly fill the void with the sound of his voice.

    “Go careful there! There’s bandits in that area. They have been charging travelers a toll to use that pass”.


    Aela suddenly became far happier with the news. She lifted her head up and joined in the conversation in an almost jovial mood.

    “Really? How many bandits?”


    “About five I think”. Bjorlam said. He couldn’t be sure so he added an extra one just in case the Companions set out to find them. An exaggeration was easily dealt with. Better they were overestimating the enemy numbers than under.


    Aela laid there unconsciously licking her lips a second time; causing the Whelp to feel even more uncomfortable. Soon, both Aela and Sotek could smell wolves nearby. She sat up then turned around and knelt on the bench, looking out across the landscape. After she cupped her hands around her mouth, she howled out as loudly as she could. Within moments the wolf pack, she and Sotek had sensed, responded. They all raised their heads and howled back at her, joining in with her chorus.


    The carriage driver laughed as he listened to the various wolf howls.

    “They said you had a strong pair of lungs”.


    “Sorry, what?” Aela asked. She swung around and sat upright while she waited for an explanation.


    “I was saying, they said you had a strong pair of lungs. I didn’t realize until now that it was actually you”.


    “Ermm who did? And what was me?” She turned to Sotek but he just shrugged his shoulders and blankly glanced back at her.


    Bjorlam chuckled and began telling his story.

    “One night the guards said about something howling from Jorrvaskr’s hall. They said it sounded like you all were keeping wolves. Well, one wolf. Farkas and Vilkas blamed you of course. We all presumed it was wolves from the east, drinking at the river but now I can hear you for myself… well”.


    Aela’s face went bright red. She almost screamed at the carriage driver.

    “Are you telling me that the guards could hear us when we were screwing?”


    The Imperial Whelp buried her face in the palms of her hands, silently wishing she was back in Jorrvaskr. Bjorlam huffed at Aela then glanced knowingly over his shoulder.

    “Oh please! Half of bloody Whiterun could hear you sometimes; you are nearly as bad as that bloody wolf that stalks the plains”.


    Sotek hollered out as Aela slapped his leg. She openly blamed him for the noise they made when they were intimately involved.

    “That’s your bloody fault. Hang on; what wolf on the plains?”


    Bjorlam almost stopped the cart in surprise. He firmly believed everyone was aware of the creature that stalked the plains.

    “Haven’t you heard it? You must have. Every so often there’s a female wolf that howls its bloody head off in the plains. It frightens all the bloody horses. Mind you it hasn’t been out there for a whole week. It seems to hunt around Greenspring Hollow”.


    Aela sat there looking at Sotek until she realized what wolf the driver was on about. She promptly punched Sotek in the arm.

    “Damn you”.


    “Oww quit it! That bloody hurt”. Sotek hissed in defence.


    He moved away from her but she shuffled along as well, giving him nowhere to run to.

    “It was supposed to. You’re not coming near me ever a bloody gain”.


    The carriage driver turned around and looked at Sotek with a big cheesy grin.

    “Oops! Looks like I’ve blown it for you”.


    Sotek laughed as Aela buried her head into him to hide. He rubbed her back and sniggered to Bjorlam.

    “No chance. It’s rare when she gets embarrassed which is a shame because she’s cute. It shows her softer side. Give it an hour and she’ll be past caring”.


    Aela sat opposite him then lifted her foot up resting it between his legs. She smiled evilly and spoke as threateningly as possible.

    “Cute? You dare call me cute? Keep it up serpent. Go on, I dare you. There will be three bodies buried out there. Even Hirc… the wolves won’t find you”. Just for extra persuasion, she pushed the heel of her boot against Sotek’s groin, warning the reptile to remain silent.


    Sometime later, during a particularly bumpy part of the track, Sotek awoke with a jolt when the carriage wheel hit a large rock. The Argonian’s eyes snapped open to find himself in darkness. Secunda had passed out of sight and dawn was only an hour away. Already feint traces of reds and oranges stared trailing out from where the sun would break the horizon.


