Straag Rod (The Turning Wheel): ToC


    Hello! I have been writing Straag Rod off and on since 2014 and have posted this on multiple platforms already. I have been rereading much it of lately and feel that this old war horse of a story is due a sound rewrite to reflect my and the story's growth. A lot of the initial story really didn't convey my true vision for the work, so I have decided to rewrite it. Basic ideas are still the same. We are still chronicaling the life of the Altmer, Äelberon of Dusk, the Last Dragonborn. But there will be some significant changes that address a lot of what I disliked about the initial drafts. May be worth a reread if you're interested, especially since I frequently add different chapters when I rewrite. I've talked with friends (Harrow mostly, who's also rewriting his story too) about this and they recommend the best course of action is a brand new ToC, so that the changes are much clearer and I don't have to be constantly reediting and relinking blogs. The old version of Straag will stay up, as a reference and for the people that continue to read that version. After I reach the same point in Part two as the old blog, I will not be updating the old blog's ToC as new chapters come up, I'll be switching permanently to this one. So here's to a fresh coat of paint and what I hope are some fresh ideas. As you can see from this ToC, things are way simpler, more stark. 


    Straag Rod is a tale that incorporates, interprets, reinterprets, and adds to the extensive lore of the Elderscrolls Universe and as a result, it often refers to events throughout all the Eras. In addition, to supplement the storytelling, various appendeces will be posted including author-written lore books, poetry, and timelines that put events of the story in context. I have been writing this fanfiction off and on since about 2014 and it has been expanded to form an entire universe of characters by a small team of authors. Links to the expanded stories will be provided. I'm pretty happy with those stories, so I'll just link them to this ToC.


    Disclaimer and Trigger Warning:  Straag Rod and ESRU (Expanded Straag Rod Universe) are stories for mature audiences that includes sex, class struggles, racism, adult language, torture and violence,and other adult themes. While I do not find it particularly explicit or gratuitous, there is a matter-of-fact candor to the storytelling that could be offensive to some. Please be advised and thank you.


    Book 1: Fate Goes Ever as it Must

    Part 1

    The Final Mission

    Chapter 1 * Chapter 2 * Chapter 3 * Chapter 4 * Chapter 5 * Chapter 6 



    Chapter 7 * Chapter 8 * Wait for it... 


    Straag Rod Appendeces and Supplemental Materials

    Appendix A (Tenets of the Order of Aur-El) * Appendix B (Historical Timeline) *


    ESRU (Expanded Straag Rod Universe)

    Links coming soon...



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