Tales of the Lost Races 1: A New Face

  •                                                                       Chapter 1: New Face

    Sielan sat in his room, tossing a Dwemer gyro in the air and then catching it.
    "Bored. Bored. Bored." he quietly chanted.
    Suddenly, his door flew open as his older brother Gundar waltzed in.
    "Thank the eight! I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown!" Sielan exclaimed.
    "Oh, shall I take my leave then?" Gundar jested. He glared at him. He had their family's red brown hair, grey brown skin and orange red eyes. His hair freely fell past his shoulders, and down to his chest. Sielan shared the same hair, skin and eye colour, but he was paler and he had short hair.
    "So, what do you want then?" asked Sielan
    "Father wants us to show up at the meeting. About the war." Gundar replied
    Sielan stood up and followed his brother through town, towards the massive log house that was recently built for the meetings. "That thing is a monstrosity." Sielan grumbled to himself. Gundar smirked at him. "Cheer up brother!" He said, faking a smile.
    They walked in to the log house, and sat in their seats. Sielan didn't exactly sit, he just flopped on to his chair, and slouched. Their father paced back and forth, grumbling and cursing.
    When everyone arrived, he took his seat and cleared his throat.
    "Hello everyone. It is I, Penari. I have called you all here to discuss our ongoing war with the Thalmor. Now, before we discuss the war, I should mention that we have a new recruit to our army. This is Castiel, from Pyandonea." The elf stood up and bowed. He had pale blue grey skin with eyes and hair white as the snow of Skyrim. He wore armor and carried a spear, both made of Stalhrim. He sat back down as Penari cleared his throat again. "Although the Thalmor have killed many of our soldiers, we can still win this. Castiel has brought some reinforcements. Sea serpents." The response was mixed, some people were cheering, some people were shocked. Castiel didn't seem to care.
    "I know, this seems a bit much. But the Thalmor need to surrender. Now. We have only one hundred soldiers left in our army, while they have one thousand. These sea serpents will give us the upper hand. We are going to win this war!
    From the back of the room, one of our Argonian troops yelled, "What is our plan of attack?"
    "We will ambush them. They always set up camp near large bodies of water. We will supply you with waterbreathing potions. Castiel, Gundar and Sielan will lead you. Listen to their every command. When you return from the ambush, we will plan from there. You are dismissed."
    Sielan tried to leave, but his father stopped him. "Sielan, I need to tell you something..." His father quietly said to him. "Yes father?" Sielan replied. "I recieved a letter. From the Thalmor. If we don't surrender in five days, they will invade all of Morrowind. We aren't going to surrender, if you're worried about that. I also need to tell you that I will be fighting when they invade. You are going to lead this war to victory. With or without me." and with that, his father walked out.


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  • Laurie Bear
    Laurie Bear   ·  August 12, 2013
    I like the path you are on keep it up :)