Guide to Straag Rod: Timeline and Recap of Part 1, Book 1



    With Part 2 of Straag Rod delayed somewhat due to other projects, I thought I'd take it upon myself to offer my readers a recap of the events of Part 1 in a more condensed form. But then I got to thinking...


    The events in Straag Rod span eras of Tamriel history, even touching upon events of the Dawn Era that affected the formation of Nirn. Some events occurred in the Elder Scrolls universe while others are of my own imagination, while still others are my interpretations of actual events. The timeline below also fills in gaps in Äelberon’s past.  These are by all means not all of the events in each respective era, but events that hold a certain significance in his life either directly or indirectly. Titles in colored, bold italics denote  short stories that will expand on events. As they are written, the timeline will be edited to form links. In addition, as Äelberon’s story continues, the timeline will further expand.


    I created this timeline in a desire to better share the events in this Mer’s long life. It encompasses all the stories within the Straag Rod universe, including the Cursed Tribe and others. There are mild spoilers, but only through Part 1 of Book 1 of Straag Rod.







    • Note: Time is not always linear in this early, turbulent time during and just after creation.
    • Magnus escapes with Magna ge, the sun and stars are the remnants of this escape, holes to Aetherius.
    • Fall of Meridia
    • ME, 2500 - Construction of the Adamantine Tower. Beginning of recorded time.
    • War of the Ehlnofey and the Construction of Skyforge – forging of Auri-El’s Shield and Bow by Zahnirbildaar (Preserve Defend Servant). Dragons in alliance with Bormah in the war. Alduin (Destroyer Devour Master) is a general.  
    • Dragons witness Trinimac’s removal of Lorkhan’s heart with great curiosity. Alduin is profoundly affected.
    • Events of Convention – Heart of Lorkhan cast to the sea, formation of Red Mountain.



    • Crystal Tower Constructed after ancient Aldmer settle in what is now Summerset Isles (Alinor).

    • Topal the Pilot’s explorations

    • White-Gold Tower Constructed

    • Ayleid society and Aldmer culture flourish

    • Veloth splits from Aldmer

    • Establishment of Order of Auri-El to counter Veloth split.

    • Trinimac corrupted by Boethia

    • Emergence of Dwemer

    • Creation of Lamae Bal

    • Establishment of Snow Elf culture; avoidance of Skyforge.

    • Dragons exact tribute from the Ancient Atmorans. Atmorans begin migration from Atmora to Skyrim.





    • High Snow Elf Culture and peace with the now-migrating Atmorans and their dragon overlords.

    • Dragon War – Miraak, a power dragon priest in his own right, betrays the dragons through knowledge obtained by Hermeaus Mora and demonstrates that they are not gods by slaughtering them and taking their souls. Sets up his own temple in Solstheim, but does not help men in the ensuing battle with the now angry Alduin. Kyne appeals to Paarthurnax (Ambition Overlord Cruelty) and Zahnirbildaar to assist men.  Fron Kiin (Kin Slaying). Paarthurnax teaches Men the thu’um, casting of Alduin, first Dragonbreak.

    • Sacking of Saarthal – KIMMUNE discovered.

    • Events of Song of the Return – discovery of the now-abandoned Skyforge, settlement of Whiterun, Jorrvaskr the ship converted to a home.

    • Battle of Moesring, death of the Snow Prince, Snow Elves face defeat.

    • First appearances of Pelinal Whitestrake in various forms




    • Continued removal of Snow Elves from Skyrim

    • Snow Elves make a deal with the Dwemer, though not all accept

    • Construction of Chantry in Forgotten Vale – early in 1st era, Chantry Elves Oblivious to the plight of their brethren.

    • Vyrthur infected with Vampirism

    • Vyrthur creates Tyranny of the Sun Prophecy

    • Chantry attacked by Betrayed, leaving only Gelebor and Vyrthur

    • Vivec grows up in Resdayn

    • 20 – Earliest references to Psijic order

    • 68 – Last ships from Atmora

    • 139 – Snow Elf conflicts with Nords near Forelhost

    • 140 – Last remnant of Dragon cult discovered dead. Odahviing’s (Snow Hunter Wing) mound is nearby.

    • A group of Snow Elves flee to Summerset Isles. Integrate into several local populations.  

    • 221+ - Aetherium Wars




    • 242 – Alessian Rebellion. Pelinal Whitestrake aids Alessia and Morihaus in the rebellion. Morihaus and Alessia become lovers, though it is also implied that Pelinal and Morihaus were also lovers.

