Dominion: ToC

  • Many here will remember my first story series, Agents of the Queen, a series following the Aldmeri Dominion storylines. Despite moderate success, I was never too satisfied with it, and it died off. After a brief experiement with the tale of Azarain Hlel, however, the time has come for my latest serious Blog project: equal parts a reboot of AotQ and an entirely new story. I present to you all...


    Dominion: An Elder Scrolls Online Story



    By Ian S. McClure, the Tenebrous



    This series, unlike AotQ, follows Volandril, a repentant thief, and his allies. It does not take place from the POV of a single character, but rather that of a narrator, who weaves in and out of the minds of various characters. There will be much death, much suffering, but much beauty as well...



    Chapter 1: The Island of the Wind Goddess (Khenarthi's Roost)


    Part 1: A Scoundrel, a Zealot, and a Novice


    Chapter 2: A Menace Behind a Veil (Auridon)

    Chapter 3: Walking Amongst Graht-Oaks (Grahtwood)

    Chapter 4: Of Wilderkings and Wilds (Greenshade)

    Chapter 5: The Lycanthropic Threat (Malabal Tor)

    Chapter 6: Chosen of the Mane (Reaper's March)



    As usual, thank you for reading.



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