Songs of Skyrim: The Winds Blow Cold

  • 'The Winds Blow Cold' is the quintessential archetype of Nord lullabies: death, cold, and stressing the importance of family... in death. It is actually quite popular among Nord folk.


    The children asleep,

    With dreams oh so sweet.

    The winds blow cold.


    The children shiver,

    In the dark of night.

    The winds blow cold.


    My love, please come home,

    With tinder and wood,

    For the fire fades.


    I dream of your warmth,

    And days of plenty.

    For the fire fades.


    Hush now my children,

    Just close your eyes for,

    The winds blow cold.


    Close your eyes my loves,

    Think of days of warm.

    For steel bites cold.


    - Excerpt from Songs of Skyrim: The Winds Blow Cold by Giraud Gemaine, Historian of the Bards College, Solitude