On Morihaus and Eidar Cheese

  • On Morihaus and Eidar Cheese


    Before I get started in earnest, I would like to explain who Morihaus was for those who may be unaware. Morihaus was a man who gained fame during Saint Alessia’s rebellion against the Aldmeri rulers of what is now called Cyrdodiil, in the early First Era. He is known to have been a legendary warrior who stood alongside the both loved and hated Pelinal Whitestrake. Why, I remember many a tale from my youth of the murderous savage and his bovine companion. But, those are tales for another day; instead we must focus on Morhaus himself and not those around him.


    He has held many names since that time, which include ‘Breath-of-Kyne’, ‘Bull of Kyne’, ‘Bull of Heaven’, ‘Son of Kyne’, ‘Bull of the South’ and ‘First Breath of Man’. What you may notice is the recurrence of the term ‘bull’; the use of this term ties into the various tales which claim he was either a Winged Bull or Man-Bull. As of yet, no-one has been able to verify these claims.


    I, however, would like to put forth a piece of evidence that I have uncovered in the form of a quote from one Abnur Tharn. Some of you may be aware of who Abnur Tharn was, but for those who do not: Abnur Tharn was the Chancellor of the Elder Council during the turmoil of the Three Banner War.


    The quote in question states, ‘… It matters not whether Morihaus was Man, Bull, or Eidar Cheese…’


    Now, you may wonder what this has to do with the true nature of Morihaus. Well, through countless years of research, I have come to realise the hidden truth within this statement, being that Morihaus was in fact made entirely of Eidar Cheese.


    That is all.


    So, I have been informed that I must provide evidence to support my claim (damn scholars, always needing what is obvious to be laid out before them).


    My first piece of evidence should be obvious to anyone who has the misfortune to leave a wheel of Eidar Cheese out in the sun for any length of time. When allowed to sit in the sun – or any hot room – Eidar Cheese is known to give off a pungent smell. A smell which is similar to that given off by cows no matter the weather. As such, it is not unreasonable that the people at the time, as uneducated as they were, may have mistakenly attributed this sent to some imagined bovine characteristics.


    Now, for my second piece of evidence, we shall be returning to the quote by our good friend, Abnur Tharn. Now I ask you, why would Abnur Tharn have chosen to include Eidar Cheese when listing the possibilities for Morihaus’s true form? You may think that it was simply the case of him choosing any inconsequential item, and you can be forgiven for this, as I myself did too at first. So I ask again, why? Why Eidar Cheese when he could have picked any household object? Why not a set of Daedric Boots, a trout, or a jar of honey?


    The reason being that he was giving us a hint as to Morihaus’s true nature. And how did Abnur Tharn know this? Well, he himself was a powerful mage who had been alive for roughly one-hundred and sixty years at the time of him saying said quote. He also had dealings with the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. Is it unreasonable, then, to say that he would have had access to powers and knowledge beyond that of a mere mortal?


    Now, with that, I must bid you come to your own conclusion, and hopefully it will be the correct one.




    A female Orc stood beside a desk littered with papers. In her hand she held a piece covered in text. Without looking away from it, she spoke. ‘Cyre! What the tusk is this?’


    Looking over the Orc’s shoulder, Cyre recognised the paper. ‘Oh that? It’s something I wrote detailing my proof that Morihaus was indeed made of Eidar Cheese. Why do you ask, Borgakh?’ His voice was filled with glee, indicating he was plotting some form of mischief.


    Letting out a sigh, Borgakh returned the page to the desk and turned to face Cyre. His face was firmly sculpted into one of the most serious expression she had yet seen from him. If she had been anyone else, she probably would not have noticed that the corners of his mouth were turned upwards and that his eyes seemed to dance with joy.


    ‘What are you planning this time? It better not result in me bailing you out of trouble again.’


    At her words, Cyre’s expression changed to one of pain and then after only moments spread into an ecstatic smile. Skipping out of her reach, Cyre picked up a bag from beside the door and said, ‘Oh nothing, I’m simply going to plaster all the copies I made of that over the walls of the College of Winterhold. You can keep that one if you like.’


    Before she could move to grab him, Cyre was out the door. Just before it slammed shut, she heard him burst into laughter in anticipation of the mess he was about to cause.



    Legendary Figures: Morihaus a lore article by Phil from which I took information 


    A Table of Cyre


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