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  • Alright, it's been a fair while since I've whipped up a ToC and I've never done it on SE so I do apologize if I mess anything up. On top of that, if you'd like to have a bit of additional reading material (Hah, reading before the reading) I'd recommend checking out my Project Thing, which will contain some of the information on the non TES universe that goes into this work. Because of that second universe, there is a bit of explaining needed but I'll give you the short version here.


    Fate/Elder Scrolls is my idea of a crossover between the works of The Elder Scrolls and the Fate Series (which expands out into the works of Type Moon) an anime series primarily based off of the idea of a War between ancient heroes who are summoned into the modern world as Servants. So in the series you could have people like Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, King Arthur who are considered famous enough to have made a permanent impact on the world and thus can be summoned as Heroic Spirits. Naturally, that idea is something that I thought was perfect for TES where you've got some really awesome people you can delve into the Lore of and then twist and remake into characters and builds. That's what I'm doing, smashing together the idea of Fate, taking some of their magic and names and ideas and creating characters based off of Historcal Lore Figures (of TES).


    Is it possibly a weird mix? Is it possible that the story ends up being a bit harder to follow if you aren't familiar with Type Moon? Sure, I mean I'm going to work hard at that second one but it's possible. Regardless, I'll move on to the linking and the ToC'ing and I can stop explaining things. Oh nevermind, one last thing. As my personal method of displaying the chapters, and as a quick teaser for anyone that keeps up with my ToC, I do have the first chunk (250 or so words) of each chapter that I've started writing posted here. It's more of a blurb thing and won't ever involve real spoilers but it's something to keep in mind if your reading through. 

    Fate/Elder Scolls: Chapter 1. War Rises 


    Every sixty years without fail the ritual known as the Holy Grail War, or Heaven's Feel begins in Tamriel. A war so small in scale that technically speaking only 14 people are supposed to participate and yet one that has the potential to be more destructive than any Civil War or Alliance War, or Akavari Invasion. The Holy Grail War, is without a doubt a war that only the most ruthless, cunning or powerful people can even hope of surviving, let alone winning. Thousands of people have died because of this war, some were simply in the way of a battle, others were sacrificed to power massive, powerful spells that tore entire towns from the ground, and... well without fail at least eleven participants of each war had died.


    What could be worth all of this suffering? What is worth the death of thousands of people? For each participant, the answer would differ slightly, but the truth of the matter is that they seek is the ability to be granted a single wish. It can be anything, maybe something as (relatively) simple as a chance at a new life, unlimited power, perhaps the ability to simply trancsend mortality and become a True Immortal. Truly nothing is possible with the magic that has been weaved around the Holy Grail War, nothing at all.


    Fate/Elder Scrolls: Chapter 2. Servant of Light

    "I Servant Caster must ask a single question. Are you my Master in this Holy Grail War?"


    The Servant before me was perhaps the most unassuming person that I've ever laid eyes upon. Plain brown hooded robes, unassuming features and yet again plain, brown hair and eyes that seemed to hold nothing that set them apart from the eyes or hair of any other man I'd  seen. Even the aura that the strange Mage in front of him gave off was simply that of a lowly priest. No hidden depths that I could detect, in fact if it weren't for the connection between the command sigils on my hand and the spirit before me, I wouldn't have even been able to tell that he was a Heroic Spirit.


    And yet, his stats were...equally uninspiring for a Caster Class. Oh sure Caster had slightly higher than average Strength and Endurance and his Luck was through the roof but the abysmal thought of a B+ ranked Mana was just, it was just terrifying. I had met Nords with more mana than this man before him, and yet he somehow manages to get summoned as Caster.


    "It appears that I am Caster. If I can ask, what Heroic Spirit are you?"


    "Ah, the name is Martin, my Master. Martin Septim, last Emperor of the Septim Empire and the last of those with the dragonblood in their veins."


    A pause in the conversation, no a pause in my thoughts. Martin Septim huh, well now that changes everything. With a servant like this by my side, the War is as good as won.


    Fate/Elder Scrolls: Chapter 3, Tales of Oblivion - Part 1 (WiP)

    Martin Septim was confused. This woman who had helped him, who had saved him from the fire and the rubble and . The woman who had had fought off dozens of Daedra simply because of the dying words of an old man she'd barely met, who was in the process of helping a Priest who'd never left Kvatch journey up to Bruma. She was a deadly warrior, there was no mistaking the graceful nature of her style, jumping in and out of combat, swords lashing in deadly arcs to cut through whatever was in her way, but at the same time. Well it was almost like she had no idea how to interact with people, she was usually completely silent and her answers were almost always less than five words when she needed to speak. As a Priest he's seen plenty of people who had all sorts of different issues, but Kvatch was still a relatively peaceful place so he had no real experience with warriors. Perhaps, would it be best to, talk about it.




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    Classes and Servants - In the Holy Grail War, Heroic Servants can be summoned into the bodies of Servants (which are created by the Holy Grail as temporary frames for the spirits to inhabit.) and usually under one of the seven classes of Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Caster, Lancer, Rider or Saber. Tehcnically speaking they're weaker as Servants than they would theoretically be as Heroic Spirits because they are confined to these classes, and occasionally you have Servants that are massively different depending on what class they're summoned into.


    Heroic Spirit- In the world of Fate, are the spirits or heroes (thanks Deeb, great answer) that became famous enough in life to earn a place in the Throne of Heroes. Usually this is done through great deeds, leading countries in particularly famous times (like King Arthur, or Tiber Septim in TES Lore), killing a famed beast but really anyone that you would see in mythology, or legends of a country has the chance to appear as a Heroic Spirit. 


    Masters - A Master in the Holy Grail War isn't someone that has complete control over their Servant or anything like that, but are instead someone that the Holy Grail felt would have the drive to win the War, and thus allowed them entry into the war to lead the Servant into battle. Each Master/Servant pair is a little different, maybe sometimes you've got a Servant that hates their Master and will rebel against him, other times you might have a weaker Master who is led around by the Servant instead. It all depends on the individuals summoned and the ones who summon them.


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