The Aftermath | Chapter 4: Winterhold or Bust

  • I woke up nestled against a cave wall, with someone leaning on me. It was Morose. Great. Just great. I frowned. For a demon, he actually looked normal in his sleep. It was kind of unnerving.


    Then I noticed the burning smell in the air. I tried to crawl out from under him to inspect it, but my weak physique would not allow me. I grumbled impatiently.


    “Morose! Wake up!” I snapped.

    “Huh- What?” Morose asked.

    “Get off of me!” I yelled.

    “Bah!” He jumped back.

    “I didn’t even know you could sleep,” I said. “but apparently you can.”

    “Why do you assume Dremora cannot perform basic bodily functions?” he asked.

    “I don’t know, it just seems… strange. I don’t have time for conversation right now.”


    I stood up hastily and started out of the cave. When I emerged, a terrible sight stood before me. Smoke and ash arose from the sky. I could tell it was coming from Winterhold. The smell was instantly recognizable: charred wood.

    Winterhold… It’s gone…


    I was tearing up. Why? Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Morose.

    Morose picked me up and he started to walk towards Whiterun, but I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to go back to Winterhold, where I lived for the majority of my life!

    I grabbed his horns, yanked them towards Winterhold, and kicked him in the sides. He moved two steps forward and then stopped. I kicked him again but he didn’t budge.


    “GO TO WINTERHOLD!” I screamed.

    “No. The Jarl exiled you.” he said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

    “Since when did you care about rules?!” I shouted.

    “I’m not going. You said you wanted to go somewhere warmer, and unless you want to set yourself ablaze, then Winterhold isn’t the place to go.” 

    “Ugh.” I sighed.

    I will go to Winterhold, whether he likes it or not.


    Finally we had to stop and rest, since it was getting dark. I sat down beside a rock. Morose sat on the other side of the clearing. I didn't want to sleep. I wanted to see what caused the fire.


    About 2 hours passed, and I was still awake thinking about my escape plan. Then I took action!


    (Morose P.O.V.)


    It was morning and Oren was gone. Of course. I should have known he’d try something like this. I started running towards the direction of Winterhold, and soon I found myself face to face with the burnt ruins. No sign of Oren. I'm not going any further. He can find his way back on his own.


    (Oren P.O.V.)


    I was hidden behind a pile of scorched ruins in what was formerly Winterhold, just in case anyone was still here. It seemed like all of the citizens had fled, or worst case scenario, were burnt alive. There wasn't any evidence left of what could have happened to the town. I was getting a bit scared. Many people had probably lost their lives here. I peeked out from my hiding spot. Nobody here. I thought about my situation while staring at the ruins.


    I have no idea why I was being so harsh to Morose earlier. Why did I come back here? I thought. Why did I think this was a good idea? Now I have to walk all the way back!


    “Gah, I’m so stupid…” I said to myself as I trudged out towards the exit.

    Suddenly, I heard frantic footsteps making their way towards me. Morose?


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    Bahaha, don't ask about the tag!
    We thought it would be kinda cool to add in bull-like features to Morose :D
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    Also: 'beep beep meow'? +1 for the tag!
  • Idesto a'Shinbira
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    A nice demon!? I like the way Oren tried to steer him like riding a bull 
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    Glad you like it.
    And I'll never tell!! 
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    I like the change over from Oren to Morose.
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    "Morose sat on the other side of the cleaning." Clearing?
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    Only Oren can grab a daedra by the horns and get away with it. 
    Ooo, a cliffhanger.