The Aftermath: Chapter 8 | A New Mission

  • I cried out, thinking that somehow, doing so would make the flames just disappear.


    It didn’t.


    Figures started scattering out of the building in terror. I spotted one that looked like the Jarl. Good, he’s safe, at least. The castle was burning, but I could only watch. I snapped out of my sorrow-trance and whipped back towards where the strange thing stood, but he was nowhere to be found. I looked wildly for him. He could be anywhere! Finally, I saw something in the air, fleeing from the scene. My mind cut back to the moment in Winterhold when I saw the exact same thing, but shrugged it off. That’s the same person that was responsible for Winterhold!


    My rage was interrupted by a loud call.


    “Runic!” I heard the Jarl yell. Runic!


    I ran to him hurriedly, Morose suddenly by my side. He was on the ground, burnt and bloodied, but breathing. I pointed my palms toward him, and a beautiful light emanated from them with a soothing hum. Runic’s skin absorbed the healing spell and soon he was back on his feet.


    Runic spoke through tired breaths. “Thank you, you saved me.”


    “O-oh, there’s no need to thank me! You and Morose did all of the work.” I just stood back like an idiot, I thought, but didn’t say.


    “But I must thank you, sincerely, because if you weren’t here, I may have lost a very good soldier today.”  said the Jarl. I blushed. Thanked by the Jarl.


    “If you insist.” I said. The Jarl turned to Runic. “Runic, I want to send you on a mission to find out who this demon is and what his plans are, and if you can, stop him.”


    “I would be honored, your highness.” Runic replied proudly.


    “Good. Now, I know you can’t do this alone, so I’ll send you with these two,” he pointed to Morose and I. “They have lost their home to this man, whoever he is, and I’m sure they will want to find him and stop him too. I’m afraid if we don’t stop him now,  he might try to destroy the rest of Skyrim as well.”


    “I’ll try my best.” Runic promised with a salute.


    “And so will we.” I said.


    The Jarl saluted back and then turned away to gather soldiers and try to put out Dragonsreach's flames. It didn't look like an easy job.


    “Well, are you both ready?” He asked calmly.


    “Yeah,” I replied for Morose and I. Morose is ALWAYS ready.

    “Let’s get on with it, then.” grumbled the Dremora.




    Runic P.O.V.


    Wow, this is better than I thought it would be! I’m not cooped up in Whiterun anymore! Plus, I’m on a mission with friends! I reflected on the mission, and realized how important it really was, so I made a vow to myself. I promise for the Jarl, for the fate of Skyrim, and the lives of my friends that we will find this mage and put a stop to his reign of terror!


    I have my trusty wolf armor, which I changed into before we left. I used to wear this before I started being a Whiterun guard, and it still fits perfectly. Huh, I guess I haven’t grown very much.


    Anyway, Oren’s pretty nice! He did save me, after all. He’s quite humble, too. I’m sure he’d be fine at battling with some training. Very extensive training. Speaking of Oren I looked over at him and realised that he was looking at me funny… Maybe he wants to talk about something…?


    “Anything on your mind?” I asked him.


    “Hm- what, no!” He seemed startled.


    “Hmm, okay.” I replied with a smile and shrugged it off.


    Well, Morose is okay. He doesn’t really talk much, but it was admirable how he kept pace with me in that battle earlier. Even the other Whiterun guards, during practice, couldn’t keep up with me. Wow, I can’t wait to learn more about these guys!  


    Oren P.O.V.

    Runic is um, weird. He seems calm on the outside but his eyes give away what he’s thinking. Does that make any sense? Probably not. He’s very excited to meet us, at least, which is good, I suppose. He must have caught me staring at him, because he looked over at me and asked if there was anything on my mind. It might have just been friendly chit-chat. Am I being too wary?


    I looked over at Morose. He was lost in thought. I wonder what he’s thinking about. I sighed to myself. Boredom overcame me, but I trudged on.


    Runic P.O.V.


    After hours of walking, we weren’t that close to any cities, but we were near this beautiful lake.


    “Why don’t we spend the night here?” I asked Oren.


    “Are you crazy?! There are Mudcrabs down there!” He yelled at me. I didn’t mean to upset him and he didn’t have to yell at me.


    “I’m sorry...” I whimpered.


    “Y-yeah, I...” Oren covered his face with his hands and sighed.


    “Can you kill those crabs, Morose?” the elf asked, and Morose did so without hesitation.


    After Morose cleared the area, Oren went and laid down beside the shore, Morose sitting only a few inches away from him. I was stunned by how good of a relationship they had. It was almost like Morose wasn’t a terrifying war-demon.


    I went and sat a little way away from them. Oren will come around, I’m sure. I laid down and started thinking about the mage that attacked Whiterun, and how this group would find him and take him down! I sighed, This has gone horribly, but hopefully soon we’ll find this mage man… Hmmm, it would be easier if I knew his name so I wouldn’t have to keep calling him ‘Mage Man.’

    I chuckled to myself quietly. I had thought of a great name for him, but Oren would probably take offense.


  • Idesto a'Shinbira
    Idesto a'Shinbira   ·  December 20, 2015
    A Complex Narrative Structure: like it! I wonder who this ' Mage Man' turns out to be?
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  October 6, 2015
    On a special mission for the Jarl. Wonder what you'll cook up for this trio.