U.O.T.W. Chapter 178 Dragon Scales


    Even before Sotek and Aela reached the Warmaidens they were greeted warmly by Adrianne. She was leaning against one of the porch roof supports where she would often watch the hustle and bustle of the city’s market.

    “So this is it”. She said as she happened to notice the bundle of scales and bones the two Companions were carrying between them. “The time has finally arrived to make use of all that Dragonscale. Better late than never I suppose. I’ll leave my door unlocked as promised and you have the full use of my forge. Lay your bedrolls out on the floor in the corner of the shop”.


    Aela peeked through the open doorway of the shop. She felt genuine concern the affect that would have on Adrianne’s business.

    “Won’t that disrupt your sales though?”


    “Oh don’t worry; everyone can put up with it for a few days”. Adrianne stated as she made her way around the tanning rack on her way to the forge.


    Sotek gave her an odd discerning look. He was afraid for his project; he could see the use of the Warmaiden’s forge being taken away from him due to Adrianne’s estimation on the time he needed to borrow it was out by several days.

    “I’m afraid it will take about a week. Is this going to be a problem for you? If so I can always plague Eorlund”.


    Adrianne chuckled as she beckoned him to follow her. He turned the corner of her shop where the grinding wheel, Tanning Rack and workbench were just in time to hear her reply.

    “No week Sotek; you have three days tops”.


    He didn’t want to argue with her for he felt it disrespectful especially after all the time she invested in him. It was her after all who first showed him how to work Skyrim’s forges.

    “Adrianne, with all due respect; there is no way I can have this done in three days. It takes two days alone to soften up all the scales. I’ll have a few hours working them. I can only work on a few at a time. Add to that the fact that if the scales are submerged too long then they become unusable”.


    “Three days Sotek. Stop arguing; it doesn’t become you. Have a look at this”. She took them out to the back of her shop and showed them what she had in mind. There sitting by the smelter was an old water trough. “I’ve segmented it off into parts; you can rest it over the forge and fill each section with water then, in… say two hour intervals, place some scales in each section. Once you’ve worked one section then the other should be just about ready so in three days you should be finished. See?”


    Sotek only needed one look at the trough to know the idea would work. He sighed dejectedly as he examined it.

    “I wish I had thought of that”.


    “Oh but you did, only you had two on the go. There was the one here and the one at the Skyforge where your tail kept getting under Eorlund’s feet”. Adrianne found herself studying the Argonian’s features. One thing she didn’t like about him was how hard he was on himself for his failures. When he messed up, which was often, no one punished him more than he did himself. “It’s no good looking like that! Anyway, this way you only need to be here; however you won’t get much sleep”.


    Sotek grinned back at her, breaking the dank mood he found himself slipping into.

    “That’s fine; I’m not here to sleep anyway”.


    Working together, the two Companions placed the trough along the back of the forge where Sotek could keep an eye on the scales and bones as they boiled. Aela started filling up the sections with water from the stream which ran under the small bridge by the main gate while Sotek prepared the leather straps which he would need to make the armor.


    Throughout the day they added more scales and bones to the sections in the trough in regular two hourly intervals. While Aela played her part as his assistant, Sotek began working the scales. Slowly, over the course of the day, the armor began taking shape.


    By late evening, Lydia, who happened to be on guard duty entered the blacksmiths and pulled out a chair by the counter. She sat herself down and rested her sword by her side and so began her watch over the shops wares. Sotek became curious and asked her about her purpose there.

    “I’ve been ordered to keep an eye out on the shop”. She wearily replied. “In case the Thieves Guild gets any ideas of paying Whiterun a visit”.


    Sotek looked at her oddly as he thought they were way out of Riften’s way.

    “Thieves Guild? I thought they were at Riften. They won’t come here”.


    “Oh that’s where they are based. We know they are in the Ratway somewhere. Don’t be so easily fooled though; they can strike anywhere”.


    At that point Aela entered the shop. She peered into the dingy shop where Lydia was and spoke.

    “I heard voices. What’s going on? Oh... it’s you; the apple eater!”


    “Apple eater?” Lydia said. “I was just informing Sotek about the Thieves Guild”.


    “Scum every one of them”. Aela openly declared. “No honour at all, just rouges and pickpockets that’s all they are; if they show up here we’ll hang them”.


