Backstory: Kavsir Fire Hand

  • Kavsir sat in the corner of the tavern dozing in front of his third mead. What had happened he thought, he once was a fearsome battle mage known well for his mastery of fire spells and his axe. He had even journeyed to and studied at the Arcane University accomplishing the esteemed rank of Wizard. Even before that in his boyhood he was an accomplished smith under his father, able to work what little magic he knew into the weapons and armour he crafted. Damn these Stromcloak rebels! They were nothing but trouble makers and the boys passing off as soldiers had been irritating him ever since they took over the town. Ah but he had not been the same since an unfortunate encounter with an Argonian bandit had cost him his eye, stupid lizards. That’s it, he thought, enough of this moping, i am a Nord! He downed the last of the mead, slammed the tankard down on the table and stormed over to the innkeeper. 'Show me the bounties' Kavsir boomed. 'Ok old man but i warn you these bandits are quite deadly' 'I'll take him' said Kavsir pointing at a picture of and Argonian. 'You mean the bandit Sharp-Tooth, well why don’t you start with something easier' 'No, tell me where he is' 'But' 'Just Do It!' 'To the north east camping just outside of town' Kavsir hurried to his room donning his old plate armour enchanted to reflect the weapons of enemies and the cold of Skyrim. He bent down and pulled out his axe, Frostbite, forged when he was a child by his father and enchanted by himself when he became a Wizard. It was a piece of artwork, forged with the Dwemmer secrets that his father learnt from a traveling merchant and enchanted to freeze his foes. Kavsir left town and walked straight into the bandits camp 'Old man' said a Dunner mage 'you are outmatched, hand over your valuables and we will let you live' Kavsir ignored him and walked straight up to Sharp-Tooth 'Lizard' he said 'You are coming with me to be arrested and executed. The bandits burst out laughing. 'I didn't think so' remarked Kavsir and slammed his axe into the face of the Dunner mage and unleashed a burst of fire from his free hand, lighting three other bandits. An arrow slammed into his shoulder, how had it passed the enchantments of his armour. He looked up to see Sharp-Tooth notching another arrow. He ran forward switching his axe to his uninjured arm and kicked the Argonian over and brought the axe down onto its neck. 'That old man had a death wish' remarked the innkeeper 'He went after Sharp-Tooth alone, even five Stromcloaks couldn't take him' The door burst open and Kavsir strode in holding a sack. 'Here' he said throwing the sack in the bar revealing the head of an Argonian, ‘Now where’s my money' 'Well he could be any Argonian, Sharp-Tooth had a special type of magical arrow on his person and i need....' 'Like this' said Kavsir pulling the arrow from his shoulder and throwing it next to the head. 'Oh... well about the payment, it is currently unavailable but you can penton it from the local....' 'You promised me a bounty and i want it now' growled Kavsir slamming the innkeeper against the wall. 'Now hold it just there' said a young Stormcloak from behind Kavsir, 'Stay out of this boy' spat Kavsir punching him to the floor. Angered the young Stormclaok drew his sword and attempted to run Kavsir through. However the blow was deflected by the enchantment of the Nords armour and went straight through the innkeeper’s chest. A local patrol came in hearing the commotion and saw the dead man. 'Him he's a murderer' shouted the young Stormclaok and the patrol ran in, one knocking Kavsir unconscious with a blow from the pommel of the sword. When Kavsir awoke he was in a caged card being escorted by three Stormcloaks. 'What’s going on?' the groggy Kavsir asked. 'You are being taken to be executed criminal'........


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