The Elder Scrolls Online: Hero of the Ebonheart Pact 3


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    The Elder Scrolls Online: The Tale of Avarain Hlel, Hero of the Ebonheart Pact


    Part 3


    Ian S. McClure




    My research in the ruins of what has now been confirmed as Bleakrock Village has borne even more fruit. Evidently, the commander of the Pact forces stationed there was an elf named Rana, who had been assigned to the remote outpost as punishment for a previous failure—what this failure was, I have not yet found. Interestingly, the name Rana was noteworthy enough to appear in other documents dated later, particularly those related to an area called 'Bal Foyen', where she scored a major victory against the Daggerfall Covenant along with the 'Hero of Bal Foyen' and various villagers from Bleakrock mentioned in the salvaged records. Owing to this, it seems likely that the Hero of Bal Foyen is actually Avarain, though of course this is not certain at this time.


    Avarain wrote in his journals that he met with Rana, who feared that the Covenant would invade the island. Rana asked him to gather the villagers who were elsewhere on the island for various reasons; Avarain agreed. Though initially I was tempted to attribute this to his desire for recognition, he admits in his writings that he accepted so as to not remain idle. He also mentioned that Rana had suggested he begin at a site called Skyshroud Barrow, where she had sent the hunter Darj, who was seen as something of a local hero. Similarly to Rana, his name is mentioned in other Pact documents—namely, he led a mighty defense of Fort Zeren with another unspecified hero. I find it likely that this, too, was Avarain, though again this is unconfirmed.


    Our hero then goes into detail on the village itself, with another sketch that shows us how life might have been there, back in the Second Era. Said sketch is at the end of the document. He mentions various interesting townsfolk—the Earth-Turner family in particular drew his attention. The Earth-Turners were farmers: Aera was the caring mother, Denskar was the ex-soldier father, Littrek was the youngest of the family, and Trynhild was an apprentice to the town smith in her spare time. Trynhild was of special note to Avarain; he wrote of her: “The human lass Trynhild, despite her humble origins, has the heart of a fighter. When faced with the prospect of evacuation, she scoffed, and said we should face the invaders head-on, despite being little more than a farm-girl. The fire in her eyes would be enough to scare any Breton!”


    The journal then details his trek into the frigid wilderness to gather wood for crafting a magical staff. He describes Bleakrock as “brutal and harsh, but not without beauty. Rather like home in that sense.” Eventually, he came across a fallen tree, from which he collected the necessary materials, and returned to town. Unfortunately, he does not detail his process for creating staves, which still eludes scholars studying the Era, but he does mention the usage of a minute quantity of obsidian rock—this is an indicator that he was following the old Dunmeri style of crafting.


    Curious, I contacted a friend, who shall be simply named “The Craftsman” in these texts. He is an expert on most known—and many frankly unknown—styles of making weapons and armor. He clarified that the rise of the Ebonheart Pact brought about a change in Dark Elven craftsmanship, relying more on “normal” materials than their preferred bonemold or chitin (though of course these were still present—especially on the island of Vvardenfell). However, the classic odd curves and protruding spikes that are present in their modern gear was present in the Second Era as well—indeed, it would seem the modern House Indoril armor especially is almost unchanged from common medium armor of this time period.


    Once he had constructed a staff in this fashion, and bought some warm clothes for the frosty climate, Avarain began his trek to Skyshroud Barrow. However, he has waylaid by another villager—a hunter named Hoknir, who had lost a foot to some great beast. Avarain apparently tried to convince him to return to the village for help, but he refused to leave until the beast was dead. Avarain wrote: “Damn Nord. For Vivec's sake, he lost a foot! And still the stubborn idiot refuses to let me help him back to town. I'd just leave him there for the wolves, but then I wouldn't be doing the job right. So I guess I'm hunting down whatever this 'Deathclaw' thing is.”


    Reportedly, Deathclaw was an unusually resilient giant bat. Avarain reportedly lured it with deer meat, then blasted it with fire magic. When the deed was done, Hoknir finally allowed him to bring him back to the village. Avarain then describes a conversation with Ottrogar, a Nord fisherman who desired Trynhild. Apparently, the affection was one-sided. Avarain notes a heavy dislike for the lad, who made lewd jokes at Trynhild's expense (some of which he transcribed, but I shall not, for I very much doubt the Emperor and his court would approve). I find it interesting, however, that Avarain cared so for Trynhild—she was not, after all, a Dunmer or even an elf. Avarain himself seems to acknowledge this in his journals: She is smart—especially for her kind. And strong, too. I will not allow this fool to treat her like that!”


    Avarain's entry ends there. Next time, I will elaborate on his visit to Skyshroud, which he reached the next day. Until I write that, may the Divines keep whoever reads this safe.


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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 26
    I have to ask, Earth-Turners.... 
    Was this something you found in lore or was it of your own creation? Such simple words yet it fortifies the farmer class/lifestyle so strongly.. Clever....
    • Tenebrous
      I have to ask, Earth-Turners.... 
      Was this something you found in lore or was it of your own creation? Such simple words yet it fortifies the farmer class/lifestyle so strongly.. Clever....
        ·  July 26
      Actually, the Earth-Turner family hails straight from ESO. I agree that their name is perfect, though. Thanks for reading!