Hybrid: Chapter 3

  • The band of brigands scurried out of the guards' lines of sight, taking shelter behind a nearby boulder. Lucky for them, Skyrim has a lot of those. All the better for taking them by surprise, as Gro-bag would say. Flavius could hear her masculine voice bellowing out those words as he thought them.


    Flavius did not want to do this. The Red team consisted mostly of drunken fools and incompetent thugs, while the Blue team carried the real threats. He knew exactly why - they expected him to do all the work. He knew that without him, they'd all get caught and taken to the Whiterun dungeons like the dirty criminals they were. Something about it didn't seem right to Flavius. He wanted nothing more than to just disappear and be rid of the bandits, but where else would he go? Who would accept a former savage?


    Jyttek started grumbling out orders and pointing out positions for everyone. They probably didn't understand his orders, but they nodded anyways to avoid a swift sock to the jaw. Then, it was Flavius' turn to receive orders.


    "Imperial!" he snapped, and Flavius stiffened. "Just get out there when I give the signal!"

    "But what is the sig-" started Flavius.

    "Now move!" the gruff Nord interrupted.


    The other men followed their orders, scrambling out into the road where the guards stood. They looked at each other for a few seconds before drawing their weapons. One began charging towards the Redguard with a Steel greatsword, the bandit just equipped with a puny Iron mace. The guard swung precisely, leaving a slice in the Redguard's side. He screamed out in pain and fell to the ground in a less-than-graceful manner.


    The second guard nocked an arrow quickly, drew his bow, and released all in one swift motion. The arrow struck the Nord's foot, disarming him and causing him to fall to the ground. Others weren't as lucky - some caught arrows to the torso, and one to the forehead.


    A thought occurred to Flavius. Where is Jyttek?


    And just as the thought had occurred, Flavius caught a glimpse of an unaware guard sputtering and gurgling as a steel arrow collided with his neck. He struggled and fell to the ground, still not quite dead. His greatsword hit the ground with a loud clank against the stone road. Flavius shuddered.


    The other guard jumped in surprise, alarmed. "Hey!" he yelled. "Who's there?"


    Suddenly Jyttek appeared behind him, seemingly out of nowhere, thrusting his blade up into the ribcage of the guard. Flavius saw the glistening end of the blade burst out of his chest, but only for a split second, because Jyttek had pulled it out just as quickly as it had went in.


    And that was it. No more guards, no commotion. Nothing. Why did he even bring me out here? Flavius ducked behind the rock once more, awaiting further instructions.


    "Alright, Imperial, come out of your hiding place!" yelled Jyttek.


    Flavius peeked over the rock only to see an arrow flying at him! He ducked back under the rock again, the arrow whirring past his ear. It had just barely missed him. Jyttek cursed loudly.


    "You're a good shot, Jyttek," said Flavius. "but you're going to have to be better than that."


    "How did you... How- I-I'll kill you!" the Nord threatened, charging towards Flavius, blade drawn.


    Flavius bolted from the boulder's shelter and towards the guards' corpses. I could use that greatsword.


    The Imperial picked up the heavy weapon, dropping his war axes. He entered a defensive stance. Jyttek was staring him down.


    "The whole camp is terrified of you. And I won't lie, so am I. That's why I need you dead." he explained. "With your... Abilities, you'll be Gro-bag's right hand in no time. And I can't let that happen. I've been in this group for too long to be overthrown by an Imperial milkdrinker!"


    The familiar red tinge coated Flavius' eyesight once more, and he couldn't quite control his actions. All he could hear was the clashing of blades, and if he did get struck, he couldn't feel it. The next thing he knew, Jyttek was on the ground, brutally wounded and mutilated - more than was necessary to kill him. Jyttek was dead.


    And Gro-bag would never accept him back...



  • The Wing
    The Wing   ·  August 23, 2015
    I agree with you there, Andrew! The story itself is very entertaining, but equally entertaining is to see what each writer will do to poor Flavius in this game of hot potato. 
  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd   ·  August 22, 2015
    Its great that this idea is working so well, I'm really enjoying the collaborative effort of ideas, the mixing of writing styles, the evolution of Flavius who has been born and being raised by five parents. Or masters, as Sotek put it, might be more apt.<...  more
  • Xeelus
    Xeelus   ·  August 22, 2015
    I'm glad you all like it! I'm excited to see what happens next, Lissette! =D
  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd   ·  August 22, 2015
    So now Flavius has his greats word Lissette, you have to work out how to get him into a fur loin cloth ;)
  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd   ·  August 22, 2015
    Great job Xeelus! I was wondering how he would get away from the bandits but I didn't expect that to happen at all. I love it!
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  August 22, 2015
    Ouch... Who saw that one coming?
    You done well with this Xeelus. 
    Have a think about what tags you may want to use.
  • Idesto
    Idesto   ·  August 22, 2015
    Remember Lissette, there's a word limit of 100,000 #gettinginfirst :D
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  August 22, 2015
    I like twists. Well done!
    I'm next, I think, Exuro. The pressure is on, so far, three very entertaining chapters. Dunno what I'll bring to the table. Need to read all three again and study the initial thread a bit. 
  • Xeelus
    Xeelus   ·  August 22, 2015
    Glad you liked it!
  • Exuro
    Exuro   ·  August 22, 2015
    Ah, I see it now. Good read!