The Dagon Archives V


    The dusty path was completely dark and quiet. You knew that the darkness meant danger. The deer’s bloody body would make for a perfect snack for the savage wolves that must be nearby. The silence breaks and you here the crickets chirping and the leaves flying in the wind. The gust causes the tall pine trees to moan as if ghosts. You start to contemplate on what has happened on this day so far, all the power that you seem to just randomly acquire and you’re vision you had at the graveyard. You don’t know what it means and know that you need to find out how and why these things are happening.


    As time passes on your walk on the stone path you see the city and know that you just need to carry the corpse for short while longer. At night the town is silent and empty, except for a few guards with torches at the gates and patrolling up and down the road. As you drag the body across the dirty, leafy road you realise that Runil is most likely asleep and that u will need to find a place to keep your deer until sunrise. You look around to find a hook on the top of a porchthat you can hang the deer from. So you do and you then look around for some place to stay. You see a sign that says Dead Man’s Drink, and enter hoping it is an Inn.


    As you enter the well-lit Inn the door creaks as if ancient and unused. As you walk in you see that the door seems to tell a different tale to the actual inn. The inn is very active, with people drinking ale and mead while singing along with the bard who seems to be singing a song about something called the Dragonborn. You walk in and a woman instantly greets you.


    “Hello my name is Narri what can I do for you?”


    “I was wondering if I could rent a room here”


    “Well, you came to the-“ the bartender interrupts the maid


    “Narri, I will deal with your customer,” she says before smiling at you.


    “Sorry, for that. Yes, you can rent a room here.” She says but deciding to ignore what just happened


    “How much does it cost?”


    “For you, free. Here, I’ll take you to your room”


    You were baffled as to why the bartender was so kind to you. The two of you walked into the room, it had a double bed, table and some dressers. The women gestures at the objects in the room and then, as if just remembering something, she starts talking,


    “Well, this is it, if you need anything just tell me.”


    “Will, do. What is your name sorry”


    “Oh, where my manners, my name is Valga. I own the Inn.”


    Valga left the room and when she left hearing range you started to contemplate as to why she gave you the free room. You decide to stop thinking about it and just lie down and sleep.


    You wake up slowly, finding it hard to get out of bed. Yawning and stretching you get out of bed and get dress. You go into the main hall of the Inn and crouch down just by the fire. You can see the fire reflect of your blue skin, as the fire warps and bends it lights up different parts of your body. Just by the fireplace, in a small gap, you find some gold coins. Open acquiring the gold you realise you haven’t eaten all day yesterday, you look at the Bench and decide to get some food. You walk up to bench and see that it is the servant at the bar not the innkeeper. Guessing you want some food she asks,


    “What do you want, food, drink, both?”


    “Oh um, both I guess. What can I get with 15 septims?”


    “Bread, ale, corn, carrot, beef stew and black briar mead”


    “I think that I will have some bread and black briar mead”


    “Coming right up”


    Narri then goes below into a cellar and comes out with your bread and mead.


    “Here you go”




    You have the bread put decide to save the mead for later. You decide to leave the Inn and go to Runil. The sky blossoms a new day as you walk out, the red and orange streaks run across the sky. The air is cold and crisp though somewhat refreshing. You take down your deer from the hook on the porch. You walk the dusty road to the graveyard and see a guard who looks like he had had a terrible night, his garments are dusty and slightly bloodied. You decide to give him your mead because you think he needs it, as you give the guard the mead you realise that it was the guard that you flipped over.


    “I’m so sorry.” You say in an apologetic voice.


    “Its ok. You are stronger than you look little elf “


    “Well, I think you deserve this” you hand him your mead.


    He snatches it from your hand. His word seems to have lied to his attitude. You decide to continue walking in order to escape the awkwardness.


    Once you get close to the graveyard you decide to shield your eyes from the graves so that you don’t get another vision. You seem to be able to avoid seeing the graves. You leave the deer outside the hall and go inside. The hall seems to be even colder than outside. You search for Runil you look around and see pre buried bodies and dried corpses. You look through a corridor and find him inspecting graves.


    “Hello, Runil”


    “Oh, hello. Have you got the deer?”


    “Yes, it is outside.”


    “Thank you. I was wondering if you could do another thing for me?”


    “It depends” you say in a voice hinting on bargaining


    “I need you to take this phial to a man in Shor’s Stone”


    “How could I get there?”


    “There is a carriage that goes from Markarth to Riften and is stopping in Falkreath tomorrow.”


    “Ok, sounds easy enough. I will do it”


    Runil hands you the phial, it seems to have an orange flame-like glow. The phial is attached to a necklace. You look in awe until Runil refocuses you and sends you on your way.


    You leave the crypt and put on the phial for safekeeping. You look at the city, readying up for the trek. 


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  • Scaion
    Scaion   ·  February 2, 2013
    It's good. Waiting part 6.