The Aftermath: Chapter 7 | Utter Chaos

  • “Slow down, Runic!” said the Jarl. “What’s this about something attacking the-”


    A loud explosion interrupted him. We all glanced up to the ceiling. A flaming hole was left in the top of the structure. Jarl Balgruuf cursed and unsheathed a war axe from his belt.


    “Lead the way.” Balgruuf ordered. “You two should come, too. You have more experience with this kind of thing.”


    I nodded for the both of us. Morose and I turned hurriedly to the exit.

    When we got outside, I spotted the figure of a man, his race unidentifiable to me, but definitely masculine. Guards were scattering everywhere like a kitchen full of roaches as the enemy blasted them away easily with his magic. A magic I had never seen before. It glowed faintly red, blurring the air around it like a burning fire's smoke would. That Runic guy was right to report this. This isn't a normal threat.


    A vicious battle cry erupted from Morose's throat as he charged, determined to kill, or sever a limb at the very least. When he reached a close range, he swung his battleaxe relentlessly. It sliced into the villain's flesh and left a visible mark, as well as catching him off guard. He staggered and let out a roar of some sort. I was surprised the swing hit at all, surprised that there wasn't some kind of magical forcefield surrounding him. I wasn't complaining, though.


    The thing turned around to Morose, ready to strike. That's when I got a good look at him. Horns ran down his head on both sides, starting with a thick base on his forehead and ending in curled points at the beginning of his neck. His face looked old and withered, and his skin resembled the ash and smoke of Red Mountain itself: greyish-black with what looked like small flecks of lava flying out of some of the cracks and furrows in his flesh. Definitely a creature from Oblivion; at least I would hope so.


    I threw five fireballs at the man, which he easily dodged. The spheres of magicka flew right past him and into an unlucky citizen’s house. I cursed under my breath. Sorry! Frustrated now, I attacked with more fireballs only for them to miss again, but thankfully no one was harmed. In return he flung a web of entangled lightning back at me. You see, I’m not the best at dodging, especially not large amounts of magical electricity. The impact burned my skin like I had just thrown myself into an oven, and my body tremored from the high voltage.

    I was about to return the favor when someone grabbed my arm in a tight grip. I looked up to see Runic. He shook his head and pointed towards a whole row of houses that were on fire. I knew what he meant. Disappointed, I lowered my hands, a pathetic amount of magical energy crackling out of them. I looked back up at Runic, only to see him draw his polished Steel Warhammer and charge towards the figure.


    Morose emerged from behind the man where he was hacking away at him relentlessly. Runic did the same, matching the man blow for blow. Wow. For the rest of the battle, I just stood there, watching in awe as Runic and Morose were surprisingly in sync. It was unbelievable! The amount of hits they were able to get in on such a powerful creature was just astounding! Then I noticed that the mage kept casting healing spells on himself. So that’s why he’s able to withstand so many blows! However, his spells looked as if they kept getting weaker and weaker, and soon he couldn’t muster up any more magical energy - or so I thought.


    I focused back on the battle. Morose was about to deliver the final blow! Battleaxe raised over his head, Morose swung down quickly, but his blow was deflected by a huge parade of flame, sputtering, spitting sparks left and right. The explosion itself didn’t affect the brutish Dremora much, but the sheer power of the impact was enough to stagger him back and almost make him lose his footing. I saw Runic fly backwards, hitting the ground with a loud thump and a groan. I was in shock. Impossible! He was out of magicka!


    The explosion was even larger than I had thought. It covered a humongous radius, and seemed to be climbing up to…

    No, no. I must be seeing things wrong. I blinked a few times to clear my head.


    I most definitely was seeing things right.


    The hissing blazes were scaling Dragonsreach.



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