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    I putting this over here on the Blog-action. It may be fit for Forum, but whatever. I'll have to freshin up on the rules. This is in regards to all that money (650 million) that Skyrim has made already. I'm curious how that money will be put into use in the studios. I am not by no means a computer/p...
  • Wallpaper

    What do you have for your wallpaper on your computer? I've had some sort of Skyrim for about 8 months. Right now I'm rockin the Bound Bow (I guess it's called that) where the archer is about to nail the bear. Tell us about what you have.
  • Archery: Droping a knee

    Don't believe this is in the game, but would be a cool perk to drop down on one knee for more power and distance!!! Also, you thoughts on proning(sp) for staffs and casting spells? maybe to set potion bombs? And you thoughts (this maybe should be in Q&A) about building/crafting your own bow?