    • 243 – Taking of the White-Gold Tower. Defeat of Umaril the Unfeathered and Pelinal’s subsequent dismemberment. Morihaus leads the charge into the White-Gold tower. Ayleids are defeated.

    • 266 – Queen Alessia dies, though not without heirs. Pelinal/Shezzar/Akatosh appears at her bedside and makes a covenant with her. Her son with Morihaus, Belharza, takes over. Their fates are unknown; though evidence hints that the precursors of the Alessian Order turned against their former Man-bull protectors and persecuted them.

    • Fourth Century - Marukh, an Imga prophet of the early first era is born. His 77 doctrines form the foundation of the Alessian Order.

    • 361 – Ayleid lordships outlawed – Remaining Ayleids flee; many to Valenwood others to southern cities of Summerset.

    • 416 – Jurgen Windcaller begins his meditation on the Way of the Voice. Buried in a tomb with Daedric script.

    • 420-452 – Reign of King Olaf One-Eye in Skyrim.  The dragon, Numinex, is imprisoned in Dragonsreach. Visited by Mirmulnir (Allegiance Strong Hunt), Paarthurnax, and Durnehviir (Curse Never Dying), but succumbs to his madness with only his skull remaining.

    • 500 -  Wulfharth becomes king of Skyrim, restores Nordic Pantheon.

    • Circa 700 War of the Crag – Falmer (The Betrayed), now devolved into the race enountered in Skyrim, turn against their Dwemer slavers

    • 700 – Dwemer disappear

    • Circa 700 - Vivec, Amalaxia, and Sotha Sil break their oath to Nerevar and Azura by using Kagrenac’s tools on the Heart of Lorkhan after the battle of Red Mountain. Become the Tribunal and lead Morrowind through a period of prosperity. Ashlanders resist their worship and continue to worship the “good” Daedra (Azura, Boethia, Mephala) under persecution.

    • Circa 800-1000 Henantier of Sunhold leaves Summerset Isles and travels to Skyrim and joins the ranks of Jorrvaskr as a servant. Is named Harbinger of the Companions by a former student after generations of learning Companions “the Way of Honor”. He returns to his family, giving them his Ancient Nordic battle axe. Though he remains for a time, fathering several children, he leaves for Skyrim, never to be heard from again. Ancestral worship of Henantier the Outsider as a warrior-god begins among several close-knit family groups in Southern Summerset Isles due to his exploits at Jorrvaskr and his exemplary model of dedication and industry. Fills the void left by Trinimac. Generations of his descendents, both from Sunhold and then later from Dusk, adopt careers in the military under his influence. Southern Summerset begins to develop a sound reputation for producing Altmer of great strength, size and military prowess. Many are sent to Vuhkel Guard for training and then later to Alinor.

    • 1301 – Sack of Skywatch by the Sload of Thras.

    • 1200 - 2208 Second Dragonbreak – Middle Dawn, time is disrupted and no longer linear. May have affected several events and conception of events in the original Dawn Era.

    • 2260 – Members of Äelberon’s family participate in the All Flags Navy.

    • 2331 - 2703 – First Interregnum, no empire in Cyrodiil.

    • 24th century - Harkon, Valerica, and Serana born during this turbulent time and are reborn as full-blooded vampires during Chil’a on an undisclosed year. Harkon is a petty king of Norther Haafingar who strikes a deal with Molag Bal for more power. Family sacrifices 1000 innocents to prove their worth before they receive Molag Bal’s gift.

    • 26th century - Harkon discovers Vyrthur’s Tyranny of the Sun prophecy. His brooding and madness over the prophecy causes internal strife in Clan Volkihar as there are disagreements as to whether or not this is a good idea to implement. They find two elderscrolls to aid with interpreting the prophecy, but the third has eluded them.

    • 27th century - Valerica flees with Serana and the scrolls and entombs her daughter at Dimhollow Crypt while she herself hides in the Soul Cairn.

    • Late 27th century - Durnehviir, in a bid to become more dominant among the weakening Dovah, strikes a bargain with the Ideal Masters. He will guard Valerica until she dies in exchange for secrets for his necromantic practices. In his rashness, doesn’t understand that Valerica cannot die and he is tricked, trapped in the Soul Cairn.

    • 2703-62 -  Reign of Reman Cyrodiil, founder of the second empire in Cyrodiil.

    • 2812-18 – Construction of Alduin’s Wall at SkyHaven Temple. Dragons still exist.



    • 230 – Artaeum disappears; Galerion the Mystic finds the mage’s guild

    • 516 – Alchemist Kelkemmellian born

    • 521 – Vestige born.

