Golamus' Diary

  • This diary was found in a prison cell located in a bandit cave called Silver Arms Cave. It is unknown who the man is (apart from his name) or the identity of his wife.

    4E 201 10th of Sun’s Dawn, Turdas

    Dark elves get really bad help in this damn skeever-butt of a town called Windhelm. Maybe that’s why my wife is being held by some bandits down in Falkreath and I’ve been forced to go down there. I was tired and it was getting dark so I lay a sleeping mat on the ground. I slept looking at the stars.

    4E 201 11th of Sun’s Dawn, Middas

     I continued down the long, worn down road. A Nord, quite young maybe 20, was walking my way. As I passed I felt a great force kicking the back of my knees bringing me to my feet, an elbow wrapped around my throat both silenced me and choked me. I was dragged like this into the forest either side of the road, I couldn’t tell. The Nord let go of me. I sputtered and coughed as he circled me brandishing his dagger.

    “What’s a milk drinking Dark Elf like you doing so far out of a city?”

    “I… I don’t want any trouble! I just… just want a safe journey to Whiterun!”

    “Too bad that you stumbled across me then!” he said before kicking me in the face. As I lay on the ground he robbed me of my stuff. He walked away from me slowly happy with his findings. This was my chance. Using a trick I had learned from some assassins up in Solstheim, I had pulled out the blade I had hidden in my sleeve. He expected nothing and so was unprepared so I snuck up behind the Nord and slit his throat. I took my stuff back and some ‘expenses’ as he lay on the ground gurgling blood. I exited the forest and back on to the road I got my bearings and continued down the path. A few hours later I noticed the scenery of trees and snow change into hills, cliffs and rivers. The sun beat down on my face. It felt good for a change. Whiterun loomed in the distance, a very welcome sight. Inside the town I found vendors, blacksmiths and an inn called the Bannered Mare. There I rented a room for the night. I lay in bed thinking about what I would do when I reached Falkreath. Would I bargain with the Bandits? Or would I do what I would have done in my past life and slaughtered every single one of those stinking bandits?

    We do not know what his ‘past life’ is. Possibly he worked with pirates near Stros M’Kai as there are records of a pirate assassin around that time period named Golamus. He was a very feared and respected man who went into hiding sometime around 4E 196. When he worked with the Morag Tong we do not know. The pages are ripped up until this point.


    4E 201 15th of Rain’s Hand, Morndas

    It had been a long trek but I finally made it to Falkreath. I asked around, paid a few brides and eventually found the location of the bandit’s camp. Apparently the bandits are run by one Heedalur the Slaver. The crazy Argonian was going around Skyrim enslaving men and women. Using some tracking skills I learned from the Valenwood Rangers (long story) I found the cave. I dispatched some guards posted outside. They were tired so it was easy enough. Inside there must have been about 20-25 bandits. I managed to bring the number down to possibly 18 before I was discovered. I may have some skills in stealth I am not a good fighter. I was beaten up and thrown in this prison. Tomorrow I am getting executed by these bandits. Where is my wife! I need to find her before they kill me. May Azura guide me.

    Eyewitness reports from other prisoners and bandits tell that Golamus freed his wife and some other prisoners before being killed by Heedalur the Slaver. Golamus should be remembered for the bravery he showed in freeing the slaves from Silver Arms Cave. Unfortunately he will probably be lost in the sands of time. In the words of the Imperial assassin Ezio “My story is one of many thousands, and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon.”


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