    Sotek weary smiled and approached her after he gave Lydia a sly wink.

    So, my Huntress; all pickpockets and the like should be hung should they?


    Aela answered adamantly and without thinking, she blurted out her response, falling head first into Sotek’s trap.

     “Yep. With neither remorse or mercy”.


    Sotek leaned in to her and gently slid a clawed finger across Aela’s throat.

    Well you better hang yourself then because I clearly remember us creeping around Whiterun pick pocketing the guards”.


    Aela instinctively gulped. She felt some regret over her actions when she was all so easily caught up in Sotek’s renegade behaviour. She delivered her own verdict on their actions and Sotek promptly fell to his hands and knees as Aela kneed him hard in the groin. The Guard was about to move towards him to offer aid but the glaring look from Aela caused Lydia to rethink her actions.

    “Is he going to be alright?” Lydia asked from the safety of her chair. All the guards knew of Aela’s temperament and the female guard didn’t want to cross swords with her.


    Aela smiled back at Lydia as she patted Sotek on the head.

    “Oh don’t worry; I’ll take good care of him. Oh, Lydia? There’s no need to report this minor incident. Do I make myself clear?”


    At that moment Irileth was on her rounds checking the guards stationed around Whiterun’s battlements and defences. She just passed the shop to see Sotek on his hands and knees. If Sotek thought she would come to his aid, then he was mistaken. She took one look at Aela and grinned.

    “Don’t look at me I’m not even here”. Then she walked off smiling to herself.


    Leaving Lydia to watch the shop, Aela dragged Sotek up to his feet and led him back to the forge where they were supposed to be working. She chuckled at her mate who was clearly exaggerating the pain he was in.

    “You’re such a wussy, what the hell is up with you?”


    The Argonian sneered back in response to Aela’s goading.

    “I’m in love with a psycho, that’s what”.


    “Well that was your choice”. She flatly replied. “Come on, the scales are nearly ready. That’s the last time I let you lead me down the wrong path. I had honour before I got mixed up with you”.


    “You still have”. Sotek stated. He gave her a quick look over, wondering about what honor she thought she had lost.


    Aela quickly and rhetorically listed all her lost honor.

    “No I don’t. Vilkas and Farkas along with half the Whelps think I’m a psycho sex maniac. I’ve broken into the Harbingers room and unlawfully picked the locks to his strong box. I’ve pick pocketed half the guards around here and stole crap from them. And because of you, I’ve got a name for destroying things in Jorrvaskr. So tell me what honour do I have left?”


    “Well it’s not my fault you’re easy to influence”. Sotek said as he backed away, laughing with every step he took.


    Aela strolled towards him with a wolfish grin on her face. She licked her lips, her mouth almost salivating as she remembered the taste of his blood as she walked ever closer to him. Sotek defensively covered his groin with his hands to protect himself. The she-wolf, undeterred by such an action, slapped him lightly across the face as she told him off.

    “Quit it and work the scales; moron”.


    He picked up the hammer and glanced over his shoulder at her. She had her back to him as she turned around to smile at Lydia who stuck her head outside the shop.


    Sotek pretended to hit Aela on the top of her head with the hammer but Lydia saw him and instantly laughed causing Aela to spin around and catch him in the act. She reached out and grabbed him by the nose, holding it tightly as she talked.

    “You dare even think about it and I will kill you. Scales; work them”.


    “Oowww by dose yu hav by dose”. Sotek’s eyes started watering, but to his dismay and despite his protests, Aela refused to let him go. While she was still smiling at Lydia, the Huntress slapped the top of her hand, pulling sharply on Sotek’s nose; causing him to cry out.


    With the sympathy of an ice queen, she shoved him towards the forge and gave him his orders.

    “Now get on with it before I get angry”.


    Sotek muttered to himself, hardly daring to look back at his mate.

    “Slaves in Morrowind get better treatment than this. Didn’t the Imperials outlaw slavery in Skyrim?” He then looked at Aela glaring at him so he shut up and got on with the work.


    During the early afternoon on the third day, Adrianne inspected several pieces of Dragonscale Armor which were on the brink of being fixed together. With an air of curiosity she picked up one of the parts and scrutinized it. The quality of the piece was exceptional, the sandy coloring of the smooth scaled section was exquisite to say the least but for the life of her she couldn’t understand what part it belonged to.


