Galas' Adventures in Archfall: Chapter One

  • “Ah, it’s so peaceful here” Said Galas Dren, a new arrival in the City of Archfall. Another Dunmer, Nelyos Melori, was walking around the docks at that time, and seemed quite surprised to see another Dunmer in Archfall. Galas turned around, and saw the Nelyos. He too was surprised to see another Dunmer there.

    “Nelyos Melori, House Redoran. And who might you be?” said Nelyos, introducing himself.

    “Galas Dren. Pleased to meet you.” Replied Galas, offering a hand.

    “Likewise.” Said Nelyos, shaking Galas’ hand. “What brings you to Archfall?” 

    “Adventure. I grew up in Raven Rock, worked there as a blacksmith for quite some time.”

    “Same here. Some might think it strange, a Dunmer with no magical talent.”

    “Ha. I know what you mean. I’m fairly good with an anvil, though.” Replied Galas, starting to smile.

    “Really? I recently took up the trade myself. It feels good when you can smith up a good blade.” Replied Nelyos, beginning to smile as well.

    “Yes, I can still remember when I first started. Back then I could barely smith a nail.” 

    “Reminds me of a young lad I met once.” Said Nelyos “He used to read how to smith.”

    “Reading’s well and good but nothing beats the feel of crafting a weapon or piece of armour. By the way, what is your opinion on House Hlaalu? Do you think they should’ve remained a Great House, or not?” asked Galas.

    “House Hlaalu? Remind me who they were again.”

    “They used to be a Great House, some 400 years ago. House Sadras took over their holdings after the Oblivion Crisis.”

    “Ah, yes, House Hlaalu. Now I remember. Well, they certainly were the friendliest towards outlanders.” Replied Nelyos.

    “I prefer not to get mixed up in past events “said a Bosmer man who was passing by the docks. But from what I’ve heard, they betrayed their people when they let the Empire invade.”

    “Ah, hello Jenyar. Galas over here had just asked me if I thought House Hlaalu should have remained on the Council or not."

    “Oh, I see. Jenyar Drevas. Pleased to meet you” he said to Galas.

    “Galas Dren. Likewise.” Just then Birli Scorched-heart, whom Galas had met the day before, walked past with a fishing pole in his hand.

    “Birli! It’s a pleasure to see you again.” Said Galas to the short Nord. “A pleasure to see you as well, Galas.” Replied Birli before sitting down by the water starting to fish.

    “Say, Galas. Have you ever been to Ald’ruhn? I heard that they’ve largely rebuilt the town since the Oblivion Crisis.” Asked Nelyos.

    “No, sorry. I was born and raised in Raven Rock and have only ever been to Windhelm other than that.” Replied Galas.

    “They say it was built around a crab shell, named “Skar”. There’s even a district called “Under-Skar”, for obvious reasons.”

    The others went quiet, astonished by the fact. “Now you’re just pulling my leg!” said Jenyar

    “I’m with Jenyar on this one.” Said another Bosmer who had just walked down to Lower Archfall. “How can a whole town be built up around a crab shell, let alone a district inside the shell.”

    “Ah, hello Braexin. I’m surprised to see your shock. For someone who grew up in a waking tree-city, surely you’d believe that one could be built around a crab shell.”

    “But how can people build a town around, not to mention inside, a crab shell?” asked Galas.

    “It was a Redoran town.” Replied Nelyos, beginning to smile at his friends’ confusion.

    “I’ve heard of, and even seen, Redoran buildings, but a crab shell?” said Galas, utterly astonished.

    Finally Nelyos said “It was and Emperor Crab. The large crab species that used to inhabit Morrowind.”

    “Well I hope they’re extinct. Wouldn’t want to run into one of them any time soon.” Said Galas before walking over to Birli.

    “Birli, my friend.” Said Galas. “I was planning on heading up to the Commune for a drink. Care to join me?”

    “Of course!” said Birli. The two of them headed back to Upper Archfall, followed by the rest of their friends.

    When they reached the Commune Galas ordered a bottle of mead, and sat down near the fire. He would occasionally glance over at the woman in the corner of the room, who seemed nervous with all the people around. After she left he heard Birli say “Ah, never mind her. Tonight, we drink!”

    “Aye!” said Galas, before jumping onto a table “I’ll second that statement!” He then started doing the “Handy High Kick”, a traditional Dunmeri dance, using a platter instead of a Bonemold Shield.

    Birli too jumped on a table, and started doing a Nord jig. “Galas, my friend! Ever heard “Ragnar the Red?”

    “Aye! I see what you’re getting at!” replied Galas. “Oh, there once was a hero named Ragnar the Red!”

    “Who came riding to Whiterun from ol’ Rorikstead!” (Birli)

    “And the braggart did swagger and brandish his blade, as he told of bold battles and gold he had made!” (Galas)

    “And then he went quiet, did Ragnar the Red, when he met the Shield Maiden, Matilda, who said!” (Birli)

    “Oh, you talk and you lie and you drink all our mead, now I think it’s high time that you lie down and bleed!” (Galas)

    “And then the clashing and smashing of steal, as the brave lass Matilda charged in full of zeal!” (Birli)

    “And the braggart named Ragnar was boastful no more!" (Galas)

    "When his ugly red head rolled around on the floor!” (Both)

    “If you two aren’t drunk, then I’m a little Breton girl.” Said Nelyos.

    Galas jumped down from the table he was on and said “I’m mot tunk! Jou must be a bittle Geton Hirl!” before falling over.

    “Well I’ll be. You two really are Nords.” Said Braexin

    “I’m not a Board!” yelled Galas, still lying on the floor “I’s a Dumber!”

    "Forgive me. Nord at heart." Braexin, Nelyos and Jenyar then left their drunken friends, and continued their day in Archfall.

    Galas tried to pull himself up with a table and Birli managed to get off the table he was on, and went to sit on a barstool. A Khajiit then walked in and introduced himself to Galas.

    “This one’s name is Ra’jiir. Who might you be?” “Galyas Den. No, wait…Galas Deven. Galas Dren.” He replied. Ra’jiir shook his head and backed out of the Commune, at which point Galas fell over, again.

    “Birli! My good fend!” said Galas “Gill a bunny a kand, will you?”

    "Suah, fend!” said Birli, walking over to Galas. He reached out his hand to pull Galas back up, but fell over due to Galas being too heavy. Galas crawled over to another table to pull himself up. Birli just stayed on the floor, groaning. Galas found another bottle of mead on the table, and proceeded to drink. while Birli tried to get up, but fell over in the process.

    “Toor Pool. Gan’t teven bandle ‘s liker.” Said Galas.

    Just then Birli jumps up, totally coherent “You were saying?”

    Out of shock, Galas falls over yet again. Birli then starts laughing at his drunken friend, but trails off slightly.

    “Tat is hid, bunny?” asks Galas, still on the floor “The…the Demer go to hon fur jer tie.” Galas then passed out. Birli stared at him for a bit, before getting up and leaving the Commune, while Galas remained on the floor in his drunken state.


  • Caesar Strong-Heart
    Caesar Strong-Heart   ·  March 3, 2015
    Done. Anything else?
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    Gabe   ·  March 2, 2015
    Remember that when the dialogue changes to another speaker, you skip to the next line 
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    Tae-Rai   ·  March 2, 2015
    Some critique here, you need spacing! It is incredibly hard to keep up with and concentrate on who is saying what.