    • 555 – Queen Ayrenn born

    • 570 – Vestige walks Chantry of Auri-El in Alinor successfully, becomes Knight-Paladin for the Order of Auri-El

    • 578 – Soulburst occurs.

    • 580 – First Aldmeri Dominion founded by Queen Ayrenn

    • 582 – Vestige is captured while investigating vampire activity and is sacrificed by Mannimarco to Molag Bal in the attempted Planemeld. Works to thwart it and regain his soul. In his journeys, he becomes involved in the fledgling Aldmeri Dominion as an agent of the queen, along with a rotund Khajiit he meets in Vuhkela Guard and Kelkemmellian. While on a quest to retrieve the Amulet of Kings from Mannimarco, the Vestige touches a corrupted version of the amulet and sees a vision. After preventing Molag Bal from conducting the planemeld, the Vestige retires as Agent of the Queen. Finds the Summerset city of Dusk in his travels, by converting the old Keep. He encourages Altmer, especially Apraxic Elves to settle there. He marries into a family of mixed Elves (Ancient Falmer/Altmer). Later becomes Dusk's High Priest of Auri-El.

    • 600 – Rynandor the Bold Born. Second Son of House Stormwatch.

    • 651 – Lilandtar of  Cloudrest born. First son of House Larethian.

    • 730 – Artaeum returns

    • 882 - Tribunal discover that Dagoth Ur is still alive. They are unable to tap into the Heart. Their divinity begins to wane. Vivec at some point in the timeline between first and second era has achieved CHIM and writes extensively on the subject.

    • 896 – Tiber Septim uses the Numidium on Summerset. Unifies Tamriel.



    • 0-38 - Reign of Tiber Septim and establishment of the Septim Dynasty.
    • 110 – Several of Äelberon’s family members serve as sailors in the War of the Isle, heeding the call of the King of Summerset against the Maomer.

    • 268 – Kahleron is born in the city of Dusk. Äelberon’s father. Ayleid and Altmer ancestry. Soldier and sailor before injury forced him to retire as a fishermer. Badly scarred leg.

    • 270 – Äelbé is born in the city of Dusk.  Äelberon’s mother. Ancient Falmer and Altmer ancestry. Bowmer and blacksmith before retiring from military service as a blacksmith.

    • 378 – Kahleron and Äelbé are assigned after waiting in the Marriage Pools for decades. Both past prime childbearing years for Altmer not versed in magic or of noble birth. Settle at the Point, an old ancestral plot of land owned by Äelbé’s family.

    • 388 – Elenwen of Cloudrest born. Second daughter of House Elsinthar

    • 389 – Urag gro-Shub born.

    • 15th of First Seed, 391 – Äelberon of Dusk born at the Point, near Dusk, Summerset Isles. Though early records from the Isles indicate that he was born in Rain's Hand, not First Seed under the sign of the Serpent.

    • 394 – Calianwe of Cloudrest born.  First daughter of House Stormwatch. Bumph gra-Gash born in the Wrothgarian Mountains of Orsinium.

    • 401 – Vingalmo of Cloudrest born. Third son of House Caemal.

    • 408 – Äelberon casts his first spell, a sun spell of strong potency, Meets Elenwen of Cloudrest, a young Thalmor investigator assigned to assess the situation and it comes to light that he was actually born in First Seed not Rain's Hand. The Vestige, now the High Priest of Dusk for the Order of Auri-El vouches for Äelberon and the young Mer is allowed to enter the religious Order.

    • 426 - Lilandril of Cloudrest is born. First son of Lilandtar of Cloudrest.

    • 427 – Events of Morrowind and Tribunal.  Äelberon is sent by High Priest of Dusk to Alinor to continue his training.

    • 429 - Lillimia of Cloudrest is born. First daughter of Lilandtar of Cloudrest, Crystal Tower Mage.

    • 16th of Mid Year, 431 – Äelberon of Dusk recruited as a Knight of the Crystal Tower, serving as Knight Guard to Arch-Magister Rynandor the Bold. Travels to Crystal-Like-Law, then soon after, accompanies Rynandor the Bold to Morrowind.

    • 5th of First Seed, 432 – Äelberon of Dusk becomes Knight-Paladin Äelberon of the Order of Auri-El. Walks the Great Chantry of Auri-El in Alinor at his first attempt. Joined by Calianwe of House Stormwatch. Assigned to Calianwe and refuses the match.