    While Sotek was working on some leather straps, Adrianne held it against Sotek’s side to see if she could get it to fit his body. He sharply turned his head around and hissed at her.

    “What are you doing? Hsss”.


    The blacksmith retorted him for his snaky reply as well as giving him a stern warning.

    “Don’t hiss at me Sotek. I’ll burn that forked tongue of yours. This will never fit you. What part is this for anyhow?”


    Aela walked up to her and commented on the argument she already had with Sotek about it.

    “That’s what I said but he’s happy with it. Personally I don’t get it either”.


    Sotek sighed at the pair of them and took it back, snatching it out of Adrianne’s hand.

    “It’s part of the waist; I told you that”.


    Adrianne tutted at him and happily forced her opinion on him.

    “But it doesn’t fit. It’s wrong isn’t it?”


    “You two have no faith”. The Argonian snapped back at them, in the hope of shutting the two girls up. “Trust me; Eorlund and I have been working on the design and it’s fine. Aela, you touch one more thing and I’ll take your hand”.


    “Yes, in the shape of a fist”. Ignoring Sotek altogether, Aela picked up two pieces and tried to join them together. “I think he’s flunked it and he can’t back out. Look this was no guarantee anyway was it? Admit you messed up and we’ll try again”.


    Torn between frustration and aggravation, Sotek tossed the hammer to the ground and snatched a bag of gold which was by the pieces of Armor. He grabbed Aela by the hand and shoved the bag of coins in it before closing her fingers around the pouch. Shoving her away from him, he pointed along the street towards the market.

    “I’ve already restarted again; twice. Look that piece is fine, honest. I’ve had it with you two. Aela, get your ass up to the Skyforge and tell Eorlund I’m ready for him then the pair of you go to the Inn. Adrianne, don’t let Aela get drunk. I’ll need her in a few hours”.


    Aela threw the pouch up in the air then snatched it as it fell down. With a beaming smile she nudged Adrianne in the ribs with her elbow.

    “Booze money, let’s go”. She then promptly pulled Adrianne to the inn.


    Sotek called over to her but she was already working her way through the market.

    “Get Eorlund first thank you”.


    She ignored him until she was at the inn door before she shouted back for all she was worth.



    Aela then proceeded to holler for Eorlund, yelling at the top of her voice.

    “Eorlund, Eorlund!!!”


    A few minutes later a rather angry, hot under the collar blacksmith by the name of Eorlund arrived in the Plains district with the intentions of putting Aela over his knee. Or rather he wanted to. Instead, he confined his actions to mild curses.

    “Was that you yelling Aela? No bloody wonder everyone can hear you in the Undercroft. What the hell are you shouting about?”


    Aela narrowed her eyes and almost exploded with sarcasm.

    “I wasn’t shouting ‘Aela’ I was shouting ‘Eorlund’. Don’t you know the difference? One’s a girl and the other’s an ape!”


    “Sarcastic mare! You might be a girl...” Eorlund said as he headed down the pathway towards the Warmaidens. “But you are certainly no lady”.


    Aela glared at him as he walked away. She bolted through the market and snatched a tomato from Carlotta’s stall then, without paying, she ran back to the Inn doorway. Three seconds later the tomato exploded as it thudded into the back of Eorlund’s head. He yelled out and span around but there was no sign of Aela at all. By now she was at the bar ordering two drinks for her and a sniggering Adrianne.


    He just shook his head and wiped away the tomato before resuming his journey to the Warmaidens forge where Sotek was still working on some scales.


    The workbench had several pieces of Dragon Scale armor laid out on it. Alongside them were odd pieces yet to be attached to their corresponding armor sections. Eorlund picked up one such piece and admired the workmanship, easily noting what set and part the piece belonged to.

    “Wow, it’s so much lighter that your steel. Is that the other one?” He was so taken aback by the armor that he forgot all about the tomato in his hair. With no delay he set to work aiding Sotek in the final few pieces.


    “Yess that’s ready. She doesn’t know what it is yet. I hope she likes it”.


