Cyrodiil's Champions: A Pirate Hero Part 3

  • Reunion with Melgor




    Ian S. McClure




    The hike up to the City, after a few days hiding out in the wilderness, wasn't eventful, really, but it surely was scenic. Birds were chirping, the wind was blowing... All that crap. I hummed an old song I'd learned from my sea-faring days; it helped put my mind at ease. I thought about my crew—the loyal crew. Wondered where the survivors had gotten off to. Maybe once I've settled this business with the Amulet, and gotten a new ship, I'd track them down and re-hire them. After all, I'd need help to put myself back on the map.




    Stopped by the Market District, then. Reason I went here at all was that I needed some new armor, and some repair kits. Never was a full smith, but I can keep my gear in shape. Didn't really talk to anyone, nor did anyone really talk to me. Guess a rougish Argonian with a sword isn't the usual Imperial City traveler. Also bought a map of Cyrodiil, which I figure could be handy. Checking the map, I decided I'd walk around the City a bit before heading on out. I went to the Arena, first.




    When I went there, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me, though. A green-eyed Wood Elf was counting his coin just outside the Arena gates, humming. I'd recognize that mane of hair any day—it was one of the old crew! “Melgor!” I cried.




    He looked up, and grinned. “Wha—Captain Jeelai!” He shook my hand, eager. “I thought the damn mutineers had gotten you!”




    It'll take more than them to kill me.” I replied happily. I looked around, noted the lack of people, then added: “Any trouble with the guards?”




    Not on my end.” he said thoughtfully. “Guess they didn't know I was on the Hackwing. But… How's about you? Pretty sure they'd recognize you, after all.”




    Eh… They did.” I replied, sheepish. “But I got pardoned. Kind of a long story.”




    By who? The Emperor?” Melgor joked, laughing.




    Actually, yes. Which is why it's a damn long story.” I said.




    Wait… Really?” he said, blinking. “But—he's been murdered. You have to know about that.”




    I saw it happen.” I replied simply. “I was there.”




    Melgor exhaled, looking shocked. “By Y'ffre's beard! What happened, then?”




    I looked at him, studying him. He was a nice elf, all things considered. And I'd known him for a while—he'd never betray me. The mutiny had been proof enough. And so, I decided to tell him. “He and a bunch of Blades went to my cell. Turns out it led to some secret passage. They were trying to escape the assassins, but the Emperor… I dunno, he trusted me for some reason. I tried to help him escape, but it all went to Oblivion.” I hesitated, then added, “Got a delivery to make, at some Priory near Chorrol.”




    Melgor hummed a bit. “Well, they always said he was an interesting one.” he finally said. “I imagine you'll be doing that delivery, then?”




    Aye.” I said. “And afterwards, I'm planning on looking into that underground cavern near Anvil. Supposedly, there's some kind of treasure down there.” I looked at him. “You coming with?”




    Melgor nodded, smiling. “Of course! Beats sitting on my ass gambling at the Arena, anyhow. Let's stop by the inn just outside the City. I've got a room there.”





    And so, we walked through the rest of the City, to get to the inn. Melgor yapped away, pointing out various shops and people as we passed them. He was always a social elf, but a smart one. Great spell-caster, too, which came in handy. I know, I know—sailing folk tend to frown on mages. I'll admit I was hesitant to take him on at first. But these days, every pirate crew needs a caster—the Empire has 'em on all their ships, so any pirate that relies only on steel won't last long. And I don't regret it. Melgor's a good kid, and he'll make a damn fine pirate, one day. I guess I'm proud to have taught him some tricks.




    Anyways. Eventually, by the time the sun was setting over Lake Rumare, we'd reached the outskirts of the city. “And here we are! This is the place.” Melgor said, signaling the inn. It certainly looked cheaper than anything in the City, which was good. I looked around, and saw some Imperial bloke in blue robes. He was eying us, watching us.