    Aela was fast asleep with her head in his lap. She had a single fur covering her lower back and legs while the Whelp had three furs almost wrapped around her like a furry cocoon. When Sotek rested his hand on Aela’s back he could feel how cold she was. Her bare skin was like ice yet when he tried to pull the fur up to cover her, she stirred in her sleep and pulled the fur off her back. She hardly settled down when her leg started fighting the fur until her foot managed to kick the offending cover off completely.


    Just as the sun was breaking, Aela woke up. She stretched out and groaned wolfishly almost like she was howling.

    “Where are we?” She asked as she looked around for any noticeable landmarks which she might recognize.


    Sotek shrugged in response but then he started chuckling.

    “We’re on the back of a wagon. Don’t you remember?”


    Aela groaned and buried her face in her hands. She peered through her fingers and spoke.

    “I remember I’m traveling with a moron”.


    Bjorlam provided Aela with a far better answer. He pointed ahead and called out over his shoulder to her.

    “Dawnstar's about fifteen minutes away. Will you three want me to hang around?”


    “What three?” She glanced at the other bench where the Whelp was still sleeping and winced. “Scratch that. I’m traveling with two morons. We’ll be making our own way back. Time to wake sleeping beauty I suppose”.


    “I’ll wake her” Sotek stated in the hope of Aela staying in a semi decent mood.


    She waved her finger at him, telling him to stay where he was.

    “No, I’ll do it”.


    She stood next to the sleeping Whelp and held onto the girl’s hip and shoulder. Aela cruelly rolled the unfortunate Whelp towards her but instead of stopping her, Aela backed away, leaving the Whelp to fall on the carriage floor.


    She screamed out as she crashed to the floor and awoke with a start. Her hair was messy and she seemed to be in a daze. Aela looked down at her and smiled.

    “Oh, you’re awake. We’re nearly there; I thought you should know”.


    The Whelp pulled herself up and gingerly looked around to take in her surroundings. She hadn’t traveled this far north before and the coldness of the Skyrim mountains bit at her exposed skin. She looked at Aela who was wearing far less than her and frowned. Nords were tough. They were used to the cold. She then glanced at Sotek who didn’t even notice the cold wind. She wondered what his secret was; as far as she was concerned it was cold enough to freeze the tail off an Argonian; unless the Argonian in question was Sotek.


    The carriage stopped just outside Dawnstar, allowing the three Companions to disembark. Once Bjorlam was paid he said his farewells and headed back to Whiterun. He would be there by late afternoon in time to fill his belly with mead and ale. He licked his lips at the thought of a large double helping of Bannered Mare stew and dumplings.


    Sotek weighed his pouch in his hand while he thought about the road ahead. An idea occurred to him, giving him cause to attain more money. Aela never spent much gold. Her needs were simple. Simple in essence but near impossible at times to integrate into their lives.

    “Aela, how much gold do you have?”


    She checked her bag while keeping a beady eye on him.

    “Around two hundred I think. Why? What you up to?”


    “Everyone thinks I’m up to something. I don’t think that’s fair”. He rolled his eyes jestingly then moved towards her with his hand held out in front of him. “Hand it over; I wish to borrow it. All of it”.


    She threw him the bag and waited for an explanation. When none came forth, she promptly asked for one.

    “Ok. Why do you need it?”


    “To pay some bandits of course”. Sotek calmly replied.


    Her face said it all; that was the last thing she expected to hear.

    “Pardon? We don’t pay bandits!”


    “Oh we do, don’t we?” He nudged the Whelp who had no idea what was going on.


    “Ermm yes, we do?” She replied. She seemed clueless and she felt trapped between the two Companions as they played one of their mind games. She became entranced in Aela’s cold hard glaring stare and retracted her statement.

    “Ermm, no we don’t”.


    Avoiding Dawnstar altogether, Sotek made his way to an old trail and began the journey towards the east. The Whelp looked longingly at the Dawnstar inn and silently wished for a hot meal. To her the trail looked bleak and cold.


    Aela looked up at the sky and asked about their food situation; involuntarily raising the Whelps hopes of taking shelter from the cold.

    “It’s a clear sky today; cold but dry. Sotek? Aren’t we going to eat at the inn? Or are you hoping to camp out?”


    Sotek watched the Whelp’s face turn into a frown as he spoke.

