Tales of the Lost Races 2: Fun In the Alley

  • "So, you're a Sea Elf?" Gundar asked Castiel.
    "Well, that's sort of true. My father kind of... Got around."
    Gundar chuckled quietly to himself. Suddenly, Sielan put his hand on Gundar's shoulder.
    "Gundar, I have news. Bad news." Sielan and Gundar walked away from Castiel to speak privately.
    "So, what is it?" Gundar asked.
    "In five days the Aldmeri Dominion invade. But, it gets worse. Father is fighting in the invasion, and he told me that if he dies, we need to continue fighting."
    "Oh god... Oh god... He's going to die." Gundar was hyperventilating.
    "Calm down Gundar! Calm down! We have the sea serpents remember? We'll be fine."
    Gundar calmed down a little bit, and he just said, "Okay."
    Gundar and Sielan looked back, and Castiel was nowhere to be seen.
    "Castiel?!" Gundar called out. No answer. "Well, we're screwed." Sielan grumbled to himself.
    Suddenly, two Dark Elves grabbed them and pulled them into an alley. One of them pulled out a knife and pointed it towards Gundar's throat.
    "So pretty boy, how much gold ya got?" The thief quietly asked.
    "Piss off cut purse." Gundar said through gritted teeth.
    "Cut purse? Do you know who I work for? I work for the Cammona Tong!" The thief looked like he was about to slit Gundar's throat, when Sielan looked at Gundar, who just nodded towards him. The thief holding Sielan said, "Don't try anything or I'll-" He was cut off when Sielan used a paralyze spell on him, and then a fear spell on the other. Castiel came running with the Redoran Guard, who arrested Gundar's captor and chased down the other thief.
    "Took you long enough." Sielan muttered. Castiel just smiled. "Nice moves Sielan." he said.
    "Eh, those guys were just training. Neloth and I are trying to decipher some old carving from a Dwarven ruin! From what we can tell, it's a spell. A powerful one, apparently used to breathe life into metal. When we decipher it, I'll get Gundar to forge me some Ebony armor."
    "I'm not going to have anything to do with that voodoo necromancer stuff." Gundar replied.
    "Suit yourself." Sielan murmered.
    "Hey ladies, we have a war to win!" Castiel exclaimed.
    They all walked through town when Gundar finally spoke up, "So Cass, where were you?" Gundar asked. "Uh, I was doing things. With people. Yeah."
    "Good enough." Gundar said.
    As they reached the outskirts of town, the small army they assembled greeted them, with potions and armor.


  • Haunted Napkins
    Haunted Napkins   ·  September 23, 2013
    Since I've been having some writers block, chapter 3 is going to be a backstory chapter. I'm not going to spoil what it talks about, but it will explain some things.
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    Changed the font size.