    I lifted a hand to shut Melgor up, then walked over. “Can I help you?” I asked, a bit roughly.




    That's when I saw his eyes. I'd seen eyes like that before, all wild and jumpy. The eyes of a madman. He spoke, then. “You… The doom-driven one! The chosen child of Akatosh!”




    I started to back away, still watching him for any sudden moves. Good thing, too. “By the fires of creation, your blood will fuel my apotheosis!” he screamed, drawing a dagger and summoning some Daedra!




    Melgor, watch the scamp!” I said, drawing my longsword and striking the lunatic. He snarled, and healed himself with magic. He ran at me, slashing his dagger everywhere. I blocked his blows, but every time I hit him, he just healed himself. We kept fighting like that for a while, until a loud sound echoed. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the scamp's bloody bits flying by before disintegrating. I was brought back to the duel by the dagger hitting me! The cut was shallow, thanks to my armor, but still stung.




    I growled, and struck him again with my sword. But before he could heal himself, a ghost appeared! It cast some spell at him, and he collapsed dead. “Thanks, Melgor.” I said, the spirit vanishing.




    No problem. Is it bad?” he asked, worried.




    Nah, I'll be fine.” I said, turning around to greet the approaching guard. “He attacked first, sir. This was self-defense.”




    I don't doubt it. This madman's been nothing but trouble for us! Only a matter of time before he snapped.” he responded.




    Do you know what he wanted?” Melgor asked.




    He kept harassing people, talking about Talos and Akatosh and Hermaeus Mora.” he said. As they talked, I silently looted the bloke. Only thing I found was a weird tome—completely black, no cover. It looked like it could be valuable, but… Something was off about it. It gave me the creeps. I put it away nonetheless—could be worth something, I figured. “Well, if that's settled, you two best get to the Wawnet Inn. It's dark out.” the guard said.




    Of course. Safe travels.” I said innocently.




    A bit later, we sat down to eat. The inn didn't have too many people—just a guard and some young Breton woman. Seeing us, she walked over. “Hello!” she said, cheerful.




    Er… Hello.” I responded.




    I've got a question, if you don't mind. Know how to get to Cheydinhal?” she asked.




    Ah, I can help with that.” Melgor replied, taking out a map. “You see here, that's the city. Just follow the roads, it's safer that way.”




    She smiled. “Thank you! Can't wait to see the Mages Guild there.”




    You're a member?” Melgor asked, raising a brow. “Never could handle it, myself.”




    Yes! Always loved reading and learning, so I figured the Guild would be a perfect fit.” she said, smiling. “Ah—my name's Elodie. Elodie Sorelle.”




    I sighed. “Name's Nix-Jeelai, and this here's Melgor.” I said, a bit bored. I finished my ale, then said, “If you're done, Melgor, we should get some rest. We're leaving early, tomorrow.”




    Yeah, you're right. A pleasure, Elodie.” he said, shaking the woman's hand.




    We went to my room, then. “Right. What'd you loot from the wizard?” Melgor asked casually.




    Only thing of value was this book. At least… I think it's valuable.” I replied, showing him it.




    Huh. I'll take a look at it tomorrow.” he said, yawning. “I think I'm going to rest, for now. Never was a night mer.”




    He left then, leaving me to rest. I'll write again when we reach that Jauffre fellow. Maybe then I can figure out what the Emperor was talking about.





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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  May 13, 2017
    It's been a while since I've traversed Cyrodiil. What was the spell Melgor used? 
    Jeelai was lucky the blade wasn't poisoned... 
    • Tenebrous
      It's been a while since I've traversed Cyrodiil. What was the spell Melgor used? 
      Jeelai was lucky the blade wasn't poisoned... 
        ·  May 13, 2017
      Yeah, definitely lucky on Jeelai's end! As for the spells Meglor used, he used a shock spell to blast away the scamp, and a summon ghost spell. For the record, this encounter was actually inspired by a random madman attack in-game; I blame the Spell Tomes...  more