    One particular piece caught Eorlund’s eye. He lifted it up and examined the small waist band. After looking back at Sotek, he couldn’t help but comment on it.

    “This is a bit skimpy isn’t it? Her armor won’t leave much to the imagination. It’s barely armor at all”.


    Sotek nodded back at him and glanced at the armor Eorlund was looking at.

    “We all know what Aela’s like; she’s no ‘girl’ Eorlund. You know what she is; that one’s a wolf in human form. Red’s always there; I’ve watched her you know; out there on the plains. Sometimes, when she thinks I’m sleeping, she runs off, bare foot and barely clothed; bow in hand. Arrows in-between her teeth. She isn’t like it because she’s sleazy or cheap or anything like that. When she feel the wind on her skin; the rain on her back, or the sun on her face; she’s alive. Aela’s a force of nature. Aela’s the plains; wild and untamed. I’ll not smother her in cloth and choke such a creature”.


    Eorlund looked across the market to the Bannered Mare and thought deeply before speaking.

    “You know her so well. You know the Ancient Nordic Armor she wears?”


    Sotek nodded back at him. He knew the armor as Aela wore it all the time except when she was in one of his shirts.

    “Yes. What about it?”


    “It’s been cut up”. Eorlund said, raising some surprise in Sotek’s face. “She had me cut off the hip flaps, trim the back. It was supposed to be fully covered; the back. She made me cut it out and add straps. Both the sides of the torso have been removed; she did that. I had to reshape it as it hardly covered her. Terrible that one when she’s let loose with a knife. I bet she won’t mind this at all. She’ll have no trouble moving in it. It might raise a few eyebrows though”.


    “Don’t care as long as Aela’s comfortable in it”. Sotek stated, laying the conversation to rest.


    Eorlund put it back on the workbench and switched his attention to what Sotek was currently working on.

    “What do you have to do now?”


    Sotek smiled back at him as he finished off the last finishing touches to the weapon he was forging.

    “Now I just have to finish off my axes then let them cool down”.


    “Well that’s easy”. Eorlund said. “We’ll just drop them in the stream. The cold water will help temper them”. He helped Sotek finish the weapons then about an hour later everything was ready. They took the armor back to Jorrvaskr, collecting Aela and Adrianne as they went. Fortunately Aela wasn’t completely drunk but she had a few tankards which just made her more relaxed and compliant to Sotek’s requests.


    Once they arrived at Jorrvaskr, Adrianne and Eorlund waited in the training yard with the Harbinger, Tilma and everyone else while Aela and Sotek headed inside the hall with all the armor carried between them.


    Once inside, Sotek separated out the armor into two piles while Aela sat on the step and watched him with interest. She still couldn’t see how it all fitted together and a few pieces seemed ‘girly’ which made her chuckle.


    Sotek walked up to her and extended his hand, offering it to help her to her feet.

    “I need you to do something”. He asked as he noticed her rosy cheeks.


    “Yes? What is it?” She felt a bit light headed but she knew it would quickly pass. What she wasn’t expecting was to hear Sotek’s next words.




    “I beg your pardon?” She looked at his face and saw he wasn’t joking.


    Sotek pointed to one of the armor piles and repeated himself.

    “I need you to strip off without question and keep your eyes closed. I’ll help you get dressed”.


    “Piss off, you perv”. Aela said as she laughed. She wasn’t sure what Sotek was up. Nor could she tell if he was joking or even being serious.


    “I mean it”. Sotek stated with all the authority he could muster at the time. “I need you to trust me. You do trust me Aela; don’t you?”


    Due to the way he had asked she found herself agreeing. With a shake of her hips she freed the rope around her waist, allowing her trousers to fall on the floor.

    “Ok but I’m warning you! You misbehave or else”.


    “Ermm shouldn’t that be ‘behave’ or else?” Sotek asked with a smirking grin on his face.


    “Whatever!!” Aela said. “Touch me and die”. Then she started stripping off the rest of her clothes.


    Sotek past Aela a few pieces of armor and helped her get the set on before tightening the armor straps so it fitted her properly.

    Once she was ready he began fixing his own armor although he wouldn’t let her look until he was ready.


    He leaned across to Aela and kissed her on the lips. She jumped in surprise and chuckled at him.

