The Dagon Archives VI

  • The Dagon archives VI 

    The constant clicking of the wheel was getting on you nerve, same with the shaking of the carriage as it continues the unsteady stone path to Riften.


    "As if the rain wasn't enough,” you think to yourself as you wonder how it can get any worse.


    The sky seems to share your attitude, as the clouds are dull, lifeless and heavy, strange weather for Second seed. The carriage starts to ascend up a tall, steep hill and all the water from the front of the carriage slides down. Your feet are soaking wet with the dirty, old water. You decide to not complain, as the carriage rider doesn't seem to want to talk to you. You shake your feet, trying to get rid of the water on your damp feet. You decide to focus on something else. You look at the phial around you neck, the liquid flowing and curving like a well-lit fire. You wonder why the man in Shor's stone wanted the phial, is there some incantation affiliated with this potion. Is it for black magic, or a rare healing potion, the possibilities are endless.


    As you ponder the use of this mysterious phial a ball of light and fire heads your way. As the fiery ball launches it's way towards you, you try to jump off the carriage but your damp clothes reduce you ability to move. The fireball hits the carriage's wheel. The wheel shatters instantly into fiery wreckage. The carriage turns and starts flipping sideways down the other side of the hill. The carriage rolls off the road, hitting the trees, turning at every collision. You try to get off the rolling wreckage but as you put your foot on the carriage to jump off the wood beneath you, the wood looses integrity and snaps under your weight. The original fire that started on the wheel has now spread and the carriage has turned into a rolling fiery wreckage of doom rolling down a hill. Again you try to jump off the carriage, this time with success. You jump off just in time but you slam heavily into a thick pine tree in the forest of tall wooden giants and pass out.


    You wake up dizzy and nauseous, you almost forget what just happened. The air is filled with smoke and ash, making it hard to see and you cover your mouth with you arm so that you don’t suffocate. You make your way to the major fire that used to be just a small, shabby carriage. As you reach the wreckage you start looking for survivors. Turning over large planks and debris, you look for the coachmen. As you look for survivors the fire intensifies and some flaming planks collapse by your feet from the sideway wagon. You think you may have to leave because of the intensity of the flames. Just as you are about to escape you hear some sounds, you think it may be the coachman. As you approach you see two shadows next to a man cowering on the ground. You look harder at the two figures. They have spiky armour or bodies, you cannot tell, when you look even harder you see two horns protruding from their foreheads. You look away realising that those men are not just bandits, something worse, almost demonic. You look back at the silhouette and try hard to listen in. You see the two ominous shadows go up to the cowering the body, one of them picks the man off the ground by his clothes and says,


    “Where is he?”


    “I don’t know whom your talking about!” the man says while crying and pleading for his life.


    The tall figure holding the pleading man punched him again and again in the stomach and says,


    “Now I will ask again, WHERE-IS-HE?!”


    “I DON’T KNOW!” the man replies, brawling like a baby, not knowing what they are going to him.


    You wonder whom the men were asking for until it strikes you, maybe they are here for you...


    Just as the demonic figure was about to ask again the figure behind him suggests,


    “Don’t bother anymore brother, I don’t think he has knowledge of where he is. Dispose of him.”


    The man realises what is going to happen, so he tries to flee. As soon as the man starts to even hint at running, with his body language, the demonic man grabs him as soon as he starts to move. The man starts to plea for mercy, but it is useless. The figure raises the man and gets out his blade from behind him. The figure then impales the man, blood sprays against the wood around him, he seemd to have no remorse. Then the blade is slowly taken out of the body.


    You look away from the situation. You can’t believe what just happened. As you turn your head away you bump some wood. It falls down with a huge “smack”. The two men turn and one says to the other,

    “What was that?”


    You hear the man approach as his heavy armour jiggles at every step. You have to choose between fleeing or fighting. Time is ticking, you don’t know what to do. Choose, fight, choose, fight, you don’t know what to do. The heavy chain mail that is under the demon’s armour keeps on jiggling, it gets louder and louder as he approaches. You start sweating and know either path may lead to death. You are about to choose until you freeze, the demonic, demented man is right next to you. You go down just in time, he doesn’t see you by his feet. You can hear his heavy breathing, his breath feels like steam as it hits your skin. The man looks around, you fear that he may look down and see you lying on the rubble and ash of the smoking ruins of the once small, wooden carriage. He briefly looks around to see what made the sound. The devilish creature seems to give up his search, this was evident as he says,


    “Most likely my imagination”


    As the fiend turns around you decide to make a run for it, knowing that these men are ruthless and will kill you on site. You quickly plot your track and sprint for it, as you start to run you accidently kick a rock. The rock goes flying and makes a loud sound; the fiendish demon turns around. You can see his face clearly now as he turns around at you. You realise his giant horns protruding from his forehead, his bloody war-paint that looks like a collection of every single one of his kills and his charcoal black skin that is dark as night. You run in fear from this spawn from oblivion. The Mephistopheles yells out to his partner,




    You run in a zigzag pattern in between the trees in order to try and loose your attacker but he seems to be catching up. You start to go into the fiery wreckage to try and to disorientate him. Your attempt works both ways, both you and your assailant are trapped in the thick black smoke. You loose your barings and don’t know where you are, all you know is that you have to keep on moving because it is game over if you were to come in contact with the demon. You stick out your left hand while covering your mouth with your right as to protect yourself from chocking and running into obstacles, be it shrubs and rocks to intense flames. You are going nowhere fast, you don’t know where your enemy is and you are running out of air. You start to panic,


    “What do I do, what do I do, WHAT DO I DO?!” you think to yourself.


    As you contemplate your next move you are bombarded with fireballs. You dive down onto the ground as the balls of destruction fly past. You quickly get up, your seekers have found you and don’t want to take you as a prisoner. Your heart is racing, no matter what happens you seem to have destruction follow your way. You keep on running in the seemingly never-ending world of ash and fire. You think you see a clearing, if you can just make it a bit further you may be able to escape. The bolts of fire keep on coming you duck down but the two battelmages seem to be tactically smart and fire fire bolts near the ground. The end of the thick mist is greeted with fresh, cold, crisp air. You indulge in the refreshing air but get reminded of the situation as another fireball zooms past your hair, nearly catching a light. You run into the darkness of the night. Inside the forest you hide behind the tall, intimidating pine trees while still being able to see. You find a place that you think is safe. You hear the chainmail under your assailant stops and jiggles a bit as they stop running when they loose sight of you. They look around for you, looking left and right. You look away, desperately trying to make sure you don’t get spotted. Then when you thought they gave up they send a ball of pure light through the forest. They followed the ball of light with their weapons drawn ready to strike at first glance of your grey, blue skin. They pass you without noticing you. You decide to take this chance to make an escape. You crouch out of your hiding place and slowly walk to the open area and head for a place to stay for the bone chilling night. 


    You think you have lost the demonic, demented spawns from oblivion and head for a cave or cove to stay the night in. You look around the pitch-black night and see a light coming from a hole in a cliff face. You head towards it, unsure if it will be men or monsters inside. All you know is that you will have to stay in there in order survive the night.


  • David Mayer
    David Mayer   ·  February 12, 2013
    Argo fan that would make for a bad ending :P
  • David Mayer
    David Mayer   ·  February 12, 2013
    Thanks DO
  • AllSpark
    AllSpark   ·  February 12, 2013
    Finally the action is starting :) There was really some tension with the demons(dremora?) arriving and searching for the character. Looking forward to the next parts 
  • David Mayer
    David Mayer   ·  February 12, 2013
    Really? R u just being nice.
    Anyway that was the feeling I was going for.