The Dagon Archives IV

  • The Dagon Archives IV 

    As you walk out of the Nordic crypt to the beautiful fauna of the city square you realized you need some gear because you don't want a repeat of what happened last time in the wilderness. You look around looking for a merchant or blacksmith. As you are looking you here the sound of wood burning and the squeaking of a chain being pulled behind you. You turn around and see a blacksmith working a forge. As you approach him the blacksmith looks at you and starts speaking,


    "So, you are the little elf running about the city. Saw you slam that guard to the ground earlier"


    "Yeah... It was a reflex." you say while trying to avoid looking at his eyes.


    He smiles and says, "Well, it shows a little elf like you can beat a man like a companion. Anyway what brings you to me, a new blade maybe a war hammer to crush a giant's head like a walnut?"


    "I need a weapon to hunt deers and defend myself from wolves."


    "Hunting, huh? Only a hearty soul travels the road these days."


    "So can you supply me with weaponry and armor?"


    "You go to a blacksmith and ask if he can supply weapons and armor? Of course I can."


    He faces a cupboard, opens it and says "I got the best weapons and armors"


    The cupboard was filled with all types of blades from swords and daggers to battleaxes and warhammers, as well as armors starting from basic leather to hard orcish. The blacksmith looks at your face of awe and smile and chuckles. He then says,


    "So what do you fancy?"


    You look at all the armor and weapons, you see a glimmer. You look and it is a Steel Greatsword.


    "I will take the Greatsword" you say to the blacksmith.


    "Ahh, ain't she a beauty?"


    The blacksmith hands the Greatsword to you, you unsheathe the blade and gave a few swings. It didn't feel like a blade anymore, more of an extension of your arm. You look at the blacksmith, with a more serious face, and ask


    "How much does it cost?"


    "You know, I see a warrior in you, have it for free. Maybe you will remember me when you are fighting for the companions"


    "Thanks. Sorry but I didn't catch your name."


    "Lod, my name's Lod"


    "Finally, I had a name" you thought to yourself.


    After acquiring your blade from Lod you set off to hunt your deer. You walk from the blacksmith to the beautiful, green wilderness. You can hear the sound of birds tweeting and the moaning of the wind as it blows through the giant pine trees. You try to isolate the sounds, trying to hear the for sounds of a herd of deers.


    Suddenly you hear crunching of twigs, you see a giant herd of deer, there must of been at least five or six fully grown deers and about one or two little fawns. You decide to crouch and try to remain undetected, slowly approaching the herd. You walk up behind a tall pine tree, then all of a sudden a twig snaps beneath you foot. Then one of the young fawns look up from eating the grass and stares at you. You freeze, like a tree. It was about two minutes of you and the young fawn staring at each other before it skips away. After it sprints away the rest followed. You sprint towards the running herd, maneuvering around trees you try to catch up with them.


    As you get close to the herd one of deers stop as the others continue sprinting. The dear is very husky and big, you think it may be the alpha male. The deer faces you and changes to a charging position. It makes taunts with its antlers, waving its head around the place. You don't back away, this seems to annoy the alpha male. The alpha male starts to charge, time seems to slow down. You pull out your Greatsword, then time seems to continue at normal speed. As the deer gets very close you jump to your left, then you swing your blade at the deer's antlers. To your dismay the antlers are too strong and sends your blade flying away. The deer, not finished with you, turns around and charges again. As the deer is charging your eyes turn red, you feel like you have been given extra strength. The deer lowers it's antlers ready to fling you up in the air. As it does you jump onto the deer and grab his giant antlers. It goes crazy trying to fling you off, it is failing at doing so and starts to run through the Forrest. You start to loose your grip then, almost like an instinct, you put your foot onto the crazy deer's head then you pull the antlers and walk over the deer's spine. The deer continues to run then collapses and goes flying into a tree.


    The strength that you acquired before seems to have disappeared, you wander where that power came from. Once the power left you start to feel fatigue and stop to catch you breath. Then you look at the body of the deer that is in a pool of blood by the collapsed tree. You look at your bloodied hands and see the bloody antlers of the fierce male deer. You approach the bloodied corpse of the deer and look around for something to tie the legs together with. A stick then falls onto your head and falls onto the ground. You pick it up and bend it, you think that if you can bend it the right way you can substitute it for a rope to tie the body with. You rope up the body and head off back to Runil.