    “Hey! I said don’t touch me”. At that moment her eyes opened to see Sotek’s Dragonscale Armour. It covered practically every inch of him except for his tail like a second set of scales.


    Gawping at him, she didn’t look at herself for a few seconds. Once she did though she almost screeched.

    “Bloody hell! No wonder it didn’t look like it would fit you; You made me a full set as well”.


    Sotek stopped Aela in her tracks before she got too carried away with herself. Although she was almost correct, there was one thing she overlooked.

    “You haven’t actually got a full set. I never bothered with the helmets. I can’t see you wearing one and I can’t wear them. How does it feel? Eorlund is a bit concerned it’s too, ermm... revealing?”


    Aela seemed ecstatic with her new set of armor. The fact that it showed off her body more than what most girls would like was completely lost to her. Sotek chuckled as he watched her twist around in her new Dragonscale Armor. Almost swaying, she twisted and turned, bending over and arching her back as she loosened off her joints and pushed the armor’s flexibility to the limits.

    “It’s lighter than my leather but damn it feels good; really easy to move in”. She finally stood right up and rested her hand on her haunches, causing her to snigger.

    “I... I can feel my ass! Aw who cares? How’s yours? It looks as tough as hell”.


    “It’s perfect; almost three times lighter than the Nordic Carved Armor yet it’s supple enough to move fluidly in. As for the toughness, it’s a major improvement”. For emphases, Sotek rapped his armoured knuckle against his shoulder.


    Once they got outside, Farkas took one look at Aela’s armor and grinned from ear to ear.

    “Damn Aela you look hot in that. Hmm... hey Sotek! Can you me a set like that for the maids?”


    “No he bloody can’t you moron”. Feeling somewhat annoyed over her sibling’s comment, Aela held her fist up and threatened him, causing the Harbinger to pull her away by the arm.


    He had intended to reprimand them both but Tilma decided to instead.

    “Aela, calm down. Farkas behave. Sotek... Aela’s armor! What happened? Did you run out of scales?”


    “No I didn’t” Sotek said defensively. “I’ll have you know that armor serves a purpose. Aela will get the benefit from it”.


    “I can’t see how”. Argued Vilkas. “There’s barely anything to it”.


    Aela strolled over towards him almost casually as if she was going for an evening walk. Suddenly she dropped to the ground and spun around, sliding her armoured leg into the back of his knee, swiping his leg out from under him. he fell over onto his back just in time to see Aela jump up on her feet.


    Aela pinned him down by resting her foot on his chest. She then leaned over and smiled at him sarcastically.

    “What you doing down there Vilkas? Sleeping again?”


    Sotek whistled loudly, calling the she-wolf to his side.

    “Heel! I want to try out my axes”.


    The Harbinger looked on in alarm. He turned to the training dummies fearing for their survival.

    “Axes? You made Dragonscale axes?”


    Sotek tied up his old steel armor to a target dummy and shook his head adamantly.

    “No Harbinger. No Dragonscale axes”.


    He stepped back a few feet then with a frightening howl, he charged at the dummy and spun around savagely striking it twice with his axes. Both hits tore through the plate, ripping out chunks of flayed metal leaving gashes in the armor like it was paper.


    Smiling, he looked back at the Harbinger and held up his two one handed Dragonbone Axes.

    “I made them out of Dragonbone not Dragonscale”.


    Aela walked up to Vilkas and prised his two-handed sword away from him. She walked around Sotek and grinned.

    “Let’s see how your armor compares to larger weapons”. With all her strength, she struck Sotek in the back with the blade. It was promptly ripped out from her hands as it bounced off him, but she managed to knock him to his knees.


    In disbelief over Aela’s actions, the Harbinger called out to her, demanding that she stopped her silly behaviour.

    “Aela! What the hell is wrong with you? Give that blade back!”


    Aela tutted and dejectedly handed back the blade even though she could only just about wield it.

    “Oh nothing. I’m just testing his armor. He’s fine, see? Sotek get up; you’re making me look bad”.


    Sotek just sat on the floor staring at her not fully believing she had just hit him with Vilkas’s sword.

    “You’re crazy, you know that?”