    • 433 – Events in Karver's Short Story: No Honor Among Thieves

    • 27th of Last Seed. Clocks freeze in Summerset and the skies begin to burn. Oblivion Crisis.

    • 433 – Bumph witnesses the Defense of Bruma.

    • 433 – Orcs warriors from eight strongholds vanquish the Daedra and close the Oblivion gates near Orcrest, Elsweyr. Become protectors of the city. The mini Orsinium.

    • 433 - Battle for Crystal-Like-Law. Äelberon slays Bet, the child of Molag Bal.

    • 433 - Fall of Crystal-Like-Law. Rynandor and Äelberon lock themselves in the tomb of the Aldmeri ancestors to survive along with Äelberon’s bow, his shield, and his longsword.

    • 433 – The Champion of Cyrodiil, an Altmer thief, and Martin Septim bring about the end of the Oblivion Crisis. Äelberon has his first vision of Ebonnayne; a woman with fair skin, hair like ebony, and eyes like starfire.




    • 0 – Äelberon reunited with his parents. Äelberon moves to Cloudrest to fulfill an oath to Lilandtar of House Larethian, who perished in the Crystal Tower. Becomes the captain of House Larethian’s guard, but also guardian to Lilandtar’s two children; Lillimia and Lilandril.  Meets Runil, Ondolemar, and Ancano. Äelberon opts to pay the celibacy tax and withdraws from the marriage pool due to his extensive scarring. Rynandor is arrested.

    • 1 – Trial and Exile of Rynandor the Bold. Is lost at sea on his way to Anvil.

    • 10 – Assassination of Potentate Ocato, supposedly by Thalmor agents.

    • 22 – Thalmor seize control of Summerset. High King of Alinor is banished to Firsthold. Summerset renamed Alinor. Elenwen begins work on the Valenwood and Elsweyr projects. Thalmor assume control of the marriage pool.

    • 26Short Story Going Elsweyr 

    • 29 – Third Aldmeri Dominion created when Valenwood and Alinor form an alliance.

    • 42 – Night of Green Fire – Altmer dissidents taking refuge in Sentinel, Hammerfell are slaughtered by Thalmor agents.

    • Before 49 – Mane of Elsweyr assassinated, assumed by Thalmor agents.

    • 98 – Void Nights begin. Moons disappear from the Tamriel sky. Elenwen achieves the rank of Grand Justiciar for her service to the Dominion.  

    • 98 – Vingalmo becomes a vampire during Chil’a. Made by Lord Harkon.

    • 98 – Purge of Dusk and deaths of Kahleron and Äelbé. Äelberon is captured and held by the Thalmor for his attempts to save his parents and his city from destruction, but citizens are told he perished and the entire affair is spun to be a vampire raid that was thwarted by Thalmor under the orders of Vingalmo of Cloudrest. He is exiled with the intention of being killed enroute, but through the intervention of friends, Äelberon is truly exiled. Song Laure Lye (The Golden Tree) is composed as he sails to Anvil. Thalmor hold Äelberon’s public funeral, but later learn that he survived his exile. Äelberon’s mother receives honored funerary rites by Calianwe at the Point and a monument to her is created there. His father is damned to Coldharbour.

    • 98 - 100 – Dramatic spike in Khajiit stillbirths. No kits are born alive for the next two years.

    • Early 99 – Äelberon takes refuge in Imperial city, battles in the Arena, and becomes Grand Champion. During his Grand Champion match, he is discovered by Thalmor and is chased by a party which include Vingalmo, Runil, Ancano, Ondolemar, and a Bleak Walker.

    • Late 99 – After nearly a year of being pursued, Äelberon is driven by the Thalmor into to the Jerral Mountains where he is presumed dead at the hands of trolls.  Äelberon survives and lives in the Jerrals for a year, meditating. Poem and song Fe’angua Falcaex (My Promise) is composed.

    • Late 100 – Moons again appear in Tamriel. Khajiit see the birth of their first kits in two years. Thalmor hailed as saviors of the Khajiit. Artaeum disappears. Äelberon emerges from the Jerrals and meets Bumph.

    • 101 – Äelberon travels to Argonia in pursuit of a Werelion ravaging Leyawiin.

    • 101 – 160 – Äelberon travels Tamriel extensively, visiting most provinces in his work as a demon hunter except Skyrim, though has ties to Bruma. He is also searching for Vingalmo’s clan name.

    • 115 – Elsweyr divides into the two kingdoms of Anequina and Pelletine and become client states of the Aldmeri Dominion.

