Freystein's Tale: Author's Interlude III (on life)

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    Hello all!

    I just wanted to pop in and reassure everyone that Freystein's Tale WILL be continuing. This story is very important to me both because there are readers who have enjoyed it so far and as practice for the art of writing. I find its telling to be very gratifying, and I've missed the writing and presenting of it terribly these last few weeks.

    Speaking of the last few weeks... I've been promoted at work, which comes with more responsibilities and consumes more time, I've moved three (3!!!) times, and I've started taking a class for 2nd level sommelier certification (at my employer's request/expense). I hope that this, along with my apologies, is enough to justify the lack of an update.

    Because of the 4th of July holiday, which marks the busiest week for the store I work in (the joys of a lake resort town) I am already a week behind on my class, and yet to fully unpack, so I can't promise an update this week, but if by 3am EST Thursday 17 July 2014, the next chapter of Freystein's Tale isn't up on the site, I will donate the larger of either the remaining site fundraising balance or $50 to The Skyrim Blog.

    Note: I've already made a donation, so this would be an extra donation if I don't get back to the story... as motivation.


  • Soneca the Exiled
    Soneca the Exiled   ·  July 9, 2014
    I've been meaning to have a look a your stuff, I'm glad it won't just end abruptly.
  • Borommakot
    Borommakot   ·  July 8, 2014
    Glad to hear the story will go on! Nice motivator, too!