Skyrim is almost upon us

  • Today i decided to take a break from shooting people in Battlefield 3 and gliding around in Arkham City to play some Oblivion on my Xbox i made a Dunmer (because i've never played as one before) and then played for about 4 hours, forgetting how amazing Oblivion was, i instantly got more excited for Skyrim, I started pondering about Skyrim "What race will i be?", "What will i do first?", "Will i be good or evil?" I have never been this excited for a game in my whole life and i think most of you will agree with me.


  • Tygravius
    Tygravius   ·  November 5, 2011
    I fired up Oblivion(with a fresh character) and had a hard time getting "into it". I've spent 300+hrs and discovered every nook and cranny(if i had my old character from my PC; i play on xbox now, maybe it would have been better). I found myself getting f...  more
  • Jason
    Jason   ·  November 5, 2011
    I tried firing up oblivion to get pumped for skyrim but I couldnt realy get into it knowing how awsome skyrim will be :\