    • 120 – Vingalmo becomes Lord of House Caemal. Palaex Furodius, born. Founder of the Goldpact Order.

    • 122 – Fall of Winterhold.

    • 126 – Äelberon meets Urag gro-Shub who is trying to get books back from Goblins.

    • 134 - Vastaril born, Tilma born.

    • 137 – Kodlak Whitemane born, Athis of the Urshilaku tribe, born

    • 146 – Vignar Greymane participates in his first Feast of the Dead in Windhelm.

    • 150 - Tilma married.  

    • 152 – Vingalmo achieves the rank of Grand Justiciar.

    • 156 – Decimus Merotim, born.  Skjor, born.

    • 165 – Kodlak arrives in Jorrvaskr after being discovered in Hammerfell by Askar.



    • 171 – Great War Begins with an ultimatum, heads of all the Blades agents in the Aldmeri Dominion brought to the Emperor by the Thalmor. War is declared.

    • 171 – Initial Imperial retreat, known as the March of Thirst, Palaex possible participant.

    • Late 173 – Twins Vilkas and Farkas, born. Abandoned at Jorrvaskr.

    • 174 – Äelberon captured by Elenwen while defending a village during the war. Tortured.

    • 174 – Ulfric Stormcloak captured by Elenwen’s forces just before the sack of the Imperial city.

    • 174 – Ulfric and Äelberon escape together. Sack of the Imperial city. Skjor is captured by Thalmor Jusiticiar during the battle, held prisoner, tortured, and blinded. Skjor escapes his binds, blinds the Justiciar, and he and his fellow prisoners beat the Elf and leave him for dead.

    • 175  - Runil journeys to Falkreath and becomes their priest of Arkay.

    • 175 – Battle of the Red Ring. Exploits of the Forgotten Hero.

    • 175 – White Gold Concordat signed, leaving Skyrim disgruntled, while Hammerfell secedes from the Empire and continues fighting until they drive out the Dominion in 180. Äelberon and Palaex formulate the Dogma of the Goldpact Order using the Order of Auri-El as a guide. Äelberon meets Decimus Merotim.  Disatisfied with the outcome of the war, Äelberon journeys to Hammerfell to help with the fighting. Spends five years in Hammerfell living among the desert tribes. 


    • 176 – Aela the Huntress born. Askar becomes Harbinger.

    • 180 - Äelberon returns to Bruma, Palaex Furodius dies, Äelberon and Decimus reunite.
    • 181 – Grulmar gro-Lagashbur is born. The Cursed Tribe.

    • 184 – Festival of Old Life. Decimus Merotim is driven from Bruma. 

    • 9th of First Seed, 185 – Vampire Symposium in Alinor. Äelberon meets Vastaril and learns the name of Vingalmo’s vampire clan.

    • 14th of First Seed, 185 – Äelberon saves a village in the West Waeld from a Goblin incursion as he’s being chased by the Thalmor. Is seen riding his White Yokudan Charger, M’Kai.

    • 15th of First Seed, 185 – Äelberon spends the night in a Brothel in the Imperial city with former Blade eluding the Thalmor.

    • 187 – Decimus Merotim arrives in Lagashbur. Karver’s Story series: The Cursed Tribe

    • 190 – Aela is presented with her mother’s armor by Skjor and Kodlak. Vilkas and Farkas join the Companions.

    • 190 – Äelberon returns to Bruma after 5 years evading the Thalmor in Cyrodiil

    • 192 – Aela joins the Companions, father moves to Falkreath. Athis joins the Companions after Feast of the Dead.

    • 194 – Aela’s father dies. Jeek is given as an inheritance. Äelberon abandons a contract by Krev the Skinner. Torvar and Njada join the Companions

    • 196 – Aela joins the Circle; Skjor serves as Forbear

    • 197 – Farkas and Vilkas join the Circle; Aela serves as Forbear

    • 198Short Story: Eyes like the Summer Skies. Koor, a Cyrodiilic War Husky is found as a small puppy. Äelberon’s mount is a dapple grey charger, Reman.

    • 201 – Ria joins the Companions. Äelberon of Dusk prepares to make the journey to Skyrim on the pretext to finally kill Vingalmo. Learns Vingalmo is traveling to Darkwater. Kodlak Whitemane dreams of Sovngarde on the first of Sun’s Dusk and vows to stop his transformations.  




    • 29th of Sun’s Dusk – Äelberon is captured by Imperial and Thalmor forces under the command of Grand Justiciar Vingalmo after an Imperial ambush of a Stormcloak band led by Ulfric Stormcloak. Separated from Koor.

