Primal Calling

  • "Almost there boys," the man said as he walked alongside his conjured horse and drum. He didn't need their help by any means but rather enjoyed their company. The High Summoner treated all his conjurations that way, giving them preference to a human or elf any day.

    "A quick rest in Dragon Bridge and then we head to Solitude. Whispers of werewolves, can you believe it Arvak?!" He absently patted his companion on the side, shaking his head in disbelief. Arvak neighed in response while the spectral drum rat-tat-tattied softly behind them in the otherwise quiet night. Bathing in the glow of a Candlight spell, the trio headed north along a distributary of the Karth River.

    The Karth was like a siren swooning a sailor; the river's babble caught the Summoner's attention. "This way Arvak; conjured horses need water too," he teased laughing heartily. The soft radiance  of the Candlight spell remained near the road, dancing in time to the spectral drum's shika-tee beat. Back at the river's edge, Arvak pretended to drink to humor his master which drew more laughter from the jovial man. He dipped his hands into the Karth, gulped down chilled water, and exhaled deeply in simple satisfaction. Reaching for another handful, the mage's gaze drifted to the opposite bank. A chill ran up his spine as he realized it wasn't just a feeling of being watched. A pair of sharp yellow eyes glared from the conglomeration of crags. Two pairs! No, three! Adrenaline burst through his body but he tried to remain calm. Pretending not to notice, he took in another handful of water and sorted his thoughts. They were wolf-shaped but too large the seasoned wizard thought. These creatures are probably the werewolves he was requested to investigate.

    Without risking another glance he climbed atop Arvak and began trotting north again. He dispelled his drum and Candlelight, listening and watching for any movement. The High Summoner wondered how many were on his bank. Without the Candlelight, the night was eerily dark. Both Masser and Secunda hid behind dark clouds, an ominous sign for a mage. He spurred Arvak on a bit, knowing that Dragon Bridge wasn't safe with wicked werewolves lurking about. The man was determined to protect the humble town.

    Then it happened, a brute of a wolf leapt from a boulder just off the path. Already prepared for the assault, he pulled Arvak near the river's bank and thrust his open palm toward the ground where the beast would land. A luminescent, earthy rune emblazoned the spot for a fraction of a second before bursting upward into life. Summoned from ash and earth, the golem rivaled the wolf in size. The newly awakened ash guardian caught the lycanthrope mid-flight, wrenching it by the foot and slamming it to the ground. Pain wracked the lycanthrope's frame, expelling a vile howl.

    The High Summoner couldn't help his conjured ally. Thoughts of an overrun Dragon Bridge had him racing Arvak north. The pair rounded the corner and thudded across a bridge traversing the offshoot of the Karth. The man's eyes caught sight of a few cottages but focused on the Dragon Bridge itself, a momentary distraction. Arvak came to a sliding halt that nearly sent his master flying. Two werewolves had stepped out from a cluster of trees, right of the path. The sentries stretched  seven feet in height, corded muscle running their lengths. Their clawed hands were bigger than his head, a thought that lingered on his mind.

    "Dragon Bridge is ours tonight! A feast of flesh that you will soon become part of!"

    The High Summoner was astonished. He had never thought these creatures maintained the capacity to communicate! Its voice was a deep, booming growl that resonated within the man's body. Shaking away his initial shock, he prepared mentally. "If there is no other way..." he trailed off, speaking more to himself than the feral beasts.

    In a flash, the mage summoned an ethereal bow from the bowels of Oblivion and fired an arrow of similar fashion. The missile struck the left monstrosity in the shoulder with such force it spun to the ground dazed. Arvak, knowing the plan through a mental bond that conjurations shared with their conjurers, darted right off the path and up a jutting rock. The horse leapt with magnificent strength, carrying it's master over the remaining werewolf. Midair, the summoner fired another arrow to keep the beast at bay and another upon landing. He decided to make his stand at Dragon Bridge to keep from being surrounded.

    Upon reaching the vast bridge, the High Summoner spotted two Hold guards walking up the other side, probably to see what the commotion was. "Hail friends," the summoner shouted, "two werewolves pursue me! Prepare yourselves for battle!" The guardsmen cast knowing glances at each other and shared a laugh.

    "We know traveler; they are part of our pack."

    Confusion set in for a moment before a wicked sight befell the High Summoner. Both men began to slowly transmogrify, their skin bloating and fur sprouting from their pores. Removing their helmets revealed a snarling snout and horrific grimace, contorting into wolf-like jaws and sharp teeth. Their leather armor snapped from the sheer power of the inevitable transformation. Corded muscles lined with fur burst from within clothing. Their feet elongated as they slid out of their steel boots and claws tore through toe nails. Both men seemed to be in agony throughout the grim transformation.

    The Summoner watched the event in amazement disregarding the two werewolves that had blockaded the opposite end of the Dragon Bridge. Snapping out of his mesmeric state, he realized his situation and cursed his luck.

    "Thank you, Arvak. You've served me well," he said to the horse as two werewolves approached from either side. He spurred the spectral steed on but not in the direction of either pairs of beasts. Instead Arvak leapt off the bridge and the High Summoner immediately expelled his mount. All four werewolves looked on in amazement and wonder.

    "DUR! NEH! VIIR!"


    That's it for now folks! This short story is based on a Character Build I made awhile ago and I kind of created it while I played. I didn't complete the story because I wanted to test the waters, this being my first blog and all. If it's well-received I may turn it into a series but who knows. Please leave comments, criticisms, etc.


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  • Alastor
    Alastor   ·  August 2, 2015
    Haha sorry John, I never got around to writing part two. I wanted to rework this one first cuz it's very rushed, straight into the action with no build up beforehand. Ultimately, I lost interest and decided to start new if I wrote anything at all. If you ...  more
  • John Heslin
    John Heslin   ·  August 2, 2015
    Really good man. Just that little bit got me hooked. Need....more....!
  • Mark Neal
    Mark Neal   ·  April 10, 2014
    Loved it man keep it up!
  • Soneca the Exiled
    Soneca the Exiled   ·  March 4, 2014
    Not really, your structure is pretty nice to read, although if there is anything I would change is the last paragraph, the one where you explain where you got the inspiration and such. If it was me I would not post that in the actual blog, but as a commen...  more
  • Alastor
    Alastor   ·  March 4, 2014
    I've never actually played Fire Emblem although I bet I'd like it. And thanks! I don't write often but I just liked the character so much. I had to write a mini adventure for him. I'm pretty limited with free time so not sure when I could do a Part 2 unle...  more
  • Soneca the Exiled
    Soneca the Exiled   ·  March 4, 2014
    I like it man, I would definitely read it if you continued. Btw, this guy reminds me of Henry from fire emblem