U.O.T.W. Chapter 174 Of Mice and Men


    While Sotek battled to remain whole against the dragon who was hell bent on crushing the Argonian to death, Aela ran to the wall to use it for cover while she let loose her arrows. To her relief, the Whelps poured up from the pathway with both Farkas and Vilkas at the forefront, leading them to the fray.


    The pack froze at the sight of the foreboding horrendous demonic creature before them. Each Whelp, completely overwhelmed by its size, stared at the dragon while their bows stayed still and silent.


    Upon seeing Sotek crumple under the power of the dragons winged hand as it tried to crush him underfoot, Aela screamed at the Whelps; ordering them to help with the one sided fight.

    “Fire you bastards! Help him damn you all!”


    A Sporadic firing of arrows quickly ensued but over a few seconds they became more prominent. Both Farkas and Vilkas yelled out and raced across the rocky ground as they charged into the ensuing melee, attacking the dragon on one side while arrows peppered the dragon’s scales several feet above them.


    Aela watched with bated breath as Sotek rolled across the ground. The patch of earth where he stood moments before disappeared beneath the dragon’s ‘wing’ as it smashed down, flattening everything underfoot. Despite Aela’s failing nerves at Sotek’s predicament, a part of her couldn’t help but notice the wings which the dragon was trying to squash Sotek with. They had clawed ‘hands’ where the wing bones and ridge all connected together.


    The dragon fortified this belief by using them to crawl on all fours as it followed Sotek who was once again trying to dodge the dragon’s attempts of crushing him under its immense weight. He felt like a bug under some travellers boot. Silently he vowed to pay more attention to where he trod in future; if he had a future.


    In an attempt to shake off his pursuer, Sotek rolled to the side, forcing the dragon to twist its body to maintain its attack. Both winged hands pounded the earth around Sotek as he twisted and dodged in the hope of avoiding the beasts clawed attacks.


    At one point he dropped his shield and he scurried across the ground on all fours to retrieve it. He was just about to reach out for it when the shield crumpled under the dragons foot as it came crashing down upon it causing him to whimper in despair.


    When the beast raised its foot, Sotek snatched the shield away and held it up. A massive crack down the length of it allowed him to peek through it to see the dragon looking back at him. The shield was buckled and warped beyond the point of repair. Dejectedly tossing it aside, Sotek yelled out to Farkas in the hope of salvation as the dragon once again rose up its clawed hands.

    “Farkas, Sword; quickly now!”


    “You don’t like swords”. Farkas replied as he threw to Sotek his spare sword. It struck the dragons head and was flung far out of Sotek’s reach. Hissing under his breath at his misfortune, Sotek ran at the dragon and slid across the ground, passing under the dragon’s neck in an attempt to retrieve the sword.


    Jumping up to his feet, Sotek sprinted across the rocky plateau and snatched the sword from the ground. He turned around and snarled at the dragon just in time to see the dragon draw a deep breath. Dropping the sword and his axe, Sotek quickly summoned a spell to counter the dragon’s shout.


    Two seconds later Aela felt her heart in her stomach as Sotek disappeared in a massive gout of flames. Even Farkas and Vilkas had to stand back from the intense heat of the blast. Aela screamed at Sotek but she couldn’t see him at all; everything where Sotek had stood was engulfed in flames.


    When the dragon stopped his fire breath attack, the flames died down showing nothing but scorched earth and rock. Sotek had ran through the flames to take shelter under the dragons own wing. He never attacked it as he would have let his presence be known. Now the flames had stopped, he hacked at the thin membrane of the wing, tearing great gashes in it in the hope of preventing the dragon from taking off.


    The wing lifted up, leaving him facing the dragon’s maw as it turned towards him. Transfixed by the dragon’s hateful stare, Sotek never saw the tail until it was too late. It lashed out, flicking him aside with ease like he was a caterpillar on a leaf. He was thrown backwards, shooting past Vilkas who just managed to move out of his way. With a deafening clang the Argonian slammed into the rock face and fell down, slumped to the ground.


    All Sotek could see was darkness as he heard voices yelling franticly as they tried to maintain order and discipline. He could hear someone yelling out to him; a female voice but it was unrecognisable. He had no idea where he was; everything around him was gloomy and sinister.