    • 2nd of Evening Star – Äelberon is nearly executed in Helgen and survives the dragon attack, but is injured in his escape through the Keep. Reunited with Koor and travels to Whiterun to warn the Jarl. Succumbs to his injuries after delivering news of the dragon attack to Jarl Balgruuf in Whiterun, promising to retrieve the Dragonstone for Farengar Secret-Fire, and joining the Companions at Jorrvaskr.

    • 10th of Evening Star – Awakens from his injuries.

    • 13th of Evening Star – clears a small bandit lair near Bleak Falls Barrow and learns of a quest that will grant him Mara’s favor against magical foes. Begins construction on a set of Steel armor at Skyforge.

    • 18th of Evening star – Clears White River Watch for the Companions and slays Hajvarr Iron-Hand. Defeats Skjor in the Training Circle.

    • 21st of Evening Star –  Purchases the black charger, Queen Alfsigr, or Allie for short. Travels the various holds of Skyrim looking for information on the whereabouts of Clan Volkihar and to obtain the equipment he needs to do Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve the Dragon Stone.

    • 22nd of Evening Star - At Dawnstar, befriends the caravan guard, Kharjo, and makes a silent oath to aid the city’s citizens plagued by Vaermina’s nightmares when he is better equipped. Through Keeper Carcette, Äelberon agrees to aid Vigilant Tyranus in an investigation of Daedra worship in Markarth. By accident, acquires the famed Staff of Hasedoki while exploring the ruins of a library in Windhelm.

    • 24th of Evening Star - Saves a young Vigilant of Stendarr, a Redguard named Tavia, from a flame atronach while traveling from Kynesgrove. Together, they visit the Beacon of Stendarr and bury Tavia’s partner. Meets the Breton Brother Theodard, a libarian among the Vigilants.  

    • 25th of Evening Star - At Riften, Aelberon has his first encounters with the Thieves Guild and is visited by the Lady Mara on Kyne’s behalf to embark on a series of quests pertaining to aspects of Love, a subject he is rather uncomfortable with. Tilma’s Birthday is some time during his absence. He buys her a present, a silver thimble with an amethyst crown. In addition, through his efforts for the Lady Mara, Klimmek and Fastred of Ivarstead are brought together. Celebrates Saturalia with the Kharjo's caravan.

    • 26th of Evening Star - On his journey back to Whiterun, comes to the aid of a Stormcloak camp with wounded being attacked by Bandits and Thalmor. He tells the camp his story before going back on the road. Returns to Jorrvaskr and presents Tilma with her birthday present. Is first called “Albee” by the old woman.

    • 27th of Evening Star - Äelberon makes his Elven bow out of the smelted armor of Thalmor. 

    • 28th of Evening Star – Clears Valtheim Towers on a bounty for Jarl Balgruuf the Greater and to recover a moon amulet of sentimental value for Kharjo. Acquires a crossbow and a quiver of bolts of shock, but nearly dies due to carelessness.

    • 31st of Evening Star – Äelberon arrives at Markarth to aid Calcelmo on behalf of the Lady Mara, but encounters Forsworn violence on the streets. He is intercepted by Vigilant Tyranus and the two colleagues enjoy lunch at the Silver Blood Inn and garner the attentions of the innkeeper’s daughter, Froki, which Tyranus enjoys, but Äelberon shies away from. They agree to meet at the Abaondoned house after Äelberon visits Calcelmo. Evades  Justiciar Ondolemar in the process of helping Calcelmo win the affection of Faleen in fulfillment of his task for the Lady Mara. Tyranus sleeps with Froki. At nightfall, while the city is preparing for the celebrations, Äelberon and Vigilant Tyranus investigate an abandoned house in Markarth and discover an altar to Molag Bal. Molag Bal uses his influence to corrupt the soul of Vigilant Tyranus. Äelberon and the Daedric Prince battle for the man’s soul. Äelberon is victorious, but at the cost of the Vigilant’s life and his ability to cast magicks for several days. Before the Vigilant dies, he makes Äelberon promise to take up his mantle and wear his armor. He dreams of the Vampire Symposium.

    • 1st of Morning Star, 202 – The Companions of Jorrvaskr, on a chance encounter with Äelberon, learn that he is a demon hunter and has close affiliations with the Vigilants of Stendarr.  This leads to internal tensions within the Circle as they discuss Äelberon’s fate within the Companions.

    • 2nd of Morning Star – Äelberon discovers a destroyed Hall of the Vigilant and heads to the Beacon of Stendarr with Tyranus’ body to warn the Vigilants there of the attack. The Companions decide that Äelberon will undergo a trial to test his loyalty, though they are still divided about the issue.