    “We are doing neither but heading straight for the pass. I’ve got a plan and we’re running out of time. I wanted to get there before sun up but alas that’s not the case. Sorry, I know you both are hungry. We have to move, let’s go”.


    Right from the offset he set a fast pace. Aela kept up with him easily but the Whelp had some trouble with the mountain trail. Aela found herself having to goad the Whelp into moving.

    “Come on, keep up damn it”.


    “Aela go easy on her. Relax will you”. Sotek stated as he watched her hound the Imperial girl. He could see she was trying to go at their pace but she found the terrain difficult.


    “You go and relax slug! Tell her to shift it or else I’ll start lashing out”. While Aela snarled in her usual way, she kicked out at a stone and sent it rolling over a bank to disappear in a small snowdrift.


    Sotek huffed to himself, taking care that Aela never heard him. He looked back and saw the Whelp falling even further behind. Up ahead were a small copse of trees which he decided to use as a resting point. First though, was the fact of keeping the Whelp alive long enough to reach it.

    “You’re not hitting her”.


    Aela strode up to Sotek and lifted the back of her hand to his face threateningly.

    “I’d rather hit you. Get her to speed up. Drag her by the hair if you have to!”


    Sotek blanked her brazen attitude and carried on walking. He slowed down his pace somewhat although an urgency was picking at the back of his mind.

    “How far is the pass?”


    “It’s about half hour’s walk. Or two hours at her pace”. Aela once again scowled at the Whelp then sped up, passing Sotek at such a speed that she almost threatened to leave them both behind.


    By now they had reached the trees where Sotek intended to give the Whelp some welcome respite. He called Aela back and pulled off his pack, forcing the group to stop. He knew why Aela was being the bitch she was as he felt the same frustrations and torment.

    “We’ll rest here and take a fifteen minute break”.


    He then set about gathering some wood for a small fire where the Whelp could warm herself. He initially contemplated hunting a few rabbits but with Aela and her present mind state he guessed it would all too easily get out of hand. Instead, he pulled out a few apples from his pack and pierced them with some arrows and promptly held them near the flames.


    The Whelp caught up with them just in time to see Sotek cooking the apples. She looked on with disgust until the Argonian explained their situation.

    “We’ve nothing else yet. Hot apples aren’t great but they will fill you up and give you a warm tummy. It’s better than nothing”.


    The Whelp sat down and accepted the meager meal. It wasn’t to her taste but as Sotek said the fact that it was warm wasn’t something she could ignore.


    Aela’s mood however was even worse. The Huntress slammed down some wood in the fire sending hot ash flying in all directions.


    Sotek leaned back and turned his head away to avoid the flakes of debris before commenting on Aela’s actions.

    “You’re scaring the Whelp”.


    Aela snapped straight back. Her voice was full of hostility and malcontent for the unfortunate Whelp.

    “Tough!” She then glared at the Whelp who just sat there watching quietly. “Get the hell used to it”.


    Sotek sadly shook his head at her then gave the Whelp a wink as a way of letting her know she wasn’t alone. He turned back to Aela as another piece of wood was thrown rather forcibly into the fire.

    “Ok, forget the Whelp. Aela, you’re scaring me”.


    Aela looked at him then started laughing.

    “Tough, you should be used to it”.


    She paused for a few moments and stared at the dancing flames of the fire. Her mind drifted to earlier simpler times. Snapping back to reality, she sat next to the Whelp and gazed into the fire once more as she spoke.

    “Look, it’s not you ok. You didn’t ask to be here. We didn’t ask for you so don’t have a go at me for this. Why can’t I just apologize without it becoming a clash of wills?”


    Sotek smiled back at her and spoke softly, helping the Huntress to gain control of her emotions.

    “Deep breath and start again. Don’t try and defend yourself, you don’t need to do that”.


    Aela looked at him and studied his face, his features. He was right which just rattled her even more. Taking a deep breath, Aela prepared to apologize a second time.

    “It’s just we were hoping to be able to ermm Sotek?”


    “Do you both want me to head back to Dawnstar and wait for you both there? I don’t mind, I won’t tell the Harbinger”. The Whelp said, trying to ease the whole situation.