    A loud horrendous howl deep within him caused him to jump, making his eyes flick open. Burning pain from his chest caused him to cry out; except he couldn’t. His whole torso felt tight and he struggled to breathe while pain tore through his body. The armor he wore bore the blunt of the blow and he was beyond no doubt that it was that which saved him. With tremendous effort he pulled at a strap, releasing the pressure the buckled Nordic Carved Armor had placed on his chest. He knew he had broken some ribs, the agony alone confirmed it let alone the near black bruising which had already begun to show. With both arms shaking, Sotek calmed his mind while he listened to Vilkas issue out orders as the Nord took the dragons attention away from the Argonian. Bright golden light filled Sotek’s hands as he cast his healing spell on himself.


    As the ribs started to bond, Sotek fell to his side from the pain, disrupting his spell. Stifling a cry, Sotek pulled at his pack and rummaged inside the bag. He whimpered to himself as he cut his hand on a broken vial. Fortune favoured him when he managed to find a healing potion which was thankfully undamaged. Biting on the stopper, he pulled it off and drank the liquid.


    The empty bottle fell to the ground as he cradled his ribs from the pain of the potions healing effects. After a few moments the pain lessened enabling him to sit up once more.


    He recast his healing spell, giving it the precious few seconds to work. Now he was more mobile, he loosened off the other straps to his chest armor. He knew by just looking at it that the piece was beyond repair yet to carry on the fight without it was unimaginable. The section which was buckled still pressed against him but it helped secure the armor despite the straps being far looser than usual.


    A dark shadow loomed over him and he looked up to see the dragons head above him. It peered down at him with eyes that shone with pity and remorse. Remorse for the fact that such a pathetic creature lived. The Argonian was unworthy of life, undeserving of living; something the dragon intended to rectify; or at the very least, it tried to.


    Thinking Sotek was all but finished, the dragon brought down its hind foot, fully intending on crushing every Argonian bone in one devastating strike.


    Aela couldn’t see him but Farkas could although he couldn’t do anything to help. He yelled out in fear for his Argonian sibling as he disappeared under the gigantic clawed foot.

    “Oh gods no!! Sotek!”


    Upon hearing his cry, Aela broke cover and ran around the dragon to find her mate but she had barely covered a few steps when the dragon screeched out in pain. It lifted its foot to find the sword that Farkas had thrown to Sotek impaled in it. Sotek had propped the sword up when he was prone and the dragon stamped his foot down upon it. The sword tore through the scales piercing three feet of flesh and muscle, leaving it embedded where it remained. The agonizing pain prevented the dragon from carrying out its crush attack leaving Sotek unharmed.


    The dragon thrashed around on three feet in an attempt to dislodge the sword but it held firm, never losing its grip.


    Sotek rolled forwards and launched himself up on his feet. His whole body ached but he pressed forwards with his attack, fighting with just his axe and his conjured sword. Even his armor was cracked and smouldering but the Argonian never withdrew.


    Drawing a deep breath, Sotek positioned himself away from the other Companions then he shouted out with all his worth.

    “Yol Toor!”


    Fire erupted from his mouth covering the dragon in flames but it seemed to have little effect on the creature. It hobbled around on three feet to face him once more and its maw shot forwards in an attempt to snatch him up in its monstrous fangs.


    Instead of dodging out of the dragon’s way, Sotek leapt up and pressed down on the giant reptile’s snout. Balancing on it like an acrobat, Sotek let the dragon’s nose carry him backwards five feet before he let go and dropped to the ground. The dragon’s neck had stretched right out so it was unable to bite him as he was two feet beyond the beasts reach.


    Sotek brought down his axe as hard as he could, smashing the weapon into the beast’s snout for all he was worth. In agony, Sotek dropped his axe as the vibrations shook his arm and shoulder which still hurt from where he slammed into the rock face. Having no other choice, Sotek backed away from the melee as he resorted to magics.


    A blue portal appeared in front of him and it erupted in flames as a Flaming Familiar escaped its Oblivion realm and walked the plains of men. Upon seeing the dragon, the familiar ran straight towards it and bit at the dragon’s flesh which the two Companions, Vilkas and Farkas had managed to expose.


