SotF: Codex: Bleeder

  • Bleeder is a criminal cant term for any venom harvested from serpents. A popular tool for the pragmatic fighter, a nick from a blade coated with this venom will find their wound never clotting nor healing and depending on the source and freshness of the venom itself, the insides of the victim may liquefy.


    Because of the nature of discretion and poor bookkeeping among the underground, Bleeders have a tendency to be unlabelled and thus an antivenin cannot be reliably administered as there is no such thing as a non-magical universal cure. However if one does possess a serpent antivenin one much try their luck as it is better than nothing. Do not apply a tourniquet on the affected limb if possible, this will only isolate the venom which will destroy the limb. Do not cut the wound, this would only increase the size of the wound. Do not attempt to suck out the venom, this does nothing at best and will dissolve your mouth at worst and unless of magical nature, snake stones do not work.


    - Exercpt from Poison Compendium: Bleeder by Senior-Vigilant Carcette, Master of Healing & Vigilant Falrielle




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