    • 3rd of Morning Star - Äelberon returns to Jorrvaskr and starts adjusting Tyranus’ armor to fit him. Reunites two lovers at Gjukar’s monument and obtains Mara’s favor. Returns Kharjo’s amulet.

    • 7th & 8th of Morning Star – Äelberon, on a mission to retrieve Nettlebane for Danica Pure-Spring encounters a Hagraven at Orphan Rock who disturbs him with her sense of foresight. He later returns to Danica to show her Nettlebane and is then sent to the Eldergleam sanctuary to retrieve the tree’s sap to revive the Gildergreen in Whiterun. He is accompanied by Maurice Jondelle, a pilgrim devoted to Kynareth. Together, they instead entreat Kynareth to show them a better way, so as to not damage the tree. The Eldergleam issues forth a sapling, and Jondelle marvels at the Goddesses apparent favor towards Äelberon. When he returns to Whiterun, the Gildergleam is destroyed, the sapling planted, and the wood of the fallen tree is distributed to all the smiths in the hold, including Äelberon, who fletches elven arrows out of the dead tree's wood.

    • 11th of Morning Star – Äelberon, dismayed at the now cold behavior of his Shield-Siblings, undergoes his trial for the Companions; retrieve a fragment of Wuuthrad from Dustman’s Cairn. Farkas of the Circle accompanies him. In addition to feeling the calling of a strange word “Yol” written on a massive wall, Äelberon discovers the lycanthropy among the Companions when a band of Silver Hand attack and Farkas transforms in front of him. Äelberon breaks several tenets of his Order by showing mercy to the Companion’s plight and he is inducted into the Companions with much celebration. He and Skjor put aside their animosity and realize their friendship.  However, Äelberon unbinds his hair as punishment for the sins against his tenets and vows to pray on the matter of the Companion’s Lycanthropy.

    • 13th of Morning Star

      • Mirmulnir and Alduin meet in the Druadach mountains to discuss what has happened since Alduin’s disappearance and his plans for reconquest. Alduin suggests that Mirmulnir sack Whiterun and retrieve Numinex’ head so that the Dovah can be resurrected at Skuldafn. Alduin, however, has other motives for Mirmulnir’s endeavor, motives that he keeps hidden from the battle-scarred, embittered Mirmulnir.  

      • Äelberon, now plagued by recurring nightmares involving the Companions’ Beast Blood, the call of Hircine, and his potential role in seeking their cure, finally heads to Bleak Falls Barrow to retrieve the Dragonstone for Farengar Secret-Fire.  Hears another word, “fus”. Names his Elven bow, Okriim, and his crossbow, Niniik, though he doesn't understand why. Äelberon is successful in his quest. In addition, he also stumbles upon Lucan Valerian’s missing golden claw, which he returns to the Imperial shop-keeper. Though he is keen to celebrate at Jorrvaskr, Äelberon leaves the Mead Hall after only dropping-off supplies to return the stone to the court wizard. He is detained at Dragonsreach.

    • 14th of Morning Star

      • Mirmulnir attacks the Western Watchtower to retrieve Numinex’ head. A force of Whiterun guards, Housecarl Irileth, and Äelberon of Dusk confront the creature. After a brutal battle that is witnessed from a distance by Whiterun citizens including the Greenskin and his sidekick Erik the Slayer, Äelberon absorbs the dragon’s soul. Mirmulnir, before he dies, curses Alduin, knowing now that he was used by his Master to learn the identity of the Dragonborn. Äelberon experiences strange visions during this ordeal, including images of past dragonborns, visions of what he assumes are the dragon’s life before it died, and a mysterious woman he calls Ebonnayne. Before he loses consciousness, he confesses his love for her, feeling things he has not felt in many years, feelings he thought were destroyed.