    Sotek smiled at her and shook his head. He refused to even discuss the suggestion as an option despite knowing it would solve their problems.

    “No it’s fine, honest. Aela will calm down soon enough”.


    Aela snapped at him again. She felt so trapped and penned in that she could have screamed.

    “Will I now and how is that going to happen?”


    The Argonian took a gulp of water from his flask before answering her. He seemed so sure of himself that it unintentionally infuriated her even more.

    “Just trust me; I have a plan”.


    “You bloody better have”. Aela got back up and prepared to move off. As far as she was concerned things were bad enough without needlessly wasting time by a campfire.


    Now that the Whelp was feeling warmer and everyone was fed to the point that mutiny was no longer a cause for concern, the pack resumed their journey towards the pass. Sotek set a moderate pace although he still had a sense of urgency in his steps.


    An hour later they arrived at their destination. The pass could be seen ahead of them but instead of proceeding towards it, Sotek once again brought the pack to a stop.

    “Right let’s make a small fire here”. He began collecting some wood from the nearby trees and cast his Flame Spurt spell on the timber to ignite it. Aela protested at the stop but he simply blanked her and carried on.


     Once he made the fire he built it up then proceeded to give Aela her orders.

    “Aela, I need you to stop here for twenty minutes before you follow us through”.


    Aela looked stunned by the request. She looked blankly at the Whelp then almost screeched at Sotek.

    “What? I’m not staying here you fucking prick!”


    Sotek however was adamant. He pointed at the fire and insisted on her total obedience, giving Aela no opportunity to rebel.

    “Oh yes you bloody well are. You damn well stay here for twenty minutes and not one minute earlier. Within the hour you’ll be apologizing to the pair of us and you’ll happily say sorry for all the swearing you’ve been doing. You mark my words!”


    “Like hell I will. Fuck you both”. Aela then dejectedly sat by the fire and watched in silence as the two Companions headed off towards the pass.


    Sotek and the Whelp carried on through the pass which was a large open fissure in the mountains. When they neared the half way mark Sotek noticed the signs of a small camp where large slabs of rock formed an overhang. He motioned to the Whelp to stop then he went off ahead, scouting out the terrain.


    Within ten minutes he returned to where the Whelp was waiting. He drew out four arrows and stuck them into the snow, forming a visible line then they proceeded up the pass towards the bandit’s lair.


    The bandits quickly spotted the two strangers as they made their way through the pass. One bandit, a Nord girl with red hair approached them. She seemed to be in her late twenties and her skin was weathered from their rough living style. She drew a hunting bow and pulled out an arrow from her quiver but she left the arrow undrawn as she headed to the middle of the pass, blocking their way.

    “Travelers; there is a toll to use this pass. One hundred gold will ensue your safety from trolls and ice wraiths”.


    Sotek seemed completely unfazed. His stride seemed almost lazy as he walked towards her. He didn’t even bother resting his hands on his axes so he could quickly draw them if he needed to. Instead, he thanked the bandit girl for her offer of protection.

    “One hundred gold for our safe passage? Well that seems reasonable”.


    She pointed at Sotek as she talked to the Imperial Whelp. She picked the Whelp as she seemed nervous; an easy target.

    “Argonians in these parts are rare. Watch they don’t become rarer”.


    Sotek calmly whispered to the Whelp reassuring her by letting her know despite appearances he was in control.

    “Stay calm, we’ve not came across anything we can’t handle. Keep calm”.


    He then approached the red headed girl and spoke.

    “And who are you?”


    “Me? I’m known as Red. The Silverhand themselves have put out a bounty of five thousand gold for my head alone. Now, meet my brothers”.


    Three bandits started walking over to where the Whelp was standing. Her eyes opened wide as panic started filling her gut. Each one of the men looked just as tough as Farkas and just as large.


    Sotek called out to them, drawing them towards him rather than the Whelp.

    “I hear that Red here wants a toll from us to use this pass. Is that correct?”


    One bandit walked up to Red and held her waist. Sotek guessed ‘brothers’ was a loose term. The way the three men acted around the redhead was as if they all had stakes to her. Sotek presumed it was a marriage of convenience. She serviced them and they gave her power through their combined strength. The bandit called out as he pulled the girls head around so he could kiss her. Then he eyed up Sotek’s armor in preparation for a fight.