    “And your fine so get up on your feet; come on let’s see how fast you can move. We’ll have a quick race. You and me to the main gate and back. We’ll soon see if you can move better in this gear”. Aela moved to the middle of the yard and settled down on one knee, ready to push off and run as fast as she could.


    Sotek sighed and placed his axes on the table. He moved alongside her and adopted a similar pose in preparation of the coming race.

    “Ok. As long as it doesn’t end up with one of us being healed in the temple for five days”.


    Aela stuck out her tongue and flicked half a hand full of dust at him.

    “Very funny I don’t think. Harbinger can you count for us?”


    While Farkas and Vilkas started taking bets on who would win the race, Kodlak moved to the edge of the wooden patio and began counting.

    “Five, four, three…”


    Aela threw a handful of dust into Sotek’s face as she shot off as quick as she could. Expecting such a move, Sotek had his eyes tightly closed. A few seconds later he gave chase.


    Aela thought she had the advantage but Sotek held back deliberately. Once she was committed to running around the wall, Sotek vaulted over it, placing him in the lead.


    “That’s cheating!” She shouted but Sotek wasn’t listening. Having no choice, Aela ran harder, forcing her legs to speed up. She just managed to gain on him as they reached the market which was vital for Aela’s victory.


    In an appalling display of sportsmanship, Aela shoved him in the back just as he was running around the well, nearly sending him rocketing into a stall. This caused him to slow down allowing Aela to take the lead. As she ran along the path, Sotek took to the bank above her and managed to cut out a small corner. He jumped down, forcing Aela to move out of his way, placing himself in front once more.


    As they passed ‘Breezehome’, an empty house which lay between the market and the Warmaidens, Aela slowed down a fraction, giving Sotek a reasonable lead by at least few feet. As he neared the gate, he slowed right down so he could turn around. Aela however speeded up. Running full bore towards him, with the large wooden gate looming towards her at an alarming rate, she grabbed Sotek’s armor at the waist and used his weight to slingshot herself around him. He spun around as she ran in a tight circle and promptly launched herself back along the pathway towards the market like a rocket.


    Sotek managed to keep his balance but he was way behind the Huntress. Sprinting after her, he waited until there was a straight path ahead then he shouted out.



    Thanks to the power of the shout, he shot forwards like a bolt fired from a crossbow. He darted along the pathway, disrupting Aela’s pace completely. By the steps to the Wind District, Aela cried out and fell to her hands and knees. Clutching her ankle, she started cursing loudly, drawing Sotek’s attention.

    “It’s my ankle, I think it’s… ”


    He knelt beside her and began lifting her leg so he could examine her injury.

    “Let’s have a look”.

     As he looked at her foot, she shoved him backwards, sending him sprawling into the small stream which ran down a channel alongside the steps.


    Aela leapt up to her feet and laughed as Sotek flailed about in the water.

    “My ankle! It’s fine!”


    She once again resumed running while Sotek scrambled up to his feet. He ran behind her then shouted a second time. The Whirlwind Sprint thrust him along the ground where he managed to get in front but Aela, not wanting to be outdone, grabbed his tail and held on tightly, slowing him down while he dragged her along.


    She sprinted forwards just as she was at the steps of Jorrvaskr. In desperation, Sotek followed her lead and grabbed hold of her arm. She pulled with all her might but couldn’t break away from him. Moments later they crossed the line but Aela only just managed to cross first as he kept trying to pull her backwards.


    Having secured her victory, Aela cheered ecstatically in front of Sotek.

    “Yes, I won! Damn I’m good. I beat you; I beat you… loser”.


    Sotek laughed at her and cast a quick look at the temple where Danica was watching them.

    “Well at least we didn’t kill each other”.


    The Harbinger clapped his hands jubilantly and congratulated them both; albeit he had a strange choice of words.

    “That was the most appalling display of sportsmanship I have ever had the pleasure to watch”.


    Aela looked at him oddly. She didn’t get his meaning which was obvious to everyone.

    “Ermm pleasure to watch? What do you mean Harbinger?”


    Willing to help her out, Vilkas stepped forwards and explained.

    “He means it was bloody hilarious. You two deserve each other. You both cheated from the offset. Still, Sotek, Aela, I have to admit; you two can’t half move in that gear”.


    Sotek grinned back at him and nodded in appreciation at his words.

