Character Backstory- First Character- Ninevene

  •                                         WARNING HAS SOME GRAPHIC THEMES      








                            20 years before the events of the Elder scrolls five skyrim- Ninevene's father Valentius Serventius was a prominent and wealthy gladiator owner and slave trader in Cyrodill that owned a private gladiator school and mansion on the border of Valenwood and Cyrodill just outside the city of Arenthia.  Valentius had a strong hatred for elves. When his best gladiator was defeated by the hands of an altmer by the name of Zelphar he was angered but was forced to make Zelphar the new champion. Valentius would pit Zelphar againest some of the most strongest and vicious creatures in all of Tamriel. Valentius just couldn't kill Zelphar. One night Valentius sent two of his personal bodygaurds to Zelphar's cell to kill him in his sleep, the attack failed and Zelphar killed the gaurds took their weapons and armor then freed all of the other elves from Valentius's Gladiator barracks. Zelphar and the elves revolted and slaughtered Valentius and his men.  Valentius's son was being born in the living quarters of Valentius 4 stories above the Gladiator Barracks while this took place. Zelphar stormed the living quarters with his army of elves just as the baby exited the mother's womb.

    Zelphar told his mer to stand down and he cut the umbilical cord then raped the mother right there. The baby cried as one of Zelphar's mer took the baby out of the room and wrapped him in a wool blanket this mer was named Arthelos he was a wood elf that was only 50 years of age (young for an elf). Zelphar tied up the mother and took her with him after he was done with her. Zelphar and his mer left the baby to die. Arthelos stayed behind and couldn't leave the innocent baby alone to die. Arthelos waited for Zelphar and his mer to leave and then he took the baby away from the destruction. Arthelos travelled by horse with the baby all the way to the independant city state of Cheydinhal where Arthelo's family resided. When Arthelos got to his family's home they were ecstatic to see him back home and greeted him with warmth and immense love but they had to tell him that the baby couldn't stay at the home with them. Arthelo's family was too poor to support a baby in their household. Arthelos begged but it was to no avail. Arthelos made the tough decision of leaving his family and becoming a travelling merchant while caring and raising the baby. Arthelos left his family with the baby and travelled on horseback selling stolen goods to different people in different cities of Tamriel.


    When the baby turned two years old Arthelos decided what to name him, Arthelos decided to let him name himself for that is what his parents let him do. But until the baby was old enough to decide for himself Arthelos simply referred to the him as Sur short for Survivor. Arthelos raised Sur and taught him to be peaceful. When Sur was of age 16 Arthelos let him decide a name for himself. Sur told Arthelos how he had dreams of a Khajiit warrior named Ninevene since he was 4 years of age and how he senses that the Khajiit was his last past life. (MY Oblivion Character).  Arthelos let Sur name himself Ninevene and was proud of him. Arthelos taught Ninevene how to haggle and steal. Ninevene was Arthelos partner in crime and closest friend. Ninevene and Arthelos shared a love that was so great for one another. Ninevene thought of Arthelos as his real father. When Ninevene was 19 he knew that Arthelos was a wood elf and that he couldn't be his real father for Ninevene was an imperial. Ninevene asked Arthelos what happened to his real parents.

                   Arthelos told Ninevene everything that happened. Ninevene was instantly filled with rage and gained a hatred for elves. Arthelos comforted Ninevene and showed him that not all elves are evil by bringing him to Valenwood and showing him how generous the elves were. Ninevene at 20 years of age was no longer filled with desire to kill all elves but his desire to slaughter Zelphar was still strong. Ninevene hid his true intentions to kill Zelphar from Arthelos. Arthelos and Ninevene travelled to the Skyrim city of Falkreath to trade but then an assassin with a mask covering everything but his eyes threw a knife at Ninevene but Arthelos jumped in the way of it and died. Arthelos bled to death right there and his last words to Ninevene were "The assassin beared the burn mark of your father's champion gladiator sign near his right eye, Zelphar... is in.. Skyri...m" Then Arthelos died and Ninevene took the knife out of Arthelo's heart. The Falkreath gaurd saw Ninevene with the knife and took him away without question. Ninevene was sentenced to Execution for the Murder of Arthelos.


    Ninevene's ultimate goal is to avenge Arthelos and his family by killing Zelphar. But a half elf half imperial son of Zelphar and Ninevene's mother stands in his way ;)




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    Your story is very graphic in its contents I suggest you either edit that part out or post a warning at the top, as not everyone wants to read that or are even old enough too.
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