    Wasting no time, Sotek called forth his second familiar and both beasts joined the fight, working together as if they were a set pair. Both knowing what the other were doing, both attacking in unison. The dragon swiped at the Flaming Familiar with a clawed hand, causing the ethereal flame coated beast to explode. Without the fourth leg to steady itself, the blast threw the dragon on its side, exposing the softer underbelly of the beast.


    Seizing her chance, Aela ordered the Whelps to shoot at its belly while Farkas and Vilkas joined in attacking anywhere which was softer and less protected. Blood gashed from a multitude of wounds and Sotek recovered his axe and joined in, preventing the dragon from regaining its footing.


    Flames burst out from the dragons maw, catching Sotek full in the chest but the attack was weaker than the dragons other shouts as the wounds had taken their toll.


    Arrows poured into it across its underside while both Farkas and Vilkas tried desperately to open up a wound in it to exploit. Sotek staggered backwards to Aela’s horror and fell to the ground. He cast a few healing spells and picked himself up just to receive a full on hit from the dragons wing tip, sending him flying along the ground. The dragon saw its chance and tried to grip Sotek in its jaws in the hope of extracting revenge for the indignity it suffered.


    As it closed in on him, Sotek fired off two almighty fireballs at point blank range into its mouth. This time the dragon staggered backwards from the blasts. Sotek drew his axe and once again joined the fray swiping at its maw. It went to breath fire again but Sotek used his force shout to disrupt its attack. During this time Farkas and Vilkas had both managed to hack past the tough armour of the dragon side as its belly was no longer an option due to the beast being back on its three feet as its hind leg still held the sword, preventing it from using that foot.


    Arrows tore into its back as its scales started to fail from the ongoing onslaught. Every few seconds the dragon exploded into flames from Aela’s bow attacks but even then the dragon wouldn’t quit. It decided it had enough and started to flap its almighty wings but it failed to realise how much damage it had sustained.


    As it started taking off, Aela shouted across to Sotek, warning him of the dragon’s intended flight.

    “It’s getting away!”


    Sotek almost cried as he saw the beast lift off the ground. He had been punched, clawed and sworn at by Aela just to face the beast and now it was robbing him of his victory let alone the much needed scales and dragon bones which he so desperately wanted. Snarling with rage and almost frothing at the mouth, Sotek cursed at it with all the spite he could muster.

    “Like hell you are! Bitch!”


    He dropped his axe, letting it fall to the floor then he pressed both his palms together and started thinking the words to a spell. A fireball burst into life and settled between both his hands as it absorbed the energy he fed to it. Each second it grew in size and power until it was like a small sun barely two feet across. Inside, the flames flickered and burned with the intensity of a supernova.


    “Hey!” Sotek called out at the dragon as it started to climb. “Say hello to Oblivion”. He launched the fireball at the underside of the torn wing and watched it as it trailed through the air to its target.


    Upon seeing the destructive spell fly towards it, the dragon floundered, pausing in mid air. The fireball exploded on impact, decimating the already damaged wing, causing it to collapse. With a roar of pain the dragon fell from the sky and crashed into rock sending razor sharp shards in all directions, forcing the Whelps and Companions into cover.


    Even before the dust cloud had begun to settle, the dragon charged across the ground towards Sotek, fully intending on slaying the mortal who had wrought so much pain and destruction on the beast. Despite the wounds and aching limbs, Sotek faced the dragon head on. He could see the beast was all but defeated and he wasn’t going to back away now and let time strike the final blow.


    Running towards it with all his remaining strength, Sotek vaulted over the dragons snout using it to aid his leap and ran over the dragons head. He swung up onto its neck and started hacking at the back of its head where the scales were fractured and split. It turned its head around and gave off a large gout of flames, causing Aela and the Whelps to flee from the heat as it tried desperately to shake Sotek off.


    Moments later its head collapsed on the ground, too tired and injured to carry on the fight. Sotek, Vilkas and Farkas all tore into it, finishing it off where it lay, exhausted, fatally wounded and utterly defeated.


    The soul poured out from its body marking the end of the battle; they had won.