    “Thanks Vilkas. Personally, I can’t wait to try it out. I need to get used to light armor”.


    “So does Aela”. The Harbinger stated. “Her Nordic Armor’s a heavy class. Yes, she lightened it but it’s still a heavy class”.


    Aela smiled at Kodlak as she gave him a hug.

    “I’m faster in this. I can feel it. I can feel the sun on my skin. When the two moons are out it’ll be like dancing in starlight. I’ll get used to it; you wait and see. As for you Sotek, you’ve got to start sparing with us; properly”.


    The Argonian instantly groaned out loud and looked around the yard for somewhere to hide.

    “What? I spar out there! Beyond these walls”.


    The Harbinger interrupted them and asked Sotek as to his meaning of the armor benefiting Aela. Looking around the yard at all the Whelps, Sotek beckoned the Harbinger to follow him and he walked around Jorrvaskr where they could speak quietly.

    “Aela’s changes, her transformations. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. She was ermm. She was naked. Her transformation into Red took less than two seconds. Now she isn’t used to being unarmoured. She is a heavy armor class fighter... Archer sorry. When she gets used to this set I bet you her transformations will be near instantaneous. Kodlak can you imagine that? Aela leaping from a horse and Red landing on her paws? Aela throwing a punch and yet it’s Red’s claws that hit the target… Ok that’s a bad example, I shouldn’t have said that”.


    “Quit while you’re ahead. I don’t know if that is something I want or something I dread!” Kodlak felt fear trickle down his spine. One thing he was sure of. If Sotek was right then Aela would find the impulse to use Red far, far stronger than before. He silently gulped as he contemplated having to separate the girl from the beast.


    Farkas walked up to them and shoved Sotek towards the centre of the yard.

    “Time’s up! Aela, you and Sotek; you’re up”.


    Sotek’s face disappeared in his hands as he cried out.

    “Aww no!!”


    Author’s Note:

    I use a mod for Aela’s armor, ‘Skimpy Dragonscale Armor’. There are a few reasons for it and this particular mod does fit for what I am after with regards to Aela’s own armor. Some readers may be put off by this but there are reasons for the armor which will become more and more apparent as the story progresses.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine




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  • Hasir
    Hasir   ·  January 6
    What didn’t make sense to me in this chapter was why temper the dragonscale axes in water? Water would cool the tempering too quickly, leaving it vulnerable to cracking. What perplexes me iss why Syrim’s forges don’t have bareels or small troughs of oil n...  more
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  January 3, 2017
    Well, all I have to say is thank bloody Oblivion she's a Nord, so she won't feel the drafts. A question though, so are you covering up all the female draugr then in subsequent chapters because if Aela had "modified" hers to have the straps then all this t...  more
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  December 5, 2016
    I admit I was kind of split with this move. Aela (The Wife) holds more weight than anyone else though I'm afraid to say. (I can't sleep with both eyes open and she's scary) 
    The warnings more for screenshots.
    I do hope this don't put anyo...  more
  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  December 1, 2016
    I hate mods like skimpy dragon scale because it would make absolutely no sense in real life, it's easy for a warrior with any experience to attack an exposed body part and incapacitate an opponent. At least you make it seem somewhat practical in combat be...  more
  • Aela The Huntress
    Aela The Huntress   ·  November 13, 2016
    I don't mind the Dragonscale armor. It fits Aela's animalistic character and it gives her advantages further in the story.
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  November 11, 2016
    I have to be honest; I would prefer an armor that's between full Dragonscale and Skimpy Dragonscale for Aela.  it was to be Dragonscale though as I really prefer that armor for Sotek. 
    Maybe I'll come across one which is more suitable. Who knows.
  • A-Pocky-Hah!
    A-Pocky-Hah!   ·  November 11, 2016
    Alas, Sotek has acquired Dragonscale armor! (h5)
    Yeah the skimpy dragonscale armor is going to take some time to accept mainly because of how revealing it is. I was okay with Aela in Ancient Nord Armor, but yeah this is going to take some time to accept.
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  November 11, 2016
    One of his character flaws. It drives Aela and the Companions crazy.
    And Lissette....
  • The Sunflower Manual
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    Sotek really ought to stop purposefully withholding information. He seems to get less done this way... and it's bad for his health.