Cecilia the Bride (Chapter One)

  • Wh- What? Oh, by the Divines! Why am I on the same carriage as these savages? I am obviously not a damned Stormcloak; they can check my records in Cyrodiil. This would be the kind of irony befitting of the Daedra, traveling to Skyrim to join the Dark Brotherhood and kill and the first thing I do is nearly get wrongfully executed. I can't wait to hear what these Imperials have to say for themselves. Only a few hairs away from these Stormcloak barbarians in my eyes...

    (Uses Voice of the Emperor.)

    At least they're susceptible to my honeyed words. Hell, they even fell for my sob story about visiting my sister in Whiterun and being terribly inconvenienced by this mistake. Gave me some supplies before letting me get back on the trail. A welcome departure.

    Colder and colder the further I walk and the later it gets. I should have asked for something fur-lined while I could, not that they'd comply. I'm not sure I'll make it through the night outside in these rags. Not that these roads are making it any easier, the way they wind and backtrack about. At least it's a beautiful place to get lost. I hope this town, Riverwood, is close. I'm cold, unarmed, and almost out of bread from the Imperials.

    What are these... Stones? "Receive... The blessing of... The Warrior." Mage... Thief? Are these supposed to help me? Not sure what kind of magic this is supposed to be. Probably a cheap parlor trick by the mages here to make their culture look impressive. What do I even do? Don't feel anything when I touch it. Is this hole useful?

    (Puts arm through the Thief stone, and receives its blessing.)

    Wow. That was beautiful. But... I don't feel any different. Like I said, cheap parlor tricks. I need to get to Riverwood soon. The sun is already passing the mountaintops. Finally some sense of direction; this river should lead me straight there. Oh...

    A body. Flanked by two dead wolves. It's an Imperial. Poor sap couldn't handle a couple of dogs. So much for restoring glory to the Empire. I can't pass up this gear. The armor won't do but I don't want to look like a helpless lamb in this land of bandits and wolves. A decent blade and bow. And a note?

    "Great news, Hadvar! You make sure to get a day of leave while your stationed in Helgen. I'll keep it a surprise for the girls and we'll get some real food in you. And I will of course give your blade a real sharpening before you leave. Wouldn't want you swinging a butter knife at those Stormcloaks, eh? - Alvor"

    Hm. Well, it's going to be a sad day for whoever this is... But he'll likely help him out if I bring this note to him. This should also mean I'm on the right track. I really need to... NO!

    (End chapter one.)


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    Theodorus   ·  November 29, 2013
    First post. Constructive criticism welcome. I have a few photos to add later. Also, not sure of preferred formatting. Would like to know if I'm missing something.