A Table of Cyre

  • Greetings to anyone unfortunate enough to have found this. What you see before you is a collection of short stories featuring the various incarnations of Sir Fluffles and his lovely assistant Darling, better known as Cyre and Beast. While some of these shorts are part of the same timeline others are part of an alternate one. How can you tell which is which? Well... umm I have no idea myself and neither does Cyre, so don't bother asking him.


    For those interested in just who Cyre and Beast are and why you should care about them, look no further then this Profile about the two.


    Cyre's Shenanigans


    A Nap Interrupted

    A short tale describing what happened when a group of bandits came across a napping Cyre.



    Unlike Cyre, not everyone can live for an indeterminate amount of time. As such he has lost countless friends as is the case with the Dragonborn.


    On Morihaus and Eidar Cheese

    Morihaus was made of Eidar Cheese, I swear.


    A Warning

    Cyre and Borgakh recieve a request from the Dragonborn, to attend the peace talks that he and the Greybeards are holding.


    Cyre If

    The Cyre If shorts are any story that inolves an alternative Cyre, these may be a series of interconnected shorts telling a larger story or simply a single scenario. In general they will serve the perpose of exploring an idea I've had, which may go something like this "What if Cyre was...".


    Cyre If: Necromancer

    Necromancer explores the idea of how the Dragonborn could justify the use of Necromancy in their fight against Alduin and his draconic allies. It features a female Cyre who plays the part of the Dragonborn in this short.


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