A Tale of Deceit - Chapter 1

  • As I stepped through the great gates that guard the entrance to Windhelm, I couldn’t help but wonder how these Nords put up with the cold. I had been able to see my breath before me and still could now. And then there was the snow (by the Three, this damned snow!), which was up to my knees in places. Making my way through it had drained most of the heat and energy from my body and left me longing for the heat of the ash plains that had surrounded the temple.


    Realising that I had stopped, I looked around to see where I should head next. As I did so, I noticed that the guards and many of the Nords near the gates were giving me foul looks and doing their best to avoid me.


    Thinking that it may be a good idea to get out of their view, I took another look around and noticed what appeared to be an inn. I started towards the building. Just as I was about to grasp the latch on the door, a voice called out from behind me:


    ‘Oi Dark Elf, I wouldn’t go in there if I were you. Some of the folk within don’t take kindly to your people.’


    Turning away from the door, I found that the voice belonged to a balding Nord clad in scaled armor. He waved me over, and seeing no reason to disobey, I moved to stand before him. Once I was close enough, I spread a smile across my face to show my appreciation; hopefully it would help get some information out of him.


    As I hoped, he spoke up, ‘Sorry about calling out to you like that, but ‘twas likely to cause a commotion if you’d gone inside. That’s not the best greeting to this here city, if you catch my meaning.’


    He paused and looked at me, obviously wanting me to say something. Adjusting my voice to sound more feminine, I let out a small chuckle and spoke, ‘I’m not sure I do, but you have my thanks all the same. Is there something going on between the Nords and my people, then?’


    At my words he cringed, and I hoped I hadn’t overdone my act as the weight of the greatsword against my back was a constant reminder of its presence. Noticing his discomfort I spoke up again, ‘You don’t have to tell me, I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough either way. Instead, perhaps you could direct me to the nearest place I could find some peace and a warm fire to sit before?’


    ‘No it’s alright, although this may not be the best place to talk about it …’ He paused and let out a sigh before continuing, ‘How was it you put it? “Something going on” was it? Yes I suppose you could call it that. Ulfric, the Jarl, and his Stormcloaks have been doing their best to convince the people here that Skyrim belongs to the Nords and the other races have no place within her borders. So there are quite a few within these walls who do their best to scare off the Dark Elves and Argonians living here.’


    Pausing once more, he scanned my face in search of a reaction. My smile, while not as bright as before was still present and I gave a nod for him to continue.


    Having found what he was looking for, he continued, ‘As for where you can find some peace, well the best place would have to be the New Gnisis Cornerclub. They don’t have a hearth but it is out of the cold. That’s in the Grey Quarter, the slum that the Dark Elves live in. If you want I could show you the way?’


    His question hung in the air as I absorbed what he had told me. So the Dark Elves were relegated to live in a slum, and by the sounds of it were hounded by some of the more outspoken Nords. Deciding it would be best to take his advice, I answered, ‘Thank you, that sounds wonderful. Oh, I’m sorry – I’m not sure I caught your name.’


    Seeming startled at this, a moment passed before he responded to my question, ‘Ah, yes, it’s Brunwulf. The cornerclub’s just this way.’ As he spoke, he started to walk towards one of the alleys that led off the city’s entrance way. I walked after him.


    As we walked, he turned his gaze to me and broke the silence that had settled between us. ‘Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I got your name either.’


    With my brightest smile I said, ‘My parents named me Feyne, but most people just call me Fey.’ Recognizing the symbol from my homeland that marked one of our cornerclubs, I turned to Brunwulf and once again gave him my thanks for his help. Then I stepped through the door.


    Once I was sure the door was properly closed, I let my face relax and took a mental note on how tiring continuous smiling could be. Looking around the room, I could see that its only occupants were two Dunmer, one behind the bar and another seated at a table in the middle of the room.


    The one behind the bar spoke, startling me. ‘By the looks of you, this must be your first time in Windhelm. If so I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone first time round: I won’t make you buy anything so long as you don’t disturb the other customers, but if you’re hoping to be able sleep here for the night then you’ll need to buy something.’


    ‘By sleep here do you mean in a bed or huddled in a corner out of the cold?’ His look told me that it would be a corner. ‘In that case, do you know where I can go to sell a few things? I seem to be a little light on coin.’


    He looked me up and down before saying, ‘Just step back outside and turn left; Sadri should be able to help you.’ And then he turned away and busied himself with wiping down the bar.




    As the barkeeper’s instructions had implied, it wasn’t that hard to find the store I now stood in, a place called Sadri’s Used Wares. I was in a small room dominated by a wooden counter which was cluttered with various wares, and standing behind the counter was a Dunmer who I could only assume was Sadri.


    Before I could get a word out, Sadri assured me that all his wares were legitimate. This only served to spark my curiosity, and so I asked, ‘Is that so? So nothing here is stolen then?’


    The blood drained from his face as I spoke and he was quick to respond, ‘Of course nothing in here is stolen. Only a careless, shameful, idiotic fetcher would do something as stupid as to buy pilfered goods…’ I could feel a smile spreading across my face as the list of insults grew.


    Seeing this, he let out a sigh. ‘Oh by Azura, I’ve made a terrible mistake. I bought a gold ring, and Viola Giordana has been missing a ring that looks just like it.’


    Stifling a laugh, I did my best to keep my voice level. ‘I could return it for you, if you’re willing to pay me.’


    By now some of the colour had returned to his face and he was starting to look a little hopeful. ‘That’s, uh, very kind of you, but it’s not that easy. She’d go to the Jarl if she knew I was even remotely involved. You have to get it to her some other way.’ He paused for a moment. It appeared as though he was thinking something over. ‘Look, it’s dangerous, but maybe you can sneak it into her house. Hide it in a dresser or something. I don’t really care – just put it back.’


    And almost as an afterthought, he added, ‘I’ll make it worth your while.’


    Smiling, I stood and thought it over, part of me enjoying watching him squirm as he waited. First things first, I would need to find out how he’d reward me and where this Viola lived.


    ‘Very well, but before I take the ring out of your hands I’d like to know what my reward will be. I’ll also need to know where to find Viola’s house.’


    His eyes practically shone at my words and he eagerly answered my questions. ‘I’d be willing to give you what gold I made on my last shipment…’ Noticing my dissatisfied look, his eyes dimmed a little. ‘I suppose I could also provide you with lessons in speechcraft. You can find Viola’s house on the other side of the city. Just look for the narrow house surrounded by hawk statues.’


    Finishing his explanation, he held out his hand upon which lay the ring in question. Leaning across the counter, I plucked the ring from his palm and then turned to leave. As the door swung shut behind me, I heard him call out:


    ‘Don’t let Viola catch you in her house.’


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    He's gonna get caught....
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    She was lucky Brunwulf was there. Or she might get a beat up by Rolff. Or the other way around? :D
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