Character Journal- Kothringi Contest

  • 6th Midyear 4E 286

    Today started well, there was a storm off the coast yesterday so I figured it would have driven some fish closer to land. Spirits high I gathered my crew and we set sail, nets at the ready.

    Didn’t take long to fill our nets, just two hours later we were drawing in the last haul, it was a big one, heavier than all the others. As the net hit the deck something flashed in the sunlight, the light came from the net.

    Curious I bent down to get a closer look and it turns out to be a medallion, a silver snake eating its tail, like something you would find at the market stalls but much better quality. Figured I could sell it for a few gold pieces, so I grab it and pull but the chain is hooked on something.

    Now I wasn’t about to let this little bonus of mine go, so I motioned to my men to open the net. The net now open I can see what the chain is hooked on, it’s an arm.

    Leaning over I move the rest of the fish out of the way and it turns out there’s a corpse underneath. The man -well a boy really- is wrapped in these damp and old rags, and as if that wasn’t odd enough, his skin was silver. I was about to toss the body back in when his chest moved.

    7th Midyear 4E 286

    I brought the lad in yesterday and got him out of them wet clothes, bathed him as best I could while he was still passed out, and laid him down in the spare bedroom. Called over a healer, and he poured some potion down his throat, said it was to ease him into awakening sooner. I hope the lad won’t die, he doesn’t look that old.

    8th Midyear 4E 286

    The lads still out cold, but I took some time to examine him today. He’s young, doesn’t look to be older than eighteen. He’s got dull silver skin and a long mop of black hair that hangs down to his nose, green eyes.

    He’s not that tall, bout 5’8” to 5’10” maybe, smooth skin ‘cept for two dot-like scars on his neck. Well-built too, not muscular like a Nord lad would be, but fit at least.

    14th Midyear 4E 286

    He woke up today, his eyes snapping open and looking round frantically, before seeing me. He looked as me for some time, and then in a voice raspy from disuse he said, “Where am I?” I told him about finding him in my net and bout where he was, before he fell asleep again anyway.

    21st Midyear 4E 286

    Over the last week I’ve been talking to the lad, and the things I’ve heard are very strange. Name’s Saalis and he claims to be a Kothringi, guess that would explain his silver skin, but I thought his people died out.

    Apart from his strange tales Saalis seems fine, he’s taken to coming out with me when I fish and has grabbed the art quickly, even helps round the house when it’s needed.

    22nd Midyear 4E 286

    Took Saalis out to the tailor today to get some clothes for him, he’s been wearing my oversized ones for too long anyway. He seems happy with what I got him; brown hooded trench coat with long sleeves that covered his hands, simple blue trousers and a pair of boots. It cost me a bit of gold, but I’ve got enough of that.

    Something strange happened today though, when we got home Saalis went straight to bed, said he was feeling tired. After I finished eating I went to check on the lad, but instead of sleeping peacefully he was tossing and turning, sweat running down his face as he murmured some nonsense about skin and glass, bout sneezing or something. He woke up in a panic running his hands over his body, before sighing in relief.

    At night he fell asleep once more, and seemed to have had another nightmare. This time he spoke of Et-Fangs or Let-Bangs, he murmured about a village of red eyes in a coma, and being woken to drink a cure.

    I’m not sure what’s troubling him, but I intend to find out.

    24th Midyear 4E 286

    Today after much persuasion Saalis finally told me something of how he got here, he said he was on a ship set for Archfall with his friend Walks-In-Wind, said they were running from Black Marsh but didn’t say why.  According to him they were halfway there when the storm hit, and he was swept overboard, the next thing he remembers is waking up in my house.

    I can’t do anything about the lads friend, but we aren’t that far from Archfall right now, so I’ve decided to take him there myself. I’ve told Saalis to pack what he needs, we are heading out at sun up.