    Sotek slid off the corpse as it started burning and fell to his hands and knees. He tried to call out for Aela but his voice was naught but a whimper as he too was beyond exhaustion. They had beaten the dragon but he knew inside he had barely hung on. If the dragon had just an ounce more of fight then Sotek would be the looser and the dragons would claim another victory.


    He looked over to where Aela was and screamed out the Huntresses name. The whole area where she had ran to was covered in burned shrubs and blackened grass. Rocks lay in pieces after they shattered from the sudden intense heat cast upon them.


    Aela appeared from behind some large boulders that had shielded her from the worst of the heat and flames. She was covered in bruises and cuts where she dived amongst the rocks and boulders. Despite the pain in his entire body, Sotek breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed her with both arms, holding her tightly in his grasp.


    Vilkas intended to leave the two mates alone to console each other but a pressing matter forced his hand. He looked around the pinnacle to find them but he couldn’t see them anywhere. With a lazy shrug of his shoulders he called out to Aela.

    “Where are the Whelps? What have you done to them?”


    Aela’s face was covered in tears with relief. Despite this, she started laughing as she pointed at the trail they used to reach the pinnacle of the mountain.

    “They ran when the dragon tried to burn us to death. They’re probably halfway down the mountain by now”. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and smiled back at Sotek. “I was terrified when you disappeared in all that fire. You’re not hurt, how come?”


    As she spoke she rubbed his back causing a flurry of pain to run along his spine. He hissed back in reflex then grimaced as he tried to smile.

    “I’m hurt... don’t worry about that... I used that fire resistance spell the healer taught me at the Mages College in Winterhold. It seemed a good time to try it out”. He then gave her a peck on the lips as he pulled her arms away from his back, loosening her grip on his battered torso.


    The Whelps started coming back to the top, most of them simply staring at the sheer size of the dead dragon. Farkas roared out in an almost hysterical laughter.

    “Now that’s bigger than Jorrvaskr!”


    Aela chuckled back at him as she recalled the tale of Farkas and the Dragon’.

    “You’re a moron. Loot the bones, see what’s there”.


    Vilkas had a look of awe and disbelief strewn all over his face. He was certain what he thought he had seen was the truth and yet it seemed so surreal that he couldn’t comprehend it. Having no other option, he garbled out his thoughts to Sotek; desperate to know the truth.

    “Did you really do that? Seriously did you?”


    Sotek nodded back at him although he had to look twice at the dragon’s skeleton to confirm it for himself.

    “Yes, we killed it Vilkas. We killed the bastard”.


    “No, not that. Did you really punch it in the face? A dragon, blam! In the face?”


    All the Whelps started gathering around them, causing Sotek to feel embarrassed. Unconsciously his tail reacted by curling up between his feet. Blankly, Sotek brushed off the question by calling out Vilkas.

    “Don’t be stupid. No one in their right minds punches a dragon”. As he watched the Nord stare back at him, a niggling sensation filled Sotek with dread. He glanced at Aela and asked her what she saw. “Tell me I didn’t do that!”


    Aela punched him in the chest, causing him to flinch in pain. He held his ribs while she ranted back at him.

    “Yes you did you stupid idiot! What the hell is wrong with you?”


    “Ow! That hurt!” He began to double up in pain but he fought it off and slowly stood up straight whilst trying to convey the message that he was fine.


    Aela wasn’t listening to him and she wasn’t particularly giving him much interest either so his actions escaped her notice. As she didn’t realise how hurt Sotek was, she continued her verbal assault, attacking him for his recklessness.

    “I don’t bloody give a damn. What the hell were you thinking? You stupid bastard; I need you; you remember me saying that?” Aela finally then gave him an almighty shove, sending him to the floor then she stormed off towards the path and started heading down the trail in a seething rage, leaving everyone else behind.


    Farkas looked down at his feet where Sotek was now sitting up. He offered the Argonian a hand and pulled him to his feet while he commented on Sotek’s seemingly lack of sense and fear.

    “What the hell is wrong with you? Aren’t you afraid of anything?”


    Sotek lightly dusted himself off and glanced over to Aela who had returned to the mountain top. Her rage had simmered to a mere ‘temper’ although she still held her threatening glare. Sotek gulped quietly then patted Farkas’s arm as he replied.