      • When he wakes, in his confusion, he first thinks a young Nord guard by the name of Honthjolf has absorbed the soul, as the boy was also bathed in the same light. He is later told, however, that it was indeed him and he shouts, the sound of his thu’um echoing in the tundra. In addition, for the first time all the words  he has ever spoken throughout his long life in a strange language suddenly make sense. He was speaking the language of the dragons, Dovahzul. He learns that Koor’s name means “Summer”, Okriim is “eagle”, and he can translate what he said at the Battle for Crystal-Like-Law. He is shocked and terrified by this, knowing what dragonborns represent to his people and the lyrics of an old Altmeri nursery rhyme begin to plague his thoughts. “Doom Drum pounding in the Night…”

      • The Greybeards, in a cry that can be heard throughout all of Skyrim, summon the Dovahkiin to High Hrothgar, though they are not sure of the Dovahkiin’s identity yet. Äelberon is encouraged by Jarl Balgruuf to answer the summons, an honor among Nords. He arrives at Jorrvaskr and provides Skjor and Whitemane a chilling account of his experience at the Western Watchtower, ending with a song in Dovahzul (Faal Heim Mirodahiik, The Forge Singer), which puzzles his Shield-Brothers, though Skjor begins to suspect something. While Skjor fetches the Elf potions to heal his broken ankle, Äelberon confesses to Kodlak Whitemane that it was he who absorbed the soul. Kodlak offers his  support, ensuring that Jorrvaskr his his refuge.  Äelberon decides to consult the Greybeards as Tilma and Kodlak tend to his wounds, and he subconsciously hums the dragon’s song.




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  • Matt Feeney the New Guy
    Matt Feeney the New Guy   ·  November 26, 2016
    Hey Liss, I'm wondering how you prioritized what events to list and which ones to leave out. This is immensely fascinating.
    • The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      Matt Feeney the New Guy
      Matt Feeney the New Guy
      Matt Feeney the New Guy
      Hey Liss, I'm wondering how you prioritized what events to list and which ones to leave out. This is immensely fascinating.
        ·  November 26, 2016
      Well, Matt. When I scanned through the gazillion events to feature, I tended to pick events that had a effect on my main protagonist in some way, either directly or indirectly. Or it is mentioned, or will be mentioned in Straag Rod at some point in time. ...  more
      • Matt Feeney the New Guy
        Matt Feeney the New Guy
        The Long-Chapper
        The Long-Chapper
        The Long-Chapper
        Well, Matt. When I scanned through the gazillion events to feature, I tended to pick events that had a effect on my main protagonist in some way, either directly or indirectly. Or it is mentioned, or will be mentioned in Straag Rod at some point in time. ...  more
          ·  November 26, 2016
        It turned out really well. I like how you were able to work such a long-lived character like Albee into the lore. A lot of people have written about their hundred year old elves, but this really helps ground Albee into the world. Like the ageless Forrest ...  more
        • The Long-Chapper
          The Long-Chapper
          Matt Feeney the New Guy
          Matt Feeney the New Guy
          Matt Feeney the New Guy
          It turned out really well. I like how you were able to work such a long-lived character like Albee into the lore. A lot of people have written about their hundred year old elves, but this really helps ground Albee into the world. Like the ageless Forrest ...  more
            ·  November 30, 2016
          HAHA, Albee definitely thinks he's aged. a lot. 
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    The Long-Chapper   ·  October 2, 2016
    lol, I do not like my own blog, for some reason SE is saying I like it. I liked what Axius said. 
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  October 2, 2016
    Thanks, everybody. A lot of the images were google found, but I was pretty specific with my searches. I tended to favor art over screenshots. It gave everything almost a museum feel to me, like turning the pages of a history book. Like you can picture an ...  more
    • Delta
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      Thanks, everybody. A lot of the images were google found, but I was pretty specific with my searches. I tended to favor art over screenshots. It gave everything almost a museum feel to me, like turning the pages of a history book. Like you can picture an ...  more
        ·  October 2, 2016
      Agreed, the pics are a nice touch although you don't have to, you could link it back to its original owner. Of course it's more of a personal rule than anything.
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      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      Thanks, everybody. A lot of the images were google found, but I was pretty specific with my searches. I tended to favor art over screenshots. It gave everything almost a museum feel to me, like turning the pages of a history book. Like you can picture an ...  more
        ·  October 2, 2016
      I can absolutely picture that feel. Though I think I would recommend framing some of the pictures just to add more to that museum vibe.
      • The Long-Chapper
        The Long-Chapper
        I can absolutely picture that feel. Though I think I would recommend framing some of the pictures just to add more to that museum vibe.
          ·  October 2, 2016
        I had thought about it actually, but gah, was so happy the formatting worked! I was a bit scared because of so many bullets!! Never posted a blog with bulleted lists before. 
  • A-Pocky-Hah!
    A-Pocky-Hah!   ·  October 2, 2016
    Excellent work, Lissette. That's some damn good artwork. Where did you even find them?
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    Bloody hell Liss, this looks fantastic. 
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    Thorough af! Lis, pat yerself on the back and tell me where you got the art of Alessia from? That's hot.