Galas' Adventures in Archfall: Chapter Three

  • Galas walked down the Docks of Lower Archfall with a troubled look on his face. Nelyos, who was also on the docks at the time, saw the troubled look on his friend’s face.

    “Something wrong, friend?” asked Nelyos

    “Hmm, oh. No, just thinking of something.” Replied Galas

    “Care to tell? It’s okay if you don’t, just curious.”

    “Just thinking of my mother, is all. Got a letter from the priest over at Raven Rock today. Turns out she’s sick again.”

    “Again? Is this a common thing?”

    “No, it’s happened once before. But I have a bad feeling about this time.”

    “Sorry, I never should have said anything.”

    “It’s alright. You had no way of knowing.” Galas then sat down near the end of the docks, and starred at the clear blue water. Nelyos followed him, and sat down next to him.

    “I received word that my sisters coming.” said Nelyos, trying to cheer up Galas

    “Really?” replied Galas “Archfall needs more Dunmer. Is she any good with a forge?”

    “No, can’t say she is. She’s a spellcaster, you see.”

    “Oh, I see. Telvanni?”

    “Redoran. Never was good with a sword, though.”

    “Well hopefully she gets here safely”

    “Yes, I do too. The only reason she didn’t accompany me here was because she has an interest in rare Races, and stayed to learn some more about them.”

    “Races? She ever go to those Dwemer ruins?”

    Yes, actually. I accompanied her to one once. Also a few Draugr ruins after we left Khuul, our home town.”

    Foul creatures, Draugr. You say you came from Khuul?”

    “Yes, nice little fishing village. Never was good at fishing, though.”

    “Only reason I’m good at it is because my parents used to mine, and farm. I wasn’t any good with those things, so I thought I’d catch fish instead.”

     “I did catch a fish here the other day with a bow; only hit its tail though.”

    “Say. I was thinking of heading up to the Commune for a drink. Care to join me?”

    “Sure. Just, go easy on the alcohol this time, please.” They got up and went to the Commune. Nelyos went and sat down in the corner near the fire, while Galas went to the bar.

    “Drink please barkeep. Um, water, please.”

    “Ha, good. Too early to get drunk anyways.” Galas sat down next to Nelyos, who revisited the subject of Galas’ mother’s illness.

    “What illness does your mother have?” he asked

    “Something to do with my hatred towards my grandfather. Or, so the priest said.”

    “How does can hatred make someone ill?”

    “The priest said that it was either because the Gods were punishing me for my hatred towards him, or my mother just couldn’t handle it. Him being her father.” Atharil, whom Galas had met the day before, then walked in.

    “Hello Nelyos.” He said “Who’s this?”

    “Galas Dren. We met yesterday, with the Khajiit, remember?” replied Galas

    “Ah, yes. I remember that. You owed him money, correct? When I left it looked like a fight was about to start. Did it come to that?” asked Atharil

    “No.” replied Galas “Birli managed to prevent that, good man.”

    “I got this scar from a khajiit once. Got in a fight with him and clawed my face.” Said Nelyos, pointing to a scar on his face.

    “Damn Khajiit.” Said Galas, taking another sip of water.

    “A fight broke out here last night.” Said Atharil “Did any of you see what happened?”

    “No.” replied Galas “What happened?”

    “I only know what my friend, Jenyar, told me.” Said Atharil

    “Yes, I met Jenyar before.” Said Nelyos

    “Aye, Jenyar.” Said Galas “What did he say happened?”

    “A man named Duke Grahant arrived with some revellers. They started making a loud noise, and a man named Braexin didn’t like it much.” Said Atharil

    “I met Braexin once.” Said Galas

    “Who’s Duke Grahant?” asked Nelyos

    “I know little about him, actually.” Replied Atharil “It all started when the Duke got drunk. He started causing a scene. Eventually some guards were called in to escort him out. When they tried arresting him, he threw an Ace in the one guards’ eye. Things got…messy after that.” Atharil then pulled a card out of his pocket, an Ace. “I found this on the floor after the scene.” He said.

    “Wow.” Said Galas “The Duke’s Ace. Surprising how such a small thing can cause such a big problem.”

    “Yes.” Said Atharil “The end of a life. Not to mention the end of a guard’s eye.” Atharil then put the card back in pocket. He got up and left the Commune.

    “Nelyos, my friend.” Said Galas “I’m heading off to bed now. Unless you have something in mind.”

    “Afraid not.” Replied Nelyos. The two parted ways, and Galas went upstairs to his room for the night.