    “Yes... The one creature I fear is the dreaded ‘redhead’”.


    Farkas cast a glance over to Aela and saw the look on her face. He quickly turned away lest he caught her attention and readily agreed with Sotek’s assessment on fear causing creatures.

    “Yea, I know what you mean”.


    Sotek cautiously went over to her. He held his hands up in defeat, accepting her rule over his own. Submissively he lowered his head and rested it against her chest, being careful not to prod her with a bone spike.


    Aela cupped his head in her arms and kissed him on the forehead. She stroked his scalp with her fingertips and whispered to him while she held him against her bosom.

    “Hey, it’s over! We did it... we did it”.


    Sotek lifted up his head and nodded. He cheekily grinned back at her and replied.

    “Yess. Despite all your fuss earlier! Mind you. He was a big bastard wasn’t he?”


    Aela huffed back at him but she never said anything about her earlier attitude. Instead, she poked and prodded his chest piece with her finger.

    “This armour of yours is crap and you know it! Can we now make you a better set? I was so bloody scared when you disappeared in those flames. You need a better set than this!”


    Sotek looked down his front at his Nordic Carved armor and cringed at the state of it.

     “Yes it’s a bit battered isn’t it? If what Farkas says is true, that being I’ve three scales from the other dragon, then those added with what I have here, I’ve enough to make a whole set of Dragonscale Armor. It’ll take a week or so to make though. You’re still going to help me aren’t you?”


    Before she could answer, Farkas, expressing concern, called out to her.

    “Aela? Are you ok?”


    Aela nodded to Sotek confirming the offer of her aid then she quickly composed herself. The Huntress looked at the Whelps staring at her and hollered out at them.

    “What the hell are you all looking at? Check the bones for loot and search the area! Break out the torches, move it”.


    Sotek’s face screwed up as he backed away from her shouting. Once she barked out her orders, Sotek glanced back at Farkas and grinned.

    “She’s fine”.


    Aela started laughing and seductively brushed her body against Sotek.

    “You stupid bastard; punching it on the nose”.


    Behind them, the Whelps gathered around Vilkas. He called out to Sotek, asking about his discovery.

    “Hey, Mr. D.B. There’s a chest back here! What’s a damn chest doing here of all places?”


    Aela’s eyes flashed with curiosity and she instantly began heading towards it, leaving her mate behind.

    “Farengar said there might be; it would have held offerings to the dragons. Who and what is Mr. DB? I know a Mr. Wolf!” She started chuckling in her dirty laugh as she threw Sotek a sly filthy wink.


    Sotek followed in her footsteps and smirked to himself. As an afterthought, he began pulling out a lockpick from a pocket.

    “Is it locked?”


    “Nope”. Vilkas replied. “It’s got some Ebony Armour in it and a fire sword. Aela! DB is your mate! Mr. Dragonborn”. He began laughing at Sotek when he heard the Argonian snarl at him until he questioned what Aela had said. “Who the hell is Mr. Wolf?”


    Aela laughed even louder and she flashed her eyes sexily at Vilkas.

    “Wouldn’t you like to know? I’m not telling”.


    Sotek came over to him and lifted up the sword. He passed it to Farkas who swished it around, trying out the blade while he valued its worth. With a nod of appreciation of the heavy blade, Farkas gave Sotek his assessment of the weapon.

    “Dwemer Fireblade; not too shabby”.


    Sotek seemed pleased with Farkas’s opinion. He smiled as he examined the Ebony Armor and handed it to one of the Whelps to carry.

    “We’ll take them back and sell them. That would give each of us a fair bit of gold I reckon. The sword about two hundred? Maybe two fifty septims?”


    “What about the Ebony Armor?” One of the Whelps asked. She had a curiosity with armor since she saw Aela help Sotek at the forge. She had started realising the worth of items rather than leaving them behind. They all knew greed had taken a hold of her and it had begun rotting away her soul. Kodlak explicitly requested that they abandon items when they took her out to try and break her free from such trivialities as gold but she held the fever too strongly. The lustre of gold shone too bright.

