SotF: The Little Things - Part Four

  • The next morning, Makram had scrounged all the money he could find and waited, waited… nothing. So the day carried on, lunch as usual was the busiest time and still nothing. On the eve of nightfall after the attendants cleaned the pots, and pans – Hoggvir and his lackeys never showed. It was as if the day before had never happened and it was business as usual for the kitchen.


                   Matthias was having dinner with Makram and his son – a bowl of porridge. During which the two men spoke of theology and the meaning and intent of the holy word. When they were done, they cleared the table and Makram kissed his son goodnight.


                    ‘Matthias,’ Makram began. ‘What did you do?’


                    ‘What did I do about what?’ Matthias sipped his tea.


                    ‘Don’t play dumb with me, Vigilant! Hoggvir didn’t come to collect his money today and I know you had something to do with it.’


                    ‘First,’ Matthias tapped the table. ‘That’s the Temple’s money, not his money. Second, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Perhaps the Thieves’ Guild did something about it. I’m sure there’s one or two devotes of Mara within their ranks. Perhaps they “laid in the muscle” on Hoggvir’s gang?’


                    ‘Stop talking bullshit,’ Makram said. ‘And don’t take me for a fool. I haven’t exactly met anyone of the Guild down in Cyrodiil but I assume the answer is the same: they’re greedy thieves and the only reason why they’d get involved is that they’re not getting their cut. As to why they’ve never bothered us: we don’t make any money so we get ignored.’


                    Matthias shrugged. ‘Fair enough, I’d suppose. So has anyone seen Hoggvir and his people? Anyone?’


                    ‘No, not at all. It seems that they’ve just disappeared.’


                    ‘Disappeared?’ Matthias scratched his beard. ‘Most engaging.’


                    ‘Speak true, Vigilant – what did you do?’ Makram paled. ‘You didn’t… kill them, did you?’


                    Matthias leaned back, face contorted in mock-aghast. ‘Me? Murder? The crime for extortion is a fine and sometime in the cells, not death. And I, Matthias, Vigilant of the Stendarr am an agent of the law.’


                    ‘Fine, be that way.’


                    The two spent the rest of the time together sipping their tea in silence. Finishing his drink, Matthias for a moment drummed his fingers on the table before he rose.


                    ‘I’m going for a walk.’


                    ‘A walk?’


                    ‘Yes, a walk. It’s my last night here in Riften and I wish to get the last of Riften’s fresh air. Who knows when will be the next time I visit this fine city, eh?’


                    ‘Matthias, wait,’ Makram said as the Vigilant opened the door. The priest looked Matthias in the eye. ‘Thank you.’



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