    “Yes it is; so pay up or Red will kill you. That’s fancy armor you have there. I’d hate to get it all bloody!”


    Sotek shook his head, as he did so he noticed the Whelp was scared, but she still had the mind set to rest her hand on her sword.


    “There’s no need for blood; I assure you”. Sotek said in a dark, sly voice. “At least not yet!”


    “What the hell does that supposed to mean?” The redheaded girl asked. She watched him carefully lest he suddenly attacked.


    Sotek reached for his money bag and threw it at the girl who called herself ‘Red’.

    “Simple. I have a proposition for you. There’s well over two hundred golden septims in that pouch; closer to four hundred actually. A few minutes behind us is a girl. She’s traveling by herself; an easy target for the likes of you four. You can’t mistake her; she has auburn hair and three lines painted across her face”.


    “What about her?” One of the Bandits asked.


    Sotek smiled back at him and coldly replied.

    “What I want is for you to kill her. I want you to call out to her when you see her, tell her who you are, then kill the bitch. Cut her good and when I come back in about three hours I want to see her head on that rock”. As he spoke he pointed to a large rock near their camp. “No arrows though. I want her to be able to see right in your eyes when you kill the bitch”.


    One bandit looked at him oddly as if he didn’t understand.

    “You want us to scare her? Why?”


    Sotek laughed at him and spoke to the Whelp.

    “I always end up dealing with idiots. At what point did I say scare her. Listen you incompetent fool, I want you to call out to her, tell her who you are then kill the bitch. It’s that bloody simple. You shout out your name, ‘Red’, the one the Silverhand are after then you kill her with your daggers. It’s as simple as that”.


    The girl waved her hand, telling the three men to back down. They moved away from Sotek and the Whelp but the Nord girl still wasn’t satisfied. Sotek could understand why. It wasn’t often a request such as his came up.

    “Who is she?” The girl asked.


    “Oh she’s my mate, her names Aela. Oh yes, another thing. Glad I remembered this. Tell her I paid you to kill her. It’s important she knows that. I need her to understand. She will, she’ll understand”. Giving no further explanation, he forcibly took the Whelp by the arm and dragged her off through the pass.


    The Whelp was terrified. She stared back over her shoulder at the pass and envisioned Aela being brutally attacked without mercy. The three men seemed overly excited at the prospect of meeting the lonely girl who would unwittingly fall into their hands.


    The Whelp pleaded with Sotek and tried pulling her hand away. Sotek held on tighter although he tried to do so in a way that he wouldn’t hurt her. She began yelling until he threw her to the ground and brought to her attention just how vulnerable she was.

    “If you don’t shut up for one second I’ll leave you here. Go on, go back through the pass and see what happens to you. You’re a single girl by herself. They won’t just kill you they’ll rape you to death. Is that what you want? You come with me and shut up or you go back the way we came. Your choice”.


    He left her on the ground. She didn’t know what to do so she done the only thing she could. She silently followed Sotek, praying for deliverance from the eights or anyone else who would answer.


    Five minutes later Sotek stopped again. He gathered up a few pieces of wood from the nearby trees and set a fire near the entrance of a cave.

    “We’ll wait here for a bit. There’s wolves in these caves. Don’t go wandering off”.


    The Whelp stood there petrified. She moved to the fire but she positioned herself so the fire was between them. As she sat there she held the hilt of her sword tightly.

    “You paid them to kill her, oh gods… Oh by the Eights help me”.


    Sotek sympathetically laughed at her and tried to calm her down.

    “Oh stop worrying; I’m not going to hurt you. I’m sorry for shouting back there but we had to move. Let’s go clear out these wolves. We could do with the skins”.


    The Whelp moved around the fire when Sotek walked past her. She drew her sword for protection and stayed several feet behind him as they approached the cave.




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    Poor whelp. You know, one day Sotek is going to get bitten in the arse for not explaining himself. I understand why he did it, but he does come across as a bit dickish in this chapter. That's okay though, nobody should be perfect in every chapter. How com...  more
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    Aela pulled herself away and scowled (at) herself for being silly.

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