    Sotek eyed her cautiously. They all knew she was destined to either have a quick death or betray them. Either way she would face her own destruction.

    “I’ll ask for seven hundred for it”.


    “It’s worth more than that. Ebony Armor in good condition, which this is, is around eleven hundred!” The Whelp replied.


    Sotek chuckled although he felt a wave of anger inside. He smiled back at her and agreed.

    “Yes it is, but I’m still asking for seven. With everything else we have here, that is plenty of gold for everyone”.


    Not wanting to waste any more on the subject of gold, Sotek called out to the Whelps, giving them his orders.

    “Right, the sun’s coming up. Load up everything and let’s get the hell out of here. We’ll head straight for Whiterun. No training for the rest of the day. Rest up and relax. You’ve done well; all of you”.


    Once they could see the plains below them, Sotek cast three fireballs across the tundra in a near perfect line. After a few seconds he repeated the process, sending off a second set of fireballs.


    The Imperial Whelp, feeling somewhat confused, watched them as they trailed off over the plains.

    “What was that for?”


    Sotek pointed to two small tents that were on the edge of the mountain range several hundred feet below their current position and replied.

    “There are two guards down there. They will carry the message to the Jarl and to Harbinger. Three fireballs to say we killed the dragon with zero casualties”.


    “Why two sets of fireballs?” As she asked him, she saw the tents collapse as the two riders prepared to set off on their journey.


    Sotek gave her a broad knowing grin and continued along the trail while he hummed a tune to himself.


    The two guard’s horses galloped across the plains to Whiterun as fast as they could with the news of the Companions success. On arrival, one guard burst into Dragonsreach, informing the Jarl of the dragon's demise. The Jarl, Jarl Balgruuf, understood straight away what the two sets of fireballs meant. Grinning like a deranged maniac he thudded his hand on Proventus’s back, almost breaking it in the process.

    “They did it! Damn I knew I liked him. Didn’t I say how much I liked him? He said they could do it and they bloody have”.


    Meanwhile the other guard pounded upon the doors of Jorrvaskr with the flat of his fists like crazy until Kodlak opened the doors. The guard almost fell on top of Kodlak as he excitedly relayed the news.

    “Three fireballs, two sets of them! Three fireballs; they did it”.


    “Two sets? Why two sets?” Kodlak asked in general, not directing his question at the guard.


    The guard shrugged back at him and quickly said.

    “I don’t know! But I tell you it was three fireballs”. Then as quick as a flash the guard ran off to Dragonsreach.


    Kodlak entered the hall where the maid and Eorlund were sitting. He looked befuddled as he tried to work out the strange signal.

    “They did it Tilma. Sotek pulled it off damn him and his impertinence. The guards saw three fireballs. Strange thing though; Sotek set off two sets. Well at least they are all ok”.


    With this news they all breathed easier. Tilma for one was worried about the outcome of such an endeavour, as was Kodlak and the blacksmith.


    “Why two sets? That wasn’t the signal, was it?” Eorlund asked as he scratched his head.


    Kodlak was just about to sit down when the reason struck him like a thunderbolt.

    “Two? Two? Why did he send two? Oh my giddy god! By the Nines they didn’t? Damn they must have. By Ysgramor’s axe! Two dragons! Tilma, they killed two dragons!”


    He grabbed the maid by the waist and started jumping up and down excitedly in circles, taking her with him.


    Tilma couldn’t stop laughing at Kodlak and she giggled profusely.

    “Stop it you silly old fool”.


    He ceased his jumping and turning around but he was too full of joy to stop laughing. The boisterous noise of Jorrvaskr became somewhat louder when both Tilma and Eorlund joined in.


    Authors Note: The Fire Resistance spell Sotek uses is a Morrowind spell. Unlike Wards, these spells only work on one element however they are extreamly effective against the said element.

    Side Note :If the dragon actualy used a frost attack then the spell would have no effect leaving Sotek completely vulnerable to the shout.




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      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      I'd more question the bloke who left ebony armor in an unopened chest. Ah, Skyrim.  That being said, not one, but TWO sets. :D Good chapter, Sotek. A fine dragon fight for you. It's a rare thing for a dragon fight to not have casualties. 
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