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    This is in regards to all that money (650 million) that Skyrim has made already. I'm curious how that money will be put into use in the studios. I am not by no means a computer/program developer, artist, sound engineer, etc. How can they put this money to use? Would the money possibly speed up the process to get another game out quicker e.g. hiring more employees? Travel the world to do research on different civilizations? Get better equipment for sound? Get better drugs to open up minds for creativity in writing and drawing? Get finer meats and cheese's on deli trays while working on games? etc, etc, etc, you get my point.

    If there are any programers or people that know the industry, I'm curious how this would make a "better game" for the fans? (I think it's fine and dandy the way it is, by the way) Has the envelope been pushed to it's limit already or will time just tell? By know means I think Bethesda "held back" do to money. If they had this kind of income BEFORE the game was develope, how much would it be different? I do believe Skyrim pushed the envelope on the consoles and that's what may hold back any "improvement".

    Your thoughts.......


  • Donivan
    Donivan   ·  December 20, 2011
    Interesting breakdown Paul.  I get the sense that they like working (primarily) on one game at a time, and my guess as to the reason for that is that Todd Howard probably likes to be involved in the (most of) the whole process for quality-control reasons....  more
  • Tygravius
    Tygravius   ·  December 20, 2011
    So I should of put this in Forum so one can 'reply' to ones post.
    Once again P, you pretty much anwer the question(s) and seal up this topic. hahahaha!!! I guess it would just come down to hiring more people. I guess I was hoping there might be some...  more
  • Paul
    Paul   ·  December 20, 2011
    Well, firstly, Bethesda doesn't get all of the $650 (and rising...)  There is a 'cut' for the retailer, the distributor, the costs of manufacturing etc. $650 is the total income, but Bethesda will probably only get about half of that... still a tidy sum o...  more