Excerpt from a blood soaked journal

  • “Only those that have experienced the unchecked power of the shadows can truly understand the glory of the light”

    I have recently come to believe that this statement is the truest thing that I have ever heard. My life up until now is a testament to this fact, and yet it started out much like that of the many who have come before me and will come after my time has long past.

    My parents were farmers, as were their parents before them; and I was no different. I was raised to know how to tend for the few livestock that we had, to be able to grow what food I needed to survive, and also to be able to barter for what I could not provide for myself. Yet unlike most I was drawn to the shadows; I could not have explained why, but if you had told me that it was fate or destiny I would have spat in your face right there and then.

    But now, now I believe that is exactly what it was.

    [Section unreadable due to blood stains]

    Looking back I now realise that my every action had become dictated by the very shadows themselves and the power that they held. They were my cloak, I wore them like you would wear your clothes.

    I had come to be known as the province’s greatest boogie man, I was the greatest thief and assassin alive at the time and any that grew to rival my prowess would quickly learn why I was so feared. Yet through all this my face and name remained unknown to the very people who were most afraid of me, they gave me a title; one I later took up as my own.


    [Section lost due to blood stains]

    ….right before my very eyes was the largest gem that I had ever seen before. The fool that I had just murdered as he made his way down one of the many paths that crisscross Skyrim; had been carrying it as though it meant the world to him and now it was mine all mine.

    As I reached my hands forwards to grasp the many faced beauty lying next to the fool, a deep feeling of unease mixed with fear took over me and I quickly snatched my hands back. Whatever it had been, disappeared once my hands were away from the gem; which sat sparkling in the moon light.

    The need to have the gem quickly overpowered my fear of the feeling and I lunged forward and latched onto the gem. As my hands touched the bare surface of the jewel everything around me went deathly silent.

    A great voice boomed through my head as though I had a direct connection to a being I had no comprehension of. I can still remember the voice…

    [Section obscured by blood]

    Right before me stood a towering statue of the Daedric Lord Meridia, I had followed her instructions to the letter and as I walked towards the base of her shrine the booming voice returned and gave me further instruction.

    As I placed the gem at the base of the statue I was suddenly hoisted up into the sky above, where I was greeted by an aspect of Meridia. She spoke of a sword that would be mine, if I would only clear her shrine of the darkness within. I instantly agreed to the deal, for I had thought who could be better at removing darkness than one who knew it as well as I did; as soon as i had I started to fall.

    I awoke to find myself completely unharmed lying on the ground next to the statue, I quickly rose to my feet and headed for the door towards the inner chambers.

    I made my way deeper into the darkness that shrouded the shrine, guided by the blazing light of Meridia. The darkness soon became something I could actually feel against my skin as I moved; it empowered me to greater feats of daring.

    I eventually approached a great wooden door inlaid with iron, from behind the door I could feel the source of the darkness that I had been sensing since entering the shrine; and almost smothered there was a hint of the purest light I had ever known. Pushing open the door I was greeted with the sight of a hunched Breton in a pure black robe and arranged before him were six of the wraiths that had inhabited the halls above.

    What little memory I have of that fight is full of pain and the swinging of my sword.

    The first clear memory after this is of me reaching towards the shining sword which rested upon the pedestal before me. The same feeling from when I had grasped the gem was back, but this time there was a hint of realisation at what I now held in my hand.

    As the tip of the blade escaped its resting place I was transported back to the sky above the statue of Meridia. The booming voice returned instantly, congratulating me on my success and demanding my service in exchange for the blade. My mind was full with thoughts of but wait that isn’t the original deal or hang on, what happened to giving it to me in exchange for clearing the shrine; yet all that came out of my mouth was an acceptance of the blade.

    [Majority of text lost from this point due to blood stains]

    ………..ruins…………..damn archers………….the wound in my chest is still bleeding profusely, even as I write my words are drowned in my own life blood. I fear that this will be my resting place; yet I am satisfied with my life since first grasping Meridia’s blade.

    I learned recently that the towns people that still fear Shadowblade, have given a name to the very same person without even realising what has happened. They believe that if anyone can stop the fiend that they huddle in fear of, it will be Dawnbreaker.

    The funniest thing is that Dawnbreaker, the sword not the man; did stop the infamous Shadowblade long ago….

    [Excerpt from a journal found lying deep within a Nordic tomb. The journal was found lying next to the shrivelled corpse of some long dead adventurer; the body was wrapped in armour that appeared to be woven of pure midnight. Grasped in the hand of the corpse was a sword that radiated a light that illuminated the room that the journal was found in; but as it was freed from the hand of its previous owner it vanished plunging the room into darkness.]


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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  June 20, 2015
    That was nicely done. having basic snippets of information from the journal worked well. I might try the same with regards to one specific chapter later on.